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August 05, 2004





PHONE-CONFERENCE SESSION [some questions were barely audible. ed.]

* Solonia (Daniel TR): Greetings, dear ones, this is your devoted sister Solonia. Tonight I would like to start with a short talk about purpose.

In the morontia and seraphic realms purpose is obvious to us all; our purpose is clear to us. On this world of yours each individual must discover and then devote themselves to their purpose; indeed it is one of your highest tasks in this mortal life. Purpose, in this instance, can be equated to dreams, your deep inner longings of service. You have truly a rare opportunity in your short terrestrial lives to discover from the outside in what your true and highest purpose is. Often you will find as you mature that your purpose seems to change, and you begin to feel you have devoted yourself to a new purpose. With more maturity you repeat the process again and again until you one day realize that indeed your initial purpose is what your eventual purpose is too. All of the seeming sidesteps were but educational and experiential opportunities for you to learn and grow and acquire new levels of knowledge and wisdom along the way.

It is not the intention of your guardians to make your lives into lives of uneventful ease. Indeed, often when you begin seeking another purpose your guardian seraphim truly have a great deal of work to do in order to help you along that decision-making path.

What is our purpose as we see it? We seraphim and morontia beings, even the higher brothers and sisters in the local and superuniverses, know our purpose. It is to live and grow in our understanding love and closeness to our eternal Parents. It is to bring God more and more into our personal experience. And I tell you what, your purpose is no different than ours. We may carry our purpose through seemingly infinite different opportunities and pathways, yet the underlying and overshadowing purpose of us all is learning to love and serve for and with our heavenly Father. It is a partnership which we will continue to perfect for all of our careers.

Look at your lives, each of you, and define your purpose. Put it into words if you will and look at it. Search back into your dreams and look at the path ahead of you. Where is it that you would like to place your feet? It is your purpose, dear ones. Only you as individuals may define your own purpose and the paths that you will take in order to achieve it. You and God make that decision, but ultimately, my friends, it is you, for our Father only suggests. It is our purpose to learn from His suggestions.

There is another who would speak with you in the wings. I will have a seat, so to speak.

* Elyon (Jonathan): Greetings to you, this is Elyon. I always thrill to dwell with you in awareness, each of us assembling to receive what is ultimately from Father, translated through my mind, my fellow teachers' minds, to you to be absorbed by you in your awareness. We are family in this regard. Within our search for truth is an experience of fellowship, one with another, in the discovery. Solonia has well expressed our purpose within the Father's will, and I wish to express that purpose which is projected upon you or, more accurately, within you, is from God. God seeks to receive from you His temporal experiences, a feat the Infinite does not undertake without your finite infusion. You are to give to God your intention which is fully aligned with His purpose. In doing so you complete the partnership of creature and Creator within the unfoldment of the potentials of the Supreme.

God is a brilliant light. Each of us creatures of time is like silvery confetti fluttering before this light. Every turn in your experience of time and space is an ultimate reflection of the Absolute Being of Love. Every flicker is your opportunity to reflect this divine luminosity.

Father in omniscience perceives the best that is to unfold within you. As you intend to comprehend His purpose, you can direct your flickers to maximize the benefits of spiritual illumination on this world to those seeking the light. Each day is an opportunity to find once again the Father's light, His purpose. It is also an opportunity to discern around you your best angle of reflection. That is your intention. When your intention is the purpose of God, you are doing the Father's will.

Thank you for receiving Solonia's and my address today. Both of us would receive any of your questions.

Q: I've been seeking the Father's will, and at the same time I've often wondered, what is the Father's purpose in the first place?.

* Solonia (Daniel): Indeed, friend, that is what we are all discovering in the experiential unfoldment of the Supreme. It is truly the supreme quest to discover just that, my friend. That you understand enough that you are able to voice that question shows that you are truly well on your way.

Q: Thank you. I often think about the Supreme that is evolving and, even though I understand some concepts, I don't really get it, what the being that is being evolved is all about. I guess we just have to wait and see.

* Solonia: We all are playing our individual parts in the unfoldment of the Supreme, my friend. Each loving experience of every being of time and space contributes to all everywhere throughout the master universe, because it is the gift of a contribution towards the unfoldment of the evolutionary God. It is a great privilege, and too it is a great responsibility, but truly privilege and responsibility go hand in hand, do they not?

Simon: These purposes seem far away to be realized, even one step at a time.

Can you comment on the gap between Michael's mission and things like holding on to faith and hope, and other purposes like zero-point energy, better mechanical things, better living for everybody, better educational opportunities etc.

* Solonia: A key point is never wait until you think you are ready, for indeed it is the testing and the strengthening of your faith which gets you these seemingly unreachable goals. The desire to reach for something which appears so far beyond you can be strong enough if you are willing to take a step. What would I have to do first, given my present situation? Reason it out. Take that step. Steps follow, but it is only your faith that you are striving towards your Father's will for you that truly pulls you forward and allows this higher purpose to evolve, if you will.

As you have been told, evolution is indeed a slow process, yet all you need to do is in fact take one step forwards. Each time you see another step that is possible to take, take it. It is for you to move your foot from the ground to the point of no return, letting your faith trust that our Father will put your foot in the right place. Wherever you are, discover God's will for why you are there.

Nothing is beyond any one of you if your devotion and will and sense of purpose is strong enough. If it is a desire to be in service, opportunities will unfold. It is the job of your celestial brethren to aid you in these endeavors, but I would warn you, rarely does it look like you expected it would, but in reality it is the same inner desire only in a "Godified" form. I hope this answers your question and stimulates you to indeed take steps.

* Elyon (Jonathan): This is Elyon. I wish to also interject some comments in regard to the purpose that God seeks in this experience of finite evolution.

Picture, if you will, a rope. At one end is God's reach into the realm of finite existence. At the other are all creatures, myself and yourself. Eventually this rope will fully manifest from the invisible potentials of absoluteness; it will materialize all along its length. This is time and space. You and I are filaments within this Supreme.

Each filament has its own limitations. Each one of us has received talents and gifts from God all in various proportions and ratios. When you in mind discern the ideals of the purpose of God in time and space, you are able to perceive more than that which you can accomplish or manifest in your life. It is therefore the pursuit of the individual creature to maximize to one's limits the inherent potentials of self and to rejoice in the understanding that many of your fellows will fill in as another filament within the rope of Supremacy to make the continuity to fully realize the manifestation of God's purpose and our pursuit of Him in time and space.

Q: Thank you for all your answers and questions. Thank you all and Jesus for all you do. I want to know if Michael Son is there?

* Michael: Sister, yes, I am with you always.

Q: I love you and I miss you and am looking forward to the time when we will all see you.

There is a young woman. Is she an important person for me at this time? What care should I take with her, and what should I.... [rest of question inaudible]

* Michael: Every individual that comes into relationship with you has been assisted by the angels in order that you both may be further stimulated to higher relationship with God and service for Michael. Your friend is important in this regard, and when you increase in soul presence through growth, through learned lessons, another will also come before you to enhance your progress. Many are functioning in this manner for you and your fellows.

Always look to our Father for your ultimate fulfillment, for your continual guidance, but be ready to learn from the least of my children. Be willing to discern through faith truth as it is revealed to you. Father reveals wisely; He will not lead you astray.

Trust ever, but also be discerning to know when the course of time has passed, and you are to begin a new level of unfoldment. Watch for the companions of growth which will enter your life then to assist you.

Q: Thank you, that's wonderful, exactly what I needed to know. I'm grateful to our heavenly Father, and I send Him all my love.

Q: Can you answer this? Did Michael hear the prayer that I sent him a couple of days ago?

* Solonia (Daniel): Michael always hears our prayers that we send to him, dear son. There is never a time that he does not, and indeed, with the Spirit of Truth that you all have available to you which is Michael's spirit within you, you can be even more assured that your prayer was heard. The answer must always await the Father's time of unfoldment, however.

Q: Thank you, this is my first session, and I'm grateful to be part of this mission. I hope whatever talents that I have may be used to benefit God and the mission. Thank you.

* Solonia: You are indeed welcome here, Michael.

Q: If there are no other questions, may I request a prayer from sister Solonia or Elyon to end the session, please.

* Elyon (Jonathan): Father, you have displayed before us all a stupendous manifestation of your creative abilities which we are privileged by your grace and mercy to venture across and through. You know that your identity as the I AM Creator is beyond our ability to perceive. Therefore You have revealed to us in the complex universe that which we can approach to ascend into your presence. Thank you for this bestowal of creation and for our life within it.

May we seek ever and always You, the ultimate reality, the one from which we all have come and return. We give You our love, our loyalty, to see Your purpose. Thank you, Almighty; thank you, Father.