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Riberao Preto, São Paulo, Brazil

Session of 26 July 2005

Message XXX – The Exercise of Faith

Teacher: Raziel

T/R: Marcelo Crósio

As it has been said before, time here is minimal in relation to the cosmic time that rules you. You, this ego present here today, are a part of a much greater whole that you call the soul. All lives are chapters of a single book: your souls.

The commitments, the proposals made long ago are becoming growingly visible and palpable. Nothing is mandatory for you, but decisions are here to be adopted by yourselves only. Think and ponder about your proposals; be sincere and objective with your lives.

Faith is the great exercise in this moment, remember that. Have the courage to decide and to stand by your decisions, whatever they are. Faith in God and in the work of the Supreme Source of all love is essential in this moment and in the moments to come in the future. Be in the peace of light and faith.


Translated from Portuguese by Frederico Galvão in Brasília, 6 December 2005

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