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New Zealand010184 READ THIS FYI

The New Zealand activity in the 1980's is the forerunner of what became the Teaching Mission in the United States starting about 1991 and continues today.

New Zealand transcripts are archived in two places.

1) Under Abraham

The 1984 Introduction and group picture along with the 1987 transcripts may be found under ABRAHAM in the "A" section of the Browse & Search Menu. Abraham is the predominate personality in contact, but Machiventa Melchizedek is also part of the phenomena in these early years.

2) Under History

First look under "Other Documents" first and then select "History" and go down to New Zealand in the file list.

These documents are usually partial, or excerpts, and do not easily lend themselves to being archived in the teacher transcript section of the archive. These documents sometimes contain parts of transcripts, or announcements, and also some letters passed back and forth between the New Zealand Group and some Urantia Book groups in the United States.