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Nebadonia - Preparation For World Changes - Nov 17, 2005 - CCC




TR: Donna D’Ingillo


  1. Preparation for the World’s Changes
  2. Arrival of Magisterial Son
  3. Forgiveness

Date: November 17, 2005


(Note: The beginning of the transmission was not recorded.)

Prepare the way! Prepare the way for my children to come to know me. Prepare the way. Their hearts are so heavy with pain and suffering. It is not the way of my Spirit. Is it not the way! It is not the way. Show them the ease and lightness of being with us. Help them understand that we are here to lighten their burden, to give them joy, to give them peace, to give them humor and a sense of playfulness. For truly the universe is built in joy, is built in light. There is nothing to be ashamed of or fearful of as you grow in comprehension of this.

But the human heart bears a terrible burden, and it is a burden that most people are indeed afraid of and shy heavily away from, and they repress their pain. Accept it. Accept it. Learn to appreciate the fact that this world is a world of experimentation, and the experimentation has not been done with a sense of vindictiveness, but as a sense of coming into a fuller expansion of the Father’s personality who lives within you to the glory, to the glory, to the glory of all that is and all that ever will be. This world is a shrine to the temple of the potential of the gloriousness of the Father in Paradise. The human heart has weighed a heavy burden upon itself, and this has not bee! n done with a sense of irony or with a sense of rashness. Carefully, carefully have the scenes been played out so that each person will come into a greater appreciation and knowledge of the events of the rebellion and what has transpired on Urantia. The children here will be able to make sense of this. You are the harbingers of light and truth, and now you must be ever more bold in your proclamations of goodness and the truth that are a legacy of this planet.

There is a great repudiation of evil that must come now. And in this repudiation must come a sense of acceptance—accepting that the transgression of the divine will creates havoc and chaos in the minds of recipients of the distortion of the Father’s laws. This is somewhat of a difficult mental posture for you to hold. And it is not to say that you are indeed condoning evil. But accepting the fact that this world has been fraught with rebellion underscores a beauty and depth of the divine plan. And now you are being asked to forgive—forgive and accept, forgive and accept—what has happened here as part of the necessary growth of the Supreme Being in the universe and in the grand sc! heme of the Father’s plan.

So my message tonight for you, my children, is to love what has happened here—to love the chaos, to love the changes, to give the evil its due by standing in front of it and shining the face of eternal and infinite love upon it. For that is the only way in which to render it powerless. That is the only way in which to redeem it, and for it to begin to change and to vibrate at the higher levels of light and love and mercy and understanding. So I commend into each of you this evening more of the spirit of forgiveness—the spirit that your elder brother, the Magisterial Son brings into your mind and into your body. I ask for you to open yourselves up so this endowment of forgiveness—this eternal wellspring of divine understanding and mercy can commingle with your human energy systems and bring new peace, new hope, new truth, new levels of cosmic consciousness into your brothers and sisters. Should you fully endow this within yourself you will be able to freely share this with others and to give them, through your thoughts and intentions, a level of forgiveness that they need. Indeed this is an endowment that I continually imbue within you. You are never, never to be away from this now as the correcting time continues with more vigor and vitality.

I call upon him now as one who has such great love for this world for he is the embodiment of mercy, the embodiment of the Father’s understanding, the embodiment that we wish to bestow upon your world that will bring each individual—man, woman, and child—into the fullest comprehension that love is the creative force in the universe, and tolerance and fraternity and peace is the way of spirit, and forgiveness is the means by which this will be able to become manifest on this world. Do you wish to receive this now, my sons? (Yes, absolutely, Mother.)

Open your hearts. I ask you now to fully open then as wide as you can in your intention, and allow your brother, the Magisterial Son on Urantia, to come upon you. (Pause)

The peace of Michael will not achieved by words, sophistries, ideologies, or wars of men to coerce individuals into systematic beliefs. The peace of Michael will be achieved with goodness, with fraternal understanding, cooperation, respect—the harmonization of the various diversities of the planet into one unified whole. Forgiveness is your endowment to build into another person’s heart—the desire to forgive, the need to forgive, the willingness to forgive. You are being instilled with a higher vibrational pattern of forgiveness so that your minds can endow this into another person. When you are before a person who seems to be spiritually receptive, call upon your brothers Michael and Monjoronson and ask for their peace and! forgiveness to be seeded into that other person’s being. You will know what needs to be done, and you will be doing your brothers and sisters a valuable service for they will not know what to ask for, they will not know what their soul needs. You are inlaying and overlaying a spiritual energy upon them that their indwelling Father Fragments can use to the advancement of that individual’s soul.

I encourage you now to think more mindfully of what it is that you are participating in when you engage with your brothers and sisters, and to think less of what you can share with them verbally and more of what you can imbue within them spiritually. Your brothers and sisters have literally starved for spirit and their hunger is now stirring within them. You will feed them, and feed them well, feed them abundantly. Feed their hope. Fuel their desire for us. And you will give them more than their hearts can even contain. Be patient and allow the necessary time that their spirits and bodies need to ingest this food. While you are standing in front of them take a few moments and ask for Michael’s peace to be instilled within them and the forgiveness that your brother Monjoronson brings to be imprinted upon their souls. Know that in time the richness of what you shared with them will become a reality. They will be appreciative at some level for what you have given them.

The seeds that we planted in you this evening will grow. Spend time with your brother Monjoronson and ask for his presence within you to swell to heights that are unimaginable to you. Walk in forgiveness, personify forgiveness, share forgiveness freely with others. This is what is necessary now at this time of correction. There is so much turmoil and chaos, and most people are stirred up within themselves and know not where to turn. There will be much anger and resentment, recrimination and animosity; people will point fingers at one another and try to assess blame. By your efforts you can wipe the slate clean by building forgiveness i! n each person that comes before you. We will be there with you to solidify that foundation in each individual and to encourage them to open even wider to what is coming into this planet and receive it here—your Father’s peace, your Father’s love, and your Father’s glory.

This I weave within you, for you are the glorious sons of the magnificent First Source and Center, and you are an integral part. As I leave you, feel that part of the glory fabric that you are indeed. (Pause) Good evening, my beloved sons.