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You Are Only Alone As You Wish To Be

April 25, 2005

Dear Michael and Mother Nebadonia, Welcome. We invite You into our lives and we give You permission to enter us in any way You see fit. Help us expand our own minds into Your greater one, especially in Your adjuncts of wisdom and worship. Help us see things as You do. Help us to see and understand what You mean by the constant creativity that makes every moment unique. Help us realize this blessing for ourselves and for our friends. Amen.

Nebadonia: Dear children, I heartily accept your welcome. And so, here I am! This is your Mother, Nebadonia. This is My namesake for being the Mother Spirit of the Local Universe of Nebadon out here on the fringes of the seventh Superuniverse. I wish to extend a welcome back to you, to feel yourselves members of this enormous family of our Local Universe. For all of you within this realm have Michael and I as your parents. This makes you all of a single family - from the Melchizedeks, Archangels, Seraphim, and Material Sons and Daughters, down to you human souls who are so very fortunate to be starting at the bottom - but only so-to-speak - because in view of your potentially eternal personalities endowed with a spiritual dimension of creativity, there is no top or bottom.

It is with a sense of playful irony that We say you are so fortunate because you start from a barely visible physical being, a fertilized human egg that will grow into a human body with which you will connect to the world around you. Starting out associated with this minuscule speck of physical reality, you have a childhood beginning with your birth, then on into an adolescence and young adulthood that many higher personal beings do not have. Right from the beginning you are given this opportunity to participate in the fullness of your life that other beings, created as adults, miss. As this becomes the origin and then the development of your soul, so this is an eternal possession you will have with you forever. This is why some of the higher beings, such as seraphim, look upon you with a touch of angelic envy and so thoroughly enjoy the assignments of being your guardian angels. Those who have not needed to exercise the same kind of courage that you have as human beings, deeply reverence and honor what it sometimes takes for you to get through your human days. So feel welcome to being a part of this larger family surrounding you, who are aware of your struggles, your suffering, your triumphs and defeats.

In this, My children, you are only as alone as you wish to be. As We have assured you in these lessons, this too is a choice of yours - how alone you want to be and feel yourselves to be. We would just note that, to prevent a lot of unnecessary suffering on your part, you have to make a conscious decision about this. Many of you have simply gotten into a habit of being or feeling yourselves to be lonely and suffer enormously because it is not a current, conscious choice. And if you are in this situation, it takes great nerve to begin to explore all the many ways with which you can reconnect with your fellows, and beyond them, open yourself to connect with Us, your spiritual family. So if you feel yourself to be painfully lonely, take heart that the ideal company you can imagine is possible for you. You are a member of an enormous family and the realization of this is within your power.

At the same time, there is what you might call a principle of privacy within the spiritual realm. Spirit beings do not go where they are not invited. This means that We self-limit ourselves to your choosing through the dignity of your will. This why prayer is necessary if you wish Our help. You have to sincerely ask for Our help before We can assist you.

As I mentioned before, a study of the Lucifer Rebellion demonstrates that it is possible for even rather higher, and from a human standpoint, ancient - very long lived beings with hundreds of thousands of your years time measurement of experience, to actually deny the existence of God and choose to go their own way entirely. So too this is a choice of yours, though I would recommend that such choices be made consciously and then remembered that you have so chosen. This way you can also remember to welcome Us back into your life when you have thoroughly enjoyed your sojourn of feeling alone.

You asked about what We mean by the constant creativity of not only our Universal Father but all of his subordinate personal beings too, extending down through Michael and I to Our children - including you. As you notice, everything out here in time and space is in motion: energy and matter, mind, and spirit. You live in this incessant change and only the very essence of you - your personality - is not itself an object of perception. It is not even anything you can hold as you hold a thought or realize a spiritual value. One of your philosophies put it wisely as: the eye that sees but cannot see itself. And so it takes a process of maturing for you to realize: Here I am. I exist. I am real.

From this point of view, consider the phenomenal world around you. Most of you who will initially hear or read My words of tonight are so thoroughly immersed in recent scientific thought, you are so well versed in causality - through time-lapse photography showing you seeds sprouting and growing into mature plants, then blossoming, all in a few seconds - you sometimes fail to credit a quality of immediacy or imminence in your eternal now. This is the - purely phenomenal - world much as an untrained, very primitive human being with no notions whatsoever yet of cause and effect, would perceive it. But in your way you so thoroughly know how things come into being, you are so familiar with this understanding you may discredit the phenomena itself. You may miss the way God has so structured His creation that right within His continuity of cause and effect there is a constantly unique happening. Yes, the sun will come up tomorrow exactly when you might have mathematically calculated it would fifty years ago, but no one has yet seen this particular sunrise. Yes, this is a rose you are holding, recognizably so, and you may know all of the steps it took to develop it to be this shape and color and aroma, but that is not this particular flower you are holding and sniffing this moment.

Consider that reality could be like a broken record, shortly repeating itself over and over. You could still have motion and change. But as soon as I introduce this bizarre notion, you immediately recognize this is not the case. Your life’s moments are not repeating themselves over and over except as an illusion you may be caught up in. This is Gods’ constant creativity and it is somewhat plastic or open and amenable to your will. This is most obvious when you choose very consciously to create something. Of all the things you human beings are doing, your input is most obvious in those creations you call art, which are intentionally unique.

Yet your creativity is nowhere limited to deliberate art, but in everything you do from the time you get up in the morning, have your breakfast, then head off to a day of work or leisure, you are constantly choosing and adapting and creating. You are also encountering all the thousand and one small choices of all the people around you. As you go down a busy two-lane highway passing within a few feet of vehicles coming the other way at a closing speed of a hundred miles an hour or more, think of how you are trusting the total stranger coming toward you to make the right choice. What an enormous, complex web of individual creativity and trusting it has taken these thousands of years for the human race collectively to build up.

In some ways, My children, it is indeed very humorously ironic – or at least We hope you can see the humor in the following. You have a saying that it is hard to see the forest for the trees. You cannot see the whole forest because you are bewildered by the maze of individual trees surrounding you. In principle it means you cannot see the general situation – the forest, because of too many specific items – the trees. See if you can understand this saying as a kind of lesson for youngsters that many of you have learned too well. For from the viewpoint of what I have talked about this evening, the opposite is also true: you cannot see the trees for the forest. Now, ironically, as mature and perhaps jaded or overly-familiar adults, with all your notions of what a forest is, and how it came to be, you have difficulty seeing the trees. Your haze of familiarity presents you with a mass of generic vegetation called "trees," or a group of persons called "people," and you are missing enjoying the unique individuals – trees or persons. So- We invite you, not to regress to some adolescent state, but to keep both – the general and the specific – each in its proper place, for you need both. Appreciate all the study and learning experience it has taken you to grasp and recognize "out there" in the world so many general, and now familiar principles, yet at the same time see with the eyes of a child the truly phenomenal bursting of God’s infinitely diverse creativity into this present moment. Then you will also know you are with Me, and Michael. Together we will be sharing our vision, our love and peace, and our wonder as well.

If you have any questions or comments this evening, let’s see what they might be.

Student: Mother, I find my ability to create quite a bit conditioned by past experiences I’ve had which I believe are perfectly normal – or may not be for all I know; but I have made decisions when preexisting urges seemed to come up and then invalidated these decisions I’ve made about my life’s situations. A lot of things I feel are determining my life are from the past. Could You give me any more clarification on this, please?

Nebadonia: Yes, My son, you are understanding the situation here. The judgements and assessments you have made in the past can have more influence on you than the events themselves that they were based on. Part of being human and, in so many situations, enhancing your ability to survive, is an immediate evaluation of what has just happened to you. This is why We have asked you to, in your meditative times, try to get beyond and before these evaluations to re-experience moments of your life as they happened to you originally. You will notice that your life happened in an eternal now which was highly complex, even unfathomable, because it contained not only you but all the world surrounding you as well. Whereas your evaluation of this event had to be much more simple than this because its author, its creator was only you. So to a degree this simplification is unavoidable: the evaluation is not the event itself. Remember the detailed lesson We gave you on Monday Morning Quarter Backing – that as soon as an event is past, you may replace the complexity of it with an over-simplified version?

So first of all, My son, I would ask you to think deeply about this and get a thorough understanding of why this happens, and to what degree this evaluation is unavoidable, yet keep in mind the complexity of "now" in which you yourself are playing only a small part of the entire reality which surrounds you, the encompassing which is God’s doing. Can you see that what you are feeling now is a kind of being pinched by these overly-simplified notions of what life is?

Student: Yes, I can.

Nebadonia: You’re feeling righteously pinched when these previous evaluations, these simplifications of reality and what is possible are constricting your present moments which you are feeling, more and more, should be open to your own creativity, your own sense of freedom. So first you have to understand what these ghosts of the past are. In your meditations, reach beyond and before them, tap into your soul and relive the precious moments you’ve had in all the full, unfathomable complexity that made them unique in their time. Do you know what I mean, My son? Can you recognize when you are having a pure memory, with a certain essence, or feeling, or flavor in it that is unmistakable, and you know that, for however brief it is, you are truly experiencing a previous moment of your life?

Student: I can see certain events in my life, and I can see the interpretation I put on them, but as yet I am not able to see or re-experience the event as it was. It’s too mixed up in the interpretation. I can choose a positive or a negative interpretation, which makes it a little easier to live with, maybe. Nebadonia: Yes, but We are not suggesting you make yet another evaluation so much as a rediscovery. As We have noted, one hallmark of the eternal now is uncertainty with security. The security is in the sure and certain knowledge of being a child of God. The uncertainty is in your ability to imagine so many possibilities which might happen, before they are resolved into the single one that does happen. So you might feel for this flavor of uncertainty in the memory of some momentous decision you made once upon a time – maybe to get married, or to move from one place to another – and see if you can get close to that younger (Student’s name) who once was, and feel the whole encompassing situation that surrounded you then.

Student: Thanks, Mother, I’ll do that.

Nebadonia: You will see how this certainty you have after the fact is simply because that was what happened. Before the fact, then, you didn’t know; and before the fact now, there are things you cannot know. So you rightfully resent all these false illusions of certainty from the past mocking you now, curbing your freedom, putting a haze of over-familiarity over all the fresh, living surfaces of your world. Don’t forget, My son, you can tear the veil apart in a moment by creating something new. You can always arrest the past in a new creation.

Student: Yes. I notice that, in this conversation, uncertainty is not as fearful as it was once.

Nebadonia: Yes, it’s just an awareness of being a living being, facing all the possibilities you can imagine. Perhaps reread the last few lessons and see if you can find the decisiveness you need to replace the ghosts from the past. And be in My peace.

Student: Thank You, Mother, for Your love and understanding and support.

Nebadonia: Well, My children, I hope My examples this evening have given you a new purchase, a new understanding of what We mean by this continuous creation both within and surrounding you, yet why it may be difficult to isolate so you can perceive it. There is nothing particularly wrong with being so familiar with your lives except as it may kill your appreciation for the very nature of the reality you find yourselves within. This appreciation can alleviate to some degree the uncertainty you feel, and give you a deeper sense of security in knowing reality was deliberately created this way. Think what a hell it would be if reality were just a broken record, repeating itself over and over forever. Now think of the enormous expansion going on – physically, mentally, spiritually, and soulfully. We invite you to share this joy that is Ours, not only in understanding the concept of this profound and all-pervasive growth, but to actually experience it within yourselves. And be in My love. Good evening.

Students: Good evening, Mother. Thank You.