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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group

Teachers: Evanson, Nebadonia, Elyon 


Festival of Fellowship; Love,

Peace, Joy, and Light;

Perform to the Highest of your Capacity and Portray that which is Universally True.

April 3, 2005

* Evanson (Jonathan TR): Hello to you all, this is Evanson. I am happy to be with you and to share in the acknowledgment of one another's presence. It is not that far of a stretch, the connectivity between yourselves and myself and those of my state of being. While we may be apparently separated by the limitations of your physical receptors, your sense organs, we are nonetheless in direct contact due to the common link we have with Michael and Mother Spirit. We are for that matter more accurately connected, that is we share without the distortions of perception. You have been taught often the value of service, of being about the Father's business, of promoting the mission of Michael. You are all, I witness, eager to do what you can no matter how limited it may appear to be. In the grand scheme you all wish to pursue to your best abilities, to maximize your contribution. I would like to emphasize that this expression you endeavor to present to others is also repercussive upon yourselves bringing joy and love. The nature of life is its two-fold energy dynamic. You know the truth that you must give to receive. You know of the truth that if you lose your life for the kingdom you will receive it. In the effort to minister to your fellows you are, in reality, entering into a festival of fellowship, just as when you hug an individual you are being hugged in return. The lessons provided, the experiences offered, are likewise returned in the mutuality of shared experience. You who have taught in a formal situation where you are the designated instructor and the other is the specified student have witnessed often being taught by the student by the innocence of insight expressed, though they may not be the professional in that arena. So, I am here expressing my support for your outreach program and reminding you that you will also be well served throughout this entire and performance cycle. All of us stand ready to be of assistance.

Mark: When confronted with good and noble individuals who are earnestly in discussion and debate about the reality of their divine Parent, this issue weighs heavily on my heart. How do I reconcile such a gap?

* Evanson: It is a troublesome condition, and it is prevalent upon those worlds thrown into rebellion. The natural tendency to seek and to know one's Creator is inherent in all; it is guaranteed to be a question in the mind of every individual. Though all who seek in such a manner are endowed equally with spirit presence, the condition of the world, the orientation of a given society, can hinder realizing the answer to that question. Since worlds like Urantia have lost their planetary headquarters even the physical presence of the higher realms is absent. Spirit pursuit is less tangible, less verifiable, without such agencies overtly present. The pursuit of the soul to realize its Maker recedes to a debate of the mind to answer the ultimate question. The mind, being what it is, is highly flexible. It is a gathering instrument for the personality and, to be effective as a gatherer, it is adept at entertaining divergent and diverse viewpoints. In so doing one can construct a philosophy wherein the individual has no spirit parent. While the mind is capable of developing such lines of thought, it is not comforting to the soul. Equally one may develop a line of thought full of religious facts and theories and still leave the soul hungry for personal experience. It then becomes a purpose for all who have dwelt in the presence of God to radiate that affirmation. Discussion will stimulate the mind of another, but it will be association with you that will begin to illumine the soul, and this is a path of surety, but one requiring great patience, for the weight of a logical argument may convince in a moment, but the demonstration of personal experience may require long intervals of time to witness the reality and to create the surety that you have what is doubted and what is sought for. Even the one who has developed the theory of the non-existence of God has been impassioned by the drive of spirit to know why, to find the answer to that question of origin, universal and personal. The Correcting Time is a multi-planetary outreach program to reestablish the surety of divine overcontrol on the confused worlds. You are a missionary in this correcting time, and in your smaller circle you are also reestablishing the surety of divine overcontrol. A Garden of Eden, a planetary headquarters, though absent on your world, is present where you stand when you stand in the awareness of serving Michael and confident that your experiences have developed within you a reality that is tangible to another. It is through association over and above argument that another will begin to shift the mind to the entertainment of a contrary view, one that will bring peace, not a peace of mental certainty, but a peace of personal surety. I hope this has addressed your inquiry.

Mark: Thank you. We have heard of the coming of a spiritual wave, a rising tide corresponding with the Teaching Mission. Is this also a factor that we might come to see at play in this scenario of finding our position?

* Evanson: This wave you speak of, this energy inpouring to your world, is recognizable even in your headlines of news. The apparent unsettling issues of your time are due to the momentum of the rise of this wave of transformation. As you bond together in an outreach project you are reacting positively to the uplifting momentum of this incoming wave. You are taking to surf rather than running for cover.

Mark: Does this wave also provide the necessary float for those souls who are seeking, to provide them the desire to move forward in their search?

* Evanson: Yes, it does, for as has been recorded in your scriptures where it says you will never be tested beyond your ability to endure and to triumph, likewise your buoyancy is never overcome by the force of this wave. Precursor waves will lift you and these will enlarge until you are capable of riding upon the largest of the influx. Again, this is our reason for being with you, to prepare you for the uplift and that you will demonstrate to others how to become more buoyant, to create the likeness of spirit within themselves that they may rise. Also I would add that some may only benefit by being hit hard and inundated by this spiritual wave. In this baptism they will resurface transformed, convinced that spirit power is upon this world and that transformation toward the good is the most worthy pursuit. This wave comes not to destroy but to uplift or to wash clean.

Mark: Thank you. I cherish your imagery.

* Evanson: And I appreciate your inquiry. It isn't often that I attend these collections of awareness, and I am happy to be able to assist.

* Nebadonia: I am Nebadonia. Again, I rise in your awareness to intermingle with you in love. Such words as "love" and "peace" and "joy" and "light" are frequently expressed in the form of encouragement, that you may experience these states and know. Though the risk is that these words lose their impact, they bear repeating, for when you do open yourself to light and to love, peace and joy are yours even in the most trying of times. In the center of your being where I dwell these states of being are safeguarded. When you turn to me you are renourished. Turn inward during your troubling moments, for this is when you are most in need of nourishment. Yes, I do enjoy the high times when you are happy and you fellowship with me in the celebration of goodness. Likewise strength is yours when you turn in trouble, for love transcends all temporal conditions. Ever remember that love dwells deep within you. Let it rise; let it permeate all that you are and all that you do.

* Elyon (Mark): Greetings, this is Elyon. Bask in the glow of your divine Parent. I offer but one small suggestion and that would be to beware of judging your personal successes based upon the reaction of another. It is your role to play to simply function as you see best, as you see fit. It is entirely up to others to act as they see best and as they see fit. When you offer yourselves in service be mindful that you may not receive the tangible results of your efforts or that these results may not meet your expectations. But if you act as the highest ambassador for truth and function in the capacity of spirit example, then you have successfully performed your duties and fulfilled your function. Do not be distressed when the reaction of others may be less than you hoped for or not as you would desire, as others must come to their own appreciation and understanding of the values you are attempting to portray. This does not mean that you have failed. The progress of another is independent of your offerings, and you must ever beware of sizing your own worth in accordance with another's reaction. Allow them complete freedom to be as they are and fulfill your complete freedom to be as you will. If you fulfill your obligation to be all that you can be, then most certainly you have succeeded. I offer this to you because the temptation is great to measure yourself in contrast to others and to others' reactions to you in this life. Simply concern yourselves with your reactions and your actions and allow others to interpret, to decide, for themselves. Simply be all that you can be and trust that this is enough, for indeed it is. Allow spirit to work and the Father's presence to work on all those around you in their time and at their pace. Be patient and be steadfast in your projection of the spirit realities you know to be true. Allow all else to work itself out as it will. Trust that you have done your part and been successful in your endeavor insofar as you have completed your task. I hope this provides some comfort, and I will withdraw at this time.

Jonathan: I notice that throughout history the great players are those who realize the truth you speak of and forge ahead regardless of persecution or discrimination. We may not be the big players, but our little lives have the same type of episodes. Thank you for helping us keep that in mind.

* Elyon: I would simply redirect slightly by words of encouragement that when you perform to the highest of your capacity and portray that which is universally true, you are one of the big players, you are one of the bright lights that can then guide and attract those who are seeking that certainty that you convey. It is ever true that old adage there are no small parts to play, only small actors. Each part is significant and pivotal. It is for you to rise up and fill that role and function in that capacity . .. you would stand steadfastly behind the truths of that which you know to be real, to have the benefit of a grand role to play. It is only who will rise up to speak these lines, to say this truth, to be this light in the darkness. I recognize that each of you is willing to play this role in your lives, in your circles, in the arenas of your influences. Therefore you too are grand players and can take comfort in the fact that your script, your lines, are the lines of universal truth, of beauty, of goodness. They are powerful lines to be delivered, and they will affect all whose ears they reach. It is simply that these lines need to be delivered to be heard. If they are never spoken they can never be embraced by another. That is the simplicity of this design, yet there is grandeur there. Jonathan: I will try to live up to this encouragement of yours.

* Elyon: Of this I have no doubt. If there are no other engagements then perhaps I will release you from this forum knowing that each of you, the good students that you are, will take the time to digest and embrace that in these messages that will benefit you and embrace the support which is yours for the taking. Thank you all.