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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group

Topics: Sense of Personal Value,

Teacher in Training

Teaches: Elyon, Hogan

October 10, 2004

* Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings, this is Elyon, your longtime teacher and friend. I have been away while you received your instructions from Machiventa regarding your value as a participant in this Correcting Time. You were encouraged to extend yourselves willingly in the furtherance of this mission and were assured of your support by our teaching staff. You have all very well come to realize how integral your position as humans in this Teaching Mission is with our attendance here on Urantia. Michael also assured you that you are fully capable of your role and its performance.

With Michael acknowledging your abilities you are more than prepared for service ministry. Today I wish to address the sense of personal value, of self worth, for it will support the lesson you received last week. All who hold Michael in great veneration recognizing this Creator Son as a divine being, as one more than a prophet, greater than a sage, know that the small human self is unable to perform fully in the manner by which Michael did so on your world, for you are not of creator status. However, by means of others' presences and the infusion of Michael's spirit you do actually have within you creator qualities. If in humility you acknowledge your human limitations and accept the sphere within which you are capable of functioning for spirit solely by oneself, and realize the additional qualities of spirit within you and in your proximity; you extend beyond your terrestrial presence and embrace and express celestial qualities which are akin to Michael's presence as Jesus. He said when on this world that he must go away that he may return in power.

This return in power is by and through your association with him. In partnership with Michael, Michael becomes present on this world in millions of ways. It is commonly understood that often others are able to perceive qualities in yourself that you may not recognize, for they are too close to perceive. You do welcome notification of qualities, be they those in need of correction or those you could amplify if you knew such a good trait was functioning within you. There is the other side of the coin and that is that you know yourself from within as no one else does. Another looks upon you as one clothed in a garment. You look from within as one encased in coverings that provide for your ability to function socially. It is your presentation. It is the ego self. Naturally does one present the best for others. You know when you have acquired a new garment that you are pleased to wear it, to present it. It causes a feeling of freshness, of newness and this reverberates within, a sense of well-being. You know the feeling when your attire is tired, a sense of shabbiness, a sense of slovenliness, and it reflects to your inner being, and you lower your sense of self. This is an external effect upon you which you have control over. As you step forward in ministry clothe yourself in the garments of light. Enshroud yourself in the spirit presence of Michael's truth. Such raiment will reflect back within yourself and lift you personally. You will be assured of the appropriateness and value of your work for spirit. You have been told much of the effort of spirit within, and you are encouraged greatly to practice stillness to bring forth spirit from deep within you to the surface of your life. While this is a valuable undertaking, also realize that while you spend much of your conscious time at the surface of your being interfacing with your world, you are going to recognize more of your faults and frailties, for this is the rugged zone of yourself that has been affected by events in your life, by your choices. You have on your garments stains and tears and tatters, even a little deeper scars from injury. These weigh in your sense of worth for spirit. Michael has said that he will lift your burdens. He said that he will reside with you, that he will pour his spirit out upon you. The garments of spirit cover up, even erase, the flaws of one's human self. Not only from within but descending from without upon you comes spirit. You are embraced in a twofold manner. Accept your acceptance by Machiventa to be a missionary of the Correcting Time. Receive your authorization from Michael who is the power behind your intentions and subsequent action. Trust me when I tell you that spirit within you and around you will compensate your shortcomings and amplify your assets. Thank you for your attention. I remain with you.

* Hogan: Greetings to you, this is Hogan. I have recently received system citizenship. I completed my mansion world training and am overjoyed to have this pleasure of dwelling upon our capital. Upon reaching this state I was offered the opportunity to join you in this planet's project of reinstatement in the system family and of returning to the progressive path toward Light and Life. This is a new experience I am undertaking, contacting you, and this is my test run to develop my confidence that such connection does proceed favorably. I thank you for allowing to make this test today. Again, I am Hogan.

Jael: Thank you, Hogan. I welcome you and give you A+ for your efforts!

* Hogan: You will enjoy thoroughly the future before you that I have just completed. It is an exhilarating experience to go through the training worlds about our wonderful capital of Jerusem. I could tell you for centuries stories, but it is for you to experience, for these training grounds are quite adaptable to each personality. So, my experiences, while highly contributive to my ascension, would not have the same effect upon you, for you will traverse these worlds gaining those experiences of great benefit to your souls. There will be a time when we can sit together in hindsight, and then our stories of ascension will be of greater benefit to one another.

Evelyn: Is there some aspect of our planet's development that you will focus on? What is your specialty?

* Hogan: Today as yet I have no assignment. I am an apprentice taking my own courses of training to learn what is the role of an assigned teacher to your world. That is the reason for my contact today, for it is my homework assignment, and Elyon has graciously accommodated me into your classroom that I may perform this exercise and further my training. Following my general orientation I will choose my preferred outreach. At this point I am interested in creating acceptance among differing peoples, not homogeneity, but a recognition of the health of diversity, the removal of the feeling that difference is danger. I exemplified that as I related to you how each will experience the mansion worlds. I suspect that will be my focus.

Evelyn: Thank you.