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IndwellingFather012801CO_ Reality_AligningWill_WHOLE

January 28, 2001

Teacher: Indwelling Father [Thought Adjuster]

TR: Mary

Father-Mother-One, Creator-God, we ask to be encircuited with our Indwelling Father Fragments and we call in all those in service to our Indwelling Father's Will who He wishes to assist us in communicating His Divine Will and Plan for us.

Father, is it your desire that we understand this multi-leveled existence throughout the universe? To the degree that you are able, yes.

Father, is it your Will that our reality, as we have understood it, transform? Yes, that is what you term growth.

Father, are there parameters or boundaries within the free-will reality we perceive our existence in? Yes.

Self imposed? Yes

Is that SELF imposed or self imposed? Continue Child and you will answer.

Father, are there other perceived realities that do not recognize any boundaries? Yes.

Father, using the analogy of boxes within boxes and the container boxes being Your Will… would there be an infinite number of boxes? Yes.

Father, does this mean that your Will is relative to which box/reality we have chosen to exist in? Yes.

Father, how can we then align our Will to yours? Continue.

Okay this is what came into mind… Two things actually. First: Each entity IS. If we use boxes to describe Your Will then we are each a box; we are each your WILL. You are the WHOLE and each of us IS a part of the Whole.

Like cells of the human body we comprise other parts of the Whole that comprise larger parts of the Whole. Should we "outgrow" the part we comprise then transformation is set into motion. If the many boxes/people of Urantia (another box containing the "people" boxes and making up a portion of yet a larger box), expand and enlarge their boxes, then the box/Urantia which contained us must change.

Any change, like with a cell, effects the WHOLE in some way. If enough cells of the body

change then an affected organ or tissue experiences more intense change which eventually changes the whole body.

The Will of WHOLE is anything that is not SELF-destructive. The Desire of WHOLE is bringing SELF further into SELF-awareness. YOU ARE WHOLE. We are part of WHOLE. The only "boundaries" for free-will creatures is that we not choose SELF-destruction.

Second concept: The Trinity Concept only with the correlation of –

First Source and Center primarily experiencing body/physical/space

Second Source and Center primarily experiencing mind/sequence/time

Third Source and Center primarily experiencing energy/emotions/movement?

We as boxes within boxes within boxes are eventually contained within a box (Michael Son and Creative Daughter Box) that is constructed by First and Second Source (2/3) and Third Source (1/3).

But in order to BE WHOLE we must transform until we attain equal harmonious balance. Therefore in our "reality" our experiences will involve integrating more energy/emotions/movement into our "reality" in order to become aligned with the TRUE WHOLE - to become patterned as the WHOLE is Patterned.

If I were to perceive YOU as a tapestry then the "celestial threads" would be akin to the warp - the strong, sturdy, smooth threads while I am part of the woof - the threads which add imperfections, design, and interest to the WHOLE.

Father, is this the understanding YOU would have me perceive? Yes.