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I AM - Just Be & You Will See & Believe - Oct 07, 2005 - Illawarra, AU


Washington State, US of A, October 7, 2005.
Teacher: I AM.
Subject: "Just Be And You Will See."

Received by Sunday Rain.


Receiver: I ‘felt’ a whisper that spoke to me.

I AM: "Don’t be afraid (that) you can’t. You have to just want Me, and seek just Me. Come hither child. Rest assured.

"The Diamond Night shines strong like gleaming glass corridors of filtered Sun rays. The complex designs stand out clear against the backdrop of encapsulated space. Thus do shine within the myriad of life’s design.

"You already are what I have made you to be; beautiful and cut to perfection. Just be, and you will see My Grace and My Mercy with all things, for you will be looking with Mine Eyes. Take a breath, and with that breath start breathing again!

"You have simply forgotten and left your station. But by being on alert, on watch and at guard, making sure you are attuned to My ever-guiding light, we will become that much closer with every breath.

"I see you as you see your child. So ought you not smile and beam from end to end to know you are so dearly loved, and more?

"I AM".

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Washington State, US of A,
Teacher: I Am.
Subject: Believe
October 19, 2005.
Received by Sunday Rain.

I Am:

"When you feel My warmth, you hear My voice.

"I Am your Mentor, your Friend, and the ever-loving, ever-guiding Voice within you. I Am always with you, and always in encouraging camaraderie with you, for I Am Love and know of no other paths. Won’t you but let me in, while continuing upon your way, so we may share all I have in store for you?

"I Am Peaceful. I Am Gentle. I Am Truth. I Am Forgiveness. I Am Light.

"While walking with Me you will begin to understand and see how I work with you together with all. We are all One, and deep within, we are all aware of some part of us that knows not how to deny such this natural Truth.

"How beautiful you all are! If you could see yourselves the way I see you, you would all embrace the Light, and feel the electrifying warm brightening in every cell in your body, and feel this in everyone and in everything around you, as life is born so truly alive with love!

"Slow down, and let each moment be embellished with the love I Am pouring into you. Step patiently and carefully as on a stroll through a glorious garden! Be not afraid to believe it is so, for it is! You need to believe in Me for my love to come alive in you.

"Why would I prompt you as you climb each rung of the ladder, saying yea, yea, yea, it is so, it is true, it is I, if it were not so?

"I Am Love, and I Am, I Am, I Am. "

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