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Nebadonia 3.13.05

Power & Humility

Marin TM Group

Dear Mother Spirit and Michael, Tonight we want to express our awareness and our appreciation of Your graciousness. In all these years of this direct contact, these living conversations with You, You have never threatened or scolded or demanded anything of us. On the contrary, You’ve always inspired us with light-hearted, hopeful, even teasing suggestions and insights. And then You have stood by us, loving and supporting us no matter what the degree to which we were able, or unable to follow. Your love shows up that old saying – Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely - for the tired, cynical thing it is. For this kind of truly absolute, spontaneous, creating power corrupts absolutely – no one. Goodness gracious. Amen.

Nebadonia: Good evening, My children, this is your Mother. My! - what a warm welcome. Yes, this is the point of it all, isn’t it? How do we behave when we have power? How can we seek power knowing that we will use it graciously, especially with wise loving? What is this part of love that we call wise? What does this mean? Here you are somewhat face to face as human beings with that great chasm of the unknowable, opaque future.

Wisdom implies using all you have experienced and gleaned from your life to project forward with foresight what the results of your behavior will be, so that you can love in such a way that the recipients of your affection are inspired and strengthened, encouraged to grow and live ever fuller, more rewarding lives. How do you do this so they are not harmed by your love, not threatened or cajoled, nor encouraged to do those things which would be unhealthy for them? How can you help them without their developing an over-dependence on your continued support, when the future is so opaque, when you cannot know the full consequences of what you are doing?

Let Me suggest that, first of all, an awareness of this limitation, a deep humility with respect to the enormity of what you cannot know beforehand, helps. It helps you stay out of the realm of categorical imperatives, the realm of generalities and absolutes that occur around the words "never" and "always." And the more you are able to stay in an ever changing present moment by fully perceiving this ongoing creation - the newness, and the uniqueness happening - you are not coming from some situation in the past, but are responding freshly to those you are with here and now.

Underlying this is the spiritual ground of intention. As your text informs you, in the next phase of your life the first things you will be taught are called morontia mota - spiritual laws. One of these laws is that in the realm of spirit, intention is almost everything. Some of your ancient human religious texts recognize this by saying: The intention is yours, the results are God’s. This is so important because you cannot see the full consequences of your actions. But if your intent to love is great, if you deeply and thoroughly and passionately desire to help this friend, this child, this parent, even this total stranger in front of you, this is a reality, My children. And there is also in this other person a spiritual presence receptive to your intention. They may or may not be open to this, but here is where your own openness in this situation, your receiving their full spiritual reality without judgment or prejudice - this attitude on your part invites them to do the same. It assuages their fear or anxiety as to what you mean. You all have had experiences where your own feelings have been hurt, and then you learned, somewhat later, this had not been the intention of this other person at all. Neither you nor the other human beings you encounter are at all Shakespeare by any measure. Many folks cannot express fully what they mean, or mean what they say.

But here, if you are open to their intention and take in everything of their whole mental-physical demeanor - their expressions, their body language - you will be able to read between their words what they mean to say. This keeps you out of any number of silly, argumentative exchanges of meaningless hashing and rehashing of words and expressions which do not fit one or the other parties’ definition of perfect expression. You have to reach for this. You have to really want to understand the larger, spiritual person in front of you, however conscious or unconscious this is for them.

These are ways you can love most wisely. Be aware and forgiving of your own and each others’ limitations. Be willing to defuse any spontaneously arising belligerency, for you have encountered too the phenomenon of meeting someone with whom you just didn’t hit it off. What do you do then? How do you avoid being defensive? You can see how this takes strength - the willingness to take some slight social insult or disregard or contempt or meanness or anger – any one of these negative slurs, and simply give this other person a pass. Just absorb it, give it over to spirit, and start anew the very next moment.

This doesn’t always work, but I think you will enjoy some wonderful moments when someone inadvertently insults or attacks you in some small way, and then is so relieved when you don’t respond in kind. These are spiritual triumphs of your soul. Here the wisdom and the love is kindness and creativity, just as We do with you, My children. Sometimes your adversary can be teased out of themselves; but this has to be genuine. The intent has to be pure and loving, and not just a trick.

If you encounter a truly cynical person who is unable to credit your goodness, who actually experiences it for themselves as just another ploy, here is where your own graciousness, your own continuing to be creative and spontaneous and renewed allows you to meet them with equanimity. Here your intention will be tested to see if you can avoid the temptation of teaching them a lesson by being one-up in goodness. For I’m afraid, My children, the instant you do so you will simply have absorbed their cynicism.

But to continue to be your true spiritual self in the face of provocation, this was Michael’s great ability all through His human life in some extremely barbarous situations. He was tortured to death in a way designed by a cynical empire to maintain control of its subject peoples through sheer terror. His was the supreme example of gracious forgiveness - in the face of horror, and His love began to change the world. On your own scale in your own lives, these opportunities will happen. Be not afraid. Look to your own souls, your own spirit, your own intention. Truly want to love this other person you are face to face with. Take the initiative. Create the saving grace, the way forward. So even if worse comes to worst and you cannot create a friendship, give this person a pass. Let them go with your prayers for their safekeeping. Bless them with Our love and grant, in the larger scheme of things, you are no more right nor wrong than they. Then take a deep breath, heave a little sigh, and realize: you are free!

If you have any questions, My sons, I would be glad to share them with you. It helps you re-realize, over and again, I am as much yours as you are Mine.

Student: Mother, could You explain intention more clearly? Rayson recently spoke of setting your intention for the night before you go to bed, and also in the morning when you get ready for the day. I’m not quite sure what he is talking about or what intention really is.

Nebadonia: Yes, C. We have often offered this tool of dividing up your human experience into the realms of the physical, mental, and spiritual. We have emphasized that it is the spiritual realm that is originating, that is creating or creative. The physical realm pertains to what you call natural law, absolute cause–and-effect of impersonal energy and matter right down to molecules and all the way up to galaxies. The mental realm proceeds so much from the physical structure of your brains, and patterns of social and cultural usage - a whole lifetime of habits and learned behaviors - that it is not all that originating, but is greatly determined by antecedents, and creates the bubble of familiarity We’ve discussed. It is in the dimension of spirit that new ideas and concepts are born. This is an intrinsic ability you are given by God himself as part of this unique personality that you are.

In this sense intention represents your spiritual attitude, not so much specific ideas as the broader, more comprehensive willingness and ability of your whole self. It’s generally, but not exclusively, directed towards the future, what you want to see come into being. This is what you want to happen, and what you intend to do to make it happen. This can be communicated from one spirit to another, even consciously if the receiving personality is open to it. This is most obvious when two people fall in love and intend to get together.

There are times when your intention will be communicated to another, unconsciously. They can get a general impression so, however awkward or misapplied your behavior, they still may perceive you mean well, you intend the best for them. And if you too are open to what I would call a global perception of the situation, you too can have these intimations or inklings of their spiritual nature and their intention, no matter how garbled might be their delivery. Does this help you get a feeling for what intentions are?

Student: Yes, it does. It’s a lot more clear than it used to be. Your statement brings up another question: creativity, the spirit of creativity. Is that creativity in the sense that Mozart was creative, or that the great mathematicians were creative, or the great statesman were creative?

Nebadonia: Yes - all of the above. Think of the whole physical-material universe going along. The materialists of the 17th and 18th and 19th centuries, in their joy and enthusiasm at discovering a scientific method which resulted in an enormous proliferation of understanding natural law, thought of the universe as a gigantic clock that was wound up once upon a time and given a little nudge, so everything flowed on in pure cause-and-effect from that original cause. But you just pointed out the emergence into the universe of something that was never there before. This is the fundamental definition of creativity: something new that, though it may have antecedents, is more than just a recombination of previous elements. Mozart used previously existing musical notes, but look at what he created!

Your more modern existential philosophy calls this - historicity, where each moment in time is unique. Even though on the larger scales of time you have the regularity of enormous masses of planets and stars and so forth, because there is a continuous creativity on the part of all personal beings, from the Universal Father all the way down to you, each moment is unique and like no other before or after. You yourself are continually creating, I should say co-creating along with Us and the rest of the objective universe, your own subjective reality. This means that every moment of your life is unique however much you are able, or unable to realize this.

For all the various reasons We have given you before, many folks are conditioned to feel uncomfortable with this living, spontaneous happening, and so actually create, mostly unconsciously, an illusion, a bubble of familiarity to mask this constantly changing reality. They sometimes recognize it only when it is forced upon them by physical conditions they try to arrest, but which inevitability burst through their bubble and give them the experience of some catastrophe taking place - only because they have not kept up with all the small changes. So this is what We mean by creativity, and it proceeds entirely from personal beings who not only create but administer the whole Universe of Universes, right down to each personal human being. Does this give you an idea, My son?

Student: Yes, it does, much more than just a glimpse into creativity, but rather a beginning to understanding it. It looks like a subject that takes lot of understanding, and yet never get to the end of it - which I hope never happens.

I’m also finding that I’m better able understand what You and Michael say than I used to be, and I don’t know where that comes from, but I thank You very much for it, whether it’s You, or Michael, or my Father Fragment, thank You very much.

Nebadonia: Well, C, you are very welcome. As this definition of creativity takes hold in your mind and your understanding, you will be able to perceive it more and more, right up to the point where your whole time-space, physical-mental reality becomes so infused with spirit, you will begin to perceive what is meant by all of creation being the living body of God. For creativity is God’s fundamental power. Enjoy it, My son.

Student: Thank You, Mother, thank You.

Nebadonia: You’ll find it is a delightfully bubbling, soaring fountain. And it is suspended right out in the middle of the air - bursting out of nothing! This is Spirit. I suggest you take off your shoes and jump in. (Group laughs)

Student: Yes, Mother, I will. Thank You, thank You.

Nebadonia: And be in My love.

Student: I am.

Student: Yes, Mother, as You were speaking to C about creativity and intention, what popped into my head was about what Michael has mentioned before, and what I have read about God and the universe knowing what we need before we do ourselves. The implication in that is that the ability to meet that need, to manifest what we need, can be instantaneous. So I would like further clarification of that because I can grasp it on a minute level, but I think it’s important to understanding how to…we can create our lives according to the will and the vision of God.

Nebadonia: Yes, D, this is somewhat complex as it pertains to a particular human being in a specific planetary situation. On the larger scale, God has created an unfathomably deep, nigh infinite universe as a time and space place for His creatures at all levels, from the gigantic personal beings who create spiral nebula, all the way down to little ameba swimming around. Beyond this, God in His absolute love and wisdom not only provides for you what you need, but provides it in such a way that you have the freedom of accepting it or not, whether it be on a physical level of food and shelter, on a mental level of the whole social and cultural evolution of your species, or on the spiritual level of your personality - endowed with creativity and then given contact with the Father himself in your mind, your spirit father Michael’s Spirit of Truth in your heart, and My Holy Spirit dimensions of mind-adjutants which help you perceive and think.

All these are provided for you consistent with the uniformity that is expressed in the statement: God is no respecter of persons. Each person is created and then supported in a way you can only conceive of as absolute fairness. Most of the unfairness that you experience in your life is due to the social conditions in which you exist, the relative freedom of all your other fellows caught, like a snapshot, at a certain moment of historical development. So while you can be happy you were not born in a caveman type of situation, on the other hand you were born before the planet was settled peacefully in Light and Life. This is what We meant by "consistent with Our universal laws, you are provided for." But neither God, nor Michael, nor I are bound by precedent. This is where your prayers come in. This is where your particular petition, this time, can reach Us and, with your help, affect all the dimensions of your reality, limited only by Our wisdom and your faith. Does this answer your question?

Student: I guess it might…but, say, I am in need of money to pay off my debts. There are only so many hours I can work in a day, or a week, or year, to barely satisfy that need. How can I get beyond my own limitations - and have this need to pay off my debt, which is a responsibility - and allow God’s infinite abundance and life and love to help me meet this need?

Nebadonia: I think you’ve answered yourself – largely, the other evening when you conceived the need to pray for more openness to possible answers. You can break it down further if you wish and let yourself be inspired by My encouragement - to strive for a freshness of perception day by day, even moment by moment, to get beyond your own social- and cultural-, and even self-conditioning. Also, you have Michael’s Spirit of Truth to help you be ever more honest within yourself, for His spirit is most useful, not so much in telling if your fellows are fibbing to you, but in how you can be radically honest with yourself; how you can really desire to know the truth. And then our Father’s presence can help you see the big picture from not only your own viewpoint, but also including those of your closest and most intimate companions so you can be open to them. Finally, My son, you have your own creativity. This can help in reexamining with an ever more refreshed mind all the various economic opportunities that surround you in what is an almost overwhelming amount of choice, compared to more primitive conditions where your place in society absolutely determined what you could do economically. There are so many ways of handling debt, starting by examining the fundamental assumptions of your life that incurred this debt, and then how to confer with others – maybe different friends, maybe a financial adviser, to tap into all the opportunities and means of help available. But there are the four major spiritual personalities that directly impinge on your life: God the Father, the Creator Son – Michael, Myself – Daughter of the Infinite Spirit, and your own spiritual self. Are there any further questions?

Student: A lot to think about.

Nebadonia: It should help to remember that all spirit is personal – comes from a personal being. All existence comes from personal Creator beings, and They truly belong to you. It is the nature of God that He himself wills that He is yours; and We all delight when you use Us.

Student: I feel so lacking in my own creativity, in my own thinking and creative ideas - creating a new way of living. I fear losing my connection to God – which I know is erroneous, but it kind-of dawns on me.

Nebadonia: Well, it is possible for you to lose your connection with God – for yourself. This is where I ask you to have faith and a deep abiding trust in what I told you this evening about the power of intention: as long as you intend to love God and be connected with Him, you will be! We are always here. We will not fail you. And you will not fail yourself if you truly do not intend to. The study of the misdirected spirits of the Lucifer Rebellion shows you how it was only through an arrogance of self-sufficiency, a willful desire to do things on their own, entirely, by exercising their God-given ability to go it alone if they wanted to, that lead to their appalling cruelty and their ultimate obliteration. His mercy - the connection, was offered over and over, and just as often willfully rejected. Yet the obverse is also true. Your desire for connection, springing from your spiritual nature, is what connects you, because this is that dimension in which you are One with your Creator. This is His marvelous sharing of His nature: it is with your own intention – with which you reach out to touch God, that you are exercising the God-like ability that He gave you, to be more like Him.

Well, here we are again at the close of another wonderful evening of sharing our lives together. This is why, if you wish to receive Me now, My children, this is why I am glowing! I am this huge ball of energy… glowing… burning with spirit… showering My love on you… feeling your love for Me… I am your Mother… and I am your soul-mate… Michael and I so appreciate your courage.

Be in My love. Good evening.