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Unknown - Unseen Friends - Feb 15, 2004 - Helen Whitworth; Illawarra, AU

Cheshire, UK, early 2004.
(February 15 is a nominal date for archiving only).
Unknown Teacher.
Subject: "Hope And Transcendence."

Received by Helen Whitworth.

Teacher: "Please begin. We are here to assist you in your work, so that you can assist us in ours. We are the 11 of the 11—the 11 aspects of the 11 sets. There are ways the 1 is split and this can be considered in 11 groupings. We are each of the 11th aspect: That of Hope and Transcendence.

"The 1st aspect is Solitude.

The 2nd aspect is Peace.

The 3rd aspect is Prayer.

The 4th is Love.

The 5th is Will.

The 6th is Joy.

The 7th is Healing.

The 8th is Wealth, Abundance.

The 9th is Beauty.

The 10th is Stillness.

And the 11th is Transcendence.

"Together we form a whole that allows a soul to move through feeling and feeding from those energies that can best support him at that time.

"We are able to teach how to work more closely with the 11-aspect energy, such that you may transcend your own self, and assist others to do the same. The way to transcendence is not like the other aspects. By its nature it is above where you currently sit, yet as all is one, you can see this other place through the fragments of Divine that sit in this place—thus to pull yourself up the ladder of learning through discourse with those who inhabit the next rung.

"Of course, as you climb, so you must, too, hold out a hand to assist those on lower rungs than yourselves; those who may be eagerly searching upwards. On each rung of the ladder it is necessary to learn all that is about that level, to fulfill ourselves completely with the aspects of the other 10. It is not possible to just sit there and absorb, work must be done at all points so that you can climb further, although of course this can continue at your own pace.

"The ones that assist often choose to stay on one rung for longer than many, gaining satisfaction from those they assist. In that way once they reach for the next step it becomes easy, since they have learnt the lessons of their level, and get a helping push from all those who give thanks to them.

"We inhabit a part of the world close to your own, a hinterland, the way-land, the areas between. We sit where the elves once sat long ago, and where the dwarves still sit. Interfacing with your world directly yet only there for those who choose to see.

"We assist in this way in several places, but none as numerously as here on Earth. We come from many places, too, but are held together by a love for you funny creatures, you humans. So shallow, so deep, so brave, so scared, so strong, and so frail. We enjoy your company and derive humour from your exploits, but we cry with you also, feeling your anguish and grief as you try to grasp to that you cannot yet know, or form completion with, yet which is in and around you throughout every moment of the day.

"There are several with you today. Beings of different shapes and forms. Amethyst, the sylphlike lady, LN (Ellen) you have met before, her Brother in Arms, the 38. Bant, too, is one of ours, a giant of a man but silent, often guiding gently through his huge love and solid presence. DG needs you to recognise him. To accept the many times he has assisted. It is he, who helped your friends' contact in Germany that evening, who holds so many of you together.

"They will all receive the wake-up call at some point, and this being is as much of the group as you are. It is he who is the communicator, holding the link through to other places and other dimensions where you receive much information; he who assisted in finding the armour in your recognition of yourself, and in the moments of fight where you've needed backup. He is also linked to him (in physical life) you are unsure of.

"He will learn, and in the meantime you should leave chords broken since moving closer will hurt him and you. The event previously was indeed from us and was for both of you in different ways (see note below). For you it was a thank-you, and a well done for noticing and realising how it is we work. For him; he needed to see he was not invulnerable. That there are times he will see things he doesn't understand, and where he has to stand by and watch. He has not recognized that yet, and at the minute he is dangerously close to idolatry of you, since he sees in you something he wishes to be himself, but doesn't yet trust that he is able to be that being. Continue to shine by example, and he will learn more.

The most important thing for you to do (have) right now is persistence. Continue writing, continue working, and continue learning. There is much new information and not all of it will be true. You need to find your own truth before jumping off the cliff, otherwise there will be no Eagle to catch you, and you could break many bones hitting the bottom.

"We regret we cannot assist you in more detail in this, except to say that like all things, the moment you stop searching quite so hard, the moment you step into your own central stillness, then it will become apparent. Your soul will sing, and you will never again doubt within your heart as to the direction of your path.

"For now, concentrate on yourself. Keep building clarity, persistence, reliability, and keep yourself pure. Meditate on the 10 other aspects and include us always in these that we may assist in teaching you as quickly as is good.

"We are the 'waylanders'. We sing as we move over the hills and plains of this beautiful planet, happy to help, and eager to please, smiling that you hear us, joyful in our hearts.

"We shall come again soon and, no, don't worry, your guides are always with you, too, and that wonderfully fun angel of yours.

"We are different from your personal guides in that we work with many. True, there are those who work with us almost exclusively, as one you know does with angels, but they still retain their guides. The main difference is that the guides work entirely within the astral planes. They can only be felt and experienced through your own higher aspects—through your energy system, your light-bodies, in dreamtime. They cannot directly interface with the physical plane.

"We like being here, but we do not become attached to it in the way of human-born entities. The physical is our play, and we live as much in the astral as in the physical. It's like humans being able to swim—to express themselves in denser liquid. We are often mistaken for angels, for our own physical contacts.

"We are best described as ghosts that have chosen to remain in an enlightened choice, not through fear. We are ultimately on the same evolutionary path as yourselves, but we have chosen a very different path. With that, and your potatoes, we leave you with a big bow and a bigger grin."

[Receiver's Notes: This profound lesson came when I requested an audience with my guides to ascertain the truth behind the Midwayers that George Barnard wrote of, and to decide whether it was right for me to become allied with the 11:11 Progress Group. I had let slip on the message boards that I had recently started to channel, and had been approached by George, who stated that he wished to use the messages I received. Whilst my initial reaction was one of excitement, I always wished to be certain before making such a big step. This message is that reply.

Reading it back now, I see how my own limitations of belief limited the transmission—most apparently within the last paragraph. I could not at that time comprehend the perspective of human-like beings that exist and have always existed in the 'wayland', and so the message came as close as I was willing to accept. Now that seems laughable, after all I had no problems with the concepts of the elemental beings; Elves and Dwarves (and still don't, for those that may wonder).

The event discussed was a very intense wake-up call that involved a friend and myself, simultaneously, though some 150 miles physically separated us.

The Guides and Midwayers mentioned are various beings I have encountered in dream life, astral travel, and meditation. Some I am still working with, others appear rarely or not at all. I believe Armesh may be the 'brother in arms'. DG I have yet to meet fully, though it is possible he would call himself by something else these days, and the name here was purely a way of making me understand his function. From what I have gleaned his energy is very similar to Zeen's.

One more thing: do not make the mistake of assuming that the 11 aspects need to be approached in turn, or that their numbering gives the order of steps on the ladder. This may be the case, it may not be… Helen.]

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