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Urantia, May 10, 2006.

Teacher Naomi (An Ascended Being).

Subject: "Opening The Door To A New Era."

Received by Jennifer.

Naomi: "I am here to greet you today from a distant place. I once lived on a planet similar to yours. I have witnessed the problems that you are now experiencing, and I am now seeing these difficulties from both sides. There is yet much distance for you to travel on your sphere, and we are here to assist in any way we can. At this time there is little we can do from the outside, except to inspire those who can tilt the scales in a certain direction.

"We are most interested in communication; the sharing of information with all nations and peoples such that they will learn of the (Celestial) contact and the love that is being shared with Urantia. The revelations, to which you have all been exposed, have served their purpose in opening the door to a new era of spiritual enlightenment.

"Since there have been failures in the development of regular spiritual institutions, we aspire to encourage the growth of what would have normally come about at this time in your history. There is now a movement towards globalization in commerce and industry, government and language, education and the arts. The final push is for the religions of the world to recognize the universal values present in all, and formulate a common ground.

"This common ground is not based on dogmas, tenets, creeds or even belief structures. The fundamental commonality of all religion is the recognition that there is something beyond the material that cannot be seen, or physically held onto. Whether it is seen as a God or Gods is immaterial. The fact of the belief in the unseen is enough to make a foundation of spiritual similarity and brotherhood, and since the unseen cannot be proven, all else that develops from this basic belief is subject to scrutiny, and is essentially an individualized phenomenon.

"Once this is established, the next step is to eradicate the belief that the unseen is dangerous, judgmental or involved in retribution. We are currently attempting to establish the fact that the unseen Entities, Gods and God, are friendly and loving. This is an enormous task, since there are so many permutations of unloving spirits deeply embedded in the primitive psyche of your people. Our effort is to expose this negativity and purge it from consciousness. As you can see, communication and the spreading of the good news of love, and friendly contact, should help to alleviate this fear of evil, and the notion of angry Gods or Spirits.

"Therefore, do your part, my friend, whenever the opportunity expresses itself, and dispel myths, even at the risk of riling the unbelievers. It will be curative; and even if they continue to hold onto their beliefs, there is an exposure of them to the light of sanity, which in time will cause these fears of evil to fade. Continue to shine the light dear sister, for you have all the help you need to accomplish the tasks set before you, and there will plenty of opportunities for this work.

"God bless you, my friend, and call on me at any time. I am Naomi."

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