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Marin TM Group


How Shall We Greet Each Other Often Each Day?

December 13, 2004

Dear Michael and Mother Spirit, We gather together and meet again under Your auspices and in this special encompassing of Your enhanced focus, and our awareness, of Your presence. We ask You to help us open our minds, open our hearts. We appreciate these insights You give us into our human lives and the ways we can contact and stay in touch with Spirit day to day. Amen.

Nebadonia: My dear children, I warmly accept your welcome. It does My heart good to be with you this way. This is your Mother, Nebadonia. How shall we greet each other on these times? You have been receiving special instructions these last several weeks and, as you mentioned in your prayer, how shall we greet each other day to day, often within each day? Part of this may seem very mundane, but it is essential: you must value this contact enough to remember to initiate it. This initiation, this desire on your part to contact a larger realm of perception and experience, is what starts your mind and your heart, your feelings and your spirit, to begin to orient towards this larger realm. Even though you are in this realm, insofar as it surrounds you and you live within it, still there is a kind of orientation, a kind of tuning in, for your focus is not on a time-and-space phenomenon, but on something you can think of as extra-dimensional. This is not only around everything in space, but permeates every object as well. This results in the fact that whenever you are ready to contact Spirit, Spirit is already there. There is nowhere you can be, physically, to be out of touch. Whenever you are ready, We are already here.

Since the initiation is on your part, you have to remember to do this. We recommend setting aside a regular time of day - to spend a certain amount of time in stillness, in quieting your mind and letting go this need to feel yourselves "really living" in order to feel the transcendent value of purely existing. Early morning is a good time for this, before you start your busy days, and while you feel fresh and energetic from a nights rest. But this is not absolute, for some of you may find evenings more conducive to this daily session of just allowing yourself to come to a stop, allowing Michael and I to increase the focus of Our presence in your mind and in your heart.

What I would suggest this evening, in addition to this daily practice, this fifteen minutes or half an hour or so that you set aside, is to use small periods of stillness as punctuation in your life, as Michael invited you to do last week, to deliberately stop for however long, maybe just a few minutes, stop and reflect. For these can be done at the end of your work day, between one activity and another, or anytime you feel confused. This is the time to simply sit down, close your eyes, and welcome Us to join you again to give you the peace and the guidance your world-weary souls so often need at times like these.

These little mini-meditations can be so refreshing. So often you will be acknowledging your own spirit which wants to get in touch with you from the overall, larger super-conscious encompassing of your life. Here is where the spiritual dimension of your own personality needs to speak into your consciousness. By taking these breaks between separate activities, you are, in a sense, listening to yourself - tapping into your own larger wisdom, letting small worries and concerns fade away to reorient yourself within your own personal context of meaning. But here also is where you are giving yourself an opportunity to contact higher realms, extra-personal realms of Spirit - the fragment of God Himself who indwells your mind; your direct spiritual parents, Michael and Myself; and even, if you wish, a celestial friend, a seraphim or an ascendant mortal who would delight in having you for a friend to talk with and with whom to share experiences.

I know that, for many of you, so much of this seems like some kind of science fiction, or something that sounds to good to be true - too much just a product of human longing or loneliness. I can only assure you that it is not. The supreme characteristics of spiritual personalities - and here I remind you that all spiritual presence and input to you is from discreet individual spirit persons - the main characteristic of these spirit persons is a desire to contact you. You can become a great part of their life. You have your whole world experience, your souls, to share with them. And believe Me, My children, they, above all, honor and appreciate the courage with which you go through your daily lives on Urantia. So when you open yourself to contact with Spirit, this is the love, the honoring, the care and the interest - in you - that you tap into.

Speaking as the Mother of all these spiritual or pure-spirit persons, excepting Michael and our Universal Father himself, I know wherewith I speak. These are all My children. I am the connection between, and right within them all. I am the love that binds them all together. This is My joy. This is My delight. I cannot express how welcome each and every one of you is to acknowledge Me within your life, in addition to your regular stillness meditation, in these small breaks you take between activities during the day. I appreciate even a few moments, mere seconds - anytime when you can muster your full attention instantaneously and think, "Thank You, Mother, I’m happy to be with You. Thank You for all of this that I’m involved in this moment." Can you remember to do this, My children?

Group: Yes.

Nebadonia: This requires that special presence of mind we looked at before. I am this presence of mind. I know how difficult it is to take even one one-hundredth of one percent out of your busy lives for a kind of a continuous awareness of consciousness itself. But you will find marvelous rewards in this kind of detachment, because you will find it actually augments your awareness of what is happening. It’s as if you have your nose pressed right up tight to a window on your own life, and by this stepping back a few inches and being aware that you too are spirit, that you too are more than anything you are experiencing in a discreet way, you too are existing in an infinite way - you too are a part of everything. You will be surprised at how much this enables you to appreciate the particular, unique situation happening.

Here is a space, the infinitely expandable space within you, within which you can grow. Here, in feeling what I have called your pure existence, here is the assurance that you are - that you are complete, moment by moment. So you need not fear in any way the uniqueness, the newness, the unpredictable happenings now just a few inches in front of your nose. Think of all the effort expended by so many fearful souls struggling, ultimately in vain, to make each day the same as yesterday. Think how they must feel about being driven through life, out of control, overwhelmed because they are not keeping apace with each new day’s creation. For these harassed souls, just trying to stop and be still and feel Michael’s peace can be experienced as precipitating a landslide, and anything but peaceful.

But here comes the saving grace of Michael’s Spirit of Truth. Here comes the reward of having the courage to seek the truth above all. If your stillness meditations, and if your trying to stop in the middle of your busy days, seem to precipitate an onrushing, overwhelming feeling of everything being swept away around you, welcome the experience. Ride it out. Have faith that, little bit by little bit, you can rediscover all the different elements you may have forgotten that you chose once upon a time. You can rediscover what all these elements are, driving you through your life without your wanting them to do so. At least now you have the opportunity of choosing to stop, to pause, to reflect, to reevaluate, to be free to choose anew.

Our desire, My children, is only that you be free, and that you grow in mind, in body, in spirit - in meaning, in health, in conscious value. And this is God’s plan for you. This is how you were created. This is the kind of beings that you are. Just as you are touched with the Absolute in your pure existence, so too you are touched with the Unqualified Absolute of infinite - let Me repeat that - infinite potential. This is your birthright, My children. You have a word for your future - it is called eternity. And so that is what you are involved in right this moment.

Being human, you can most easily experience this, not just partly - in the spirit power of your imagination, your own personal creative power - but in the full presence of your Spiritual parents, Michael and Myself. We invite you to remember to do so. Just that! It is both that easy, and that difficult, because the choice is yours, eternally yours. We ask you to use it wisely. Let this choice, of sharing your life with Us, reflect the living total of your experience - your souls. Here is where We - Michael, Myself, our Universal Father - and you, are One.

Tonight is not a night for questions, My children. I would ask that you think about these things - this lesson; read and re-read it again. Try to take these spiritual breaks during your day. Let what comes crashing down all around you, crash away, like standing under a thundering waterfall, if this be the case. Have courage, have curiosity, be tenacious - follow the truth wherever it leads. Return to, and stand on the bedrock of Our peace, Our love for you.

Good Evening.