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My Promise To You.

A Thought Adjuster Speaks—289—May 9, 2004.

My beloved, we meet once more in the secret chamber of your heart, where I Am ready to impart some instructions on becoming perfect, as this desire is now more readily awakening in your heart.

The desire to become a more effective worker in the Kingdom of God is a severe training. It is a continual testing and learning the lessons you give yourself in the exercise of self-will through your own choices and decision making.

Each day, dedicate and re-dedicate yourself to seek the will of the Father in Heaven first, for the Father’s Will is the desire to do what is good to others. This shall surely lead you on the path to perfection. It is by exercising your faith-muscles, by building up your trust in Me, and by banishing all doubt about the eternal future, that you learn to walk hand in Hand with your God.

Learn to listen, cultivate the practice of Stillness. This cannot be said often enough. This practice needs to become second nature, one so natural, that you would miss it like you would miss a part of you if you did not practice this at least once daily.

For the Stillness in your heart is the secret chamber where all is well, where there is calm and peace, and where resides the greatest Love you cannot even begin to imagine at this point in time.

This Love is of God, and this is what I Am to you, as I Am that part of God which indwells you. Therefore, the more often you seek for Me, the more I can imbue you with My Love. And in time to come, you will be so saturated with My Love that it will automatically pour forth from you to all you meet in life’s travels.

You will then have no other thoughts but Mine, and you will only act according to My desires, as you meanwhile learn to do the Will of God. This, My beloved, is the sure road to perfection. And this is the road we are traveling together, you and I as One.

Continue to build your faith and trust in Me, and all this will surely come to pass in the eternal future. This is My promise to you.




Ponder These Words.

A Thought Adjuster Speaks—290—May 10, 2004.

Dear one, together let us muse about mind; the origin and the meaning of mind, and the significance of being of sound mind, so you can appreciate this great Gift which the Creator has bestowed upon you.

The mind in general has been patterned after the perfect minds of beings living on perfect worlds surrounding Paradise. These worlds total one billion, and in a formation of seven concentric rings they will throughout eternity "march" in an orderly fashion around Paradise.

This is the Central Universe of Perfection, after which the evolving seven super universes are being patterned. Your tiny insignificant but highly honored orb is evolving in the seventh segment of this master universe, which in turn will serve as the pattern for future aggregations that are as yet unformed in the outer space regions.

I tell you all this, as I need you to get a perspective of the enormity of the Love of the Universal Creator, Who fashions in His Thoughts and through the Words of the Eternal Son and the Acts of the Infinite Spirit.

The Trinity collaborated in the eternal past, together with well-nigh diverse and innumerable orders of High Spirit Beings, which are the Hosts of Heaven, who all have their own areas of expertise.

All mind is created and bestowed by the Infinite Spirit, the Eternal Son added the Pull of Spirit as a compass for evolutionary creatures to return to Paradise after a long and eventful learning experience to become perfect themselves, while the Infinite Creator is the Bestower of personality.

You have been given free will choice as to how you shall conduct your own life experience, and how to use your God-given mind. The mind is the most precious commodity, because it decides the development and growth of the soul and the speed thereof.

With right thinking, in honesty and sincerity, self-discipline and the choice of right and positive actions, one chooses the direction in which the mind shall grow. Therefore, become ever mindful of how, why, and what you think. This is needful for your own soul development.

Ponder these words.




All Is Well.

A Thought Adjuster Speaks—291—May 11, 2004.

Dear one, it is an exercise in faith and trust when you, under all circumstances, can say with a grateful heart, and without it being a vain repetition that ‘all is well.’ You say this until the peace of your mind has been restored, love reigns in your heart, and joy lives in your soul.

Anxiety, doubt and despair are like thieves, who come in the night and rob you of these feelings. Be in full conscious awareness, and especially in times of trouble do remember and say, ‘all is well, all is well.’

Continue to say this with all your might until the anxiety in your heart and mind calms down. This is the sure sign of you being connected with Me. It is your continual caretaking of the connection on your end that keeps it open.

Any doubt, any upset of your equilibrium will break that precious connection. Oh, oh! I perceive your thinking, ‘That is difficult! I am only human.’ However, that is exactly the point; I am endeavoring to make you superhuman, for this is the direction in which I desire you to go, and the direction I am guiding you in.

It is, of course, entirely up to you how much you desire peace of mind, love in your heart and joy in your soul, but why would you not desire those gifts that I am willing to give you?

Desire to possess these gifts with all your heart, soul and mind. They are yours for the taking, as long as you have unquestioned faith and trust in My ability to lead you. For you know by now that I would never leave you, even in the mire of your own making.

See everything as lessons to be learned, meanwhile learning to pay more attention to My Voice within you, so you can better follow My guidance, without the many pitfalls of your own making.

My beloved, remember that whatever you do, or whatever decisions you make, I will endeavor to make possible those experiences for your highest good and learning.

So say, ‘all is well.’




Grow And Expand Together.

A Thought Adjuster Speaks – 293 – May 13, 2004.

Dear one, remember to see God within all those you come into contact with, and each one you pray for. This is a practice I would have you accept as a second skin so to speak, so it becomes entirely natural for you to see all as a part of you and therefore part of the living God.

A new and greater understanding will dawn as you practice this, for knowledge is ever enlarging when the heart is involved.

Trust Me as I tell you these things, for you have barely embarked upon the eternal journey, and I endeavor to lay a solid foundation on which to expand and grow our soul self. This is a requirement, to be firmly rooted in faith and trust in Me, so you can have faith and trust in your siblings, who in time will recognize those qualities as their own.

You all grow and expand together as you work for the betterment and upliftment of the planet. This is also a requirement and a blessing for those who are actively engaged in this way, each in their own area of expertise to work and labor to the greater glory of God.

This is always the purpose, for each evolving creature to glorify God, as, in doing so, they glorify themselves on the road to perfection. It is in the practice of unconditional love and forgiveness that the fruits of the spirit are made manifest.

These are like little light beams on this dark planet, and all light is joyfully welcomed by heaven as a sign of life. The time has arrived when the Father of All desires a greater expression of His Light and He is therefore releasing more spiritual energy for this to occur.

It is a time of grand awakening to see the Creator in everything and all humans, who also have seed souls made in His image for the purpose of the grand ascension scheme. This allows all mortals, out of their own free will and choice, to return to Paradise upon completion of their perfection.

Therefore, see and remember Me in all.




As Sure As Day Follows Night.

A Thought Adjuster Speaks – 294 – May 14, 2004.

Dear one, in order for you to grow deeper into the things of the Kingdom of Heaven, it requires for you to place less importance on material things. This matter of gaining an understanding of things spiritual, when engaged wholeheartedly, leads to a greater harmony in the mental and emotional fields.

It is so very different from mere book knowledge when the heart is involved. In your mind you have knowledge, but in your heart you gain understanding by learning from what you experience.

This is the meaning of your Master Jesus’ words when He said: "Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you." This is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Strive firstly for the heavenly things like truth, beauty and goodness, so these become as characteristics of your personality. These automatically lead to practicing the fruits of the Spirit in loving service, striving for a pure and sincere heart, being unconditionally forgiving, being dutiful and loyal in small things, so you grow a capacity for larger matters.

This mortal life is ‘a foreshadowing’ of eternal life. And how you conduct yourself during this life is a great indicator of how fast you will advance in eternal life in overcoming your lower animal instincts and urges.

Truly, My beloved, this may seem difficult to you, but you have many things to overcome before you can learn of the deeper meanings and values. Be faithful and sincere in small matters, for the greater things will automatically follow as sure as day follows night.

Be ever responsive to My Voice.


Un-Numbered Series
Boise, Idaho, US of A, March 21, 2006.
Divine Self (Thought Adjuster).
Subject: "Dream Of A Time Of Peace."

Received by Mai Anawai.

Divine Self: "My Dear Children, I AM your Father. Please heed My words. There are those of you ‘out there’ who know that time is of the essence. You are changing as entities, and your Mother is changing as well. This is a good change, for it is a change to health.

"The whole world is changing, but mostly, you are changing. You are growing into the entities you were always meant to be -- the entities you use to be. I Am so proud of all of you.

"The energy of Terra Gaia is being raised, and so your growth edges will expand as well. I know you are feeling as if you are being pulled apart. The edges are ever expanding, and you are expanding with them. Please do not fear these changes for this is normal in this time of change. Your Mother is having to cleanse Herself from all of the damage, the pollution, the waste that is in Her and on Her, and in turn, you are now having to cleanse yourselves of the waste that is in you, that is on you. There is no way you can communicate with Me, nor can I communicate with you, if the lines of communication are thus blocked.

"Therefore, please heed My words and be mindful of the things you put in your bodies and the things you fill your minds with. I Am The Love. I Am The Light. I Am You. You are the very substance that I Am made of, for you are the Children of God, the Children of Light.

"You are here for a very divine purpose, and you are familiar with the things that you know for a reason. There are no mistakes in this life. I do not make any.

"Look around you. Look at the perfection in the sky, in the trees, with the birds and bees. Do you think that was luck? A coincidence? There is no such thing. And, it wasn’t luck when I created you, and all of My other children. This is the work of perfection, and in perfection, there is the Truth.

"Be the Truth. Be the Light. It is time to wake up. Be the Beacon.

"In your heart of hearts you know what you need to do, so what is stopping you? Fear, self-doubt? Turn those things aside, for they serve only to numb you; to numb your mind, your heart, your spirit into thinking there is still Time. There is no more time. There will only be time for regret if My children don’t stand up and act now!

"Now, rest, My child, and dream. Dream of a time of peace, where love and light fill the planet and your heart as well. Dream of a place where there is no war, no crime, no pain, and realize that that dream can and will be all of ours, if everyone would just wake up!

"Now, go and tell the world of this place of peace. Take them there in your heart and in your mind, for that place is yours to claim and the time to claim it is now!