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Serena - Circuitry Bonding - Awakening To A New Age - Sep 15. 2005 - Lightline

Subject: Lightline

Teacher: Serena

T/R: Marshall

September 15, 2005


Prayer: I ask you Father, dear Father of Lights, to fill us with wisdom to the fullness of power this evening and vitalize us with your infinite energy. What a glorious opportunity to connect with spirit, and as we walk hand in hand with our Universe Parents, surely we will come to know you better, and as we supremely desire to become one with you, we indeed each day become more like you.

Serena: Good evening my dear children and friends. With joy am I tonight to greet this wonderful group of truth seekers. What a miracle it is indeed to become thus connected in such a way as we experience here this evening. This is only one of the great miracles that Michael has mandated, allowing us to truly reach into whole new areas of the unknown and together increasingly come to work together as one. This is Serena.

Many are here tonight on the other side of the veil witnessing this experience as spirit and mortal connect. Truly the planet is astir with great activity as indeed vast hosts of personalities and entities of all orders are preparing for the times that are indeed upon us. We are awakening to a whole new age, my friends, and as the coming days unfold more will be revealed from those that desire to make, shall we say, more formal announcement.

Having worked for millions of years with your Magisterial Son in this superuniverse, I am here to assure you that thrilling times, great new times of exceptional opportunity to serve have been born. All of you here have accepted the call to be about serving Michael, as through the years, many of you, since the beginning of the Teaching Mission and Correcting Time, have dedicated your lives increasingly to being transformed. All have made great strides in releasing the old ways and patterns while adopting new ways of living, thinking and being.

You have been well-led in this adventure, as indeed you have accepted the spirit guidance and direction that hovers over each of you. Each of you who has joined in tonight, I assure you, vast teams are walking with you, hovering over you, and leading you at all times according to your desire to connect with this team of yours. You have proven yourself to be noble faith- led, transforming souls of destiny, and we can rejoice that we together will be working increasingly as a coordinated unit as all unfolds.

You have heard recently of a new process that has been announced, communicated, that is known as "circuitry bonding". This process will become increasingly experienced by many of those like yourselves who are dedicated and supremely desirous of becoming the servers of all. Currently, most of you are indeed serving, as you are prepared, under one of the various 12 corps of Master Seraphim of Planetary Supervision. Great rehearsal has been occurring with each of you, with increasing frequency, not only during your sleep, through your superconscious mind arena, but also as you open your life increasingly to connect in those stillness times during the day. Such a practice allows you to more fully assimilate into your conscious mind the bleed-over from your super-conscious mind. In essence your soul is embracing your minds.

During this process of "circuitry bonding", one need not conceptualize or analyze the mechanics of such a process, for they are way beyond your current ability to comprehend. Each of you here this evening, I assure you my children, are in touch with personalities of my order, as well as Melchizedeks and others unrevealed to you, who are desirous of experiencing this process with you.

Many of you here tonight, as well as your brethren who may not be joining in, have been increasingly receiving visits from those of us who are desirous of connecting with you.

My friends, you only need to open your hearts, and assuming supreme desire and intentions to serve, you will indeed begin experiencing this process. This is not a process that will be greatly noticed, for it is one that will occur more subtly to your perception, but I assure you that as you allow and accept this experience to become a living reality within you, you put yourself in position to receive great adjustments... where the frequency levels and the vibrational levels within your composite being will be raised.

Some of you may notice at times, and this T/R is one, as there are many others, that you may be awakened at night and there is seemingly a great distortion of where you may be, as well as other effects. Worry not... fear not, for the amperage has been turned up greatly, and each one of you who have come into this experience will assimilate it differently. Your experiences will be quite varied as your individual genetic predispositions are vastly unique and your electrochemical systems differ highly, but nonetheless my friends, you will each slowly recognize a greater increasing oneness with your indwelling Father Fragment. I encourage each one of you to reach deep within, into the heart-center, the Christ-consciousness, the citadel within your mind... yes the superconscious mind arena, and allow your souls to embrace your minds, for my friends, my dear children, indeed all answers lie within, and all who seek with pure intentions will receive all the answers that they desire. Each of you are destined to become great beacons of light in these upcoming times. You will indeed have many varied impulses as a group, but truly my friends these times are what have been often-referred to as the "times of sifting", and a time of great personal decision.

As I mentioned earlier, more information will be forthcoming within the next 10 days as to what you might call a more formal announcement by those who are most appropriate to address you. I am honored to be in your presence tonight. I feel each one of your energies, and I assure you that you are highly watched over. I would be very honored to receive any questions from any of those who so desire.

As there are no questions, I will close with a thought that will be further elaborated on in the near future my brethren. My sons and daughters, each of you have been entrusted with a great mission. Your time is coming to display all that you have been and are being prepared for. Know that you act as a part of the great whole, and that those of you who choose to take on this new experimental process of "circuitry bonding", you will also be experiencing a new closeness between yourselves. But to hear this, and indeed understand that you are a part, each of us, of the great whole of Supreme Oneness is one thing... but to experientially recognize this through whole new senses that will be coming upon you is altogether a different reality.

I assure you that this and so much more is not only possible, but will be occurring with increasing frequency. Indeed you are the co-authors of this book and we depend upon you to take the steps, and as you do, know that multitudes upon your team of unseen co-workers will rush in to bring you into becoming the effective servers of all. I leave you tonight with great joy and look forward to us working together in this great new age that has indeed come upon us.

Q: Dear Serena, I would like to welcome you into our lives here on this world. We have been waiting for you for a long time. Sister, we are just thankful for you being here.

Serena: Well Marty, it is wonderful to hear your words. You are well-known and I appreciate your gracious words, my friend. The message you received earlier... indeed you can rest assured that you are a shining example in this great Mission of Michael's.

Q: I have a question about the circuitry bonding. Is it not a process that has already begun in our lives and are we already receiving a certain amount of that benefit?

Serena: Very astute you are, indeed. There are those of you who have been experiencing this process for sometime now. Others are just now coming into this process, this experience, but yes, you are correct. Please continue if you have follow-up my friend.

Q: No, I just want to thank you very much for everything, and God bless us all, God bless you.

Serena: Hallelujah indeed, and may we glorify God and know that we are all brothers and sisters of our great Father of Lights. I would be happy to address any other questions if you desire to ask them.

Q: I had a curiosity question about this process. It seems that a lot of unifying forces are going on because of the fact that we are an experimental decimal planet and there seem to be a lot of unrevealed things going on. I was wondering if certain of these processes are experimental, not all that unique in the universe?

Serena: Good question Jeffrey. Yes, this experience is unique to this planet, although there are similarities to this process that others have and are experiencing on other planets, decimal planets and other planets... but this new process is experimental and I encourage each of you to become more fully aware of how empowered you are to creatively contribute to this process.

All is possible with God, and what the true son or daughter desires and the Father wills IS. We are partners in this adventure and I do encourage each of you to empower yourself to realize that there is great latitude available for you to implement whole new experimental processes in partnership with spirit.

Q: Thank you for that gracious answer. I am often reminded in things I've read about how we can serve and be sort of in this world but not of it. I do rest assured in my faith that everything is within the Father's plan for our world, and feel like it is a great opportunity for us all, and I'd just like to send my thanks to those on the other side for their teamwork in helping this to happen.

Serena: My friend, you are also well known. We have awaited your coming, you have indeed been through a process of great preparation and we rejoice in your presence here tonight, and yes, to walk upon this world and not be of it... each of you have taken great steps towards this goal and rest assured that as you release your ties to the ego animal mind and allow this ego mind to transform and be transfused into the higher morontia and spirit realities, you will indeed find yourself with great power as your oneness with Father grows increasingly real. I remind you that to those who have been given much, much will be expected, but further, much more will be given... and I speak of gifts beyond your wildest dreams and expectations my friend.

Good question and I appreciate the opportunity to speak with each and all here tonight. As this T/R seems to be a little bit fading, I will take my leave, but not before touching each of you. I offer you at this moment, each of you, my morontia touch... and know that great times are upon us my dear children of light. Good evening, I take my leave.