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Prayer: Mother, we come before you to have our minds be opened by your breath. We thank you for making us grow in your beauty and presence. We crave our Father’s truth. We crave his light and the grace with which you always us every moment that we live and breathe. Amen.

My beloved children, this is your Mother Nebadonia who greets you. Expand yourselves into the fullness of my breath. My life force is moving through now, and should you wish to receive more of me, relax into your breathing, open yourselves, and let me move through you slowly, deliberately. You will feel more of me when you breathe in this slow and focused manner. Slow yourselves down by breathing into me. Let me pace you in a different manner of living that is more conducive to living in your Father’s truth and revealing our love to our children. (Pause)

That you have resistance in your will is not as important as is your desire to be more fully enveloped in my breath. Slowly and surely will your will soften into me. You will become as little lambs as being led by your Father following along trustingly, innocently to where it is we wish to take you. Enjoy this period of deep relaxation, inner quiet, and rest. Rest in the softness of my embrace moving slowly through each one of you. (Pause)

Slowly are your minds being freed from a great distortion of perception. Slowly is your will yielding to that of your inner Father Fragments. Slowly are your yearnings becoming more spiritized, less materially oriented. Slowly are you learning to love with greater empathy, compassion, and less self-interest. We have watched how you judge yourselves as you undergo this pivotal time in your transformation quest to achieve more Father consciousness. As we discussed last week, it is time for you to leave the judgments behind you now. You will always find there are times to understand and to ! use comparative and contrastive standards. But when we witness you judging yourselves and one another, how can we as your parents want you to continue to do this to yourselves when you know yourself how inimical this is to your spiritual health?

Go now into the place of judgment you have pronounced upon yourselves. Simply acknowledge that it is there. Ask your Father and me to move in you and give you other ideas to consider, other perspectives to view your own identity and that of others. Let us move in you, my children. Let us free you from these harmful poisonous judgments. (Pause)

Now bring to me in your mind, silently, the difficulty you have in letting go of these judgment patterns. Do not focus on the reason for the judgments. Simply focus on the reality that they are there. They are in some ways still quite disguised in your thinking. Ask me to quell the stream of judgment in your mind and give you a perspective that mirrors how your Father was able to look at all humanity from the higher vantage point while he walked on this earth as your human brother Jesus. He is the one to come to in your times of judgment. He is the voice of counsel when you wish to see theirs in a new light. His is the spiritual fragrance exude when you wish to engage with your fellows as you beam his love into them. Pick an individual who has been particularly difficult for you to understand, respect, and fraternize with. Call on me to work in you, and then call on Michael as your brother Jesus to show you how to perceive this individual whom you know is a beautiful child of God. (Pause)

Why would you want anything less than the most pure and simple and sweet love to mutually co-exist between the two of you? Could it be the interest in your own self-justification for you to keep the defenses of judgment barricading your position of assessment? My children, let me in. I will release you from this soul burden. It does not serve you at all. It is one of the most harmful poisons that you can inflict upon yourselves and others. Let it go. Let it go. Let it go. (Pause)

The contrastive part of your inner life will always be a part of your mental acumen as you grow in wisdom attainment. Discerning deeper meanings into universe facts is a delight of the keen and flexible intellectual mind. But while these may apply to universe reality – factual knowledge – what good does it serve you when it is used to judge another person: who they are, how they behave, what they say, how they respond to you? Too often the human intellect is relegated to playing these assessment games with one another, and too little time spent on the deeper evaluation of universe facts to glean new meanings to deepen one’s insight into true cosmic understanding.

Is this now not time for you to move from these perceptions of others into a deeper scrutiny into what is real and what is of lasting value? And yet we understand the reasons and the ramifications of your judgments and the patterns with which you have been held in check. Now it is time to let them go, to allow us into your mind so that you can serve and minister our love to your brethren with more open heartedness, deeper gladness, expansive fervor, and reverent sincerity. I know you all want this.

Let not the pain that you feel that you have not perfected this deter you from allowing us to help you overcome this. Simply allow my breath to open your heart and take away the years of painful separation that you have felt in your relationships with one another because of these biting judgments that helped keep your distance from us and from your universe siblings. To be full conduits of our love, these will be completely and finally removed from you. We will help you overcome each and every one of them, no matter how petty or insignificant they may seem. (Pause)

As we take you into the realm of service to minister our love into your starving brethren will the harmonics of your fraternization with them become more apparent to you. You will feel more attuned to another person. You will sense their inner turmoil and intuitively know how to minister our love into them. Recall the times when your brother Jesus was able to feel the individual and know how to respond to them.

This is what we would invite you to explore with us so that these individuals will feel the safety of your presence around them and be comforted by the feeling you exude so they can unburden their souls to you while you patiently and compassionately and reverently listen to them. You will learn to minister less with words and to turn your ear inward and to hear them. Hear them. Hear them for who they are. Feel them for who they are. And then touch them with our love. And I know that this is all of your hearts’ desires, my children. (Pause) <o:! p

Let us move in you once again. Let us expand you. Allow me to deepen your commitment to serve your brethren in this way. You will gain a great ease and simplicity in this life of service. In order to feel this ease all of the judgments and defenses around you must be made as if they were never there for the full measure of our love to move through your heart and reverberate deep within your soul. (Pause)

You are the carrier’s of Michael’s love to this planet. You carry this infectious virus of love that you will spread so sweetly and joyfully. The seeds are planted; the breath of life carries them through the currents that you build in your relationships with others. Spread them. Share them. Anchor yourselves in us. Make yourselves available to us. (Pause) I will address your questions when you are ready to speak.

Student: Mother, I recently have been able to understand your lesson about judgment for myself as pre-judgment or prejudice. Realizing for me it tended most of my life to create categories that are very instantaneous and all pervasive, so that when I encountered people I would automatically and carelessly categorize them in terms of beauty or not so beautiful, handsomeness, sexuality, or not so attractive, intellectual stereotypes. I think this formed a screen or filter for self-protection from being overwhelmed by the sheer uniqueness of each person and that I didn’t realize in doing so I was just encountering myself and my own filter.

My personal teacher has been graciously teaching me how to be open; not to fear being overwhelmed and leads directly to a real perception of the enormous beauty in each person’s uniqueness, and all through that an enormous appreciation of God’s creativity. It was especially delightful yesterday in walking through an enormous crowd of people waiting for the fireworks to begin and marveling at the thousands of unique beings all around me. Thank you for these lessons. I give my gratitude to my teacher for giving me ways to be open.

Nebadonia: You have found a key to a very firmly locked door, my son. Now that you have opened it will you enjoy immensely the beauty before you in the lives of your brothers and sisters. And you will notice in time that the interests you had in things will yield to deeper interest in others and how they live, how they express themselves as either a conscious or not yet fully awakened child of God. You will have much delight and come to cherish these experiences with them. Enjoy these times, my son, especially here in the life in the flesh when your opportunities for service are so greatly magnified on this world of great need. Be in my peace and share this freely with others, my son.

Student: This lesson on judgment seems to be about self-monitoring and how I use judgment to perceive my status and measurement against myself and others. Through that perception then comes a "to do" list of sorts: not good here, need to do this; need better perception here, should do this. I see that this structure of functioning needs to come crashing down in order to replaced by a new way and structure. There are elements at work that keep me in this. I know it’s my choice about how I keep myself here. But if there is something you can offer so I can consciously step out of that besides what’s been happening lately in identifying the judgment. Is there another step I can take? Another list for my to do list?

Nebadonia: My daughter, have you not already enough on your list? This is part of the difficulty you are undergoing as you continually add more things for yourself to do rather than take away things and to keep it more simple and less straining on your mental capacities. Do you not see that this is part of your judgment: if I do one more thing, perhaps this will be the one to help me? Do you not see this as a form of judgment? (No, I don’t.) Do you now see this as a form of judgment? (Not really, no! . ) Are you not evaluating one method of trying to overcome your difficulties against another, comparing and contrasting techniques or suggestions? Think about this, my daughter. Think about this as these words impress upon you. (Pause)

The contrastive analysis that you employ to gain more spiritual insight detracts you from the sheer joy of desiring to do the Father’s will. Simply be in your desire to do the Father’s will as freely and joyfully as you can. Experience it in this point of your development, and ask me to enhance that. (Pause)

D, my daughter, I am here to free you from these limitations and burdens you have placed upon yourself. Question not the effectiveness of what your mind must engage in thinking as my Spirit moves within you. Simply ask for me as your Mother to open you to express our love for you. (Pause)

The baby does not ask her loving parents for a thought or technique that will bring her their love. She simply lies in their arms and waits and allows herself to experience. You will wait. You will wait. You will learn to wait until you feel us. But you will feel us, and you will know that your mind has shifted perceptions. In time you will see that this is, if you were to use the word technique, a far better one than you have used before. (Pause) Let the desire of your heart outweigh the tendency to find more steps to add to your spiritual journey. Come back to the embrace of our arms. Lie in us through your simple desire. We will move in you, daughter, as you gain more access to our peace. Be at rest now as much as you can in your mind and body. (Pause)

All of you are precious, valuable children. Your presence on this planet is meaningful, and your experiences bring a deeper texture and vibrancy the growth of new cosmic expressions of love in the universe. You have not been able to see yourselves with these eyes because of the various impediments placed upon your bodies and minds and energetic systems by the planetary rebellion. While it is difficult for you to overcome these without spiritual help, nonetheless it is time now to recognize that this is an important part of your growth: to outgrow or step out of the judgments and to look at the world with fresh and innocent and trusting eyes and to see your brothers and sister! s as innocent children who have gotten extremely damaged as you have been by the ills that have befallen this world.

Can you continue to look at yourself through these eyes of judgment? Well, of course you can! The question now is why would you when you know there are other options and other perspectives available to you? That you can only partially glimpse yourself through our eyes is acceptable. But choose this each day, children. Choose this each and every moment if you can to see yourself and your brothers and sisters through our eyes.

Your Father is here and will address you in a few moments as I take my leave. Breathe in me always, and you will yield to the higher leadings of Spirit in your mind. You will change from the eyes of judgments to the perceptions of acceptance and compassion, and wield your Father’s love with more power and grace and joy and fulfillment. Good evening, my beloved children.

Greetings, my children, I am your Father Michael. This evening your Mother has made a deep impression upon your minds. I would bring you the glad tidings to help you feel the joy more deeply of seeing your brothers and sisters with a clear and open heart, without the specter of judgment placed upon it. As you have come into me as the desire for service increases, you will want this more and more: to serve with the attitude and ideas of open acceptance for all. Let my truth of the beauty and goodness of each child of this world prevail in your hearts and minds. Doubt not the validity of this experience can be carried with you each day. Doubt not that your capacity to perceive me and to carry my love into these individuals will grow each day the more you practice this. See yourselves more and more as my ministers. Concern yourselves less with your own individual lives.

Let these words now come into your mind and separate you from worry and anxiety, confusion and doubt, and bring you into more into the fullness of my watch-care and the freedom that you gain from this. Let this be your year of true independence, my children. Expand your liberty from the chains of darkness and error: self-regret, pity, and the crushing defeatist blows of judgment. Call me in. I will separate you and build more of myself deep within your being. (Pause)

I am Michael. I am the sovereign of this universe. I am your Creator-Father. He and she who have life in me are truly free. Good evening.