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Oakland, California, US of A, December 25, 2005.

Divine Mother (Nebadonia).

Subject: "We Will Share The Joy Of Your Awakening."

Received by Donna D’Ingillo.

Divine Mother: "My child, this is your Mother who holds you in love. Prepare yourselves for change! My ways are coming more and more into the forefront of the world's consciousness. The presence of my motherliness is weaving itself around the planet and holding the world in love.

"Many people have seen the light of truth and are coming into the fullness of their hearts, and it is my desire that each child awaken to the goodness and beauty that is carefully safeguarded within each soul. You grow this soul awareness by coming more fully in the presence of Spirit that beats resoundingly within your heart.

"Know only that you can change for the better, my child! The seeds of change are being brought into your body through a spiritual circuit crafting itself around you, encasing you in threads of love-light. Invite them to en-circuit you through and through. Be not afraid to ask for more to come into your mind and body, for this is me who builds a new reality within you.

"As your Mother, I can fill every part of you that craves the light. I can reshape the patterns in your mind and body that have been sitting in darkness for many years. I can gently graft the new forms of Spirit onto the spaces in your body where fear and isolation have been resident. And all of the endowments of light I build into you will change you forever.

"Seek this more and more in the coming days and we will share the joy of your awakening in a glorious celebration. The angels will rejoice with me as another child comes fully into the God-self that is your heritage.

"Yes, change is all around you, my beloved. Walk boldly into my arms and present yourself to me for an up-stepping into a new reality that we will build together. The joys of your life are still to come. Know that the transition from chaos to glory is part of the adventure; you will soon see more meaning in the transformation of your old self into the new life.

"Trust me as your Mother to help you access the faith you need to go fully into the changes awaiting you, and surely you will rejoice at the new you being born."

11:11 Progress Group.