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  2. Worship is Alignment with Beauty & Teachers:

Nebadonia, Elyon

May 14, 2006

* Nebadonia (Mark TR): My dear ones, my dear little children, it is I, your mother. I choose to come and be among you on this day when you stop briefly and pause to reflect on the feminine aspects, the nurturing aspects, of your reality, even your own very existence. I am part of all that influences you in your journey to discover who you are as a child of mine. I provide for you all that is needed and as well many aspects which are there simply to comfort you and nourish you as you proceed.

You are so close to me; I am all around you. It is me who is present deep in you as you inhale my nourishment. It is me who is once again deep in you as you take in your physical sustenance. It is me who you traverse as you experience your journey. It is I who provide all that is needed. I am pleased when you offer moments of reflection and gratitude for that which I so devotedly provide for your journey. Your discovery of my presence, my aspect of your being, brings me great joy, and your attempts to be with me more fully are met with great gratitude and appreciation. Like any devoted parent, much of what is done goes on unrecognized, so it is a moment of great joy when my little ones stop and turn and gaze in my direction with gratitude and love as you do on this day. Thank you, my little ones, for gazing upon me, for attempting to approach me in this manner. I will receive all that you have to give and as always I will give you all that you require and then some. I have unending love for each of you. You all have a place in my affection, and I reaffirm my unending commitment to your process of discovery.

I welcome this process and the part of this process which brings you closer to me in any way that I may the more shower you with my affection. Take this love I have for you, and as well I receive the love you hold in your hearts for me. Let us grow this connection together as we make more and more approaches towards each other. Thank you, my dear ones. Know that you are loved beyond your wildest imaginations. Peace be upon you as well.

* Elyon (Jonathan): Elyon here. We spoke of truth and its transformation into wisdom. I wish to parallel that lesson with the deepening of the understanding of worship. It is in experience that you acquire wisdom, not so much through the trials and difficulties and your adjustments, but that you discern a reality, a cosmic truth, and adapt to it; thereby in the gaining of wisdom you face new encounters but this time fully prepared. Initially worship is the observance of a power, of a personality, with a beauty, an awesomeness that draws your attention, that charges your heart with affection.

This recognition of beauty when experienced is worship, and worship accumulates just as does wisdom. Every encounter with that purity and love, that harmony, deepens your ability to experience worship, eventually bringing you into identity with that which you worship. Wisdom is the alignment with truth; worship the alignment with beauty. It is your contact point to these great reality manifestations.

When a child runs into the arms of its parent affection, that drawing power of love, is being expressed. That parent reaches down and lifts that child close to him. There is bonding, a joining, and that is worship in a simple sense. The one worshiped always removes the barrier of separation between itself and the one who is worshiping. The recognition of the Almighty is an act of virtue only when the personality identifies with that source. Yes, though we may worship God for all of eternity, it is the will of the Father that you become wholly like Him, fully able to manifest divinity.

God does draw all to Himself, not to be merely gathered about but to be absorbed. This our Mother Spirit has expressed to you from her point of divine source. Make worship an experience of melting, of blending, a commingling that erases barriers. Thank you for your receptivity. I remain with you. I and many teachers are always welcoming of your questions or comments.