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Unknown - Great Changes On The Way - Aug 31, 2005 - Illawarra, AU

Spokane US of A, August 31, 2005.
Unknown Teacher.
Subject: "Great Changes On The Way."

Contributing 11:11 Receiver.


Teacher: "Dear One, rest, as you pull your heart through the necessary changes.


"Today is a day for Change, for great changes are on the way. All the suffering (you have seen) is due to the great many changes that must occur to heal your world. Let us mark the time with a prayer of aid for one another.


"We are all one, and our hearts must endure and stand together. Yes, say your prayers now, as each correct step towards love and compassion for one another raises the level of consciousness over the planet as a whole.


"Take this time towards love, dear ones, and realize you are growing up, becoming each others' caretakers in an effort to revive hope, bringing a clear new light out from the darkness in an embrace of all, for all.


"We are Unconditional Love."


11:11 Progress Group.