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Center For Christ Consciousness

NEBADONIA (Mother Spirit)

Exercise to Feel What It Means To Be Fraternal

APRIL 19, 2004

Prayer: Mother and Father, we come before you to become your vessels of compassion, understanding, and forgiveness. Prepare our hearts and bodies to receive more of these infusions of our Father. Lead us into the fullness of desire for divine union with you. Infuse within us a deeper commitment to lovingly serve your children through faith and devotion. And we thank you for this opportunity to grow in you. Amen.

Nebadonia: Beloved children, this is your Mother Nebadonia who speaks. I bid good evening to all of you who have ventured out on this evening, especially to those of you who are joining for the first time. Welcome, and receive my embrace, and know that you are always at home safe and secure in me. Tonight we will modify our evening’s activities somewhat so that you may all enjoy the fraternization of one another and what it means to belong to a family where compassion and understanding, forgiveness and love are the predominating attitudes and values that you embody.

Pick one individual in the room. Focus you gaze on that individual in your mind’s eye. Ask for your Father’s love to infuse you in your heart center. When you feel that, beam that love into that individual’s heart. All you all interested in participating in this now? (Yes) I thought you would enjoy this. Make your selection. Stay focused within and allow yourself to receive your Father’s love as you pass it on to this person whom you have chosen. We will do this for a few moments. (Pause)

Now ask to feel the personality presence of that individual—that true quality of the individual you have selected. Feel the essence of this person: the nature, goodness, and beauty of that personality. Ask to feel who this person is as a child of ours. (Pause)

Now ask yourself these questions: Do I perceive this person differently when I focus on this component of them in an internal gaze that is different or altered than when I view this person with my own eyes? (Pause) Do I sense the deeper understanding of this individual than when I perceive with my own eyes? (Pause) And lastly, is my appreciation of this person different than when I perceive with my own eyes? (Pause)

As you stay in this state of stillness, please share amongst yourselves some very brief perceptions, without naming the individual whom you have selected, but allowing for yourself to express a sampling of what you experienced in this exercise. You may all share one at a time as you feel so moved.

Student: Mother, my individual is generally somewhat sober. I got the impression of a very joyful person inside there, kind of bubbling over.

Student: Mother Nebadonia, I felt through this exercise that I was able to enjoy this personality without the burden of judgment. Whereas when I perceive through my eyes I feel there is either a judgment made towards me or a judgment I will make on this person.

Student: Mother, I felt this person was much more solid than when I see with my own eyes; more real to me.

Student: Mother, I saw this person as someone who is full of light and life and carefree. It seemed like this person was more your child.

Student: Mother, when I allow the sense of the person to appear to me inwardly, the person who normally seems very tense seemed to be represented by two images going back and forth between a puppy dog and a Buddha. This person ultimately was the curious energetic erratic puppy and this surrendered serene Buddha.

Student: Mother, I saw the person as a wonderful treasure that has a little bit of a valence covering some of the magnificence just due to being here on this planet. There was a deep, wise and playful soul underneath.

Student: Mother Nebadonia, thank you for your exercise. I tend to see people as bodies and also when I see them as children of God, it is a nice shift, to shift from bodily associations and judgments into the wider open spaces of the I AM. I believe everything which is personality is the one reality which is our Father.

Student: Dear Nebadonia, I saw this individual as a Thought Adjuster infused child and adolescent and adult much more multi-faceted, altogether wholesome and eternal.

Nebadonia: Thank you for sharing amongst yourselves. How effective do you believe this would be in taking this out into your daily lives and in extending that compassion, understanding, and forgiveness that we have been guiding you to develop these past few months? Please share your comments amongst yourselves.

Student: Mother, I feel that’s very much what’s been happening. I perceive it as the individuals in my life—there’s a depth there, a uniqueness. I feel very much like what R expressed, a suspension of kind of a filter, a judgment. When you suspend this, the real individuality, the uniqueness of that person comes through.

Student: I interact, Mother, with upwards of a hundred and fifty teenagers everyday and it’s useful and helpful for me to keep in mind that the little end of the beam of light that I see is actually an entire beam of light. And that each child is your child and has come into the world, into the universe, to be nurtured by you, and is passing through my care for a brief time. So thinking about each child that has an eternal being helps me to gage my interactions with them differently than I would; not react to them as it’s possible to do but to try to allow nurturing from you to come through meaning in the class experience; to try to help them unfold themselves, because each is an unfolding being and not just a teenager with attitude.

Nebadonia: But yet my son, is this not precisely the way most humans interact with one another on a daily basis?

Student: We form quick judgments and we act on those judgments in the moment without considering ourselves and each other its mult- dimensional unfolding, meanings who need to learn where the roots and the branches are coming from and going to, absolutely.

Its part of our survival mechanism isn’t it? Quick judging.

Nebadonia: It is part of your makeup as it has evolved on this planet, but it is not necessarily the one that is consistent with the will of the Father in Paradise. For had your planet developed more normally and more in an atmosphere of love, the judgments that you are quick to develop would be greatly tempered with the idea that children are all beloved by us, their universe Mother and Father, and that each person has a place in this family, and that all children have unique abilities and potentials that need to be nurtured and honored and respected and cultivated with careful, tender devotion and understanding.

I think you all have enough imagination to consider what this world would be like had your evolutionary plan proceeded apace with this unfolding, as it were. You would not see the strife, the warfare, the aggression, the greed, the intolerance that is so endemic upon this blighted world. But we are here to teach you and you are the touch bearers of this new love energy, this new compassionate attitude, in approaching those people with whom you live in intimate associations.

Student: I wanted to share mother, about one of your children a hundred years ago, Rudolf Steiner said something that might be of value in considering children, in the context of your statements about us as a family and we are all children, He said, ‘the two qualities most necessary for a teacher’, and I suppose all of us play the role of a teacher at some point, ‘are reverence for where the child comes from in the universe and for where the child is going spiritually and enthusiasm for that child’s unfolding.’ I just wanted to put that out and if you have any comments, additional wisdom, I’d like to hear.

Nebadonia: But this is precisely the point of this exercise tonight for you are all children, you are all brothers and sisters in our family. And when you do an exercise as you participated in this evening, did you not feel a sense of reverence for this individual, a respect, regard and would you not wish the best for this person to achieve all that can be amassed as far as spiritual gains in this persons lifetime? You have more love for this individual. And simply this is the desire to do good to others, and reverence and enthusiasm are all components of a deep love.

I would encourage you all to see one another as children in the truest sense of universe reality, for you are all very young in spirit and you are just learning new and more productive ways of inter-association. And if you take off the judgments that you place upon one another, then does not that innocent child-like essence of each individual come forth and speak the purity and the simplicity and the grandeur of the Fathers personality as it flows through this person?

As we are taking on this journey of being planetary healers, what is the one quality that we wish for you to be so infused with, that you can take on this work and be filled with joy and passion? It is love. It is the fullness of falling in love with one individual at a time as each person presents himself/ herself to you. And so these exercises that we have presented to you are the schoolroom for you to practice this, to rehearse over and over until you become so full of love and compassionate understanding that there is no other response, no other possible thought in your mind to love this individual who has come before you.

Go now into your Father, ask to feel him in your heart. Ask for his love now to pour forth into your being, to soften all of your judgments to help you see only through his eyes, the eyes of love: the children that live here on Urantia. We will move in you now, children. We will create more room in you for you to see with your Father’s eyes. (Pause)

The encircuitments in your Father’s love is an energetic acquirement that you willingly share with another person. His love in you draws you into a highly magnetized spiritual interchange with another individual. And whether you share a smile or a phrase of greeting or a long conversation, when you are fully entrenched in your Father’s love, you will create an echo reverberation and that individual’s core that will alter them and build your Father’s love in them. Feel the encircuitment of these words: receive the impressioning deep within your being. (Pause)

And feel the fullness of these words: I am my Father’s love. I am my Father’s love. I am my Father’s love. Receive this my children: you are your Father’s love.

Now see before you your beautiful world, your beautiful home in the cosmos. Who are you on this world? You are your Father’s love on this world. Open your heart and send it as deep and wide as you can over the planet: I am my Father’s love on this world. I am my Father’s love on this world. I am my Father’s love on this world. (Pause)

Now children, focus your intention to be planetary healers in the center of the earth. There are so many broken hearts on this planet and we gather them now in this core where your Father lives. We ask you, through your sheer desire to love one another, to send this desire of your heart to heal your brethren into the core where the brokenness, and woundedness of the human condition lies in wait to receive its freedom from pain. Send your desire to heal your brethren into the core and your Father and I will move in that. (Pause)

And now, call forth for the desire for this planet to receive the mercy of the promised son who will walk with you in the flesh and comfort and console and uplift you and uplift this world. To receive, to be placed back in the energy streams of the universe reunited again in our cosmic family. Find your desire for him to come and ask for his mercy to be revealed on this world. (Pause) The desires of your heart have been received.

There is much change still to come. The pace will quicken as we bring more of ourselves into this world and you will feel a new elation in your desire to serve. There will be times when you will still feel the urge of the animal nature tug within you, holding you back. Yield this to me children. Give this to me so I can bring into you the fullness of your Father. You will gain liberty beyond your imagination. You will gain a confidence beyond your capacity, and a courage beyond your endurance. And you will know the strength and power of the glory of Michael. Good evening.