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Help Me Ease Your Disruptions

SEPTEMBER 22, 2003

The peace of Michael is upon you now. This is your Mother, Nebadonia. Good evening, my little ones. How are you handling your disruptions? Have your Father and I whetted your appetite for these occurrences in your lives so that you would see the humor and the growth that lies therein?

Bring to me in the silence of the room—in the quiet of your mind—those reservations you have in mind and body about the destabilizing aspects of disruption. I will weave your Father’s peace into you. Do this now, my children. (Pause)

Are you all now willing to go deeper into the nature of disruption in your lives? May I take you even further into this tonight? (Students agree) Then, my children, go into the place within your mind where you sense fear, and ask for your fears about disruption to come to the surface so that your Father and I may weave more of ourselves over those fears and give you a greater capacity to trust us. Let these fears emerge naturally, and when you sense them and no longer wish to sense them, ask for the truth and the peace of Michael to quell them within you. (Pause)

Now as you summon Michael’s peace and truth in your body, give your mind the permission it needs to trust this peace will be available to you at all times. It will be easy to do this, for your mind will feel it and will want to gravitate toward it. (Pause)

Now allow your Father and me to enter into the deepest foundation of your being. You do this by simply inviting us in. Your foundation in your consciousness is extremely broad and deep. There are many layers to your thoughts that precede or are laid upon this foundation. But invite us in now into this deep embedded point of anchoring of divine reality within you. We will add something into you. (Pause)

We have talked about this anchoring in our being before, have we not? It is the desire of your Father and I to keep you safe within us. Your foundation of Michael’s reality must actually be greater than the collective thoughts of your evolutionary nature that has been dominated by distortion. So as you allow us to pierce through your fears—to gently uproot them and expose them to the light of truth—will your foundation in Michael and his truth gain you that foothold of stability in the domain of Spirit that is your permanent, infinite, and eternal anchor.

So you see, my little ones, it is quite safe to let us in to the very depths of your mind; to penetrate through all of those layers of conditioned resistance to doing the Father’s will. It is only by coming into us that you are released from these stubborn resistances. The disruption then we bring into you would be most welcome then, would it not? For what we are disrupting in you is error, distortion, shadow, and evil. Would you not wish to be free of these in all areas of your life, to partake of the joys and liberty of being a true, full, complete, and replete children of the Paradise Creator? Is this not what your heart yearns for? This is not what the core of your being wishes to resonate with? You see, my children, how in welcoming these disruptions now what you will gain. Now is your appetite more whetted for this? (Students agree)

Find your desire, find your appetite for the disruption no matter how large or small, invite us in and we will bit by bit heightened your desire for this. (Pause)

You may now bring me your comments or questions about what you have experienced this evening.

Student: Mother Nebadonia, I would like to ask if things that you speak of…I want everything that you offer. There’s not much more I can do than simply want this by my act of will. I hope this is enough. If there’s more I need to do to have these gifts, then so be it. Let me know what that is. Otherwise, I simply want the gifts you have to give. I trust in you is 100%. This is what I feel.

Nebadonia: Beyond the strata of your conscious desire lies very strong and pronounced will resistance. It is endemic in the human condition on Urantia because of the compulsion for humans to persist in this adherence to the Luciferian doctrine of self-liberty. This firmly entrenched ideology has a thought energy presence on the planet that is very pervasive in the human thought form patterns in your consciousness. While your Father and I are fully aware of your heart’s desire, unbeknownst to you beneath the surface of this lies this very persistent resistance to doing the Father’s will.

In your heart’s desire to offer yourselves to me and your Father for purification what you will need to do continually, persistently, regularly, and with sincere devotion and dedication is to present yourselves and ask for yourselves to be refined, for your mind to be opened, and for the disruption of this pervasive distorted patterns to be fully and finally removed from you in all of the manifestations that it plays in your life. This is what you can do now—to come to me each day for your daily "bath" that I have discussed with you before, so that your Father and I may cleanse your mind; may purify your thoughts. You do this by coming into the stillness and asking for our ministry to free you from all of those mindal adherents to the Luciferian doctrine to be fully finally and forever purged from your system. Is this not something that you are sensing in your soul, my son?

Student: Mother, as you are aware, this is something I am sensing. This is something that I am daily practicing. But I wonder, how long will it take to simply and finally purge myself of the daily grind of the Lucifer Rebellion?

Nebadonia. As long as it must take.

Student: Then I will patiently and faithfully continue to do this. I was simply hoping to know if there was more I could do. Perhaps now to this with even more desire each day.

Nebadonia: And more patience in knowing that the evolutionary process must prevail in this undertaking for it is all part of the correcting plan. While there is an acceleration of the truth being poured over this world, there still must be this period of adjustment within the human mind that is conditioned and subject to time. This is the way of your domain, and you are still conditioned by the divine plans and laws. That is not to say that are times when great truth and great healing can occur. But if you apply yourself patiently and persistently each day, you are treading in a sure foundation and growing in Michael so solidly and staunchly that your faith will be quite unassailable. Is this not what you desire most of all?

Student: Yes, it is. You know my heart well. So be it, it will be done.

Nebadonia: And so it is.

Student: Mother, I think it helps me to think in terms of levels. It avoids a feeling of schizophrenia that I’m several divergent people all at once. On one level, what you bring to us I can understand instantaneously, but then there is this time process of it sinking in. As it sinks in the understanding changes. It feels good. Several months ago I asked you if this peace of yours and Michael’s is always appropriate. I was thinking of some almost frantic activities we seek or come across. I think there was a kind of resistance to peace from the simple human desire for excitement and intensity, which is why there are not so many young people with us yet. It’s too peaceful for them.

I remember in the textbook where it talks about the more immature souls in the tribes where the peace would get oppressive and the tribe would have to have a big rock fight to relieve the peace. I’m beginning to understand that it’s the peace right in the middle that allows us to actually handle that frantic activity as it comes with balance and equanimity. So thank you for this deeper understanding. If you want to handle any busy surface you need to be all the more peaceful right in the middle. Thank you.

Nebadonia: J, my son, as Michael comes into the very core of your being, let His peace now radiate outwardly into your body, into your cells, and let your sentient being grow even more accustomed and desirous of His peace flowing through your veins. Receive this now, my son. (Pause)

Student: I know I’m going through a profound change. Perhaps you could comment on what’s going on. I feel like I’m transforming, and I appreciate any comments you have for me.

Nebadonia: R, my little one, you have made great strides in your capacity to trust your Father and me. You are desirous of this deeper relationship that has brought you into the knowledge of who we are as your divine parents. And now you sense this transformation unfolding within you. Trust in this. Trust in us. Trust that where we are taking you, unbeknownst to you, is a greater place—a greater space within you of our love, of our peace, and of our ability to maneuver you in the world with more grace and ease. Can you continue to trust, even greater than you have already shown? Are you willing to do this now—to trust us even more? (Silent exchange between student and Mother)

As we communicate together in our minds, continue to allow the child within you to enfold more in your conscious mind. Ask to see this child again. And grow comfortable in viewing yourself as this child. You get to be this youthful free spirit again before the world laid its foundation of sadness upon you. Come into that place more and more each day with your desire to be a child again, and you will find a youthfulness quality emerging in your mind that you will please you mightily. Will you do this for us now, R?

(Silent exchange) And so it is.

Student: Mother, when you say go into that place with the fears are in my mind, I can’t any place where the fears are, but I know they are there. Should I actually wait til something pops up and then invite you and Michael in?

Nebadonia: The greatest antidote for fear is to trust in us. Trust in our love for you. Trust in the safety that we bring into your foundation that stabilizes you and encourages you to grow more beautiful in the Father. The deep recesses of fear in the animal mind will not naturally yield themselves to refinement without a greater sense of safety and hope to outweigh the pain of letting go into the unknown, unexperienced potentials. When you sense that you wish to work at this increased depth, the most important thing to consider is your desire for your fears to finally be released, and to make a decision that this is what you indeed want. Once that decision has been made, then it is vital for you to cultivate that trust in us so that we are able to inlay our safety and support in your mind so the fear can expose itself to you in a way that will not seem threatening or frightening.

As you come to us, once you have made this decision for the fear to be removed from you, find your desire to trust; ask that to grow. Invite us into your mind and we will grow ourselves in you, and you will feel our safety and our comfort and our nurturing. In time your fear will be able to be released. And they will, and you will be free.

Student: Thank you, Mother. As I get to know you I am able to love and trust you more. Thank you very much for your love and support.

Nebadonia: It is always yours. You only have to call on me, moment by moment, and I am there.

Student: Divine Mother, I sometimes feel the need to call on you and my heavenly Father for help when I am being buffeted by winds of immaturity or other downward spirals. Yet I am not sure how to do that because I can only experience your power and peace sometimes here in these meetings. But then in times of need, how shall I call on you, or should I? Is it enough to call you imaging your name?

Nebadonia: C, my son, my love for you is ever present. The volume of the disruption in your mind is still at a degree where the volume of my presence in your inner voice has not yet been able to overshadow it. I am all around you. It is always appropriate to call on me. It is always appropriate to call on your Father. We are always, forever available to you.

I would like you now to take this idea into your mind and let it penetrate. Find that desire in your heart that yearns for this level of support, and ask now for your cells to gravitate towards this. I will continue my response in a moment. (Pause)

There is much discordance in your mind and body that is creating that static in your mind that impedes your reception of me in your body and mind. Do you recognize this static, my son? (Yes, I believe I do) I would like you to go within, sense the static within your mind and when you have fully sensed it, ask for the desire to know me and to feel me and to sense me to overshadow your mind’s habitual static patterns. I will add something into you as you do this, my son. (Pause)

Now ask for that desire to know me and your Father to resonate in your heart center more fully. Ask for your desire for us to be actually calibrated in your heart center. We will add something into you. (Pause)

As you go about your day, you may repeat this exercise as often as you become mindfully aware of the static and the reverberations the static causes in your body. And slowly, each day, you will sense more and more of my presence in your being. But it will happen over time, and I ask you to allow the necessary changes in your being to release the static so that my presence within you can emerge and fill you with loving support, comforting guidance, and my tender love and devotion. Is this something you wish to practice more, my son? (Yes) And be in our peace.

Student: Mother, you know my desire to live and to be in truth of our Father, and to be this place of love. You know over the past few weeks I have been questioning my beliefs, my survival—looking acutely at who I am, my relationships with people, materials, money, and work. I’ve noticed a deepening within me in my relationships with you and Michael. I’ve been consciously asking for your guidance and help in the clearing of my distorted beliefs in all situations in my life. I feel like I’m at this precipice where I’m hanging by this thread. The question came to me: why not cut the thread and jump in because I know I’d be taken care of? And that’s where I feel the fear, and I also know there is fulfillment, peace, truth, and love and oneness with our Father. There’s no turning back for me. I am open to a new life in the new vision that God sees me as in this moment. I am tired of living a life of distortions. I wish to live a life of truth.

Nebadonia: More and more identify yourself with this dimensional aspect of yourself as a child of God. And to you I say, forget about the fear. While it is there it is conditioning this feeling of discomfort within your being. This is all part of the evolutionary lure toward perfection and wholeness in the Creator and in those personality potentials that are being activated and manifested through you. Are you willing to turn your back on this fear and walk boldly forth? This is not to say the fear will never be transcended. It is giving you another option to consider—that is giving the fear less weight in your mind, and giving you more substance in truth in turning your back on the fear and moving forward in light and love of the Father.

Now I want you in your mind’s eye to see yourself moving forward in the light. See how as you walk forward in the light where is the fear and what is happening to it?

Student: It’s disintegrating and disappearing.

Nebadonia: This is so. Have you your answer now, my son?

Student: The question that comes up is: what is to become of me as I loosen myself from this fear?

Nebadonia: Well, you will find out, will you not?

Student: And I sense even now these past few days as I grow into this a sense of an inner knowing and peace and excitement and a little apprehension as things unfold naturally and patiently and in their own time.

Nebadonia: And so you know well from this that your answers emerge in time. The question what is to become of you, you will experience this. This is not for you know—it is for you to experience each day. So walk forth now in confidence and let yourself be strong, be courageous as you turn your back on this fear. Tell yourself in your mind that it is no longer of any consequence or importance to you. Will you do this now, D?

Student: Yes I will. Thank you.

Student: Mother, I’ve come to feel these last several weeks that these disruptions are necessary in the sense that we have our own life. Michael talks about having several aspects of an animal nature—a million years of savagery and warfare, but that’s God’s plan. That is the evolutionary plan that God created, and so He’s told us over and over that we don’t hate this, we don’t try to get rid of this aspect of ourselves, but to actually love it and incorporate it and cherish it. And so it seems the same way too with our own life—we have to plan it, we make provisions for the future trusting in you but still we make sure we do our part to put food on the table and a roof over our head and things to help others. I’m getting the feeling that our self life is something precious to cherish, but we need in our own comfortable little house these disruptions to come knock on the door and say "there’s a whole world out here, there’s a whole universe to go out into." This is my view in which these disruptions are very welcome indeed. They call us out of ourselves.

Nebadonia: The Father Fragment within you is diligently and patiently striving to create the substance pictures within your mind of the greater reality of the Father’s plan. You are now feeding your mind upon this and finding new ideas to consider and to experience and to actually embody. This is part of our instruction to you that you have come to us in trust so that we may teach you our ways. And you are learning—step by step, lesson by lesson—of the greater reality that is the universal plan. As you know, this plan has fallen out of step for many eons of time. And now we are helping you to right the wrongs—to correct the misperceptions. So you are learning better ways and coming into more sophisticated and mature understandings. As you allow these disruptions in you to occur, more truth will be seeded into you. Your mind has a tremendous capacity to expand—it is infinite. As we have said to you: how much truth do you want to ingest? The choice is up to you.

Student: Thank you, thank you, thank you, Mother. That hope is so delicious.

Student: Mother, certain disruptions can dictate the course of one’s life on a small or large scale. But sometimes listening to one’s cues; like for me on Saturday, I had the opportunity to go to the city to hear some poetry. But for some odd reason my ATM money didn’t work. It was like a one in a million problem. But that disruption rearranged what I was going to do that night. In reality, I did not want to go to the city. That was a disruption that was positive and reaffirmed what I already felt. I know that’s only a minute thought, but there are disruptions that are life’s cues that are leading us to a better way of thinking or being in this world. I just wanted to throw that in.

Nebadonia: Listen within. This is why your teachers have come to train your minds with the stillness practice so that you are so much more internally focused in hearing the voice—the small voice of the Father within—than to being so externally, outwardly altered by the frenetic pace of life about you. Yes, you are listening within, and you are adjusting your inner monitor to the leadings of the divine.

Student: And in so doing, I feel this inner sense of wealth within me. It’s quite rewarding. Nothing may happen externally, but’s quite rewarding internally.

Nebadonia: And you have found the peace and joy within wherein lies your true treasure. So my children, recognize that this is the place where you are so abundantly blessed; where all of your treasures lie. The outward world will shift and change, it will move in ways that you will not expect, cannot predict, and do not understand. Within there is understanding, there is peace, there is security, and there is stabilization. Upon that foundation which is your Father, the living truth substance—the essence of the Father in Paradise. Let this foundation swell within you by coming to us each day and asking for the light of truth to bathe you in the essence—the living essence—the essence of Love. Good night, my beloveds. Slumber well in me.