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Nebadonia—January 30, 2006

Marin TM Group—Mill Valley—U. S. A.


  1. (All Spirit Is Personal)
  2. (The Courage to Question Ones Concepts)
  3. (Deja-vu)
  4. (Archetypes and Individuality)
  5. (Solar System Dynamics and Earth Stability)
  6. (Does Heaven Already Exist Somehow on Earth?)
  7. (Staying out of Trouble, or Not)

Dear Mother Spirit and Michael, Mother, we greatly enjoyed Your last lesson on the spiritual nature of truth, for it reminded us that only spirit is all inclusive. You brought us closer to the greater truth: that truth itself, while it can never be our possession, can be our orientation and our goal. It can be our eternity-quest. And so it is at one and the same time the real, present bedrock of our life, and the eternal encompassing that we seek both within and without--the presence of God. Amen.

NEBADONIA: Good evening, My children, this is your Mother, Nebadonia, and I accept your greetings with a warm heart. If you will only let Me, I will return your love many-fold. Congratulations are in order too, for you are taking My lessons to heart and gleaning the truth within them.

(All spirit is personal)

This is so closely tied in with Our lessons on humility, and what a spiritual blessing it is to be able to perceive that the context of your lives is truly enormous. This is true not only in the physical dimensions of time and space--those millions of galaxies out there, some of them billions of light-years from your little blue sphere, but also in the unfathomable meaning of so many thousands of different kinds of spiritual beings who form a family of which you too are a member. This was Michael’s prime lesson last week, that all spirit is personal. It is a kind of radiance from a personal being, and the primal, original source is God himself.

His nature, which we call divinity or that which is divine, is most nearly expressed by the English word: sharing. This is why we exist, why the cosmos exists: God wishes to share His power, His creativity, His awareness, His joy with all of us. But keep in mind too, we are increasing by the endless trillions on literally billions of inhabited planets much like Urantia. Your scientific observations are correct, the universe is expanding space-wise. But you have to accept it from Us as a matter of faith that the number of inhabited planets throughout the seven inhabited Super Universes, these too are multiplying; just as there are more and more human beings everyday on Urantia.

This is God’s doing. He is the source of all these blossoming, personal beings. It’s interesting. If you pay very strict attention within yourselves, you can imagine and feel this expansion, but only momentarily, for it fits in with your expression: it blows your mind. It’s a real, happening expansion, but it cannot be captured by your mind, either.

Faith is that quality within human reality that lets you realize the fundamental reality--your unique personality--that you are. This is that God-creation that realizes, makes real, all the different facets of your being: your sense perceptions, your mind organization giving meaning to these physical facts, then your spirit too, of which you are all continually surprised, is part Me. I am actually part of your thinking, part of your knowing, part of your mind. Yet it is your personality which makes everything real to yourself. So with your intrinsic powers of spirit you can realize, through faith, that which you cannot know by any other means. This, if you will, is the function of faith.

(The courage to question ones concepts)

Your personality--you, originating from God, can have a quality of recognition so that when your faith informs you of something, this quality of recognition lets you realize it. But this is not absolutely infallible, My children. Here is where it takes the courage of the character you have built up from experience, to question everything that your mind can grasp as a concept and articulate to you. This is why your faith is ever out in front of you like a pathfinder, always reaching for more that what you have already fully comprehended. Your faith is always struggling to find truth, to find spirit, to find God. And here most of you have experienced sometimes, if only momentarily, the ineffable, ungraspable, inexpressible pure substance of the Divine.

But the function of your mind is to try to express this to you, partly so you can have it as a memory, partly so you can share it. Yet insofar as ultimate truth is the very encompassing of your life, all that you do posses in concepts and meaning is open to your courageous questioning. This is how you remind yourself, My children. This is how you stay humble to the fact that the truth itself is ever beyond any expression of it.

No pun intended, but this is truth’s wondrous quality, the quality that invokes wonder by its presence. It calls to you and leads you to God’s ever greater encompassing--Himself. All the while--you are correct, it is your very bedrock. It is the most solid ground on which you base your eternal life. In your stillness, you embrace its living qualities. There is a knack to this. It takes a bit of doing. If you can just watch your own breath, you can learn how to observe something that you can control, but choose not to. You can be a little more still and feel your heart beating without deliberately feeling for your pulse. Ever more still you can feel the extremely subtle background of your higher consciousness. And yet beyond this is the soft, tingling, higher floating-down of Our presence and love.

Then you notice it’s very large in here. There are really no limits to dimensions in here. There is no final demarcation between in here and out there. This is how spirit permeates all. This is where you and your Father Fragment, the Mystery Monitor whereby God experiences you, this is where you are both already one. This is where He has already been part of everything you can recall. It’s just nice to be consciousness of it.

You can invite Michael and I into your lives. You can send a heartfelt Thank You to your Father Presence, and your Guardian Angel, every so often. Are you beginning to feel like a little crowd walking along? This is also part of the truth, and why wait for your Morontia life to be aware of it? Your soul is already halfway there, so in your stillness you can have some foretaste of what is to come. For this too, if you will, is part of The Plan.

You were created with this potential, My children. Enjoy it now and let it lead you to greater health, to greater strength and power, to greater openness to enjoy your dear fellow friends while you are all still alive in this first phase of your existence. This is the wonder of it all, calling you to join the dance.

If you have any questions or comments this evening, we can do little do-se-do.

Student: Mother Nebadonia, I have what might be called a general information question. I’ve been experiencing what we call deja-vu, ever since I can remember it, mainly from high school on. I’m just wondering
what it is and why do I experience it?


NEBADONIA: Yes, C, the term generally means momentarily experiencing a kind of double consciousness. Part of you knows very securely that the situation you are in is happening for the first time, however similar it may be to even dozens and dozens of other times; still you know this has never
happened before. At the same time you are getting some inklings or some other consciousness--for however long, sometimes only a few seconds--feeling that this exact situation did happen before, and you are repeating it.

I hope I’m not disappointing any notions of profound psychic intuition here, but this is generally only a psychological phenomena where your mind is momentarily distracted and functioning on two relatively autonomous channels at the same time. For most people the consciousness that this is happening brings it to an abrupt stop. This is very similar to peripheral hallucinations or visual distortions that vanish as soon as your consciousness turns toward them to get a hold on them, and finds they simply disappear.

You may find it interesting to note that there is an exact opposite to deja-vu and, as you say, the French have a word for it too. It’s called jamais-vu or "never-seen." This is where you are not in a new situation, but in a very familiar one, perhaps going down the sidewalk to the corner store to buy something as you have done hundreds of times in the past. All of a sudden everything seems startlingly new as if you have never done this before. Unfortunately, as delightful as this sensation can be, it too is usually very short as your mind automatically tries to grasp hold of it, to realize it. You find yourself wishing they would happen longer, for the charm of these moments; but then they are all too fleeting. Does this match your experience, My son?

Student: Yes, Mother it does, very much so. I guess I’m going to have to give up my profound spiritual ideas about these times being…real.

NEBADONIA: I’m afraid so. (group laughter) They are very charming, as if you were momentarily in some science-fiction time-traveling, or in what you might call a closed temporal loop where everything is repeating itself. But I’m afraid these only happen in the movies.

At the same time I will tease you with the very real truth that time is infinitely more complex than what you have yet experienced. But this too awaits a later time and an altogether profound re-birth on what you call The Other Side. Do you have any more questions?

Student: No, Mother, I don’t. Thank You for the answer clearing that up. I look forward to that profound experience on The Other Side. Thank You.

NEBADONIA: You are most welcome, My son. You will not be disappointed.
Meanwhile, be in My love.

Student: Mother Nebadonia, I have a question for You to answer, if You would please. I’ve noticed for the few years that I began the discovery, of knowing that I’m going through a recycling or re-birthing of some things that happened to me twenty years ago. One of these started last year in the form of an archetype of a person that--I really don’t understand or know why I’ve encountered, or experienced, or have met this person. He has some traits that are like my former husband, and it’s just been a big puzzle. I don’t know what to do with the information other than, just have…found contact--that has gone on with it--a compliment, so extreme in some places; and yet no true connectivity results. What is happening?

(Archetypes and individuality)

NEBADONIA: Yes, My daughter, it seems this is another case of experiencing two facets of a single reality simultaneously and not knowing where exactly the balance is. The word archetype generally refers, as the name implies, to something typical, a type-aspect of a human being that many individuals share. You have your classical archetypes of mother, father, son, and daughter, sister and brother.

If I understand you, you’ve encountered someone who shares many profound traits with your previous husband. Perhaps the puzzling comes about when you do recognize that, however many similar traits these two persons share, they are separate individuals; and archetypes, My daughter, can be very abstract. In this they’re somewhat like a stereotype. And so I sense your dilemma is how to discover which is what. What is the true personality of this new person you’ve recently found? For to do so, you will have to penetrate your own projections, your own ways of wanting to see in him certain traits you may fear have been lost to you, in your former husband.

We’ve given quite a few lessons on the reality of projection. The fact is, as you go about your day to day life, you yourself are a part of everything you encounter outside of yourself, in terms of meanings and values. These actually affect--and are part of--your perceptions. Since this is the general human condition, it helps to be aware of it. To be open to seeing each person as an individual requires penetrating your own projections, and appreciating the uniqueness of their God-given personality.

This may call for a certain kind of sacrifice. You have to give up the notion that you can somehow repeat, or make up for past experiences. This is a very sweet, romantic notion, but it is an illusion. The past is inherently irrecoverable. I do appreciate your desire, My daughter, to find the truth, to see beyond or through the archetype to the unique individual himself. Does this help you understand the situation? Does it seem to apply?

Student: Yes, it does. Thank You.

NEBADONIA: As Michael commended last week, it does take courage to pursue the truth in these situations, because there is a choice to be made when confronted with a sweet illusion, and what you call the cold hard truth; or what you call at other times the nitty-gritty, when the warm, living flow of life seems to have a few cinders embedded in it. But the reward, My daughter, is this bright, shining, unique personality, if you can only perceive him. Do you have any other questions along this line, or others?

Student: What is to be learned from the experience, or have I already learned what I needed to…actively want?

NEBADONIA: There is much to be learned, not in the least part, how your mind works. Chalk this one up to self knowledge, for by way of this self knowledge you should be able to get a more comprehensive truth on both these other personalities, your former husband and your new acquaintance. You can see what they have in common and, hopefully, how they are unique. If you are open to it, this is all for the good. I think you still have some more to learn; so don’t close the books yet, but keep your wonder strong.

Student: OK, thank You.

NEBADONIA: You are very welcome; be in My love.

Student: Well, I have a question for you, Nebadonia, tonight, that’s kind of a science question--since You mentioned science and consciousness, I guess as You call it. You alluded to the big universe out there and the planets, the Super Universes. This is a question about the solar system and our planet Urantia, and I wonder if this is something You can answer. Perhaps it’s something not for mortals to know about.

It’s good to think, to look at the issues that are happening with the changes, the earth changes on our planet, because it would appear that things like hurricane Katrina are being caused by global warming, and some of that’s man made. But I’ve seen in some transmissions, some other notions about where the heating is coming from. I also have noted that there is a phenomenon of global warming on the planet Mars, and it would appear that perhaps the sun is changing and heating up both the earth and other planets now; and that even, in fact, that could be one of the reasons why we had Katrina and all the other events of strange weather that we are experiencing. I wonder if You can say anything about that, whether the solar system is the cause, the primary cause, and not man made global warming.

And secondly, whatever may be the cause of the weather instability, can human consciousness and prayer affect the changes in the weather and the earth? Directly or indirectly? So it’s a two part question: whatever You can say about the causes of this bizarre weather, and other changes on the earth; and also, can human consciousness affect that, and alter the course of that?

(Solar system dynamics and earth stability)

NEBADONIA: Yes, My son, as to the causes of some of your recent upheavals, I would say they are still very much within the parameters of what the earth itself and its ecosystems--irrespective of human kind--are capable of manifesting. Some of the longer or more broad cycles, as you know, have led to, on one extreme, extensive ice ages, and on the other extreme, extensive de-forestation and desert-like conditions. (Yes) Yet within these great cycles which are totally natural, human influenced global warming is a fact, a very minor one by comparison, but still there. You cannot dump trillions of calories of heat into the atmosphere and not have some effect.

It’s hard to quantify these exactly because seasons such as you’ve just gone through with so many hurricanes are well within the normal range of natural fluctuations. The more you understand your weather and are able to interpret history, you realize there have been what you might call natural mini-ice-ages, (Yes) several centuries apart; whereas in other parts of the world the major human effect has been one of de-forestation--in South American rain forests and previously in Africa, where the forests have been cleared for human cultivation. In parts of India and China there has been enormous de-forestation just for firewood. (Right)

Meanwhile the oceans are relatively intact, perhaps not along the shorelines, where you go swimming, but in their enormous depths, and it is the fluctuations of the various ocean currents, you are beginning to understand, which give rise to your cycles of seasonal changes. (Yes) These are yet far beyond the ability of human consciousness to effect directly. The way your Urantia book puts it, the direct manipulation of physical realities by the personality is a Creator prerogative. (Yes) This is not to say that at some future date, or on those more greatly advanced inhabited worlds, this is an impossibility. (Yes)

But the control of the weather on Urantia is still, for quite a few millennia to come, a matter of physical control and not susceptible to direct spiritual responses. (Yes) This is another one of those humbling facts, and you can do your best by looking for physical causes--your own human uses of energy that impact upon global warming. Does this begin to answer your question, My son?

Student: It sure does. Most of the pieces have been addressed. I’ll just kind-of restate one part again. You know, from time to time, we see these
predictions of the earth changes, and the current one that’s come across to some of us is an indication that there’s a change in the solar system--that it’s solar system wide. It is caused by perturbations brought about by the tenth planet crossing closer to the solar system, which is one of the key features causing changes on the earth through, if I understand right, the heating up of the sun and perturbations in the sun’s energy. This is causing not only weather change here, but actual earth motion of the tectonic plates. Here again I understand that there may be things that should not be revealed. But if there is anything You can say on that, it would be helpful for me to, You know, to work through this current issue.

NEBADONIA: I believe what will help your understanding of these purely physical phenomena is the appreciation of the masses and distances involved. (Yes) The planets have very little effect on the sun. (Yes) A single solar flare, even a minor one, could easily engulf all the planets, swallow them without a trace. Even the so-called effects of planetary alignment are mostly astrological, and not truly astronomical. (Wow)

The mass and the nearness of the moon does effect your tides and the sub-tectonic plate circulation of magma, but still the tectonic plates float on this sea of molten rock and are relatively undisturbed by the moon. (Yes) They have their own internal forces, which, as you know, tend to split the larger masses of a continent. This is what you have to keep in mind, My son--the distances involved and the relative masses. This has been a long study of mankind, how to separate astrology and astronomy.

The planets have very little effect on the sun. (Yes) Keep in mind too, the sun has its own internal cycles it goes through, and it has been getting more and more stable as the millions of years pass. Does this answer your question?

Student: You’ve gone very far afield with me and I appreciate it so much, and the T/R as well in this little inquiry, so I’ll let that rest for now. It was very helpful. That’s fine. Thank You very kindly.

NEBADONIA: You are most welcome, My son. It is always interesting to contemplate these purely physical wonders of God’s creativity.

Student: Isn’t it so. I think it’s part of our spiritual growth as well.

NEBADONIA: It is awfully big out here. (laughter) So know you are in My love.

Student: Yes, Mother, there’s hundreds of things going through my mind right now, in what I heard tonight. But one thing you just said to B about human consciousness not affecting what’s going on, on this planet: are we not creating an imbalance because we lack consciousness--that we have more of these phenomena, earthquakes and tsunamis and hurricanes, because we are lacking consciousness, that we give our power away without understanding, away to greed and the desire to have power over nature? If mankind is able to raise the consciousness to that of what was intended, wouldn’t this kind-of be a whole different form in the placement of living?

(Solar system dynamics and earth stability)

NEBADONIA: My son, keep in mind that mankind mainly effects mankind, not the planet. The major effect of mankind’s gradual enlightenment and cultural maturity has a direct effect upon other people. A reduction in warfare and crime has the most profound effect on the net happiness of the human race. But these are still largely economic issues, and so a more equitable distribution of wealth and the access to energy, a greater conservation and wise utilization in the preservation of natural resources; these would enormously benefit all mankind, but have little effect on the physical planet itself in terms of earthquakes and huge weather phenomena. This is what I meant in answer to B’s question, that mankind is slowly creating a small effect in global warming, it is true. It does exist. But it’s still very small, and so mankind’s enlightenment would most immediately and profoundly effect other people, but have only a minor effect on the planet itself. Does this help you separate these two realms?

Student: Yes it does, because when You first started answering that we don’t have an effect upon the planet, You said how we are affecting the Amazon and the rainforests, and the de-forestation and all that, how it affects us. But also I remember hearing many years ago, some spiritual teacher saying that if human beings left things as they were, didn’t pollute, didn’t cut down more trees, didn’t do all this other stuff that we are doing, that this planet could be healed in seven years. Is this true?

NEBADONIA: In all these questions what is needed most is a sense of proportion. Yes, mankind does effect the planet, but you must keep in mind too, that the energy generated by a very small plate shift, such as created the enormous tsunami last year--the energy released is almost incalculable by human standards. In other words, there is no way mankind effects plate tectonics.

When you talk about healing the planet meaning healing the human relationship with the planet, for other humans: yes. If you could push a button and have everybody be enormously enlightened tomorrow, certainly within a decade the amount of human suffering through simple starvation, malnutrition, exposure, let alone the episodes of genocide that still break out and take the lives of hundreds of thousands--this is still the world you are living on, My son--this is what would be most immediately benefitted by a greater overall enlightenment: simple compassion for your fellows.

So this is the work before us, is it not? This is the work before all of us, Michael and I included. It was for this He lived His life with you; and also for all the other worlds of our Local Universe. His human life was not only an expression of God for all the humans and personal beings living—all Our children, it was also an expression to God, and us, of what was possible in a human life: both. There is real work to be done in the universe, and it would be a true hell if there were not. This is almost the meaning of meaning itself.

Student: May I say one thing, Mother?


Student: I just remembered, because I have it on my wall, something James understood about Jesus. James was thrilled to understand that He just wanted us to live on this planet as if it were Heaven. I think that’s the most profound thing one can take in, that heaven already exists here beyond this veil of sorrow and grief and oppression.

(Does heaven already exist somehow on earth?)

NEBADONIA: Well, not for nothing are these planets called the nurseries of time and space, the origin of potentially eternal beings. If I’m not mistaken this is what I invited you to realize this evening--the next phase of your lives, which I promise you will find far exceeds your most heavenly
notions. This exists, in part, right within your very own souls, created by the presence of God within you.

Truly, from Our point of view, with the full view of your souls, My son, We see the enormity and can appreciate the vastness of what you are, that you can only get little glimmerings of. But Heaven is not here yet. The soul wealth is here. We’ve also given these perhaps strange-seeming lessons on how, while you are yet only beginning to start, and taking the very first step on the road to perfection, you are nevertheless, moment by moment, complete--whether you can realize it or not. You may just have to take My word for it. (long pause)

But you may always make a comment or ask questions, My son. As you notice, that’s partly why I kind-of sign off these exchanges and say, Be in My love, to signal My answer is through. (long pause) So! Do you have any more comments or questions? (laughter)

Student: This would be on what I wanted to talk about tonight, or ask about. I guess this one thing that I was thinking about was my own self respect, and how I come to understand, in my relationship with others--certain intimate relationships, how sometimes I get challenged and I accommodate the other persons values, overriding my own to my own detriment. Then I go through, in a sense, a crisis within myself, that I’m not being true to myself, and so I desire to stop doing that. I desire to honor who I am and not lose myself anymore. That’s the lesson I learned this week.

(Staying out of trouble, or not)

NEBADONIA: Good! (group laughter) You have a very good grasp of the situation, after it’s happened. Now the trick is to see it coming.

Student: You and Michael always say to trust my wisdom, and sometimes I don’t realize how wise I might be, because it’s never been honored.

NEBADONIA: But what you are asking, My son, is: you’ve already found out how to cope with these things after they happen; it’s how to see them coming. (Yeah) That’s another whole ball game, as you say. That takes a greater sensitivity. It’s like our old bug-a-boo of Monday Morning Quarter Backing again. (laughter)

Some things you do have to try in order to know. Then there are some things you would sincerely hope you would not have to try, and run head on into, in order to know they are there. This calls for greater sensitivity, and being
open to your own wisdom. It may mean curtailing or seeing through some momentary promise, to realize it will not seem worthwhile afterwards.

You know this in a physical sense. Your experience working has put you at physical risk from time to time in certain situations, and you know how fast certain dangers can pop up. So you have to see these dangerous situations coming before they happen. Similarly, try to understand what it was that enticed you into these--what you call--mistakes. What was the promise that later fell flat? Does this make sense?

Student: I’ve asked that question myself. I have asked honestly, what is the pattern? What is going on within me as I’m going through this, or prior to that? Is it an over-generous heart? Is it being over-idealistic and optimistic without the realism and the full spectrum of everyone? That is what is going on, and I thank You.

NEBADONIA: Well, persevere. Like so many other things, it’s your sense of proportion because so often the answer is: all of the above--to some degree. And some of the things that get you into trouble are, strangely enough, at times, well worthwhile, such as being overly generous, or entertaining another’s propositions with all your heart. I’ll even say some trouble is well worth getting into. That’s why it’s called an adventure. The more you think about it, one definition of adventure might be: that which you cannot know beforehand. And so you recognize once again how you are standing on the edge of the unknown, and calling it home.

Student: And also leaving the baggage behind, that I do not want anymore. And take the next step.

NEBADONIA: Let’s say amen to that! (Group: amen!) And Be in My love.

Well, My children, we’ve thrown a big loop around it tonight. (laughter) And so we let the circle close in upon itself. Yet I’m always here right in the middle. I know it must seem strange to you, that so much of what you’ve always felt was only your own mind, is more than you. Yet it’s always been this way. We’re only inviting you to add a quotient of appreciation. So off you go to bed, sleep well. Have a nice journey home, C. (Thank You, Mother) Thanks to you for the love; I can feel it radiating to Me. Please let Me return it. Good evening.

Group: Good evening; Thank You, Mother.