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North Yorkshire, UK, April 12, 2006.

Sal-hara, Elven Emissary.

Subject: "The Tree That Is You."

Received by Helen Whitworth.

Sal-hara: "Grow like the acorn into the mighty oak. You have each been planted here for a reason. You each have the germ within-side of yourselves to grow tall, to bridge to gap between matter and spirit, reaching your roots down far into the Earth and your leaves up high into the sky.

"Like a tree there are so many parts of you. There is the central core, solid and strong, transporting all the energies up and down, your life force, your soul. Then there are the parts of your creativity, each leaf the potential for new growth, for new creation from the joy within your heart, possible because of the transport system through your central trunk.

"And each leaf has its time to fall from the tree. You may attempt to hold onto these, to stick them there with glue, but in truth, when a leaf must drop it will drop, and you may pay attention to each, or sit there and mourn the loss of some, whilst others yet still hold on and shine their bright green.

"And even in the quiet times, when seemingly nothing springs forth from you, in the dead of winter, there is work. It is hidden work, but inside, the cells of possibility start to refresh as that which is no longer needed is washed away, and that which is yet to come starts to create within its potential.

"And under the mighty tree that is you, you can provide shelter for others; for humans, animals, for plants, all types of beings. You know that they are safe because they are sheltered by the umbrella of the Divine. And so too, you may sit under the branches of others, whether physical beings—human friends, partners and family, or whether those of your celestial brethren who will also willingly share themselves with you from love.

"It is no surprise that the Divine creates in all its manifest glory around you. And that you as humans may be understood more fully by comparing yourselves with other articles in nature. For truly All that Is does mirror All that Is, and all that You Are must have its counterpart within the physical world, for you are so much more than your body. You have so much potential untapped. You are but yet a small sapling.

"But with time, with persistence, with patience, then you too will grow to be that mighty tree.

"I bring you greetings once more from your Elven friends, who share with you so much delight in the nature of wildness, the dance of the soil, the streams, the mountains, the trees, and who glory in the Technicolor masterpiece that is your Earth.

"We dance with you, streaming our ribbons in spirals, as if fireworks through the night sky, and with us we bring the greatest gift of joy, that you may find peace within yourselves, and within the landscape of the Earth that you call home.

"Now open your heart to us that we may assist in some healing.

"I am Sal-hara, and I speak on behalf of my people."

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