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Oakland, California, US of A, January 22, 2006.
Divine Mother (Nebadonia).
Subject: "Together As One."
Received by Donna D’Ingillo.

Divine Mother: "My beloveds, your Mother of Light greets you. More and more are my children awakening to the call of my voice. The energy of the Mother’s heart is touching all who live on this world and are urging you into a relationship with me. Look to the new ways of conducting your earthly affairs to see my hand at work and play. Look to the men and women who are softening their hard edges to see my gentility and grace spreading over this world. Many more will awaken and hear my call. I am your Universe Mother, and I desire a deep and passionate relationship with you.

"Each time you treat one another with kindness, you humanize Me. Each time you forgive an injustice, you bring more of Me onto this world. Each time you think and act creatively that benefits the greater whole, you fulfill Me. Yes, you children are the ones who bring Me to life and spread my love over the globe. I act within you, and you activate me by your desire to know me and carry the ways of Spirit into your reality.

"Think of me more during your day and we will bring the ways of love, truth and goodness into the world. You are the carriers of my love, and I will help you complete your tasks with beauty and ease when you come to me during your day. Let the action of Spirit create the magic you seek in life, and you will be given enhanced skills and tools to master the craft of weaving the spell of goodness and light wherever you walk.

"I am your Mother and I bring all good things to you. Together we will create beauty and splendor on this world. Together we will build heaven on earth, and all the earth will rejoice and sing the praises of the Creator.

"Together we will be as ONE."


Oakland, California, US of A, February 4, 2006.
Divine Mother (Nebadonia).
Subject: "The Love I Share With You."
Received by Donna D’Ingillo.

Divine Mother: "My children, receive me in faith. This is your Mother, and I love you with a love that you have yet to taste fully. The faith you have to perceive me is the measure to which you will. Desiring foremost in your heart for a relationship with me will allow the flow of my love for you to pierce through the dark layers of resistance and fill you with a light so liberating that you will know indeed the reality of my existence.

"And what will you do with this light that floods your being? It is yours to do with it what you will. Will you ask it to fill you with forgiveness—that noble quality of compassionate understanding for yourself and others? Will you use it for healing—the purification of your body and mind that will permeate the numerous toxins within? Will you use it to feel a greater love for yourself and others, and will you share this by being more kind and generous? What will you do with the love I share with you?

"More and more you will come into a deeper knowing of Spirit and what it means for your life. There are great things within you waiting to be called forth in faith-that living trust in Me that triggers dynamic creative action in your life. Climb out of your natural resistance by asking for your faith to be strengthened. I will feed you with the stimulating energy to move from complacency into courage, from pointlessness to passion, from the mundane to the meaningful. You will find a new exciting self that yearns for self-fulfillment.

"What have you got to lose but your old ways that tend to bore and exhaust you? Come with me and see what the universe has in store for you. Ask for faith to fill your lungs, breathe deeply, and see where the winds of my breath take you!"