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HalfMoonBay030193to1994TranscriptsPart2 -

Half Moon Bay, CA. 3/20/93T9303202 Group Session: S, T



Energy Transmission

"We are seeds"

Melchizedek greeting

Go deeper. Read with clarity. Light surrounds energy;. Energy pulls together. Resistance uses energy. TR Process movement helps Movement helps. This is powerful for you. It's OK, trust. Let us work, transform. All there is, is peace. You are a child of God. Blessings. Greetings. Take this, use it in God's love. This is powerful. Feelings of immensity are understood. These strong vibrations running through your body are God's love. Blessed be. The energies Energy Transmission Healing energy we transmit are healing to you. TR Process"Trust this process"Trust this process. Trust in God. The almond seed grows into a mighty tree with the force of God's love running through it. You are a seed. T is a seed Seed symbol of. We bless you. We welcome you. We ask you to have faith. Hold on to your beliefs. They are precious. We will leave you now. You can feel the energy lightening. All is love. Melchizedek greeting Melchizedeks greet you.


Half Moon Bay, CA. 3/20/93T9303203 Corona Del Mar



Transmission from Signa re: S's contact

Note: S left a phone message for the Ropers of her first transmission, signed "Signa". The Ropers asked Signa for confirmation.

Jane: Signa, was that you? Did you speak with S? Do you have a message?

Signa: Yes, TR Process listening She is listening quite well. Continue seeking the silence on a regular basis. I will continue to try to reach her, as will other teachers from time to time. Their group has an assigned teacher waiting to begin. (Jane asked Signa for the teacher's name. Signa declined to give it.)

Jane: Signa, why are you contacting S?

Signa: I was chosen strictly on ability. I seem to have the knack of transmitting through the mortal mind. Tell her I encourage her, I pray for her, and I ask her to be calm and do not fear. That is all.


Half Moon Bay, CA. 3/21/93T9303211 Solo Session



First contact with Olfana

Energy Transmission

Color Visualization

Shimmering light. Bless you. God's love. Follow us. Resistance. Trust in God. This message comes slowly. Light vibrations clear the path. Relax. God's energy. Use this. Stay tuned to your path. Promises are made. God's will be done. Take this energy; Healing energy Energy Transmission it is healing you. Aflana is here. Slowly though it comes. Feel this lightness, vibrations. Blessed be. Keep trying. Notice every word patiently. Color Visualization Notice colors clearly. Flashes of energy. Rest. Flower essences Flower Essences important in TR process help. Thank you for caring. Here we begin our work. TR Process"Trust this process"Trust this process. Rest in God's love peacefully. Olfana first contact with Olfana is here with you. Healing hands Your hands are tools for God's love. Use them with care. They can help you heal others too. This is God's promise to all who listen. Blessings are here for you on this planet. Light and Life promise of Light and Life is a promise we make. Believe in us. Releasing your energy. Trust. Goodbye. Olfana and Aflana.


Half Moon Bay, CA. 3/21/93T9303212 Solo Session



Energy Transmission

Flower Essences

Healthy Living-- Sugar in diet

Movement can help the TR process

Color Visualization

The energy you feel makes you restless. This is good. You're energized by patterns you do not understand. Thank you for using the essences. [Perelandra Flower Essences]. Try to listen carefully to us. Healthy Living sugar Transform your patterns of eating sugar Sugar affects energy circuits. Please understand this is necessary. You smile because you know the connection. [Patije had told me that another woman in her group, who felt she was a healer, had been told to remove all sugar from her diet. When she said that, I thought, "Oh boy, I hope they don't tell me that." Also, I have read much nutritional literature that discusses the harmful effects of refined sugar. One book in particular, called "Sugar Blues" had made a strong impression on me, when I read it in 1977. When the message, "Transform you patterns of eating sugar," came slowly, word for word, I smiled as I thought, "That's hitting the nail on the head!"] We try to work with you in all ways that are good. Healthy living is important to this process. Try giving us a chance. Do not think we don't understand your resistance. Humans, mortals, are a challenge for us, but we love you very much. Your abilities to hear us are growing. Flower Essences important in TR process The flower essences are helping. Listen to each word carefully. Remember, your role in this Mission is important to all of us. We love you. We need your help. Patije is our friend. We care for her very much. She understands what is happening to you. Listen to the words carefully. Be patient, and it will come more easily, as you practice the stillness Stillness Practice. [My mind began to drift to my own thoughts, and questions.] You have questions in your mind. Not yet. Wait to hear us tell you what is important. [I was learning to wait, if I couldn't hear a word. I would hear it again after a few seconds. Before this, my urge was to "second guess" what I hadn't heard clearly.] It's good to pause when you're not sure. Hear the word a second time. Stay with us. Movement helps you to focus our energy. [This is a little embarrassing, but I guess I need to be totally forthcoming about this whole experience...When I start to connect with the energy of the celestials, my upper torso wants to move and sway in slow circles. I find the more I "go with this feeling," the easier I can hear the words. However, I feel I must look like Stevie Wonder or Ray Charles when they play the piano!...and I'm not listening to music...] Breathing is good. It calms you down. It helps. Love God's Love: is energy; and energy are one power,.I .Energy: is God's love God's power moving through us, the universe, all things. This feels all right to you. [I felt a very pleasant level of energy running through me, as if I was "tuned to the right frequency."] Stay tuned to us. Our energy is healing you now. Listen carefully. This is important. Rest your trust in God. Always remember his love is important to this process. Don't think questions now. [I was starting to drift into my own thoughts again.] Color Visualization Blue energy is here. [There was a long pause, as I began to see iridescent blue spots forming in my middle field of vision. Then I saw large bursts of blue coming from the top of my field of vision moving downward. At the same time, I felt powerful waves of energy entering from above my body, and moving downward, as if my body was being pulled downward by a strong magnet. This experience lasted for approximately one minute]...That was Melchizedek energy. It is powerful, but healing. Your body rests now. [Long pause.] Green energy Energy green is Life Carriers is Life Carriers Life Carriers green is their color. Stop worrying. They will come in time. [This amazed me. I had been musing to myself for the past day, "I wonder if I'll ever seen green colors? I wonder what these colors mean?" I hadn't voiced this question, or discussed it with anyone. Yet here they were, answering my question, and giving me assurance that, if I showed patience, "in time," I would see green. I also felt, as I read over the transcript of this transmission, that since blue had been identified as Melchizedek energy Melchizedek energy Energy blue is Melchizedek, and green had been identified as Life Carriers, that perhaps all colors that I might see would eventually be identified for me. Another beautiful understanding that came to me as I thought about this transmission, was that my questions mattered to them Teachers our questions matter. It was one thing to read transcripts of other teachers answering questions from a study group, but a whole new level of comprehension to feel my questions would be answered too!] Olfana is here now. Thank you for listening well this evening. Practice is good. Try the Stillness Practice seek regularly stillness regularly. I am releasing you now. [I felt the energy leave my body, as if someone was slowly turning down a dimmer switch on a light.] Goodbye.


Half Moon Bay, CA. 3/22/93T9303221 Transcript from Sarasota, Florida

12:00PM noon


Flower Essences adjust body chemistry

Transcript from Patije given by her teacher, Aflana.

Dear one, I am Aflana. It is true that I was overseeing S's beginning contacts Aflana over saw beginning contacts. Signa was there, and Manotia, representing the Melchizedeks, was there. Flower Essences important in TR process The flower essences, which she talks about, are another material means for us to help your chemistry for this contact. It is unnecessary, but since she has it, and is willing to use it, it can help us considerably in speeding up the beginning contact adjustments. Others can be helped by this, if they understand what it is, and use it correctly. S will help many in this service. Olfana has studied with the ChantiChanti, who work with those developing material-biologic uplifting methods.

One of the methods of chemistry adjustments is the extracting of the essence from various flower petals. She works with this, and with the use of it. She will work with S in the events which center upon this chemistry-adjusting. Olfana was with me as I contacted S in the Stillness Practicecontact duringstillness last evening. It was our intention of introducing our combined presence. When the message began, S picked up on both of our names and combined them. Therefore, we did not confuse her. [ They identified themselves as the "Angels of Healing."] It will become clear as she continues to practice these communication techniques. Continue to encourage S. She has many points of resistance to overcome, but she has now reached a point where "she knows that she knows" of our reality, and she will move into that realization without fear and detrimental doubt. It is a joy to see how our sisters can help one another as they harmonize and share their personal experiences, and what they think is their imaginations. Do you not see this?....

Half Moon Bay, CA. 3/22/93T9303222 Solo Session



Energy Transmission

Color Visualization

Chakra Adjustments

Listen to us now. We need your cooperation. Pay attention to every word as your hear it and don't worry about thoughts. [I felt a strong "pins and needles" tingle in my hands. My hands felt drawn up in front of my face, palms inward.] HealinghandsYour hands are healing you nowHealingenergy. They are pulsating with God's energyEnergy Transmission. God's Love:everything is;We know that everything is God's love. We want you to see this too. Come with an open mind and heart to this Mission and you will grow quickly. Let yourself relax. Remember to breathe. So many things depend on this. You are a child of God. Remember this lesson...You're "editing" again. Try to relax. [I had told Patije that when I let my thoughts get in the way of a transmission, that I was .i.TR Process:editing;"editing." .i.Flower Essences:important in TR process;Thank you for thinking of the flower essences. They are important for you in this process. Seek this .i.Stillness Practice:seek regularly;stillness practice regularly. Trust in God. .i.TR Process:"Trust this process";Trust this process, S. We know your anxiety. Fear nothing in this work. Your teacher, Olfana, is here with you. Let your thoughts go. Relax. Breathe...Breathe again. Knowing this process allows you to help others. We need your efforts in this Mission. You are a healer. You can help us. Relax...Be patient. Notice the colors.i.Color visualization;. [I saw a large cloud-like circle of primarily fuchsia, magenta, purple and blue move in slow, counterclockwise circle. My eyes were closed, but they seemed to track this circle as if I were doing eye muscle exercises.] They circle around you for a reason. Movement is God's expression on this level. God's energy is growth, change, transformation, never-ending protection of the cycles of growth. Take this message. Share it with Bob. He understands this work. Patije understands also. Let the words comfort you. Don't judge them. They are enough for now. Stop asking questions...Listen...Feel the vibrations.i.Chakraadjustment;. Your heart expands as we work with you. Let yourself grow now. There will be time for other work later. [I felt my hands drawn, palms facing my body, towards my groin area, and then, about three inches from my body I felt them being drawn slowly upward, in alignment with my spine. The energy moving through me felt wonderful!] This feels good to you for a reason. We are aligning you. [Somehow I think this experience is connected with the chakra centers, but I'm not sure. I continued to experience warm, pulsating vibrations in my hands and my torso as my hands moved upward. It felt as if someone was zipping me into a warm jacket. My hands rose over my head. I reached upward and slowly let my arms fall to my sides. I felt very, very peaceful.] You need to rest now. Relax. Enough messages will help you understand this better. We are finished for now. [This session closed with my hearing, " Greetings from the Angels of Healing."]'


Half Moon Bay, CA. 3/22/93T9303223 Solo Session

12:00 midnight


Color Visualization

First contact with Tarkas

A Course in Miracles

You are tired tonight. This is more difficult. T is not to worry. Be assured that God's love extends to you fully. A is free to think about this Mission as she wishes. Come together openly. Explore the possibilities we present to you. Your papers are gone in the trash. [I was missing an invoice, and asked them if it were possible for them to tell me where it was.] Sunshine is energy glowing onto the earth. God's Love:is energy;God's love is energy .i.Energyis God's lovemoving through the universe. You are tired. We understand. Today was difficult. Waiting here is someone else to talk to you. Stop questioning! See the colorsColor visualization. [I saw small dots of many colors: purple, blue, gold, red, fuchsia, magenta--as if someone threw silver sparkle into the air, and it caught the sunlight. These small dots had a very calming effect on me. This lasted for about two minutes. Then I felt a deepening in the energy, and it also felt more powerful.]

I see every one of the colors that you see. My name is TarkasTarkasfirst contact with. I know this seems surprising to you. [I had been reading two Tarkas transcripts from Cincinnati, Ohio, earlier that evening. I was impressed with how eloquent the lessons were on prayer and forgiveness. I know that in this group are members who also study Course in Miraclesis trueA Course in Miracles. I have been a Course student since 1985, and was very pleased to see how Tarkas's lessons reflected Course teachings. I was also thinking about how appropriately teachers are matched to groups. I am still so new at all this, that when I heard, "My name is Tarkas," I was immediately filled with doubt--that my mind must be projecting this. It was comforting to hear, "I know this seems surprising to you."] Come openly to hear my message. Follow the path, you seekers-of-truth. [I felt this is a reference to myself, T, and A, since we all read the Course together.] The Course in Miracles is true. [I heard "true" four times before I dared to say it.] Jesus/Christ Michael needs your help...You are tired. We thank you for your attention tonight. This is quickly seen as easy to finish. Releasing your energy now. [I felt the "dimmer switch" effect.]. Olfana and Tarkas


Half Moon Bay, CA. 3/23/93T9303231 Group Session: S, T



Energy Transmission

Stillness mantras

Color Visualization

Tarkas: Hello again. Tarkas is here. He will speak now. Calm your mind. It helps you to hear us...[private message to S] There are many others now waiting here. Go deeper. [I sensed very focused energy throughout my body.] Please listen carefully. Olfana loves you. Now she wants to speak.

Olfana: I feel close to you. Let your mind relax. Stop trying so hard. T is loved too. He needs practice in the stillness. Go closer to your breathing, T. Stop pushing yourself. Stay with one thought..."Stillness PracticemantrasGod's power is focusing me." "God's love keeps me whole." "Send me God's power." [ChakraadjustmentI had a sense of my whole body swirling very fast. At the same time I felt an immensely powerful funnel of energy swirling around me in the opposite direction. I felt no nausea or confusion. It felt invigorating.] Energy Transmissionrotational effectThe energy you feel running through you is good. [Then I felt strong surges of energy. This energy entered through my head, and surged down through my body. I began to see blue clouds of energy surging downwardColor Visualization.] Centrifugal energy grounds flashes, purple, fuchsia, orange, yellow. [I again began to move my hands up the mid-line of my body from my groin to above my head. I experienced the same "zipper effect" I had felt before. The energy was very powerful and invigorating. I sighed four times, it felt so good!] Take deep breaths. Press on this button. [What??? Suddenly I realized my tape recorder was about to run out of tape! I opened my eyes and turned the tape over.] Thank you for cooperating. This process helps you heal. Olfana and Tarkas are now finished. Hear us speak. We love you very much. Stop editing! Become quiet. Let us go now. Goodbye.


Half Moon Bay, CA. 3/23/93T9303232 Group Session: S, A



Energy Transmission

Color Visualization

"We are seeds"

Dear Ones. A is welcome. Love binds you closely. We sense your emotions. [I was feeling tears well up in my eyes.] You are here with us for a reason. Take heart in this Mission. Close feelings are important. The Course in MiraclesCourse binds you in love. [Color VisualizationI saw pulsating clouds of purple and I felt very strong energy running through my body.] Christ Michael blesses you. Joy comes to all who serve in his name. A, you are a child of God. You are a seedSeedsymbol of that will become a flower of great beauty to all you help/serve. We bless you in friendship. Take this message to heart. Bring yourself together with everything you understand. In service you thrive. You know this already. S and you are sisters. We love you. TR Process"Trust this process"Trust this process. Keep yourself patient. The energies will come to you, A. Love is God's energy. It binds you to the Father. We turn this time back over to you. Olfana, Tarkas, Lin-el, Signa... Goodbye.


Half Moon Bay, CA. 3/24/93T9303241 Solo Session

12:00 noon


Energy Transmission

Color Visualization

Chakra Adjustment

Blessed be. You are ready to receive us now. Go deeper. [My right leg was feeling very "jittery." I call it my "jumpy leg syndrome."] Your leg is feeling tension because we are making adjustments again. Relax...Bring everything to your thoughts that allows us cooperation. This session comes from...Tarkas, Lin-el, Signa, Olfana, two Angels of Healing. Signa says to release control. [My leg continued to bother me. I moved around a lot.] Go deeper. Try movement. Yesterday we worked with you on energy blocks. Do try to not eat sugarHealthy Livingsugar. It goes to make bad energy Sugaraffects energy circuitsconnections. Color visualizationLet the colors come now. [I tried to see colors, but without much success. My leg still bothered me.] A knows something is happening to you. She sees the changes. Please try to pay attention. Let the colors come. [I rearranged myself. My leg still felt tense] Move with feelings...[long pause]...This is difficult for you tonight. You are distracted by thoughts. We cannot... Let yourself relax. [As I tried deep breathing, I felt strong energy pulsations in my hands and body.] Feel this strong energyChakraadjustmentEnergy TransmissionHealingenergy. It releases God's power. Thanking God for this power...Thanking God for this energy of healing is affectionately understood. [I feel this is a reference to a prayer I had said that morning. I then felt the urge to hold my hands, palms inward, in front of my face.] See gold, orange. [I did.] Such energy heals you now. Your leg continues to ache because it goes through changes. Leave all doubts, thoughts, worries on your certain faith in God. This energy changes/becomes magenta, purple. [It did.] Go deeper, please. Let all concerns remain behind. We love you, S. Thinking gets in the way. Let us do our work. All that happens here is God's process. We will release you. Sometimes this transfer of energy is intense. [I felt a jolt, and my head snapped backward.] Raise your hands up. Feel this power. [Once again I felt the urge to move my hands up the midline of my body, starting at my groin and moving upward over my head. Again I felt the warm, "zipped up" effect.] Tonight was long to go with us. We trust you to understand our work. Let us help you heal. Releasing you now. [The dimmer switch feeling] Tarkas, Olfana, Signa, Lin-el, Jun-el Goodbye.


Half Moon Bay, CA. 3/24/93T9303242 Group Session: S, T



Energy Transmission

Come here us speak to you tonight. We love you. We hope you are learning to trust us. Now is the time to begin our work. Energy TransmissionYour hands are feeling the energy. They are not going to work on you now. They can help T. Are you willing, T? [He answered, "Yes."] Reach over. Hold S's hand. Feel everything that passes from her to you. Let it help you heal. Your doubt is understandable. This is new information to you and it seems hard to know how to handle everything that you hear. Can you trust in God's love for you? [T answered, "Yes, that's never been shaken."] Then, know you are a child of God. You are dear to him. He reaches out to you through the energies flowing from us to S, and then to you. You may reach out with your love to Him in many ways. Your faith is real. We know this. You carry a wise understanding of God's love for his children. Share this knowledge with those you choose to serve. Realize that transformation takes time. Show patience with yourself. Honor even your doubt. Let the energy of God's love build and draw forth from you all your abilities in his service. S is feeling very strong energy passing through her. [It was so powerful I was having difficulty saying the words.] We are sending this to you. Let this experience help bind you together. We are blessing you now. This is God's love God's Love:is energy;manifested .i.Energy:is God's lovethrough your bodies. [I felt strong waves of energy pulsating through me.] Healthy Livingimportance ofAlways remember to honor your bodies as temples for God's love, and care for them with honor. S, you may release T's hand. Let this new energy of God's love fill you, T. This experience is part of your transformation too. Never forget what a precious child of God you are. We are releasing you now, S. Tarkas, Lin-el, Signa, Olfana,...........Jun-el Goodbye.


Half Moon Bay, CA. 3/25/93T9303251 Solo Session



Energy Transmission

Flower Essences

Color Visualization

Oil slick as a symbol

Healers are connected

Go deeper. Let the colors comeColor Visualization. You take this with movement. [Again I felt the need to move my torso in slow circles.] Let God's energy penetrate your vision. You see bursts that change shape. [I saw large bursting clouds of iridescent colors.] Energy CircuitsEnergy TransmissionWaves of energy pass through you with the colors. Your hands pulsate now. We are tuning you easily with the essencesFlower Essencesand healing. [Peralandra Flower Essences] Let this be noted by others. Try breathing. Come up with your hands. Take your hands and feel the pulsations. Now touch your heart. [I felt pulsations of energy in my chest, and saw a mix of many bursts of colors.] Mixtures of colors give a blending of colors that is good for you. The oil slick was a Oil Slicksymbol. A promise. Pay attention when this happens again. [My daughter and I had been in a shopping center parking lot the previous evening. We noticed a beautiful 4' X 6' oil slick on the blacktop. It had recently rained, and the magenta, fuchsia, purple, blue, and gold iridescent colors of the slick glowed in the reflected light of a spotlight overhead. We stood admiring the beautiful colors for quite awhile.]

Thern knows much information about healing. Listen to his explanations. Let his experience be a guide for you. [I had spoken to Thern long-distance that afternoon.] HealersYou are connected with many healers now. You and they will blend like the beautiful mixture of colors that you see. God's Plan:involves energy changes on Urantia;God's plan involves .i.Energychanges;energy changes on the planet. Your work will help this process. Discover the love this energy brings to you and others by using this process first on yourself. Are you not healing, S? This is real. .i.TR Process"Trust this process";Trust this process. .i.Prayervalue of;Your prayers are important to you and to us. Thank you for acknowledging our work. We know the prize we give you will be taken with gratitude. [I had told Patije that I kept feeling like I had won the lottery, but I couldn't quite believe it!] Thern and Patije know much about this. Let all worries go. Tell your friends nothing yet. [I had been musing about calling a friend of twenty years, and telling her about this experience.] Your father gets help too. [My father has severe glaucoma. I had told Thern that I hoped someday I could try a healing on him, once the celestials told me I was ready.] Let yourself wait until he seems ready. Your mother is loved. She is a child of God. Comfort her. She needs your comfort now. [S's mother is in the early stages of Alzheimer's Syndrome.] We bless you in this undertaking. Feel this blessing as magenta, fuchsia energy. [I saw clouds of these colors throbbing.] Let yourself relax. We go now. We love you. We are releasing your energy. Olfana, Signa, Lin-el, Jun-el, Tarkas, others here greet you. Goodbye.'Mind Reading"read my mind," that perhaps they needed my permission. I have read in many transcripts where teachers ask permission before they "scanned the mind, or memories" of someone asking a question. I said that if knowing my thoughts or memories would benefit my healing or help in serving someone else, then, "in Christ Michael's name," I gave them permission to do so.] Know that everything now depends upon your cooperation. Co-creative"Co-creative" is not just a word. It is a concept that binds you to God, and God to you. [I felt a new surge of tingling energy.] Let me introduce myself. I am Tarkas. Energy TransmissionFeel my energy passing through you. [I felt a strong, deep surge of energy that lasted for 30-50 seconds. Then the energy shifted. The vibration pattern lightened. Color VisualizationI saw magenta and fuchsia colors. I felt happy, almost giggly!] Dear one, you move very quickly. I enjoyed your singing tonight in the car. [Earlier in the evening, while I was driving my car, singing along with a Bette Midler tape, I thought..."I wonder if Olfana can hear me right now."] Teachersrelationship with studentWe make a good pair/team together. We are about the Father's business. Let my energy pass through you now. [I continued to feel this "happy" energy, and I saw fuchsia bursts of energy. Now you see combinations of colors glowing. We love you, S. Love yourself. Know that all resistance passes away when approached with love. Still others wish to speak. [Long pause...I think I started to drift into sleep.] You tire now. We understand. Jun-el will speak later. Many here greet you, and wish you well, Little Healer. Your son, C, needs your love now. Help him with the essencesFlower Essencesand healing. You need to rest, S. We depart. Take our love and hold it to your heart. We are releasing you. Many teachers

Half Moon Bay, CA. 3/26/93T9303261 Solo Session



Reading the mind of TR

Energy Transmission

Color Visualization

Flower Essences

Let your resistance to any guidance drop away now. We love you, S. You are coming along fine. You take many paths back to the Father. We hear your questions. We know your mind. It is good that you let us see your thoughts. We appreciate this cooperation on your part. [I had said before I went into this meditation that I wasn't sure how easily they could

I felt as I fell asleep that somehow my "mind was being read." I saw thin lines of Color visualizationgold energy, like threads, zipping in all directions, and I had a lightness, a buzzing sense of energy in the top of my head. It didn't in any way feel unpleasant. I wonder if others feel anything when Teachers are scanning their memories?


Half Moon Bay, CA. 3/26/93T9303262 Solo Session



Healthy Living

Flower Essences

First contact with Lucinda

Energy Transmission

Color Visualization

You know now when we are connected. Healthy Livingimportance ofTake all precautions with your health. They will help us heal you. Drink fluids regularly. Take vitamins. Go to great lengths with our advice. You will heal faster this way. The Flower Essencesand healingflower essences are helping to heal Teresa. That was truly correct. You know what to do with testing. This procedure works well. Let no one think we dabble now. God's Kingdom grows powerful on UrantiaGod's Kingdom grows powerful on;Urantia. The colors are brilliant. God's love is brilliant too. Praise him!'Color VisualizationThe green light announces a new member of our team. We call her Lucinda. Yes. Energy TransmissionCombining our energies carries much power. [I saw beautiful swirls and pulsating bursts of color: magenta, blue, purple, fuchsia, and green! for the first time! These colors surged into each other against a background of black. This lasted for 30-40 seconds.] Tarkas greets you. [I felt a shift to a stronger, deeper energy.] Your hands are pulsating. Now lift them in thanks. God's beauty is evident in our work. Blessings flow from the Father. [I felt a surge of energy in my body.]LessonsLessons will come later. [T had said to me this morning that he would be able to believe this more easily if we had lessons that carried more "substance."] HealingenergyNow the healing work comes first. Your feet tingle, but let them be. Remember our purpose. God's energy thrives in our beings. We honor this in our work. [My feet were tingling and distracting me.] Going deeper. Last night made many changes. T's body is transforming slowly but surely. Practice the stillness, T. TR Process"Trust this process"Trust this process. Open your heart, Open your mind. Let us travel together.

Tell T not to worry that this will change you from your nature. We hope to augment all the beauty that God has implanted in you.

Swirling energy blends us together. [Again I saw the mixture of colors swirling before me. Then it seemed to primarily become the magenta/fuchsia colors] Olfana sends you blessings. Fuchsia charges your system. Take all this and rejoice in our work together. We do release you now.

Tarkas, Lin-el, Signa, Manotia, Lucinda, Olfana, Jun-el Closing now.


Half Moon Bay, CA. 3/26/93T9303263 Solo Session



Contact with Jun-el

Color Visualization

We open this session tonight with many teachers present. Jun-el comes forth now...long pause...This connection is difficult. Color visualization You see my color telling you all things...[I saw a field of red color spots.]...Love manifests as energy...Take this...Olfana connects with you. She...[I waited for perhaps five minutes, but felt and heard nothing more. I was tired, so I decided to stop.]


Half Moon Bay, CA. 3/27/93T9303271 Solo Session



Energy Transmission

Color Visualization

Healthy Living - Restoring balance

God's love undoes error

Books on healing recommended

Flower colors are related to healing attributes

Take time with yourself, S. This process grows and changes you slowly. Transformation is God's power coupled with your efforts. This process creates beauty and truth in you. This changes your appearance to the world. Energy Transmission Olfana is charging your system of energy now. You feel vibrations throughout. Your hands tingle for a reason. The energy she sends you pulses through them. Take your hands. Now let them rise. Leave everything to us. We understand this process. Stay with each word. Color Visualization Listen and watch the colors come. [I saw bursts of many colors...long pause...] Trying to connect with you is not easy tonight. [I had been to a party that evening. I had two glasses of white wine, some tea with caffeine, and had been exposed to lots of cigarette smoke all evening. I felt rather "toxified" by the time I came home. Also, I felt guilty, as though I were too undisciplined to follow the advice I had been given about caring for my body as they tried to heal much for stubborn, ego-centered human nature!] Healthy Living balanceMany things can help restore your balance. Rest... water... love... kindness... exercise. Knowing your limits helps us heal you. Take your hands. Put them together. [PrayerpositionI felt drawn to put my hands in a traditional prayer position. When I did, I felt a powerful surge of energy pass between my hands and then into my whole body.] This completes a powerful circuit. Prayer with hands touching Prayer with hands touching has meaning beyond ritual. Now touch your forehead. [Keeping my hands in the prayer position, I moved them to my forehead, where my fingers touched my forehead and my thumbs touched my nose. Again I felt a powerful surge of energy enter my head.] Again feel the connection. Let yourself relax. Teachers relationship with student Always remember, we love you. Your care matters to us. We know you make mistakes. This is being a mortal. You are not a perfected creation of God's universe. You grow from your errors. Blessed be. God's Love: extends throughout universe; God's love extends throughout the universe of created beings. We watch your growth. We know you care. Forgive yourself. There is no error that cannot be undone with God's love. Take time to study the books you checked out today.* They will help you understand our work. Let the colors come. Olfana is happy you think of her often. She know you are growing closer to her. In time your connection will be very strong. .i.Flower Essences: healing patterns;The flowers you see are connected with the colors. Yes, you do understand something of God's plan. [I had seen a patch of spring wildflowers that day, and the thought suddenly came to me that perhaps there was a connection between the color of the flower petal, and the healing patterns placed in that flower from which essences are made. .i.Melchizedek energy; Perhaps blue flower petals, for example, carried attributes of the blue/Melchizedek color I have seen.] In time, more will be revealed. .i.Urantia changes now;Urantia changes now. Glory to God. His love extends to everyone who reaches out for him. [I'm not sure I heard that statement correctly.] Please try hearing each word. Urantia takes on new patterns of healing now. .i.Energy Circuits;These patterns open the circuits further. One day the life you lead on this planet will change immensely. Let all hear these promises. You tire now. We understand. Thank you for praying tonight.'

Tarkas, Olfana, Signa, Lin-el, Jun-el Goodbye

*The books I had checked out were Healing books:

Therapeutic Touch: A Practical Guide by Janet Macrae

Techniques for Health and Wholeness by Betty Bethards

The Ancient Art of Color Therapy by Linda Clark

Healers on Healing edited by Richard Carlson and Benjamin Shield

Note: When S went to the library she had no preconceived sense of what books she might select. As she perused the section on alternative medicine, she found, to her surprise, that she felt subtle vibrations in her hands as she touched some of the books. She assumed this might be guidance, and then checked out the above-noted books.


Half Moon Bay, CA. 3/28/93T9303281 Group Session: S, T



Preparing transcripts

Urantia's transformation

Energy Transmission

Praying for the celestials

You worked well today. This effort is noted by all of us. We thank you for showing your faith in God's work. There is time. There is time to grow healthy, yet still do your daily tasks. Transcripts[T and I had spent all day typing transmissions, figuring out computer glitches, photocopying transcripts, indexing what we had typed, etc. I can see how copying and reproducing transcripts is an enormous job in itself! I had said in my prayer that I was worried we were going to be overwhelmed by all this and not have time for all our other responsibilities. I asked for guidance.] We wish you well always. We love you. We know you try to do your best. Take these transmissions in stride. You will balance your tasks over time. No one is asked to sacrifice their commitments unreasonably. We notice your efforts, T. The Father's love for you is great. Your energy is warmth, because you burn strongly with the Father's love. Stillness Practice Practice the stillness, T. Have trust and faith that all effort on your part will be rewarded. Let no one doubt God's plan for all his universe. This creation is made beautiful and transformative because he so decrees. He is the Father who protects all he cherishes. Tell yourselves you have done well today. Watch your movie, Little Ones. [I had said in my prayer that T and I were tired, and if it was all right with them, could this transmission be short, so we could have time to watch a movie that we had rented. As I heard these words, I was filled with strong emotions of love and protection.] We love you very much. Blessings! Blessings to both of you! S, hold T's hand. [For approximately 40 seconds Energy Transmission I felt incredibly strong surges of energy pass through my body. I could barely speak, it was so intense. However it felt very powerfully invigorating.] Relax now...Olfana sends special love. Prayer acknowledgment of Your prayer was heard, S. [Since they so often say they are praying and helping us, I had prayed for all the celestials who were working so hard to heal and uplift Urantia.] Listen to your heart. It serves you so well. We are releasing you now.

Tarkas, Olfana, Signa, Lin-el, Jun-el, Lucinda


Half Moon Bay, CA. 3/29/93T9303291 Solo Session



Preparing transcripts

Energy Transmission

Color Visualization

Transcripts We congratulate you on this accomplishment. These papers that you complete will help others understand this work. Olfana is happy and proud of your diligence in this task. Let the transcripts go to Thern, Patije, Bob, Connie. Olfana wants these papers protected for now. Tell them not to distribute these papers to others. Nature work takes time to understand. Healing carefully managed Healing is carefully managed work. S, ___ must be discreet. Let no one tamper with the timing of this work. Energy Transmission Your hands tingle. Raise them to the Father. He charges your system with his love. [Color Visualization I saw lots of Energy lavender is Father lavender color.] Have faith in our guidance. Know you are loved, S. Sunshine is good for you. Get some exercise. Make your plans with our advice in mind. We leave you now.

Olfana, Signa


Half Moon Bay, CA. 3/30/93T9303301 Solo Session

12:00PM midnight


Energy Transmission

Heart chakra healing position

The Healing Time

Image of lily-transformation, rebirth

Let all cares evaporate, S. Your faith is strong. We see your efforts create benefits for others and yourself. Let us do our work now. Take your hands. Feel God's power Chakra adjustment Energy Transmission. [I felt tingles in my hands, and pulsations in my body.] God's Love :is energy; God's love charges .i.Energy is God's love them. Allow your thoughts to focus on the currents in your hands. [I began to feel small spinning swirls of energy in my palms, as if tiny tops were spinning on my skin.] Pulsations rotate. Cycles of energy charge your hands. Place them on your face. [I had impressions of swirls and tingles of energy and warmth that lasted for 40-60 seconds.] Now take your hands and place them on your heart. [For one to two seconds, I saw an image of a large statue of the Virgin Mary, in white and blue robes, standing with her hands crossed one on top of the other, over her heart. She was looking downward, and the image left me with a sensation of great love. Please note, I am not a Catholic, and religious icons have not been any major part of my personal spiritual inspiration. I was quite surprised to see this image of the Virgin.] The statues of Mary with hands on her heart tell another truth. The connection of your hands touching your heart allows God's energy to enter the heart chakra easily. Healing energy This brings feelings of patience, trust, love, forgiveness, truth, and worship with this connection. Allow us opportunities to teach you these healing positions. Urantia needs healing Urantia needs healing. We bring you these gifts in God's name. Blessed be! Energy CircuitsFeel this energy pass through you. [Again I felt strong pulsations.] Tell no one yet the details of our teachings. Let time pass. Teaching Mission progress of Others must learn first of God's Mission. Healing Time Then, the Healing Time truly begins. Olfana cherishes you. Believe in your work with her. This gift is of the Father. [Earlier in the day, my friend, A, had been helping me sort Urantia papers that we keep on file for our study group. She has recently begun meditating and thinking about this Teaching Mission. She told me that she had an "impression," the previous day, that just as Christ's symbol of the past two thousand years had been the fish, that Christ Michael's symbol for this new time of change would be the lily. She and I both commented that seemed to be a perfect symbol, especially to A and me because of the beautiful image of the lily that is discussed in Course in Miracles image of lilyA Course in Miracles.] Christ Michael lily, symbol of Lily symbol of CM The flower, the lily, is truly Christ Michael's symbol of love, transformation, rebirth, God's glory. A opens her heart to this Mission. We cherish her. We ask A to TR Process"Trust this process"trust this process. Faith, truth, beauty, and love are virtues she brings to this work. Service in God's name is a powerful protection against the ego and its illusions. Let all things be dealt with patiently, S. God's work will be done. God's will is the mandate that illuminates this universe. You tire. Relax. Let us release you gently.

Olfana, Signa, Aflana, others who care...Goodbye


Half Moon Bay, CA. 4/02/93T9304021 Solo Session



Energy Transmission

Doubts re: TM are normal

Free will-- greatest factor in spiritual growth

Olfana reassures S.

Flower Essences

TM moves forward as God's plan

The Healing Time comes soon

Greetings, S. Energy TransmissionRaise your hands. Allow us to heal you now. Put your hands near your heart. Breathe deeply. Take time. We love you. We know your responsibilities are many. Use your time wisely. Allow practice in the stillness regularly. Teaching Missiondoubt inWe hope you fear nothing in this work. Always trust in God's love for you, S. Never doubt his presence in your life. The books you study help in this process. Discovering the art of healing is a great adventure. Allow this process to become more real. Slowly but surely, you will understand the power of God's love to heal. Come to this Mission with an open heart. We know problems arise at times. Healthy LivingevaluationD needs rest. Her faith/trust in God is great. Her spine will heal slowly, but it will heal in time. She needs calcium, vitamin C, vitamin E, niacin. Heat helps. Exercise gently. Surgery can be prevented if she loses weight and strengthens her musculature. Tell her nothing will come without effort on her part. God's temple needs her cherished love. Her body will mend. Her heart needs strengthening. Fluids will help. Take these precautions and pray willingly to know God's guidance in her own mind. That is all.

Allow your hands to drop. Wondering about all this is normal. You are new to this Mission. We see your growth. Touch your hands together. [Long pause...including an interruption by someone knocking on my door.] Every effort you make to connect with us is appreciated. Realize that everyone faces doubts and challenges in this process. TranscriptsYour transcripts may be read by those whom you trust. Thank you for heeding Olfana's request. Flower essencesdiscussion ofFlower essences will help others. This information should be known by others in the Mission. Free WillFree will continues to be the greatest factor in any person's spiritual growth. Relinquishing your will to the Father's guidance allows us opportunities to guide you in these choices. Olfana wishes to speak... Dear One, abide by your desire to help your family. The work we do can wait until you feel comfortable. Know that healing is occurring for you now. Make your decisions without concern that I may be angry. I know your heart, S. You will grow at a solid pace. Allow time to relax. Teaching Missionprogress ofThis Mission moves forward as God's plan. No one can deter us from this work. Urantiagrows brighterUrantia grows brighter every day. The glory of God's plan continues to unfold whether all understand yet or not. Right actions kills much of the pain Urantia has suffered. Deliver this message to Thern. Healing TimeThe Healing Time comes soon. The network opens. The Teaching MissionTR newsletternewsletter needs your input. [the TR newsletter] Ask for contacts from others interested in the healing work. Allow connections to begin. Connie knows much that pertains to healing. Listen to her opinion, thoughts. Take time to rest now. We love you. Olfana


Half Moon Bay, CA. 4/12/93T9304121 Solo Session



Color Visualization

Energy Transmission

TR's vision of Jesus

Healing advice

Turn your attention to your breathing. Allow our transmissions to come through. S, your faith thrives with trust. Turn your sorrows, your worries over to God. Give him your burdens. God will take them. Release will come this way. God unfolds his plan in his own time. Color Visualization The colors...[I saw clouds of purple, gold, and blue] Seek Him...Energy Transmission The energy flows through you. Breathe, S. Take your hands Healing hands. Place them together. [I held my hands in a prayer position, fingertips touching.] Turn your attention to your hands. Try pulling them apart. [I held my hands in this prayer position. When I willed my fingers to pull apart, it was as if the message from my brain just seemed to stop at my arms, and my muscles would not move. This was not in any way a fearful experience. Instead, I felt awe at the immense power that was in command of my body. I began to cry. Before this meditation I had felt overwhelmed with doubts and I had asked for some message to be given to me that would encourage my faith.] Believe, S. Believe in God's power. God loves you. God cherishes you. TR Process"Trust this process"Trust this process. Jesus Imagine Jesus. Remember, you saw him. [During a Sufi dance, at a Course in Miracles Course in Miracles retreat in July, 1990, I experienced a vision of Jesus's face superimposed over the face of my dance partner for approximately fifteen seconds Vision Jesus's face;. It was one of the most riveting, compelling, emotionally-inspiring experiences in my life. Jesus's eyes show immense compassion and acceptance. The love that I felt during those moments are beyond my descriptive abilities. The only experiences that ever came close to this experience for me was when I looked into the newborn faces of my two children. This experience was so personal to me, that I would never choose to discuss it in these transcripts. However, I feel this commentary is necessary for any reader to understand the statement, "Imagine Jesus. Remember, you saw him." I hope anyone reading this transcript can understand how compelling it was to hear those words. I have a crystal-clear remembrance of Jesus's handsome and loving face, and I hope it never dims in my memory.] Open your eyes. [I opened my eyes in the dimly-lit room, and saw my fingers held together by this magnetic-like energy. Slowly the energy faded, and I separated my hands.] Take your hands. Hold them up to the Father. Allow your breathing. Feel the energy. [I felt a charge of energy through my body, and in response said "Thank you, Father.] You are a child of God. You are redeemed. You are blessed. This process takes time, but know God's power is perfect. Doubts are part of being mortal. God loves you. Permission allows your faith to stay whole. Permit us to heal you, to love you in the Father's name. Your eye shows healing. [I had a mild eye infection that day. I was using an antibiotic on it.] The books you read about this healing process help you to understand. .i. Stillness Practice: seek regularly; Meditate regularly. Breaking the pattern now keeps your progress back. [I had done very few meditations during the past week because of Easter vacation plans that kept me busy with my children and family members who were visiting from out of town.] Thern can help you understand too. Releasing/unburdening yourself to God is necessary for every mortal to heal. .i. Healers; Patterning yourself after other healers helps in your growth. Take care of your body. Faith will come. You tire now. We release you with love, Little One. [I felt embarrassed when I heard "Little One," so I said "Dear One," instead. Immediately, I heard .i.TR Process: editing;"Don't edit!" Tarkas, Olfana, Signa, Others who care. Go with God, S. 'Healing energy Energy Transmission Put them on your eye. Nothing comes because you are protecting your thoughts with pain. Olfana blesses you. (Thank you)Energy circuit position. Again this draws energy in a connection that matters. Touch your feet together. [S was seated with her knees out, the soles of her feet facing each other, and her hands rested, palms upward, on her knees] Remember always to listen carefully. Linda knows much about energy. Healers together can heal Urantia healers can heal Healers Urantia according to God's plan. The time comes when the network of connections completes its pattern. Everyone plays a part together in this pattern. Urantia continues to heal. Slowly, but surely, transformation begins. Teaching Mission is co-creative Let no one think God's plan for this pattern will develop without the effort of everyone connected to this Mission. Efforts generate the changes necessary for transformation. Spiritual Growth Becoming one with At-one-ment God requires awareness, commitment, love, respect for truth, heartfelt effort, allowing oneself to be used in God's plan as the creative beings that you are. Remember the Stillness Practice God's connection to you; stillness is evidence of God's connection to you. The Father needs your attention to his guidance. Energy begins to pulsate in your hands and through your feet. This connection grounds you. Again .i.Energycircuit position;physical positions play a part in energy transmissions. Yoga .i.Yoga;is an art/science which contains awareness of truth concerning these energy patterns. Many other Yoga positions deliver God's energy through your body properly. Discovering these positions will help the healing of Urantia. We welcome your efforts to learn this. Becoming aware of your breathing will help. .i.Chakra:adjustment;Move this pain upward. [I felt a deep pain in my groin area. As I breathed deeply, I moved my hands, palms facing my body, from my groin up to my chest area. The pain dissipated as I moved my hands upward. This experience lasted about two minutes.] Balancing your energy is a process you begin to understand. Now take your hands. Put then on your neck. [I placed my hands on my throat area with the heels of my hands touching.] Surround your throat. Listen to every word. Push forward gently [with your hands.] Feel pulsations. [I felt pulsations in the heels of my hands that did not correspond to the pulsations of my heart. Again, it felt like tingles and energy pulsations that were faster than my heartbeat.] This pain is being released. [I held this position for approximately two minutes.] Allow your mind to rest. [I was starting to try to analyze "what on earth" I was doing to myself! I began to see bursts of purple energy.] Purple surges are .i.Color Visualization;healing...Release your hands.'Flower Essencesdiscussion offlower essences with others. Linda my be curious to know about them. Life Carriers working with healing recommend learning about them. [I have had flower essences discussed so much in my transcripts that I feel compelled to note here that I have absolutely no financial or any other vested interest in any of the marketed flower essences. I am concerned that someone reading these transcripts may wonder if I have any personal "stake" in anyone buying or using flower essences. I do not!] Allow healing now...You tire. This session can end now. We bid you farewell. Tarkas, Olfana, Signa, Others who care.


Half Moon Bay, CA. 4/14/93 T9304141 Solo Session



Energy Transmission

Olfana: Relax S. Allow God to answer your prayers. Take your hands.


Half Moon Bay, CA. 4/16/93T9304161 Solo Session



Energy circuit position

Advice on healing

Energy Transmission

Yoga and energy circuits

Color Visualization

Healing advice

Life Carriers and Flower Essences

Allow this connection to begin. Welcome, S. We love you. Allow your hands to rest forward, placing your hands on your knees

Remember to listen carefully to every word. Allowing your body to move helps the vibrational patterns to flow through you. God's glory becomes apparent in this ability of energy for transformation. Healing controls the circuit-opening patterns. Remember to cover the

Half Moon Bay, CA. 4/17/93T9304171 Solo Session



TM--quality of work

Energy Transmission

Energy concepts

F. can join our group

Energy circuit position

Allow this connection to begin. Thank you for the purchase of this recorder. It will serve its function well. [I purchased a recorder with a clip-on mike and voice activation.] Tremendous changes can occur on your planet with the help of loving mortalsTeaching Missionco-creative. Enjoy the fruits of your labors, S. The friends you make through the Teaching Mission are the quality of friendships that will grow as people learn to trust and have faith in this work. Sacrifice is not the concept we offer. Industrious, benevolent efforts in the Father's name signify the quality of work we ask of you. Tremendous effort on our part is offered in the hope that you will respond equally with love and effort on your part.

The energy beginning to be felt in your hands again signifies God's love pouring through you. The paper in Urantia Bookhelps understand healing forcesThe Urantia Book that you read helps you to understand the mighty forces we use and manipulate to heal this planet. [Paper 39, THE UNIVERSE POWER DIRECTORS] The Life Carriers have much to offer in love and service to UrantiaUrantia. Many other celestial beings are using this energy now, also. Worship and Prayerand healing energyprayer on your part connects you in strong ways to this benevolent energy. We hope you begin to understand this process. For too long, Urantians have seen worship and prayer as more rituals of observance of devotion. Indeed, the energy connections made in worship and prayer transcend any ritual pattern. They allow a direct connection to the Father's power/love/energy that manifests throughout the entire universe. Holy words are another means by which this energy connects you to God. Understanding of all of this will come to Urantia as you grow in your intelligence and efforts to understand the Creator's work. Many things can and will be taught to you if you will only come with open hearts and willing minds to learn. Every effort we make to which you respond brings such joy to our hearts!

Envelop yourself in the pulsations of energy that you feel. Remarkable things can come from our work together. Never doubt or question the Father's ability to heal. His love for his children extends to all areas of healing. Remember to listen for every word carefully. Cause and EffectCause and effect needs to be broadened as a scientific concept. The first cause is always the energy of the Father. Allow F full access to the transcripts. He is a dear, beloved one of the Father. He is cherished. He is welcomed to the Mission. Your curiosity and desire to understand are honored and respected by us, F. [F is a physicist, a long-time reader of The Urantia Book, and is very interested in the concepts of energy discussed in The Urantia Book.] Trust your heart in this effort to understand. Many things will fall in place for you as you endeavor to understand this healing work. Be patient in your efforts. You will grow and transform in the process. Remember to guide yourself by the spirit of truth. Never question your ability to use this as a guide and judge of accuracy. Turn all doubts to quiet meditation. The Stillness Practiceincreases healing abilitiesstillness practice greatly increases your abilities in this work.

Trust this energy that you feel, S. It will not harm you in any way. Thern is becoming a good friend. His knowledge and guidance in this healing work are valuable tools for you to use in your own learning. HealersHealers linked together and sharing their knowledge and inspiration make a powerful body of knowledge from which others also learn. Energycircuit positionRaise your hands. This position is also a strong connection. Energy can be channeled through a body. Feel the energy as it courses through your head. Open your hands.

Allow us to work with you now. Do you not feel a growing peace of mind? This is a part of the healing. Emotions rock your body's balance. Everything you do on your part to achieve emotional equilibrium helps you to heal. Joy and happiness are easily balanced. The extremes of anger and worry are not. Conclude this sessions by placing your hands together and touch your forehead...Release your hands. You tire now. Trust your efforts in this work.

Olfana and Tarkas


Half Moon Bay, CA. 4/19/93T9304191 Solo Session



Teacher's relationship to group

Flexibility of TM

Healing advice to S.

Energy transmission

Allow this connection, S. Respect for your questions is acknowledged by us. Answers can come over time. [I had asked if Tarkas and Olfana could be considered my primary teachers.] Teachersmobility ofMany teachers move from place to place frequently. You will be visited by Tarkas. Olfana remains with you as your regular teacher. This arrangement suits our needs currently. Flexibility is a hallmark of this Mission. We work with you in many ways, always seeking the best relationship possible for the work that we do. Others will come in time. The Father's plan provides for many possible ways to uplift your planet. Recognize your role in this work, in this Mission, continues to grow and change as you open your heart to us. All things are possible with God's love/power/energy. Tell Thern not to worry about details of the Healing TimeHealing Mission. These will come later as we see you grow. Listen for instructions soon. Remember to give attention to your own healing, S. Withdraw your efforts from allowing so much assistance to others [who have interest in the Teaching Mission.] They need to reach out on their part, also. Create a plan to improve your body's health. Exercise is needed. Recovering your health is your goal. Attribute your healing to God's love. Remember to praise him for his nurturance. Try to understand the magnitude of this blessing. Enter this phase of your life with joy and gratitude. Doing God's work is a great honor for all mortals. Know this well. The energy and colors you experience are part of the healing you experience, the healing you undergo. Allow us to do our work with you. [I felt strong pulsations of energy begin in my hands.] ChakraadjustmentRaise your hands. Put them together. [I held my hands, palms touching, over my head about three inches from my scalp. Energy TransmissionThe energy began to pulsate in my scalp. Slowly, I felt the urge to move my hands down over my face, my throat, my chest, my abdomen, and finally down to my groin. In each area, I felt a surge of energy pulsations. My whole body felt warm and somehow more comfortable when I was finished. As my hands moved away from my body, I felt a comfortable release of some kind.] Slowly take your hands and release them. You tire now. Rest with this balanced energy.

Olfana, Tarkas, Others who care......Goodbye


Half Moon Bay, CA. 4/21/93T9304211 Solo Session



AIDS cure

Energy Transmission

Allow questions, S. We wish to work with you this way, also. Know that Thern is aligned with you in this work. Christ Michael on AIDS Recovering from AIDS will be a co-creative process. Assistance in this will come from Life Carriers. Natural herbs contain components yet to be discovered that will assist the immune system. Recently, work with these herbs has occurred. A schedule of events can be difficult to project because of human free will, but we hope this activity will prompt the discovery necessary within a year's time. Praise to the Father for this work! Caligastia is undone! Resistance comes from the medical community. They must learn to trust God's plan, allowing others to help cure AIDSAIDScure for. Never will this disease rage as Caligastia had hoped. Blessed be to the Father. His protection is complete. Remember, Thern, to endeavor to work with others who need this information. Our blessings are on you, Thern. You are a beloved child of the Father. Energies flowing through you express His love. You are an instrument of healing for Him. Use this power gently, my son.Christ Michael message from

Christ Michael

Allow your hands to move to your groin. I had the beginning sensation of a bladder infection that morning. I felt pulsations of energy and warmth in my hands.] Release your hands. Remember to exercise, S. You have worked well. You may rest now. Flower essences speed the healing. Releasing you....


Half Moon Bay, CA. 4/21/93T9304212 Group Session: S, T, A



First use of "namaste"

F and D can join group

Information about Tarkas

Working with the TM


Stillness practice

Thought Adjuster communication

Healthy living

Life purpose and free will

Olfana cheers us on

Energy transmission

Tarkas: Namaste, we welcome you. This is the beginning of a collaboration we most heartily welcome. It is joyful to see your trust, your faith. The Father offers many ways to serve him. This is one we wish to share with you. Allow yourselves time to grow as a group. F is welcome as a member. D may wish to join eventually. Do not doubt your ability to work with us. All who come to the Teaching Missionpurpose ofTeaching Mission are needed, are blessed, are welcomed. There is much work to do to help your planet heal. Remember to practice the stillnessStillness Practiceremember to. Open your hearts to the potentials of this connection with the Father. Regular practice allows us better connections in our work with you. Questions are welcome. Begin, if you wish.

A: Tarkasspiritual purposeCould Tarkas tell us more about his spiritual purpose?

Tarkas: I serve the Father.

S: "I serve the Father" is all I hear.

A: Does he have ways in which he prefers to serve?

Tarkas: Instruction of mortals is my function.

T: Can Tarkas tell us anything about his history?

Tarkas: I come from a planet devoid of the strife you face. Relax with this. S is trying very hard to hear. Do you wish further information?

T: Yes, it didn't seem like you completed your answer. You were interrupted.

Tarkas: Allow me to ask what information you wish again.

T: We would like to learn more about the history of Tarkas, the better to understand our teacher.

Tarkas: Nothing of details allows or gives understanding here. My function as teacher is relevant in our relationship.

T: Are you afraid that information about your history might undermine your relationship with us as teacher? Is that why you don't want to tell us any more?

Tarkas: Allowing responses can be confusing at this time for S. Protecting the connection with her is important. Patience is asked even on S's part. This information will come later.

T: In order to maximize the use of our time together, what is the nature of the kind of question from us that would be most productive in your Mission?

Tarkas: Consider the Father's love for you. Consider your relationship to him. Actions which encourage this relationship are what is called for now. Practice in stillness is important for all of you. Prayer, attention to your health, bodies, beginnings are just that. You will grow quickly if you start humbly. The Father's plan includes, requires, commitment on your part with this Mission. That is all.

T: May I clarify something that you said?

Tarkas: Yes.

T: Is it my understanding that since this is a beginning, that our primary focus should be to develop our listening skills for the Father's messages as a beginning, before we begin to actively try to implement the Father's will in our daily lives?

Tarkas: Allow yourself to focus your energies on your relationship to the Father. Growing in God-consciousness is always the perfect beginning to this work. Guidance will come through your Thought AdjusterThought Adjuster by choosing the connection with God every day. A.

A: Yes.

Tarkas: Recovering your balance and focus with your Family Relationshipsspiritual growthfamily is important work for you. Your heart functions well when there is connection for you with them. Distractions will always present themselves. Know the Father sees your desire to serve; yet, take time with your family. That will serve as a strong base from which your growth develops.

A: My family doesn't seem very receptive to the Spirit of Truth. So sometimes it seems that my efforts are wasted.

Tarkas: Nothing of God-consciousness is wasted. Love, generated from your awareness of the Father, rekindles elements in R. Distrust and anger can be softened by patience and your resolute conviction that God is your primary guide. Your model to them is important. Scoffing or apathy are protections their egos reach for. Do not falter in your attempts to be loving. Show patience. Jesus can be a great model in this challenge. Remember his example to those who scoffed. R serves in ways he does not understand, but nothing is unnoticed of his good heart. Try to bring levity into your perspective on your family. You are a joyous Child of the Father. Bless your family with your own peaceful happiness. Do not doubt the power of this example to all of them.

A: Thank you.

Tarkas: T.

T: Yes.

Tarkas: Is there a question you wish to ask?

T: There are many. One thing that I'm having great difficulty with, and that's trying to successfully practice the stillnessStillness Practicedifficulty with. I know that S has already gotten one message from Olfana about this once, but I don't know, maybe it's just the life I'm choosing to lead now in terms of my job and the fatigue that it renders on me, but I haven't up till this point really felt that I've been successful in seeking the stillness, and if you have any advice or hints about how I might do a better job of it, I'm more than open to any suggestions you might have. I sincerely want to do that more than anything right now.

Tarkas: These are good questions that you ask. These questions promote your spiritual growth. This is the focus we ask of you currently. The Stillness Practicerelax in Father's arms;stillness practice should be seen as a moment to relax in the Father's arms. Enter this state with a gentle trust. Expectations lead only to concerns that you may fail or waste time. The stillness is an opportunity to connect with the Father in many ways. Even for each person the experience can vary from one time to another. Regular practice encourages a familiarity which allows you to relax. You have many prejudices against your body. You battle your energies often. Realize your body has great strength. Cherish the energy that goes through it.'Thought Adjustercommunication withThought Adjuster. Sometimes I feel when I seek within for answers, asking the Father's guidance, that I do get guidance from my Thought Adjuster, and that voice from within that tells me that these things are right or something I'm feeling is correct. Do you have any way of knowing whether I've been successful regularly at communicating with my Thought Adjuster on that basis, or are these just answers that I'm coming up with from my own mortal consciousness?

T: May I ask another question?

Tarkas: Yes.

T: This has to do with my relationship with my

Tarkas: We as teachers are not privy to the direct communications between yourself and your Thought Adjuster. However, we encourage your desire to listen. Always take what you hear in your mind and allow it to resonate within you. This is one way the Spirit of Truth also communicates. Sometimes prayer will allow further confirmation of any feelings or thoughts you ascribe to your Thought Adjuster. Often communications with mortals come more as inspirations of the moment as Thought Adjuster guidance, or a quiet knowing that comes back to you again and again despite upheavals of circumstances. The Adjuster experience is one that does not flourish easily in this life. Much remains mysterious to you about the Father Fragment. Be at peace with all of this. Know that God supports this relationship appropriately for your life experience here. That is all. Further questions are fine.

A: Tarkas, do you have anything you want to say to S at this time?

Tarkas: You grow well, Little One. Receptivity is not heightened by TR Processadvice onsugar, though. Develop your discipline S. Much is asked of you because we see your desire to serve. Couple this desire with convictions of the integrity of our offered advice. You rationalize so well.

A: Could I ask one more question?

Tarkas: Please do so. We welcome your interest and growing trust, A.

A: Could you say any words to me about my life's purpose, to help understand better what it is on this planet?

Tarkas: Your free will is always a great factor in what will come in your life. Predictions are only the tendencies we see, knowing your heart as we do. You may recall we said to you these energies will come in time. This is a possibility for you if you choose to work in this way. Allowing yourself many paths to the Father seems productive for you now; perhaps as time passes, your choices will narrow. This Mission can use your devotion and energy in many functions. Desire to serve opens up possibilities for you to follow. Prayer on this topic will encourage clarity for you. Remember, though, the energies are there for you to work with if you choose. Rest easy with this experience. Beginnings always are somewhat unfamiliar. Transmission is a possibility for all of you.

T: May we ask any more questions?

Tarkas: Yes, S is growing thirsty, but this is still comfortable.

T: Are we graced this evening with the presence of many other teachers besides Tarkas?

Tarkas: Signa helps with this transmission. Olfana is here and wishes to speak.

A: She may speak.

Olfana: My Dear Ones, the joy we feel at your willingness to work with us is great. Much needs to be done. Much can be completed with the help of willing and loving mortals such as yourselves. Your friendship, your love, is a basis on which we can build a loving contribution to the Father's plan. Take S's hands. Hold your hands together. Energy can pass through you. Teaching Missionpurpose ofMy work in this Mission involves this energy expression. Know that this is healing, benevolent energy from God the Father. You serve even by helping to bring more of this energy through yourselves and into the planet. Circuit opening is part of the benefit of this effort. Tremendous changes will occur. Tremendous hope can be restored to the mortals of this planet. Imagine the benefit of this gift to the world. Rejoice that you are willing to play a part in this plan of the Father. Praise God. TR Process"Trust this process"Trust this process; it cannot harm you. Christ Michael sends blessings. Open yourselves to possibilities of change and transformation until now unhoped for on this planet. I leave you with blessings of peace. Practice the stillness. Take gentle steps in this plan, in this Mission. We love you. We have faith in your progress. Allow yourselves a time of beginning. Remember you are seeds, Little Ones. Allow yourselves to germinate. Allow yourselves time to send out roots into the soil of the Father's love. Growth will come quickly once this begins. Take your hands, place them together in prayer as S is holding hers. This connection helps to generate attributes that allow this germination process. Use this position as you practice the stillnessStillness Practiceposition of hands. Everything will fall into place over time. Do not worry about the pattern. Focus on your beginning and savor these moments in your growth. Namaste.

(At this point the tape ends, but Olfana encourages us to continue with the original intention of our meeting for that evening, which is to read and study the Course in Miracles)

Half Moon Bay, CA. 4/23/93T9304231 Solo Session



Melchizedek materialization

Allow this connection to begin. Regular practice in the stillness is important, S. Do not delay these efforts, if at all possible. The essences continue to help with this connection. MelchizedekMachiventa's materialization;Machiventa Melchizedek's appearance is a great event for your planet. Allow time for meditation on your part that morning. Recovering...Turning your attention from earthly matters to this great event is appropriate. Quiet meditation, receptivity, is fine. Allow time for this event to happen. Nothing can occur without the cooperation of loving mortals aligned in their desire to behold this Morontial appearance. Requesting information from others is fine. Their experiences may differ. All your energy goes toward healing now. Rest your body. Goodbye.'Urantia Booklessons on faithThe Urantia Book. Tell Thern forbearance is important at this time. Many differing viewpoints exist regarding today's event. Machiventa Melchizedek assumed his role in this experiment, which functioned appropriately. Light waves drew energy directly from his Morontial body, causing interference with his materializationMelchizedekMachiventa's materialization;. This did not preclude his exposure to the group from occurring. It impeded the mortal ability to see him. Regardless of this problem, there occurred a remarkable demonstration of faith and trust among the believers in the room. Learning can come through disappointments also. We regret this occurrence's failure to establish further credibility in this work, in this Mission. However, do not forget the many other manifestations of integrity that warrant your belief. Abide with us in our endeavors to materialize a Melchizedek teacher for you. This is not the only planned materialization. Other events will take place. Have faith in this Mission. God's plan continues to unfold within the boundaries of free will choice and human faith. Neglect not...Do not neglect to ponder the many challenges we all face in our attempts to do the Father's will. Regrettably, some are hurt, some sorrow now; but, they will be cheered in good time. Remain constant in your efforts to spread the loving concepts of the Teaching Mission. God reaches toward you. Lift up your hands in faith toward him. Regular stillness practice helps in our efforts to facilitate the circuit opening. Everyone involved in this practice gives energy toward circuit opening. Remember.....We love you. Rest now, S. Goodbye. Olfana, Tarkas, Signa Releasing you now.'MelchizedekMachiventa's materialization;Machiventa Melchizedek did indeed materialize. Let yourself relax now, S. Remain patient with this work. 'Color VisualizationPurple Energypurple is Christ Michaelenergy announces my presence. Blessings to you, my child. Stay calm. Know that the Father's plan continues to open, to unfold. MelchizedekMachiventa's materialization;Naperville served as a lesson in forbearance and faith. Rescuing the event from human machinations was not my will.i.Christ Michael:on Machiventa's materialization. Allowing the outworking of events was deemed necessary, given many considerations. Peace of mind will come to many upon hearing the explanation of the light waves. The reason we did not say to turn down the lights was because Life Carriers did not anticipate this as a problem. Tremendous effort was unleashed, tremendous energy was unleashed in this event. Changes will occur now for your planet that would not have been possible to achieve before. Realize the magnitude of this event. No one will doubt in time. All things grow according to God's plan. This is true for your consciousness also. The Teaching Mission is providing opportunities for consciousness growth that many people have never experienced before now. All goes according to plan. You tire now. Rest, my dear child. Christ Michael.Healing TimeConsider the possibility of many elements joining as one. This outreach toward healers is such a conception. Thern has been told to anticipate an increase in healing powers. Such a possibility exists for others. Never forget that all this rests on the foundation of freewill choice. Elements of this plan will come later. Now is the time to ponder the potential of such an opportunity. Energies have been released which will cause major change for the good. You all truly stand on the threshold of transformational change. Welcome the opportunity to serve the Father. Allow yourself time to prepare for this role. Healthy Livingimportance ofDietary changes are called for. Caffeine is not a calming drug for you, S. Relinquish your desire for coffee to us. We can help with this. Other changes need to be considered. Animal flesh causes some vibrational disturbance in you. Eat it with great moderation. We know you feel resistance to this advice. Bear with us; the rewards are great. Turn your concerns over to the Father in prayer. This can be a great unburdening for you. The possibilities of your group are growing. We welcome this new, expanded way to work with you. Everything moves at an appropriate pace. Rest assured, the Father's plan is well-conceived. Enter into this with hope and good cheer. Place your hands on your chest. [I placed my hands, one on top of the other, over my heart.] Drawing deep breaths helps. This energy is God's great love manifested. Praise God, the Life Giver! He expresses himself with every movement in the universe, be it planets, created beings, or energies. Turn your attention to the colorsColor Visualization. [I saw small, gently moving spots of colors, like sparkle, pass across my field of vision for approximately two minutes.] Receptivity continues to be heightened by Flower Essencesimportant in TR processflower essences. Olfana is cheered by your consistent use of them. We know you tire. We will release you now. [By this time, it was about 3:30 in the morning, and I felt so tired, I didn't even wait to see if I heard the names of any teachers. All I wanted to do was to crawl under the covers, and go to sleep!]Flower EssencesAlaskanflower essences you called about will further your knowledge. This was well done. [I had called that morning to Homer, Alaska to inquire about some Alaskan Flower Essences that were mentioned in my Peralandra Garden Workbook. I requested the catalogue be sent to me.] Remember that lessons reviewed are lessons well-understood. Much advice has been given to you regarding your body and your health. Listen as Olfana speaks...Dear One, regard for your healthHealthy Livingevaluation of TR is important work for you. Lighten your resistance. Allow us the opportunity to demonstrate to you the integrity of our healing. Animal flesh should be eaten lightly. Remember this tonight. [ I had just put a pork roast in the oven for dinner...] Cravings for sugar or coffee can be helped by us, if you wish. Your face harbors a bacteria, streptococcus. Reduce the sugar in your diet. This will help your face heal. [I have had a recurrent small patch of very sore pimples that breaks out intermittently on my chin by the left side of my mouth. The doctor has diagnosed it as "acne rosacea," but the topical antibiotic I have used on it never seems to totally cure it.] Never question your ability to work with us on healing. Please have faith. We love you. Olfana. Advice about the group is this: Proceed gently. Allow faith to grow. Bear no one resentment if they do not yet understand. Your support from them will come in time. TR Processand channelingThe book you read gives helpful information about channeling in general. [I was reading A Guide to Channeling and Channeled Material by Lily Andrews, Cassandra Press, San Rafael, Ca., 1990. It purports to be a channeled work, and has a great deal of practical advice about judging the value and authority of channeled information. It also has lots of suggestions about asking questions, and how to conduct a group session. It also refers often to reincarnation, and talks about the problems of contacting "lower astral beings." I had asked before this session if they had any guidance to give me concerning this book.] The Teaching Mission is somewhat different because of the opening circuits. Trance channeling is somewhat akin to your experience. Astral beings are not validated. These are mind projections. [??] Recover your faith in your experience with this work. Know that you know the truth in these sessions. Rest assured, we love you. Tarkas, Olfana, Signa, Others who care. Rest now, S.


Half Moon Bay, CA. 4/24/93T9304241 Solo Session



Melchizedek materialization

Light caused interference

Allow this connection to begin. Remember the lessons on faith in


Half Moon Bay, CA. 4/25/93T9304251 Solo Session



Melchizedek materialization

Allow this connection to begin. Remember, all mortals must operate on faith. This is the Father's plan. Gather together those you trust and share this message. Allowing them to know this information will

not deter or prevent the outworking of these events. Regular...normal longings to understand, to have guidance by all of you is understood. Those who hear this message from us will still need to decide its credibility for themselves. Never doubt this component of our Mission. Sl. can be told. Once they hear our message they will know if they know its truth...They will know that they know its truth for themselves. Everything will be managed by those in charge of communication among us. Others may or will receive this message too.



Half Moon Bay, CA. 4/26/93T9304261 Solo Session



Color Visualization

Melchizedek materialization

Christ Michael's explanation

Allow this connection to begin.


Half Moon Bay, CA. 4/27/93T9304271 Solo Session



The Healing Time potential

Dietary advice to S.

Energy Transmission

Color Visualization

Allow this connection to begin.


Half Moon Bay, CA. 4/28/93T9304281 Solo Session



Flower Essences

Healthy Living

Developing our group

Information on channeling and TRing

Allow this connection to begin. Trying to understand so much, so quickly, is a great challenge, S. We respect your confusion and your doubts. We applaud your clarity and attempts to understand, more so. This work involves great effort on your part. Allow yourself time to digest all you are experiencing. "Germination" is the key word here. Processes take time to unfold. The


Half Moon Bay, CA. 4/29/93T9304291 Solo Session



TM's purpose

Relationship of S. and Bob

Channeling discussed

Reincarnation concepts

Energy Transmission

Allow this connection to begin. [I asked, "Please tell me who is speaking to me. Give me your name."] I am Olfana. Purposeful actions to help your planet is our Mission. Do not doubt the value of our work. Allow us opportunities to demonstrate the validity of your trust in us. Recognize the laws of God bind us, as well as you. Benevolent service is our goal. Consider your experience thus far with these sessions, S. Allow time for your perspective to grow, and your defenses and doubts to drop away. Caring support is A's impetus for providing you with these books. [A had given me A Guide to Channeling and Channeled Material by Lily Andrews, and The Gift of Healing by A. & O. Worrall.] The channeling book discusses concepts, such as reincarnation, which are not well understood on your planet. [The phone rang. I was going to ignore it, but I heard, "Pick it up." It was my friend, Bob, who is also very involved with the Teaching Mission. After my call, I went back into the stillness.] Regular efforts on your part to compose meaningful statements about the Teaching Mission in your discussions with others is acknowledged as helpful. You and Bob are forming a relationship with powerful implications for the future. Regulation...temperance, is called for in your divulgence of information about the Mission to others at this time. Willingness to cooperate with our instructions is appreciated. The book you read [on channeling] has concepts incompatible with our Mission. "Astral beings" Astral beingsdo not interferedo not interfere with this work. Recognize the integrity of this plan of redemption for your planet. Reincarnationnot well understoodReincarnation exists differently from many historical explanations. The process of rebirth focuses immense energy on the present life. In a true sense, the only life that really matters is the one you are leading now. Too often, mortals cannot hold to this perspective when considering concepts of reincarnation. Let us help you heal now. [I felt pulsations of energy in my hands, and held them up to my forehead and the bridge of my nose. These pulsations lasted for about 4 minutes. Then I said, "Thank you, Father, for helping me."] Allow your body to rest now. Your trip will be enjoyable, if you allow relaxation to occur. [This was solid advice...I was going to Lake Tahoe for the weekend... with four teenagers in tow!] Goodbye. Olfana and Tarkas.


Half Moon Bay, CA. 5/02/93T9305021 Solo Session



Family relationships

Energy transmission

Olfana: Allow this connection. We pause with you to examine your Family Relationshipsadvice onfamily relationships. "Expectations are the fertile ground for resentments." This is truth. Y especially struggles with this issue, allowing much resentment in his personality. Tension rises surrounding issues of control between you and T. Remove yourself from areas of dispute involving T and Y. Lessons exist for both of them in the outworking of their relationship. Sorrow surrounds Y regarding the divorce of T and his mother. Much remains to be worked out involving issues of trust for Y. He and his father need counseling. T must remember experiences of his childhood in order to see Y's frustrations with how he hopes events will work out. Both he and Y lack insight at times regarding how others view them. Intuitive powers in both of them are strong, but pride, stubbornness, and anger block this blessed gift of insight. Reopening issues of shared parenting with T will cause much defensiveness in T unless handled ... unless you handle this with love. Ask yourself "What is my goal?" Take time to remember Jesus's example in his relationship with Peter. Truth can be heard best surrounded and protected with love. As for C, he is tender in his manhood. He allows emotions to storm through him. Use essences regularly. This can heighten his ability to balance himself emotionally. T also can benefit from essences, as well as Y. Recovering your equilibrium is important. Efforts to dominate the discussions with C often cause him anger. Relax in your manner with him. He and you are very alike emotionally. Rest assured, he loves you and wishes to see you happy. Opportunities will come for C to establish his creative abilities. This will help him to balance outward gestures of defiance that are a part of the dramatic impulses of his nature. They run through him deeply. Remember how well you respond to feeling loved. C responds in this manner also. Do not lose patience with the concept that much of this will pass as both boys achieve adulthood. Your life will be less disturbed by their disequilibrium. Your relationship with T can stand on patterns of equality between you.

Soon much energy will manifestEnergy Transmission. Feel your hands now. These vibrations are real. They have an almost magnetic sense. This is appropriate. Touching your fingertips is a connection. Draw your fingers apart. Feel this energy between your hands. This energy can/will/should be used in God's healing work. You have an opportunity to bless others with God's healing powers. Praise be to Him. Remember this energy. Ponder your challenges with C, with T, with Y, with H, with J. You can thrive and they will thrive to the degree that you remain in touch with the Father's love. Never forget the power of his energy to heal emotionally also. Touch your face. Remove your fingers now. The energy is gone, but the area of your face feels the energy. You should rest now. We will discuss other issues about the channeling book later. [S: Who am I speaking with?] Olfana and Tarkas, Signa translates, Jun-el, Lucinda, Augustine, Rhon-el. Allow patience and compassion to rule your heart and mind. Absolve all from guilt. Ask them to look into their hearts for answers. Peace be with you. Our love for you all is great. Goodbye.


Half Moon Bay, CA. 5/25/93T9305251 Solo Session



Flower Essences

Olfana prays with TR

Olfana: Allow this connection to begin. We resonate with great joy in forming this connection with you once again. Admittedly, it has been difficult to watch you work, knowing the Father's Path needs effort also. However, we understand the great desire you have for making your bedroom a comfortable, organized place to work.

S: Could you please tell me who is talking to me right now?

Olfana: Olfana speaks. My Dear One, never doubt our work together. I draw close to you. I know your heart. "Our Father"* is a prayer we say together. Listen carefully now. Experiments with Flower Essencesand healingflower essences are developing in many places. This heralds a new era of healing techniques that we bring to light. Knowing this information can benefit many different groups and persons involved in the Mission. Reluctance to attempt to use essences will fall away as people see their effectiveness. Resolve to deliver information about the essences to all those who seek such information from you. Benefits for all will develop from this approach. You tire. We understand. Let yourself relax. God's Vision, God's Plan is great...God's Plan is greatly enhanced by the commitment mortals such as yourself demonstrate in their attempts to work with the teachers. Let all know how proud we are of all of you in this effort. Urantiadevelops new hopeUrantia develops new hope as it moves from its painful past into a bright future. Let no one think we miss the mark in our efforts to help you grow. You tire now. Rest. We hope to talk with you again soon. We love you. God's blessings upon you. Goodbye.

*Note: Approximately three months before this TR process began for S, she began saying the Lord's prayer each morning when she awakened. This became a process of quiet meditation for her, as she slowly said each word in the prayer. In this transmission, as she heard the words PrayerOlfana prays with TR"We say together" she was emotionally overwhelmed to realize that perhaps Olfana was indeed with her each morning, while she said this prayer.


Half Moon Bay, CA. 6/2/93 T9306021 Group Session: S, T, A, F



Greetings to F

Purpose of group

Difficulties of TR process

Stillness practice--the mind, Thought Adjuster

Group communication

Lesson on Faith

Definition of "spirit"

TR edits transmissions

Teachers available for TM

Teachers know our hearts

Convey hopefulness

Teacher Will knows of this group

Emotional satisfaction

Hawaiian Kahuna spirituality

Energy transmission

Tarkas: Receive us tonight. We welcome you. This transmission is an opportunity to speak with all of you for the first time. We rejoice that this has come about. Endeavor to be patient with this process. Experimenting with patterns of communication is necessary in order to perceive what works best. Tarkas is here. Do you wish to speak to him?

F: Greetings, Tarkas.

Tarkas: Dear F, included in this group are many beings who delight in your attendance at this meeting. We wish you all to feel our heartfelt joy that finally this gathering has come about. Allow us time to reconcile...[S: Something about "reconciling vibrations from all of us"] Do you wish to ask questions now? [S: I think he's asking everybody. Do you? This is me--S.]

Tarkas: Do you wish to ask questions now?

T: Is there a defined purpose that Tarkas foresees in the immediate future for this group?

Tarkas: Teaching Missiongroup responsibilitiesYour purpose is to grow comfortable with your choice to involve yourself with this Mission. As a group, you are fledglings. Relax with our goals. We do not have expectations on you other than to sincerely work with us. All else will evolve over time.

F: Tarkas, Can you describe the process by which this communication takes place?

Tarkas: Clearly, there are elements of this, components of this process, which are not easily explained. [S: something like "to you now" or " in your language"] However, S is receptive. [S: um-- I don't know, maybe just because it's about me, and all, I'm having a hard time... I feel there is something about "flower essences"] Communication involves perceptions on S's part, coupled with...This is difficult. Please hold this question. At a later time, it can more easily be discussed.

T: May I ask a question?

Tarkas: Yes, T.

T: It seems tonight, I see an extreme difficulty in S's ability to communicate that I haven't seen before. Is there some blocking physically in her body right now, or in her ability in any way to communicate this evening?

Tarkas: Much time has passed without frequent stillness practice on S's part. Again, we reiterate how important this practice is to the process. Her concentration is not as focused, perhaps also because of the group participation. Allow yourselves to relax with this. Anxieties get in the way of any faith-based effort of mortals.

Tarkas: Release your... Release your imaginations.

F: Tarkas, May I ask a question?

Tarkas: Yes.

F: Is the stillness practice important because the communication process involves communication through the subconscious mind?

Tarkas: This stillness practiceStillness Practicenot connected with subconscious is not connected with the subconscious operations of the mind. We encourage the stillness because you so infrequently are able to develop your attention to the inner promptings of your mind, and most specifically, the Thought Adjusterand stillness practiceThought Adjuster. Every effort made to develop this path of communication with your Adjuster is fertile ground for your spiritual growth. Making time in your day to do this requires conscious choice on your part. This also is a productive effort. Shaping your priorities toward communion with the Father is greatly encouraged by us. Is this sufficient information, F?

F: Yes. So is this communication mediated by the Thought Adjuster or is it separate from the Thought Adjuster?

Tarkas: We are not privy to the Thought Adjuster's communications with you. However the Thought Adjuster is most aware of all of your spiritual experiences. There is no mediating factor--personality--being--there is no mediating factor between myself and you other than S's ability to understand your question.

A: Tarkas?

Tarkas: Yes, A.

A: Would it be helpful for us to try to improve communication amongst ourselves, and our communion with each other?... and how could we do that?

Tarkas: Sharing your desire to serve the Father encourages efforts for all of you. Certainly we desire you to talk freely among yourselves concerning any thoughts you have regarding our Mission. Openness among you will allow union in your efforts. We delight in your natural, open nature, A!

A: Thank you.

Tarkas: We have a short lesson tonight. Please be patient with S's efforts. This causes her anxiety. Our lesson is on faithLessonon faith. What does the commitment of faith mean for you? Ponder this. Faith rings like a silent bell in your heart. It resonates with vibrations of the Father's love. Faith is never an unconscious effort. It requires conscious attention to the perception of all you understand coupled with your [S: Okay, this is hard!] trust that the design of events is woven with a greater beauty than your earthly perceptions can comprehend. Faith efforts are those which bear your Creator's Mark. They are the motivation of the Thought Adjuster coupled with your freewill heart's desire. How often do you truly reach out to the experiences of life with this "Hallmark of the Father" as your guiding light? Realize that such efforts ennoble your character greatly. This lesson is complete.

Tarkas: Reasons for S's difficulties are many. However, we hope that the substance of our topic has been understood. Do you wish to speak further about other topics?

F: Yes, Tarkas. Could you give us a definition of the word "Spirit"Spiritdefinition of?

Tarkas: "Spirit" is a postulate of energy manifested as a formed being. [S: I don't know. Something like "being"] Spirit is God's pattern of creation individualized. Spirit-led beings are those who manifest God's energy.

F: That is very helpful, Tarkas. Thank you.

Tarkas: S continually (laughs) analyzes our transmissionsTR Processediting. This impedes our ability to clearly articulate. With practice, she will trust much more our own attempts to speak for ourselves. We feel much like her children do, at times, when she is overly concerned about the impression they will make. This is a beginning for all of us. Many communication blocks will be overcome with time and practice.

F: Tarkas, may I ask a question about the Teaching Mission?

Tarkas: Certainly, F. All questions are allowable. Perhaps the answers may not be given, but the questions are welcome.

F: My question is, Is there a limit to the number of teachersTeachersnumber of that will be placed on UrantiaUrantia? or is there a goal to have a teacher for every person? or, is the Teaching Mission going to be limited to a group situation?

Tarkas: We have many volunteers for this Mission. More will come over time. For now, we encourage group participation because this develops comradeship and service-oriented motivations among you. However, all of Urantia is precious to us, and indeed, if each one living on this planet chose a relationship with a teacher, this could be done. For now, this clearly is not the case.

F: I understand. Thank You. I'd like to express my love and thanks to you for your patience with us in our attempts to come together and communicate with you. I hope we can all dedicate ourselves to this effort, and continue to evolve and grow.

Tarkas: These hopes on your part are certainly shared by us. We encourage all sincere efforts on your parts with our work. We heartily desire to develop close communications with all of you. We are aware of your lives. We know your hearts. We feel great tenderness toward each of you. This is the energy force of our Mission--the tender, gentle love of God flowing through us toward you. This love reciprocated can cause great changes on this planet.

F: May we serve as conduits of that love to our brothers and sisters.

Tarkas: Every effort that you make to convey hopefulness to your fellowmen will encourage goodness and generate situations in which more can be done with our work. Take opportunities presented to you where others express cynicism or despair, and offer the possibility that God's love is a redeeming love, a redeeming force, that we can rely upon in our...that you can rely upon in your problems, quandaries. Interject hopefulness whenever possible in your conversations. This is a small, but greatly needed, effort. [S: I didn't hear that right...something like...] (tape change) This small effort is greatly needed by so many who walk in darkness.

F: Tarkas, Do you communicate with other teachers?

Tarkas: We discuss things frequently. Many meetings occur among us regarding our efforts with you and our plans for the future.

F: Would you please, as a favor to me, pass a message to Will, and tell her that I love her and I appreciate her teachings to the Tallahassee group?

Tarkas: Will knows of this small group. She also has felt appreciation for S's attempt to read her teachings. She is a beloved daughter of God, and a great gift to this Mission. Would you like contact? [S: or something about "her company."] Would you like her attendance at this group to occur?

F: I would, if it's possible, without interfering with her work.

Tarkas: This will be discussed. She is open to this, I believe.

F: Good! It would give me pleasure for this to occur.

A: Tarkas?

Tarkas: Yes, A?

A: Could you say anything to us about emotional satisfaction? What it is, and how best to achieve it?

Tarkas: Emotional SatisfactionEmotional satisfaction is a balance between your own creative energy, or desires, coupled with an awareness of the Father's path for you, which comes from Thought Adjuster guidance. True emotional satisfaction is always obtained through service to others and abandonment of ego gratification. When your emotions are guided by the Adjuster's [promptings], you leave your animal nature behind. The purer intentions rise and your heartfelt efforts are creative and uniquely expressions of...[TR stops. asks for water]

S: T, if you're tired and you want to go, that's fine. I can hear you sort of rustling around there, so I don't want you to feel like you have to stay. If you guys want to stop, that's fine too. I don't. I mean, I'm perfectly willing to do this, but I don't want anyone to feel... "God, they have to do this, because it would be impolite to interrupt, or something."

A: Well, are you getting tired?

S: I feel fine, but, I just know T has got to get up early, so...

A: What do you say, F? A few more minutes, or...?

F: Well, if we're making any progress, we can. But, if not...(inaudible) Does anyone have any other questions they want to ask? A, you had three questions, didn't you?

A: (laughs) No, that's all's personal...Some other time... I don't want to take up time with personal questions tonight... since it's so late. What about you, F?

Tarkas: Personal questions are fine with us. (pause) Did anyone have further questions? We... Yes, F.

F: Yeah, I was going to ask... I've been studying HealingKahuna teachingsabout Kahuna TeachingsKahunas, Hawaiian Kahunas, these theories about the nature of man, and man's spirit. Can you give me any words along those lines about that. Is there any validity to their teachings?

Tarkas: Much contamination of the animal nature of man has confounded all efforts to bring enlightenment to the Polynesian people. However, there are elements of truth to the healing arts you have recently studied. Their approach to body consciousness is accurate, for the most part. Reliance on fear, unfortunately, has invaded this tradition...What part of this doctrine appeals to you?

F: Well, I can identify what they call the super-consciousness; I make the identification with the Thought Adjusteridentification with superconsciousThought Adjuster--whether erroneously or not, I don't know.

Tarkas: Yes, this is accurate.

F: I identify the unihipili, or the subconscious, with the evolving soul. It seems a little simplistic, but is there any truth to that?

Tarkas: Better explanations of the soul are found in their...S lacks the word..

F: May I ask another question related to that...

Tarkas: Certainly.

F: ...that may be a little easier? The Urantia Book talks about there being a form of energy that we are not aware of yet on Urantia. The Kahunas talk about a form of energy called "mana" -- actually "mana-mana" and "mana-loa." Could this be the unknown form of energy that is referred to in Urantia Bookreference to unknown energyThe Urantia Book?

Tarkas: Much about this energy is encompassed in these explanations. However, again, there are contaminations of [S: something about "taboos"]...there are contaminations of...there are contaminations of... restrictions... on...[S: something about "taboo restrictions"...I don't know. Something about...] There are contaminations regarding...taboo restrictions on it's use...[or something like that]

F: They talk about the "aka."

Tarkas: The soul.

F: Well, there is the group soul, or the group spirit, the "aumakua." I don't know what to make of that. We're going off the deep sort of reminds me of the monad, or the ideas of the monads, or the group that you're associated with.

Tarkas: These concepts again have some credibility. However, they do not have the purity of the real construct within them. Such concerns, such esoteric concerns, are subtle that it is difficult to make distinctions, until S's abilities are improved.

F: Thank you for your help.

Tarkas: Your studies in these areas are encouraging to us. Please continue to follow your own intuitions. Please continue to follow your own promptings because your Thought AdjusterThought Adjuster is truly connected with this desire, or interest. You will discover areas of energy knowledge that are not currently well-understood, if you desire to follow this path. There are many among us who wish to work with mortals who share your interest. Much can be done to help this planet through this work. Realize that this topic is challenging and many...many...[S: I'm getting in the way of it. I can't tell. It's something like...] Much will be required of choose this study. However, we have high expectations of this endeavor for you, if you so choose.

F: Yes, I so choose. I have high expectations of the assistance you can provide me.

Tarkas: Remember to delineate your findings among categories of Energyfusion versus fissionfusion versus...fission. Does this clarify a query you had?

F: It helps.

Tarkas: We would like to conduct a small experiment if all of you are willing. It requires your participation with an Energy Transmissionenergy transmission. Is this acceptable to each of you?

A: It is to me.

F: Yes.

T: Sure.

Tarkas: Lay your hands on your knees. Sit comfortably. A, place your your right hand on S's left hand. Now, bring your left hand up to your heart. [S begins to feel strong pulsations in both hands.] Do you feel any current of energy, A? [S feels energy flowing toward A.]

A: I think so. But I can't tell if its flowing in any certain direction.

S: Um...I'm feeling something really strongly!

Tarkas: Do you feel pulsations passing from S's hand into yours?

A: Um...I don't thing so...Maybe (laughs)

Tarkas: Do not feel any anxiety regarding this question. We are attempting to attune your sensitivities. As you breathe slowly, and you feel any gentle pulsations in your left hand?

A: Not pulsations, I don't think.

Tarkas: Tingles, perhaps?

A: Um... more like that.

Tarkas: This is encouraging. Know that this energy flows whether your perceptions are aware of it or not. This beautiful energy is...a manifestation of the connection among you. Please realize brotherhood also involves vibratory connections. When you speak of "resonating" with love for others, this is not a mere image or metaphor. Truly, your vibratory patterns can be aligned, are aligned, for many purposes. Now, take your hands and...Take your left hand. Is it comfortable to reach F? [A moves closer to F.] Place your hands, one on S's knee, one on F's knee...Again, there is a current passing through S to F. Do you perceive this vibration? (long pause)

[A laughs softly, and says "Are you there, F?"]

Tarkas: Is there any vibratory response that you feel, F, in your hand, or A's hand?

F: There is just a tingling.

Tarkas: Does this tingling now increase?

F: Yes, a little.

Tarkas: Pulsations are passing through S now. Do you perceive a pattern?

F: It's a little throbbing.

Tarkas: T?

T: Yes?

Tarkas: Place your hand on S's knee. We know your...your assumptions, T. [T feels he lacks any ability to perceive this energy] However, do you feel vibrations in your hand that touches S's?

T: Well, I feel some slight tingling in my forearm, under my elbow.

Tarsus: Patiently, focus on this energy... Now, what do you experience?

T: A prickly feeling in the bottom side of my upper arm.

Tarkas: You all do well with this experiment. These sensations are indeed valid. Perhaps closing the circle will increase sensations. T, please reach toward F. Realize, this energy comes from the Father. It is merely an augmentation of the energy that courses through you always, all the time. However heightening of your sensation toward it can indeed be of special service to this Mission. We...We are increasing the energy through S now. Do you experience a sensation?

F: Yes, I do.

Tarkas: Praise be to God! Although this may appear to be a small effort, it will yield beautiful fruit over time. A, can your feel any path of energy between S and F?

A: My hands feel warm and it feels like there is energy...

(tape ends)

Half Moon Bay, CA. 6/08/93T9306081 Solo Session



Energy transmission

Teacher: Allow this connection. Release comes with practice. Energy TransmissionPulsations arising in your hands are evidence once again of God's love and energy. This gift must be protected by your efforts to follow our advice. Take heed of our recommendations for your diet. Sardines are a questionable nutrient for you.

S: They tasted good!

Teacher: Allow us time to work with you now. Raise your hands. Place them together. You feel a resistance between them. [S manipulates hands] Now a pulsation first of attraction, then repulsion. Touch your fingers together. There is a line of energy forming at your fingertips. This light means our adjustments are being made. Signa wishes to speak...

Signa: S, Do not doubt our integrity. Hold fast to your experiences. Rising doubts are your conscious attempt to rationalize what you have experienced. Do not question your sanity. You are of sound mind and good humor. Tell Jane about the essences, please. You drift now because you tire. We understand. Practice the stillness with regularity soon. You will develop your ability to hear us this way. Goodnight, S.


Half Moon Bay, CA. 6/16/93T9306161 Solo Session



Olfana encourages TR

Allow this connection to begin. We received your prayers with great joy, S. We also desire this communication. Welcome back to our discussions, our communications. Leave your worries behind regarding your infrequent communications with us. We are well aware of your efforts during this time. Release your concerns regarding our presence in your life. We watch you on a regular basis. We know your heart. You are tired. It is perfectly fine to make this communication brief. Rest now. We will connect again later. We love you. Olfana.


Half Moon Bay, CA. 6/17/93T9306171 Solo Session



Olfana encourages TR

Healthy living

Allow this connection to begin. You are right to assume that we realize your responsibilities to other areas of your life. Let this work follow your own plan. We do not dictate the terms of your efforts. This is a freewill effort on your part. Readiness is an important part of the timing of the Father's plan. One's readiness must be determined by guidance from the Thought Adjusterevaluates our growthThought Adjuster. Healthy Livingimportance ofHealthy choices in food are important for your equilibrium, S. Regard for your health is important now. Let us help you with this matter. [S: You said you could help me with my cravings for sugar and caffeine. If you can, I do give you my permission to help me in whatever way you can.] Allow us to help you now. [Long pause--approximately ten minutes. S falls asleep.]


Half Moon Bay, CA. 6/20/93T9306201 Group Session: S, T, B, D



Group purpose

Greetings to new students

Healthy living

Energy transmission

Christ Michael

Energy transmission

Explanation of energy transmission

Communication techniques

Mission work of students

Note: Much of the session was inaudible because people were talking too far from the tape recorder for it to pick up all that was said.

S: Father, I ask to be connected to the Teaching Mission.

Olfana: Allow this connection to begin. We welcome you. The immensity of the experience of connection with the Father's plan is most understandable. We acknowledge your sincerity in this process. We respect your experience, your great hopes, (inaudible). Releasing your minds to this process allows us opportunities to encourage your growth and understanding. Please relax with this process. Your intentions must combine with your purposeful efforts in loving service to produce true fruits of the spirit for the Father's plan. We wish to answer questions now.

D: I have a question.

Olfana: Yes?

D: How can we open ourselves to increase our ability to be of more service to this communication, this type of communication?

Olfana: Remember the discussion in the lodge (?) about a spiritual seeker? True intentions involve worship and prayer. Practicing the stillness is a prerequisite to this process. We encourage your growing relationship with the Thought Adjuster as the most expedient means of guidance. Allow your knowledge of health and mental balance, mental equilibrium, to contribute to this process. Much of your efforts to understand these things are appropriate for your further growth. B, you sit patiently. Do you have questions?

B: (Inaudible).

Olfana: Please proceed.

B: (Inaudible) B asks a question about her music and her creative abilities.

Olfana: Your heart's desire to express yourself artistically is a gift from the Father. Musical interpretations of His song in your heart flow, burst, from you. Following this path with greater trust when a perfect (inaudible) of your creativity would help this process. Remember that Christ Michael is always a member of your audience. Does this help?

B: Yes, it does. (inaudible)

Tarkas: Further questions are welcomed.

D: Are we doing all that we are capable of doing at this time to carry on this message, this work, this service? If not, can you point the way where we could expand, and learn more?

Tarkas: When you say "we," are you addressing your own particular role in this process?

D: Yes.

B: S, I have almost the same question myself.

Tarkas: We acknowledge this. Let us address D first. Recognize how appealing your own state of health and mental capacity appears to those who see you. Is not this evidence of your sincere attempt to follow the Father's will already? You can serve us as a motivation to others. Healthy Livingimportance ofThat viewing one's body as God's temple is truly a noble use of your physical instrument. Perhaps there are more ways that you can find to express your own learnings and experience on this path. This is needed on your planet! Many people lack motivation to pursue the healthy habits that you have incorporated into your common life. Consider this as one powerful, important means by which you may express the Father's Plan. Would you wish further information on this? [Note: D. is a man in his 80's, who is very physically fit, and a vegetarian.]

D: I'm very grateful for this recognition and encouragement. I'd like to take a little more time at this point. If there is something that you could add that I could have the capacity to incorporate into my daily routine, my lifestyle, I'd be most grateful.

Olfana: Energy TransmissionYour ability to perceive the energy vibrations is another expression of God's gift coupled with your freewill choices. Taking this ability seriously can lead to many opportunities of service to the Father. Study materials that come to you. Increased capacity to experience this energy is available if you choose it. S is perceiving vibrations and colors at this time. Please take your hands and hold them up, facing hers. (Long pause) Now draw your hands gently...(inaudible) Do you perceive these vibrations?

D: Yes.

Olfana: This capacity is yours. Blessings from the Father come through your hands. Take this energy and use it as you feel guided. Always remember that this energy is God's doing. Our humble part is to serve as a conduit for God's love. Take your right hand and touch your heart. ( S and D are both crying.)

D: Yes.

Olfana: Be at peace with this. Much good can come from your efforts to share this with those who come to you for healing. Allow this blessing from Christ Michael.

Christ Michael: Christ Michaelblessing fromMy children, allow the Christ. Know this process is mine. Join with me to heal the world. My mark of protection gently binds you together. Go in peace as my servants. Blessings.

Olfana: Will you allow the Life Carriers to work with you now?

D: Yes, I desire it.

Olfana: Take your hands. Hold them as S does. Perceive this energy in your hands...(inaudible) your fingers. Is this your perception?

D: I perceive tingling sensations. Not powerful, but I perceive something.

Olfana: Remember the words of the Master. Perception of this energy will continue if you choose to be part of this.

D: I do.

Olfana: What you gently perceive currently can increase. (inaudible)

D: (inaudible) [D and S move their hands together and feel these vibrations.]

S: Okay. We can just see if anything else happens.

D: Well, I feel that I encroached on B's time.

B: Oh no, don't feel that way. What has happened to you is wonderful. Just when you--I don't know if I should say it now--

S: It's okay.

B: When you made that--crying? It's like in me, I did too. But what happened was, the thought that Christ Michael is always in my audience. (inaudible)

S: It's okay, you know, I think we're all just sort of learning and experimenting as we go on this. I just know that when I heard that, about his being in your audience, I felt almost like there's...I just felt like smiling! I mean, it's like he enjoys being in your audience, is the impression that I get.

B: It's important. Besides, sometimes I'm looking for something, and it's like He's there, and that's what I'm looking for.

D: Of course! We all reach to that light...

B: It's so comforting.

D: That creative force.

S: OK, I'm willing to just--I mean, I feel that I want to do this for a little longer, if that's okay with everybody?

D: Yes

S: T, Do you want to...

T: May I ask a question?

S: Okay, Let me just get back into it. (Pause)

Olfana: This connection continues. We will answer questions.

T: A little earlier when you were making connections with D with the Energy Transmissionenergy transmissions, At-one-mentI witnessed a small response between D and S in the exchange of energy upon placing your hands with each other on you own heart, and I didn't understand this exchange. I'd like to understand better. I have trouble understanding this exchange of energy to begin with, but that particular exchange of energy was, it obviously had some dramatic effect. I'd like to understand it better, and what the meaning of that exchange of energy was?

Olfana: Direct connections between two receptive beings is an universe experience for both of them. We gently manipulate this energy based on your ability to perceive it. Strongly-felt reactions are not appropriate. Accept the example of a moth to a flame to highlight this experience. Gentleness is always desired. This Energyruns in circuits in bodyenergy runs in circuits throughout your body. It is perceptible most especially in your hands, your feet, in the back of the spine. S's ability to channel this energy is strong. Emotional reactions of awe bring expected responses to your awareness of this experience. The immediateness of an energy shift can be quite startling. The principal of your hands held up has to do with circuit patterns with this energy. Does this explanation satisfy your questions?

T: It satisfies the explanation of how it works, but what's the purpose, the function of it?

Olfana: At-one-ment is a concept you have studied in the Course [in Miracles]. Do you see at-one-ment as an explanation for this connection?

T: Am I to understand that when you and D experienced this, that you experienced emotionally something similar to, or close to, the feeling of at-one-ment?

Olfana: Beatific ecstasy is indeed a form whereby (inaudible) Beatific ecstasy is, indeed, emotionally, the explanation of this perception of energy at-one-ment. Overwhelming emotional connection is appropriate as an experience of most people newly-exposed to this energy. S's experience with this energy personally is still new. To combine her experience with another's can indeed feel overwhelming. Recall your experience as a child with the Christian Science Healing. Does this allow you better understanding of the emotions possible with the perception of this energy?

T: I think it can help.

Olfana: Other questions are welcome.

D: When, or how, could we continue this expansion of the cooperation of all of our energies? Will we be shown, regardless of the distance we are physically apart, in our spheres of life, the people that we contact? Will these energies continue to complete the circuitry, and how can we appropriately encourage that?

Olfana: God, the Father, provides roles for each of his created beings. Freewill choice is the other component of this constant. Remember how previous dates...(inaudible)...over this weekend, we have demonstrated much to you that will grow, still grow, in this plan. Attendance at gatherings of like-minded individuals becomes a chance to provide you with opportunities. Your relationships already consist of many who understand this process. Increasing your willingness to speak openly regarding your interest in this subject will again create opportunities for more input to you. Translating your experiences into guidance for others is definitely appropriate. Written expression is important. Attendance at Teaching Mission groups such as this will also encourage your development. Rectify any strained relationships...Rectifying any strained relationships will also contribute to your growth. Do you have understanding of this?

D: Yes. There are so many, so many, strained relationships, I just want to be used for the rest of my life to help other people.

Olfana: Clarity of your purpose will come quickly. We welcome your sincere attempt to further God's will through this Mission. (pause) Connections to others in this Mission are encouraged, particularly those with Duane Faw, and Thern Blackburn of Woods Cross. He is very adept in the channeling of this energy, and serves willingly as a guide to others. If you chose to use it, we encourage you to connect with him by letter or phone. Advice given from Thern can be very helpful when learning how to heal effectively. (long pause) S is able to pass this energy into you also, B, if you choose.

B: I do choose.

Olfana: Would you sit on the floor? Raise your hands, palms up. Perception of this energy is...Stay close to your breathing. We increase these pulsations. Do you perceive this now?

B: (inaudible)

(The rest of the tape is inaudible)


Half Moon Bay, CA. 7/27/93T9307271 Group Session: S, T



Teachers are patient with us

Energy transmission

Prayers--important part of healing

Prayers can augment medicine

Montreal Conference

Energy transmission

Informing others of TM

Focus on desire to serve God

Affirmations from Olfana

S: I'm feeling something gentle in my hands.

Tarkas: Allow this connection to begin. We greet you with glad hearts. Patiently, we have waited for you to make the choice to participate in this session. God's plan is timeless. All things move in time and space toward his desires. Your efforts with the Mission are greatly appreciated. We know your heart, S. Let all worries drop away, and rest in God's peace. Energyis God's love;This energy you feel is again a .i.God's Loveis energymanifestation of God's love. Your hands will begin to tingle strongly. [S sneezes. "I can feel pulsations in my hands right now."] They are a means by which you can serve God, if you so desire. We respect your process of coming to accept this. We patiently allow you to grow in understanding of your ability to use this energy to heal. Surround your body with this power. A feeling of protective [inaudible] Place your hands on your Energycircuit positionheart. Resonating pulsations with your heartbeat are a form of alignment. Your breathing is a part of this alignment also. Let your hands open. Drop them to your side. Please say all directions that you hear. Rest your hand in T's. We are passing this energy through your left arm. There are pulsations in your palm. Relax your hand, T. Allow your breathing to be calm. Drawing energy through S to you, T, is a process that we hope you will become comfortable with. Do you perceive any vibrational pulsations, T?

T: Earlier. Right now I just feel a very slight tingly feeling..

Tarkas: Relax with this. Allow time with this process. S, move your hand above T's. Do you, T, perceive movement in these vibrations?

T: No.

Tarkas: Be at peace with this process. The fact of its ability to heal is uncompromised by your physical perception of it's power. In time, with practice, your perception will improve. That is all we wish to demonstrate. You may ask questions. if you desire.

S: I'd like to know who is speaking to me.

Tarkas: This is Tarkas. Olfana is present. Signa, once again, transmits for us. Do you have questions, T?

T: Yes.

Tarkas: Proceed with them.

T: I've been concerned lately with the health of my father. My father seems to be diagnosed by doctors who say he has cancer...

Tarkas: We know of his condition.

T: I want to know if there is anything S or I can do to assist him in overcoming this perceived condition.

Tarkas: Your father rests strongly in his faith in God's love. However, he trusts the doctors' abilities also. This is not a conflict for him. Your mother's anxiety for him is a source of worry for him also. Prayerpower ofWe know the power of prayer. Can you pray regularly for your father?

T: Yes. I have been praying for him but I will try to make more time to pray regularly for him.

Tarkas: Prayers for your mother are just as powerful. They need encouragement with their own prayers--your mother especially. This is not a small matter in their healing. For realize, your mother can benefit from this healing also. They are facing serious questions about their abilities. This process is an important one, and should be honored by you also.

T: Can you clarify what you mean about this process?

Tarkas: The process of accepting the health problems that face your father are causing reflection on greater issues for both of them. Recognize that all things move to the greater good. Your father's health cannot be foretold, primarily because free will operates in this process. He has choices to make. He has responsibilities in his own feelings. Your prayers can provide a powerful, positive, energy toward helping him choose rightly. Even such matters as the ability of the medicine to work on a physical level in his body can be augmented by the force of prayers. Loving support of your father includes encouraging him to talk about his feelings. He resists this, as you know. Open your heart and realize his vulnerabilities. This can be a great source of comfort to him. Do you wish further information?

T: I don't know if you know, but in a few days we will be traveling to Urantia BookMontreal ConferenceMontreal Montreal Conferenceto join many Urantia Book readers at a conference. We will probably meet with many new faces on this journey we're going to take. Is there any advice you have to give us about the time we spend at this conference?

Tarkas: Many angels will gather with you at this conference. Look for them in your interactions with fellow Urantians. This conference can be an important stimulus in your own spiritual growth, if you enter with an open mind. Realize doubt and confusion exist among many readers regarding the Teaching Mission. This is to be expected. You and S may serve, if you wish, as two spokespersons for the benefits and goodness that the Mission hopes to bring to UrantiaUrantia. This involves risking your privacy, peace of mind, and patience. However, remember, the angels will be there to help. We teachers are very aware of, and interested in, the outcome of the conference. Many new ideas can be exchanged. The potential for good is great. We take all opportunities offered to us to advance God's plan for the planet, this planet. S is experiencing a Energy Transmissionrotational effectrotational effect. This energy is balancing. Please be patient. [S: I feel like I'm spinning around in a top. I feel like I'm spinning, moving to the right. Or something with strong magnetic energy is spinning to the left.]

T: May I ask further questions?

Tarkas: Please wait for this experience to pass. (one minute passes) Now we can proceed.

T: Now may I ask further questions? Recently we, in our small group discussed whether or not we should tell others about S's transmitting ability, and [inaudible], and whether, in general, we should tell others. What is your advice at this time about revealing S's abilities to others, including B?

Tarkas: Support the concepts of the Teaching Missiongroup responsibilitiesTeaching Mission, support the Transmitter-Receiver process as valid. However, your group is still in a very tender stage. We advise you to be circumspect in any discussions you have with others. We do not wish to dictate your decisions regarding this issue, but, instead, ask you to look into your own hearts. Only speak of those things you feel are truth. Only speak of your experiential knowledge. Evaluate each particular case. If the person wishes to know the basis of your experience with the Mission, we do not preclude your speaking of your own experience, but ask you to make careful, thoughtful choices. Regarding B...he is growing in his ability to understand or accept the Mission, but we suggest that now is not the time to ask him to join the group. Give him continuing opportunities to read the transcripts, but let the choice be his. This process of communicating through S is tiring for her because of the hour and her lack of practice recently. We will conclude this session now, unless you have a pressing question.

T: Can you perhaps give a little assistance, could you be helping S understand what she's going through right now? She seems to be having difficulty facing many of her challenges, and she's been filled with much anxiety regarding these issues. Is there anything you can perhaps offer her, as comfort and advice, to help her to overcome these anxieties, and deal more effectively with these challenges?

Olfana: S, we ask you to keep your focus firmly on your desire to serve God. If you enter into any effort with this intention, your fears, or unsettled feelings, will drop away. TR Processencouragement to TRRemembering this is important. Perhaps a note placed on your desk, such as, "Father, help me to serve you in all that I do." may help you. Keep this mental focus. Remember the beautiful saying that comforted you before--"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." This is also a perfect statement of your abilities when they are aligned with God and Christ Michael. Realize your strength, S. Realize the gifts you are given. Rest easy in the knowledge that these gifts can serve the Father with great beauty. Never forget, you are a beloved child of God. We wish to end this session now. We are so cheered that you both have made the effort to communicate with us. We look forward to so much good that can come from your willingness, and the group's willingness to work with us. Know how much we love you. This is Olfana who speaks. Go with God in all you do. Our blessings are on you. Goodbye.


Half Moon Bay, CA. 8/3/93 T9308031 Solo Session



Message to TR--Montreal Conference

Accept this gift with great gentleness, my child. Urantia BookMontreal ConferenceNo fear Montreal Conferencecan enter into your communion with the Father. Take all opportunities to discover greater ways to use these powers of healing. Many changes can come of great comfort to others with this effort on your part.


Half Moon Bay, CA. 8/09/93T9308091 Group Session: S,T

12:00PM midnight



Allow this connection to begin. Open your eyes and see D as a struggling child of the Father. He allows all forms of defeat to conquer him. AlcoholismThis process of drinking when he succumbs to loneliness is deeply rooted in his childhood. Then he sought other diversions for the pain of loneliness, but escapism has become a repetitive choice he has made. [Pause] You tire. However, we will pursue this topic. D manipulates his relationships far more than any would conceive as healthy. Any relationships for D are clouded by tension because he tends to see himself disconnected from others. This is his ego's way of actively keeping him isolated. Allowing D further opportunities to use T's apartment is not suggested at this time. Many forces can operate to help a human mortal heal if willingness is manifested. This willingness on D's part is defeated and compromised by isolating tendencies of his ego. Remain loving in your manner towards him. This is important T, because D so readily sees rejection from others as his interpretation of their motives. [Batteries on tape recorder run out. The rest of the transmission lost.]


Half Moon Bay, CA. 8/12/93T9308121 Group Session: S, A



Early stage of TM--controversial


Olfana's history

Energy transmission

Olfana's mortal life

Urantia Conference--Montreal

Jesus's manner as a teacher

Comforting a parent who grieves

Receiving a teacher


Olfana: Allow this connection to begin. We are happy to speak with you this evening. There are many issues which we care to discuss. These issues incorporate your expressed concerns. Peacefulness among you is desirable, yet much controversy continues to persist surrounding our Mission. Loving patience is most encouraged. Remember, this is a germination process. You are not ready to arrive at strongly-held opinions concerning our work. Teaching Missiondiscussions aboutLet everyone feel comfortable voicing their feelings to you regarding this Mission. Hearing their feelings is helpful in their own resolution process. [S: It's like, "being an audience" is helpful] Many teachers await relationships with mortals, yet they wait patiently until resistance passes and trust flourishes among you. Regarding B's health, we allow you much free will in your pursuit of healing. B pursues a path that is comfortable to him. Opening the topic of Healingmiasmsmiasms may indeed be helpful to him. Let us capture his attention once he has read the papers you choose to send to him. All these processes work toward the good of the Father's plan. New information must come gently to each of you. You must show willingness to learn these new ideas. It is not our desire to force anything upon your consciousness. Remain open to discussions with B regarding his health. This is enough for now. Olfana is transmitting. Do you wish to question her now?

A: Olfana, can you tell S and me more about yourself? Maybe your past and what brought you to this Mission?

Olfana: I wished to serve the Father. [S: I feel like I'm trying really hard here.] Difficulty in receiving..[long pause] There are blocks to this message. Raising your hands...[S: I can feel the tingles ]...raising your hands helps. Please allow this process of energy transmission to proceed first. You are absorbing much energy.

S: This feels really powerful, A. It's like my hands are pulsating.

Olfana: Place your hands together. Touch your forehead. Now...release your hands slowly. Coming together in this fashion provides an opportunity for us to make adjustments in you, S. This is important. We chose to attend to this first. Now...we can proceed with questions. You asked for information regarding my history? Is this correct?

A: If you wish to tell us about your history--that brought you to this Mission--that brought you to this present time--we'd be happy to hear it.

Olfana: Olfanamortal experiences ofI lived a mortal life on a planet transformed by God's love. This experience of the transformation was the appeal I felt in volunteering to serve your planet in its transformation process. Many events that occurred during my lifetime I anticipate may also occur during yours. This opportunity to help with the healing of your planet has great appeal to me. I studied with the Life Carriers because their work is so beautiful to me. Many opportunities for healing will be part of your work with me. Let yourselves see this as a challenge and great adventure. Do you realize how important your efforts can be to produce these healing effects on your planet?

S: That was a question to you, A.

A: To me? I feel that healing is necessary, and I want all my efforts to be identical to those of Jesus--identical in purpose to the transformative and healing powers that Jesus manifests. I want to make sure that any healing work that I'm engaged in would be totally consistent with the essence of Jesus' teachings, knowing that healing is of the mind and spirit, and then manifests physically. Do you feel that your healing techniques or philosophy are identical to those of Jesus, Olfana?

Olfana: Healing Timetransformation of UrantiaTransformation is a most appropriate word for the healing process we pursue. One must move through patterns that have held oneself [long pause] repressed. Opening to new possibilities of perspective is the liberating effect of this healing. We can indeed see ourselves as reborn! Illusions of boundaries can drop away. Great freedom comes as a gift of this healing. So much of our disease is self-created misery because we fail to see the pathway out from our own self-defeating patterns. This was so much the case on my own planet: People locked in fears, sheltered in the dark, unaware of the light of truth as God's gift to them. Opening their hearts to the possibilities of change, that is, transformation of their beliefs and their actions, was the revolutionary change that occurred on my planet during my lifetime. Knowing the possibilities, the power, of this opening to the light is what draws me to work with all of you now. I am so moved and encouraged by the efforts I see on your parts to learn more of God's truth. We can share this wonderful adventure together! What a gift from the Father. Flower essences are a particular area of knowledge, or truth, that I possess. These will play a role in my work with you, but so much more potential exists in our cooperative efforts. Allow time for all of this to become clear. We perceive your growth. We are heartened by every effort you make to expand your own understanding of this work. Many pressures exist for both of you, but do not be fearful of the many ways you feel called upon to serve. There will be time enough to grow comfortable in this work, and also realize the personal goals you set for yourselves with your families and friends, and your own desires. Do you have further questions at this time?

A: At the [Montreal] Montreal Conferenceconference, we met many beautiful people from all across the United States and it seems that for myself personally, I feel a strong desire to connect with these people again, to communicate with them. And--I'm wondering if there's a reason for this, or, I guess do we just have to wait three more years? Can you say anything about our connections with the people we met at the Urantia conference?

Olfana: The relationships that you formed are, indeed, meaningful ones for many reasons. Some people were drawn to you because there is direct pertinence to your relationship with them and our work in this Mission. Others are people whom you may choose to connect with for more personal reasons. The opportunities that were opened for you by the conference are indeed cultivated for your own spiritual growth, primarily. Did you not feel much clarity in your reactions to many of the people you met? Always remember that Thought Adjusterprompts human relationshipsThought Adjuster promptings are an ever-present part of your human relationships. Your response to many of the people you felt close to were indeed generated by your Thought Adjuster's supervision. Clearly you connected in a strong fashion to L and F. Also your connection with C remains a positive one. Other relationships that drew you to more confidently express your beliefs were very instrumental in your own growth process. Speaking with conviction is becoming a gift [S:...or is a growing gift] we see developing in you. Your eloquence of expression draws people to you. They see your sincerity and find your personality charming and non-threatening. So often those who know the book as you do portray an arrogance which is indeed a...[doorbell]... Let us return to the subject we were discussing... Your demeanor is a very appealing aspect in your work of dissemination of Urantia Bookdissemination ofThe Urantia Book to your planet. Too often those who know the book forget Jesus' examples as a teacher. He never sought to impress those who listened to His words. He sought to comfort them, to love them, to satisfy their spiritual hunger. You remember the Christ Michaelis our modelMaster's model when you speak. This is so important. Your cheerful, sincere friendliness is not lost on people. Do not be disheartened by the negativity you sense at times from others. Continue your work as you see fit. These efforts on your part are greatly appreciated and serve as a helpful model. Your willingness to listen also helps in your human relationships. Oftentimes listening is forgotten as part of the teaching process. Yet we remind you of the Master's ability to listen patiently to those who sincerely sought the truth.

A: Family RelationshipsgrievingI have a question about a man we know and his wife...I feel, well I heard that she's continuing to grieve over the loss of her son a couple of years ago. She can't seem to let go of the whole.. to let go of him or to get over the loss she feels. I was thinking about sending them a book about Jesus called The Elder Brother. Should I do that or is there anything else we could do to help them? She lives far away...but I wish we could help them.

Olfana: A mother's loss is always so great. We cherish our children and wish always to protect them even when they have gone to the Father. Again, we commend you in your sincerity. Your efforts are for the good of these people and not to indoctrinate them. Such efforts are always helpful because you wish to encourage them. Encouragement... consider this term. Encouragement means to strengthen one's desires or to strengthen someone else in their desires. This mother needs encouragement in developing trust in God's protection of her child. This book will indeed engender such convictions in those who read it with acceptance. All you can do is, indeed, offer them this opportunity. But, certainly, such a gesture of friendship and encouragement is most appropriate. Speak of the book to them, regarding your own experiences with it. Allow them to feel you offer the book...[phone rings]...

A: It's just an offering.

Olfana: Indeed, we encourage you to present this book as helpful in engendering hopeful attitudes. This hopefulness is lacking for the grieving mother. We wish you success in your efforts with this family. Do you have further questions?

A: Shall I be waiting for a different teacher? A teacher to come to me? Because you said there are many waiting to serve?...waiting patiently?

Olfana: If you desire a Teacherspersonalpersonal teacher, certainly this can be arranged. Every mortal willing to prosper in this endeavor with us can indeed do so with guidance from the Teaching Corps. Your desire to have such guidance is the only requirement for such an assignment. We ask your active participation in the stillness practice and your trust that a teacher can be made available to you. Remember also that your Thought Adjuster and stillness practice Thought Adjuster guidance is also developed by a more regular practice of actively listening for guidance during these meditation sessions. Continue with your questions if you wish.

A: Olfana, could you tell us if you have any knowledge or experience with the idea of soulmates Soulmates? Some people believe that this is a reality--is a real concept and others are not sure, or maybe don't believe in it. Can you shed any light on this topic--the idea of soulmates?

Olfana: Once again I must remind you that your perception of these matters is so compromised by your limited understanding of your eternal path to the Father. Relationships--one to the other--all aspects of what the book teaches of brotherhood and love are so much more vast in their meaning that you may indeed perceive now. Are we not all truly soul-mates in our path of oneness with God? Therefore, certain designations of this are naive at best. You will indeed have deep relationships and there is a unifying element between you and certain other souls as you progress. But any attempt to truly comprehend these matters is limited greatly by your lack of true perceptions regarding concepts of love, and indeed, the brotherhood of all mankind. It is perhaps much more important in this life that you focus on your loving relationship with the Master. Christ Michael relationship with Christ Michael is so capable of providing you with the solace you seek. Focus your understanding on his love. This is the highest ideal for you now. All other relationships must flow from this model. Then they reflect true beauty, truth, and goodness. Does this satisfy your concern regarding this?

A: There still seems to be some feeling of lack on personal and emotional levels.

Olfana: This lack is experienced by you?

A: Yes.

Olfana: And thus you seek to fill this lack by perhaps attaining a human relationship? Is this your [concern...issue...request]?

A: Yes--some feeling of lack of...close personal, emotional, and maybe even spiritual companionship?...because sometimes Jesus seems not to be very close or a way that a human can feel, so sometimes it seems that only another human could satisfy this type of loneliness.

Olfana: Much learning is available for you on this topic. We recognize, indeed, the loneliness you experience, however, we encourage you still to seek a primary relationship with the you say, Jesus. No human will provide the comfort you seek. This is part of the healing you must do for yourself. Many times... [telephone rings]

[The rest of this session is private.]

END Part 2 -