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Master The Mind To Fulfill The Higher Will of Spirit


Prayer: Dearest parents, once again we come before you as the children we are. We open our arms and our hearts and our lives to your influence, to your love, to your grace and to your peace. We yearn to be close to you. We yearn for your presence in our lives. We seek this in this hour as we approach you and we know of a certainty that you hear the requests of our hearts and that you would honor this request as you have so faithfully throughout. May we hear from your emissaries of light today and whenever we are able to position ourselves to receive such grace and goodness as you would provide. We gather to make this so even now and are certain it is your desire as well. Thank you.

Elyon: Greetings my friends and thank you for keeping our regularly scheduled appointment to commune and to share in the grace and peace that we indulge in even in this hour, and that we create by the avenue of our co-creative choices. I have said before that where you are, there is grace and there is peace. By this I refer to the fact that it is by the virtue of your choices that you create the environment that there may be grace and there may be peace.

Every action that you take is an opportunity to create such an environment. Every direction that you proceed has within it the capacity to be filled with such grace and peace. It is only that the choice for peace be made, that the decision to embody this peace and to create an environment wherein this peace may thrive, be made individually and then collectively. This decision to be about this business of peace is a joint venture between you and the Creator to usher in this mode of operation.

Certainly it is true that the capacity always exists but many times this capacity is overlooked or crowded to the back by other more material considerations and personal obligations and choices. It is good to embrace the reality that this choice to function in grace and with peace is always an option to be exercised and the knowledge of this can motivate you to seek out this option in every scenario you encounter.

Try this week an exercise of finding the expression of grace, peace, and love that is inherent in every opportunity you encounter. When you find yourselves confronted with a situation, an opportunity, pause briefly and ask yourselves to be graced with the insight to find and actuate this inherent component of peace and grace. You will find that your mind will desire to approach every opportunity with its own internal known scenario, that your mind desires to simply replay a familiar scenario once again and we must come to realize that when we replay over and over the same reactions to the same opportunities, we only achieve the same results.

We must seek in the stillness and in our personal petitions to spirit to be granted a new avenue of approach. A different tack to take so that we are able to elevate what appears to be a very similar scenario into the new realm of spirit wherein we may infuse this opportunity with these elements of grace, peace and love. The option remains there, the opportunity is ever present. It is our voice on our approach and reaction to the opportunity which provides for us this opportunity for new expression. Watch the reaction of your minds to the potentials that come into your lives and notice that the mind has great capacity to sort and categorize what you are encountering, and has the ultimate goal of defining this new potential in terms of the old potentials that are part of its memory structure.

This response happens so smoothly and regularly that you may not fully understand that you have the power and the control to alter the course of your mind approach and therefore the outcome of any set of circumstances. It is time that we begin to master this greatest tool of all, capacity of our mind to direct our intentions. No longer will we be held subservient to the will of this mind, but rather will we become lord and master over it. We must seize the reins of control and direct that the mind do as the higher self wills.

If left to its own devices, the mind will forever repeat the same patterns it is familiar with and this circle of action and reaction become our pools of stagnation. We must be willing to have the strength and to use our moral compass and our spiritual awareness to redirect the approach of this mind that would lead us. This is an exercise which begins here but goes on for a great period of time as we gain control over all that we have learned and all that we think we know, and redirect the standard reactions to new and higher levels of spirit reality.

This tool can be the obstacle to overcome and as well be the technique for overcoming this obstacle. It is a tool of great value and significance and guided properly and directed positively, it is the greatest tool you possess for your approach to spirit. We will begin to focus on the use of such a powerful tool to our benefit and begin to examine the standard patterns of the mind so that we are able to understand this natural reaction of the mind to all that goes on around us. And we will in time, gain control of this most powerful tool, to be able to access that which we desire to create this realm wherein grace, peace and love are the dominant factors, and fear hatred and disturbance become crowded out by the greatness and the glory of these spiritual realities.

We must seek to replace the one with the other, actively and consciously and in awareness seek this in your stillness. Petition this of your Parents.

This is our next step and as with all the steps you have taken to this hour, I have no doubt but of your success in mastering this one as well. That is my lesson for today. I remain in attendance as there are others present. Thank you.

Michael: I greet you as well, this is Michael. I come here to remind you, that as your hearts seek this peace, this grace and this love, insofar as you invite me into your lives I will bring you these elements you desire. Wherever you ask me in, therein lies peace, grace and love. If in doubt how to access this part of your higher selves, petition me and I will provide these lacking elements. You have not yet fully realized the potential of accessing this fragment of the Father within you.

All in good time my children. Until that hour that you command this control, petition me. I commit to you it is m y desire to bring you these elements that your hearts seek. If you are uncertain, if you do not feel you possess the strength, I do. I will bring you my certainty, and my strength in the very hour when you petition me. That is the role I would play for each and every one of you, to be your assistant to show you the way, to lead you in the direction that is the desire of your soul.

It is but for you to follow me. This I pledge to you, my love and my support to all my children. It is simply for you to ask and direct the desires of your hearts to stop and remember to ask, to seek divine counsel when uncertain and then to follow these leadings of your heart. More and more you come to me and more and more I am pleased by your decisions. I welcome you
at any opportunity, at every opportunity. I will unceasingly be there for you my little ones as you are my charge.

You are my responsibility to bring to the Father and I will continue to nurture you and to provide for you all that you need and what I desire is your companionship in this journey. Seek me knowing that I already have found you and that your decision for our communion is the very gift you give to me in this process. Thank you my little ones. I look forward to hearing from you, each one individually and personally with all the concerns of your hearts and all the intentions of your souls. Bring them all to me and I will counsel you how best we should proceed. Trust in Me. That is what I ask of you, and even in this hour I leave you with my peace, my grace, and always my love. I only desire that you embrace these as yours and my children, my beloved ones. Peace.