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Oakland, California, US of A, January 8, 2006.
Divine Mother (Nebadonia).
Subject: "I Am Your Life Force."

Received by Donna D’Ingillo.

Divine Mother: "Listen to your heart, My children. This is your Universal Mother, and I long to communicate to you. My voice is beating inside of you, and I call you into the center of your heart to hear Me. There is an echo of need that rings deep inside of you. I answer the call moment to moment, yet your awareness of Me is what fills you with the nourishment you need to sustain and fulfill you.

"Listen to your heart. Sit quietly in your heartbeat and wait for My touch. Take the time you need each day to receive Me fully, and you will gain more satisfaction from your daily living routine. Listen for Me as I stir in your heart; and you will find a presence of peace and hope and My mother’s comfort to ease your soul.

"This time you take to be with Me will give you boundless energy and vitality. I am your life force—this force, the essence of life flows from Me into you, and you will gain that which you require for your life to blossom. This is always yours to enjoy and Mine to delight in giving. Take in more of Me through your heart each day, and grow into the beautiful being whose life is rich and purposeful. This is your heritage and this is your destiny!"

11:11 Progress Group.