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August 27, 2006


My beloved children, I am the one who covers you in divine love and peace. I am your Mother and I enfold you in the safety blanket of what you need to grow into strong and noble universal citizens. As the times of change on your world move your planetary culture into new patterns of life, you are being called to let go of the past more and more.

Woven into your bodies are threads that have linked you to the fabric of your planet’s evolutionary consciousness: the culture of life that you as humans have developed on your planet over the course of its history. Allow me into these threads so that I may kiss them, each and every one, with my life force and bring the enlivening energies of LOVE into them. Open yourselves fully to me and know that you are creating a new reality within your being that will give you access to move peace and joy– the state of being that you were destined to live in.

Yes, the body contains resistance to these new energies, and your thoughts sometimes deflect the life sparks because the old patterns are still ingrained. Yet when you open yourselves to me, I am able to inlay my liberating energies into you and build you in the spiritual energies that you need to free you ever more. You allow yourselves to be built in Spirit by imprinting upon me to make you more fully divine.

t is safe to feel the resistance within you. When you do experience this, simply call upon me and breathe deeply. Ask for my power to fill you with what you need and give me the time and space for the changes I desire to make within you to take good root in you and set the patterns in place for your future growth. Like the good seed that is being watered upon the rains of truth and the sun of love, so are the seeds I am planting within you taking root within a purified soil of your mind to grow you strong, augmenting your status as noble children of Spirit.

Hesitate no longer to allow this to unfold for yourselves, my children. More change is coming upon your world and this is your opportunity to allow the changes to build you into the peace and love that you so strongly desire. I am your Mother, and in me is life. This is your destiny as children of Spirit. Come to me. Live in me and be who you truly are!