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Elyon; Michael - Integrity and Representing Michael - Aug 28, 2005 - North Idaho

North Idaho Teaching Mission Group




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August 28, 2005


* Elyon (Mark TR): Good morning and I greet you. This is Elyon. Once again I thank you for our regularly scheduled meeting. Today I would like to play with the words "integration" and "integrity". When you see the effect of a principle that is well integrated into your particular thought pattern it becomes useful to you, it becomes part of the foundation that you may use to build upon for understanding new and different principles.

When likewise you become integrated into these universal principles you become not only thoroughly familiar with such principles but able to compound your own understanding as well as the understanding of others. Having reached this level of integration you are then seen as having a degree of integrity. When others perceive that you have a grasp, an understanding, of layers of comprehension, then they infer upon you this position of having gained integrity through your actions, of having gained familiarity with the given principles.

When you avail yourself of these circuits that are closest to you then you are integrating yourself with the powers of the universe. By accessing these circuits and becoming integrated in your position you then may portray your understanding of these circuits with a degree of integrity only found in those who know what of they speak. True integrity is only found through the experience of those who position themselves to be integrated in these overlapping circuits. This integrity is perceived from the outside by those who would desire to know how you have gained such certainty about that of which you are certain.

True integrity is only acquired by the mastery of such thorough understanding that it cannot be faked or copied but is born of genuine, thorough familiarity and understanding. This integrity is integral to your ascension, as you will find the foundations that are built with this integrity are strong and durable enough to build many levels of scaffolding upon and are durable enough to remain serviceable to you throughout many building streaks that you may go into.

We have spoken many times about the importance of laying proper foundations, and you all have engaged in making sure your building blocks are sound and are of proper integrity to ensure they will serve you as you continue to build upon them. I would hold there at this time, having played with these words some, and would allow for others to speak or comments or questions to stimulate the conversation. Thank you.

Evelyn: Is integrity something perceived by others about you rather than something you perceive in yourself?

* Elyon: Integrity is the crowning jewel of the accomplishment that you make in your life, and it is what is perceived by others as the most enduring or admirable quality viewed on the surface, but it merely represents the acquisition that you have made from having done your personal efforts and applied yourself properly. It is the face of all that you have achieved and the recognizable trait that others will declare that they see in you. Often one who has developed such traits is not the one who recognizes these characteristics, rather they just are these characteristics. Others may point to and say that this trait exists far easier than the ones who have worked to build this condition.

Mary: I was reading about integral spirituality. Spirituality was the overarching principle or the underlying foundation of religion. Spirituality can tie all religious traditions together. An integral spirituality is manifested by those
who have mastered it as traits like compassion, non-violence, kindness, love, peacefulness.

Tom: We were speaking last week about the three elements, the spiritual, the mental, and the physical in regards to healing. I see integrity as the spiritual aspect and integration as the mental aspect. I was looking for that third triangle point. Maybe the portrayal would be the physical aspect. Does that make sense?

* Elyon: I would rearrange slightly your classifications, and I would put in the one corner of the triangle as your most physically apparent aspect the word "integrity", that which others would claim that you have. In the spiritual corner of your triangle I would insert "integral" as being the most necessary component, the most enduring component. In the mind portion of your triangle I would put the integration of your being into the other two corners of the triangle. You would consider through this corner of mind how to integrate your nature into the various aspects of your being. You would see from the corner of spirit the overriding necessity to maintain your spiritual focus, and from your physical corner you may view the combination of the other two corners as your integrity of composition. Does this shed any perspective for you?

Tom: Yes, that makes better sense. Thank you.

Jonathan: Sometimes people view integrity as someone who doesn't waver, who stays strong in their position regardless of circumstances. There's a good side to that but also a stagnating aspect. They say integrity is what you do when no one is watching. That can be misconstrued as to prevent change. Could you comment on how integrity is a flexible thing as well as a sound state of being?

* Elyon: Integrity speaks to the accumulation of all that you have become, even the association of your nature with all of the corners of your triangle. While integrity is known for steadfast adherence to your principles and values, solid in its state, it is also required that allowances be made to build upon this solid foundation. The integration corner of this triangle is what is necessary to reconfigure the position of the self to accommodate the ever-growing and expanding nature of truth. Therefore contained within this corner of integrity is the nature of the individual toward accepting newer and higher realities. Therefore you may be rock solid with your orientation of integrity and yet still accommodating new and higher levels of truth. These two corners of the triangle relate to the other in that it is integral to your ascension career that you both maintain integrity of purpose and integration of being, the one steadfast and true to its purpose, the other allowing you access to that which is more than you are through the circuits of integration, these two being integral to the progress, the building of more scaffolding on the sound foundation. There are many possibilities of playing with these words.

Jonathan: Elyon, you are superb at being able to work those triangles. A fantastic response, thank you.

* Michael (Jonathan): I have said that you represent me as I represent the Father. As I have walked among you, you have come to know the way in which I reveal the Father through love, through compassion, through honesty, through faith. Each of these manifestations is always developing in the spirit-born child of God. They are incremental in advancement.

While no one of my children may ever feel complete in any one of these manifestations, always are you able to reveal some percentage, for, as I have said, faith may be as small as a mustard seed. Love may be simply tending to the needs of a young child, as mundane as that need be. The Father is light, and light appears in darkness and is seen no matter how weak its intensity. As you strive to grow to attain the status of a bonafide spirit being always allow yourself every moment to present yourself as God's child, regardless of your shortcomings, in spite of your vision of who you can become.

If I were to have come to your world to reveal the Father in all glory I would not have been born as a human being. But this would have deprived you all of the realization that God indwells even the lowly creatures of Earth, that He loves you enough to dwell as you. Therefore, as I have said, go forth and proclaim the gospel, know you are supported by myself in ever step, for the Father and the brotherhood is that gospel. Each one realizes a high spiritual standard to attain. It is not the standard that is the gospel; it is the fellowship; it is family. And all that is culminated in love. I, Michael, embrace you all.