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JULY 9, 2006

Beloved child, your Mother of Spirit is here for you. I am Nebadonia and I call you into a greater reality than you have conceived. Your perceptions are largely influenced by what you have experienced throughout the course of your life. Beliefs you have amassed from experiences and those you have absorbed from others create a sum total of your life. You perceive reality from here, and you operate from what you know.

I ask you to turn all of these beliefs over to me, my child, and allow my Spirit to breathe new life, new meaning, and truth into them. Yes, you sometimes have difficulty in doing this, and yes, sometimes you feel the resistance deep within that makes you want to hold onto what you have learned. Yet, I say to you: LET GO, LET GO, LET GO. Give them to me and allow the natural process of spiritual energy flow through your consciousness and resort your mind. Is this easy to do? No. Is it simple to do? Yes.  You are so conditioned by these beliefs that it feels quite foreign and unnatural to allow Spirit to reshape you into something new and un-experienced. Your beliefs construct a very rigid structure in your mind that does not want to yield to the winds of change gently blowing around you as my breath of life moves through you. Yet, it is simple for I ask you to trust me and allow this rigid structure to bend and sway with my rhythms and to allow more light into the steel beams of your thinking so they can be illuminated with a spiritual substance stronger than what you have created for yourself. Trusting me by giving me your acquiescence to be remade totally in the image of Spirit begins to give you the flexibility you require for the process to unfold within my being.

You live in Spirit; you cannot escape this reality. Spirit is what lies at your core. Come to me in the smallest moments of the day so that my breath can commingle with yours and shed light into what you experience. Do this repeatedly time and again and the structure within will yield to the divine will that created you in LOVE. Now is the time for your remaking into something more wonderful and glorious than you can possibly conceive on your own. Will you allow your Mother’s breath to move you into beauty?