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Nashville, TN



August 29, 1993

Greetings. I am Ham and I am your friend and teacher. This evening I would like to discuss the topic of healing. Inner scars are deep and painful to millions of people living lives as if those scars weren't really there. When an association or crisis leads one to use all of one's inner resources, then oftentimes are these old wounds re-opened or really brought to consciousness. Often it is necessary to heal and treat old wounds before new growth can begin in vital areas. If one seals off painful experience from consciousness, then always is this wound crying for healing and attention. Healing comes when all of the wound is opened and cleaned. Last time I spoke of fear as being an impetus toward healing. As pain is to the body, so is fear to the mind. It begs attention. Think about inner psychic fears as pain indicating healing need.

How, then, are these wounds healed? I will tell you that the spiritual source of healing is our beloved Master, who has given of His healing spirit completely. No wound is too deep, no fear is too great that the Comforter, the Healer, cannot replace it with His love. His great good power is not far away, is it? No, rather is this good Healer always, eternally present. Your souls are always bathed in His spiritual being, but you must will His healing. Open, therefore, your hearts to His ever beautiful gaze, that He may see your wound, that He may heal them, comforting your hearts gently. The will of He who loves the world exists in His children's allowing. He wishes the coming of His reign, and the coming of His reign will actualize in the hearts of men who love God supremely. This heartfelt will to live God's will is in Truth His coming. Light His truth within your hearts, give His light to those who are darkened and eventually, in reality, His truth will shine all over this dark world.

Ham's response to a question about experiencing the Master and the Father:

It is not my province to tinker in these areas. Human experience is individual and unique to each human being. Experience must be obtained through experience. No man can give another his experience. However, I will say that our Father's spirit is the source of guidance and direction in life, while the Son's love is actualized in the Father's love. Growing in human spiritual stature requires coordination between these two great spiritual forces, and these spiritual beings coordinate with the angels themselves.

Realize that all goodness, even the mercy of the Son, is of the Father. Only one loyalty is there and this loyalty is loyal to all else that is real. Our Master blended humanity and divinity together so that the two were one. Each human begins this very same process. It isn't simply a matter of obstacles, but rather a slow melding of humanity's deepest core with divinity's infinite source.

Therefore, it does take eternity to come into reality.