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Nebadonia; Michael; Solonia; Lester; Jessona - Celebration of Michaels Brithday - Aug 21, 2005 - North Idaho

No. Idaho Team

Michael’s Birthday Celebration

Teachers: Nebadonia, Michael, Solonia, Lester, Jessona

T/r's: Sheila [Burgher] Graves, Mark Rogers, Daniel Megow, Rick Giles

August 21, 2005


Prayer: [Mark] Divine Parents, feel the love and the light in this circle. Join us in this circuit that we form. Be part of our awareness. Bring to us your presence that we may be closer to you. We approach you with open hearts, that we may hear from you the words that you would have us know and feel the presence in our lives that you bring to wrap around us as the parents that you are. Thank you so much, it is such sweetness and we will savor it all the days of our lives. Thank you.

Nebadonia:[Sheila] Hello children, I am your mother. I am filled in this moment when I see my children gather, when I see them desire their relationship, when I watch all of you in what may appear as chaos, I see your hearts. I see your hearts filled to overflowing with such beautiful love not just for one another but when you reach out I am filled. The very act that you so take in humor, as you take them in amazement and as you put your head in your hands and wonder, this is purity. This is you being golden light, this is heaven on earth.

This is you being me and your Creator Father. We have waited so patiently for this extension to become. We have looked so forward to this mission to see you bond so purely, so willingly, to overlook mistakes and disappointments, to overlook misunderstandings. These still come from your pure heart. You my children are the miracles. You are what this planet has been waiting for. There could be no better place for my great ones to be so that purity is spread amongst your land. My children I am as devoted to you as anything or anyone could ever be and I ask you to trust and to allow the miracles to come about every day of your lives.

Be miracle ready. Be ready for great happiness and joy. Be ready to pass out more love to anyone you can come in contact with. My children you are the extension, the miracle, and you are here for your Father and I and we thank you so dearly from our hearts. My children, live for us. Be and hear an experience for us. I embrace each one of you and I hold you so very near and I ask you now to breath me in.

Michael: [Mark] My little ones, I honor your expectations to have me as your guest of honor among you today. I cherish that you would recognize me on your inauguration of my service to our world and I would join you in the recognition of the glory that is a result of the union of working for that which our Father in heaven desires. And now I would ask that you join me in some brief moments in an attitude of worship. Father, I bring to you this spectacular circle of light. These devoted souls have volunteered to be of service much as I have volunteered to be of service to you.

They stand before us now as willing participants in they know not what, but their faith is strong Father, their will is determined and in alignment with myself and with you, their success is assured. They are the fruits of our labor. They are ripe for the picking and I stand before you as the proudest of parents and the humblest of siblings to be involved with such a group as I bring to you even now. We are of one desire to be of service in the unfoldment of plans that you would have in store for us and we seek nothing more than to please you with our actions.

May we rise to this challenge, may we be strengthened by your presence as wemake our way through the challenges before us and one day after having triumphed over the many obstacles that we would encounter, may we stand together before you in your presence and may we hear you declare that we have done good work that pleases you. This is the desire of our collective hearts and we are assured that you hear our petition and would honor us with the roles we are about to play. We thank you in advance for the richness of this journey.

Certainly thank you does not describe the enormous feelings of gratitude we feel for being part of this time, part of this plan together, but we express this to you to the best of our capacity. Thank you Father. And now each of you, my companions in this effort we undertake, I address you each and acknowledge not only your worthiness, but the very necessity of your being in this process. You here have answered my call to follow me and having proven your selves worthy, I now ask you if I may follow you in answering this call. That I may follow in your steps as you are active on our world, that I may be part of your movements in this time and space.

It is the trust and the love that I show in you each one that endows you with all that you need for success in this mission. You have looked to me for you strength and your courage and now I look to you with trust and assurance that together we can manifest this new destiny before us. I tell you that when you see me with the eyes of spirit you see the love of the Father. I am representative of the Father to you and representative of you to the Father. I desire that we commune the more closely, that we become more as one in this process, and the more you mature through this journey, the more you will come to realize that I am but the doorway to that what you really desire, that which you really desire, that what you really seek, the love of the Father.

But I am committed to you and I will be here for you whenever you seek me and the more and more you are committing to me and will be there for me when I seek you, the closer our bond, the easier this connection will be and it is in steps such as this one, that we develop this relationship. I honor your commitment to me with my presence here even now because you have already honored your commitment and kept your end of the bargain. You can expect certainly that I shall keep mine. Seek me and you shall find me. Walk for me and I will walk with you.

Thank you my little infant souls of light. You are a glory to behold. You would make any parent proud and I am overflowing with love, affection and pride for all that you are becoming for our sake. I would leave you now with the idea that I never truly leave you. I am always available to you and will honor this commitment throughout the many journeys that you find yourself on, on route to me, and through me on route to the Father. My love, my peace I leave with you.

Solonia: [Daniel] If you were able to watch a movie and all the seraphic and midwayer work that was required to bring you all here at this time, in this region, over these past many years, and I assure you it was organized, deliberate and intense, you would not be so hesitant to ask us for our assistance in your daily tasks, your gifts of service, your personal ministry. This is your adoring sister Solonia, and I so much enjoy conversing with you my younger brothers and sisters. Why is it that you hesitate to ask us for our help in your endeavors? Think you that you are so unimportant that you will be taking us from more grand work?

Indeed I assure you that you have available to you each a vast compliment of celestial participants who are here for the purpose of helping you to do those things which our Father has led you to do. Humility is indeed admirable and we would not quench that deep felt humility that you feel and yet do not let it get in your way of accomplishing those goals which our Father has set before you. You all are here for a supreme purpose. Indeed the far reaching out workings of this purpose are beyond even our ability to perceive and yet all of you are here purposefully for a grander purpose.

This is not to say that you are asked to artificially combine your individual ministries into one large material organization, rather it is the beauty of you each working your own show that makes the overall combination so valuable. You have discovered that you can indeed work together on specific programs and have a certain degree of success, yet at the same time you are able to maintain your own personal tasks with devotion. The beauty is that you are all leaders who can agree to work together and maintain this family bond of love and respect for one another.

This is the individuality that our beloved Father Michael tried to teach us when he walked upon this world, this working individually, yet side by side and hand in hand. This is one of the great social lessons whose seeds were planted so many, many, years ago and are only now beginning to break through the soil into the sunlight. Lean upon us dear brothers and sisters. Do not fear to ask us for help, indeed it is why many of us are here beside you. Let us give thanks to our Universe Father for being born of the flesh and showing us all in this universe, how devotion to the will of our heavenly Father is the path that each of us must take. I will step back in case another decides to address you.

Lester: [Rick] You think I wouldn't take the opportunity Solonia, this is Lester. I am the slow one and I greet you my slower ones. Yes you might say slow for your days pass in three while on Jerusem they pass in one. Surely you go faster but I remind you that a lesson learned in experience is learned in a day on Jerusem while it takes three here, that is slow. But there is a trick my fellows which it took me a lifetime to learn, I'll tell you tomorrow. [come on] It is simple, and that is to give attention. Our Father and Mother have asked for your attention today and Solonia has sharpened your insight into how you as an individual may apply your abilities.

Attention, at tension, that is life, full of tension. At every point give, give your talents, give over your experience, give up to Father and Mother, give in to celestial guidance. It is that simple and to practice being so able requires the time of stillness. I have finally learned that myself, finally learned that myself, and I entreat you all to engage in such a wonderful embrace. It is the circumvention of the time drag, it hastens your advancement, you learn today the lesson of next week. That is all, I say farewell.

Q: I have a question for Jessona. Many of us here are involved in the health care of friends and family. With the advent of the opening of the circuits and Machiventa’s recent counsel on the new age of miracles if you will, is there any new counsel that you would have for us that would enlighten us in our work?

Jessona: My counsel is that you always incorporate the three realities of ones being, physical, mental and spiritual. You address the facts and the import and the value of each individuals situation for you are domiciled on a physical planet and you have about you many considerations of a biological nature, but as you speak of the circuits, you are aware that you are in mind connected to beings that have powers beyond your own state of enlightenment on this world, and above all, each of you is a prized child of God and while all things earthly may crash, your personality endures forever for you have chosen to be the child of God that Father has birthed you to be. These three dimensions in harmony bring health and even if one level of reality were to fail in function for any personality, the prime importance and orientation is spirit. This is often overlooked and must be emphasized more on this world. I hope this has addressed your question... [thank you]

[ Mark Rogers later said that he had gotten a "bump" from Machiventa which paraphrased was...doubt not the circuits or the power of these circuits but look to where these circuits break down on route. The circuits are in place but the whole circuit end to end must be in place. ]