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August 13, 2006

T/R. Donna D"Ingilo


My little ones, your Mother is here to guide you into the new life that is coming to your world. No more will lies and deception fester in the hearts and minds of your brothers and sisters. A great truth and peace comes to supplant the legacy of error and evil that has existed here for eons of time.

This is a time of great rejoicing for the entire universe as the forces, energies, and powers of Heaven converge upon this beautiful planet so long-suffering. You have all paid the price of patience and faith, and now you will see changes that make your heart soar!

Keep the faith! Open your hearts ever wider to your Father and me as we move through you with a might that this world has never seen. The time is here. Yes, there will be turmoil and struggle as the new energies of love and peace settle into the circuits of the planet’s energy system, but when they have been firmly rooted here, your minds will be feasting on a love so sweet that you will feel a satisfaction in your core that you have never experienced.

Beloved children, welcome these changes and know that all things work to the greater glory of the One in Paradise who created the family of which we are all an integral part. Welcome heaven upon you and know that our grace is enfolding you with each breath you take.





AUGUST 20, 2006


T/R Donna D’Ingillo

My love overshadows this world, my children. You are being bathed in light as each cells begins to ingest the presence of higher energies, unused heretofore on this world. Drink this in, breathe this in; savor the presence of love, my beloveds. You are being called into LOVE as the divine embrace enfolds your beautiful planet.

Yes, there are challenging times ahead that will test you and prepare you for higher expressions of service to your brothers and sisters in need. I encourage you to look at these times as the thrill of a mortal lifetime. You are being given many wonderful opportunities to test your mettle and see exactly what spirit-stuff you are made of. Will you allow this to reveal itself through your willingness to go boldly into the remaining fear and isolation that your brothers and sisters still linger in?

Know that you walk with me. I am with you always. I hold your hand, I know where the pitfalls are and I will keep you safe on the path. Trust me. Trust me. Trust me. You will need to remember this as your world changes around you and the times of tumult seem to engulf the world. This is transitory. It will pass.

I am the peace of the ages. I am the caretaker of all. This world shall be born anew and all things renewed in SPIRIT. I am Michael, and I am your Father. Live me in and your hearts shall rejoice in what is being birthed through the womb of your Mother as you come into the embrace of the universal family!