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Scribe-Sananda - My Function Is To Receive The Records of Learning, The Akasha of Earth - Sep 16, 2005 - Illawarra, AU

Provence, France, September 16, 2005.

The SCRIBE(Sananda).
Subject: "The Akasha of Earth"

Received by Helen Whitworth.


The SCRIBE:  "The journey on which you find yourself is old, very old, as old in fact as time itself, for remember that time is a construct to allow you to perceive your world and reality in a linear fashion. So I say to you once more that you have been upon your journey for all time. What is the 'you' that this refers to? It is your greatest Part that was created with the universe as a Fragment of the Divine, split to see the beauty manifest within the rainbow worlds of energy diverging from the one true White Light.

"And as yourself you gained momentum, gained experience and your colors became clearer and more defined, until they shone out with one color above all else, but contained within that the essence of every other color, of every other being, held as potential within your being, and you within theirs.

"Not unlike the embryonic states of planetary beings, the fetal Sparks of Divine that you know as your Highest Self, God Being, or Thought Adjuster, undertook a period of formation during which Its energies became clear and from those energies so too the part of manifest reality that it was Its task to map, to explore and to understand from the innate knowledge of one who becomes a master at their trade.

"In essence this Spark was eager, desirous only of undertaking the journey for which It had been created, and from which It could add to the splendor of the Divine All in Its manifest and un-manifest natures. It cloaked Itself in matter, most nebulous, to more understand the nature of the colors and numbers It held within Itself and from that state the numbers became concrete; codings that would limit further the direction of this Spark, but also from doing so allow more fully each direction to be explored.

"Its state consisted of matter that is fine, a spiritual energy perhaps, you would say, consisting of raw essence of creativity, of joy and of love, each manifest within a particular configuration. And much fun was to be had by working with other Sparks to find the essence of each, for even then it had become possible only to know oneself by comparison with others.

"Over time, and as the Spark matured, It found need to take on more and more dense forms of energy so as to explore these further. Within such method was the ability to know all of a potential in the way a true craftsman of pots might create anything upon a wheel that he might imagine, or of a musician (who) once adept might play any music upon his instrument.

"In doing so, however, a separation occurred, ultimately, which was both necessary and foretold. How could this Spark truly know that all if It always remained conscious of Its Divine birth and nature? For how truly can all be known when all that is known is clear? What potentials lie un-reached, if everything unfolds according to (a) perfect plan? And so, the Divine split itself asunder into two parts, one that remained Itself most fully and the other shrouded in both mystery and the unreachable, held within the densest of forms that the Mother had created within Her energetic patterns, and led out onto the planets in order to experience what may be, as a being without knowledge of its divinity.

"But still the orders, still the impulse behind life remains the same; to unfold and to understand all that is possible within an energetic set of color and number. To fulfill Divine understanding by growth and evolution, by finding that which has been unknown, experiencing it at such, and through this, adding to the great records of the Divine, known by some as the Akasha.

"And as that exploration unfolds, one cannot help but the denser part of the creation of the Divine to become aware of its Partner and to look to It for guidance. This is always available, for within the densest of positions it is not possible to see which routes and alleyways have already been explored and which have yet to be discovered.

"Once more, as the musician does not need to play every piece of music in the world to know all the principles, and to be certain of his or her ability to perform every work. The unshielded Spark, however, can see all, still knowing Its brethren as Itself, and from that can find the alleyways, which remain as yet in dark and have need of illumination, the higher cadences and the decorations of more complex music.

"And, eventually, by trial and error experience and understanding, the part, which is veiled, comes to see all the routes it has traveled and within that finds a glimpse of its highest Part; the Part, which leads it down those alleys and through those canals. And then in partnership they may find others to explore, more possibilities manifest within the densest of beings walking side by side with the Lightest.

"For know from this (that) truly your own self and your highest Self are one and the same. There is no difference. You are two sides of the same coin, and built to be as such in order to unfold the Divine Will in manifest reality. You yourself are God given. This is not limited to your highest Self as many would have you believe, but in order to truly fulfill your function as a physical being it must be done from the desire to know your unveiled Counterpart, the highest Self that resides with you and is you.

"Do you see now why judgment causes so many rifts? Who says each alley holds nice surprises? The potter must have clay slip off the wheel, unformed, to learn to create with perfection. Each new step of ingenuity and exploration will have blind alleys and wrong turnings. But each must be explored to find the truth in that which you are capable of being.

"And then some day you depart upon a further journey, for your journey is not complete until all that is possible, within the original codes of that original embryo rainbow being, has been brought into knowledge and understanding, and then truly you will be God and God will be you, and all of creation will know itself as one, and the heavens will sing in jubilation.

"Ah yes, of course 'all at once,' for how could it be otherwise, though remember always the concept of time, which is yours, is not that of all creation, or of the God Self and Fragments which breathe life into manifestation.

"I am The Scribe, and part of my function is to receive the records of learning, which your highest Self collects as you, its cloaked partner, forge your way through all time's journey. Yes, they note each milestone, find each beautiful golden nugget of how the creation of the Eternal dances though chaos and order. And I collect those reports, and hold them dear to me, and these feed back into the Unveiled Ones as each new path unfolds that the knowledge of one may be the knowledge of all, held through a hub of golden light, held within the coffers of the Akasha.

"And there are many such hubs for each place of difference (planets, galaxies, universes?), and these find network together, accumulating to the central place of all where the entirety of the manifest universes is held as if in duality with the totality of the Un-manifest One and from there becomes All Truth and All Being. And, truly, as above becomes below.

"Today's lesson has been one most esoteric, but I hope it will enable many of you to understand more fully your place within this creation, and a little more of your true nature of being. It is (an) exciting time now as your Planetary Embryo is ready to undertake a new journey within Herself, and those of you beings who share with Her codes for this moment must travel with Her.

"As expected, there will be a great increase in the amounts brought back to the Akasha, and I shall be most busy! And from this activity expect to see more in (the) way of solar flares, for your sun does mirror much of what occurs within the Akasha of Earth and humanity dwelling upon her, as perhaps may have been assumed by those of you with astuteness as part of your codes.

"Listen and learn, my friends. You will never be in this place again and for that you should give thanks, for it means that you are without fail walking your path and following your Divine missive to know all that you are and all that can…

(abrupt disconnection)

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