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DATE: July 11, 2004

TOMAS, Hosting
NEBADONIA, our Guest

TOPICS: Accessing the Mother Spirit

Music: Elena on Piano: A Sampling
T/R: Gerdean and Rio Rancho TeaM

Prayer: Matthew: Let us place ourselves in the presence of Jesus, the Christ.

Master Teacher,

We come to you today with thoughts of joy and gratitude for the lives that we are given, and that we have to share with one another and with You, and it is only because of You, through our Creator, that we have live and a re living it, and to live it abundantly with You, for which we do give belief and faith that we are, in fact, and will have life more abundantly through You.

We pray that we are open to the Spirit of Nebadonia, and You, to be able to receive and transmit our messages that come to us through telepathy or however they are interpreted, to be able to voice and share with one another a we open our hearts and our minds to receive spirit, however it comes ot us, and for this and all else that You know to be true and a request in our hearts and minds, we place before you now. Amen.

TOMAS: This is Tomas, your Host. Greetings.

Group: Greetings, Tomas.

TOMAS: Some of you have never conceived of God the Mother. You have been indoctrinated to the all-powerful, all-wise perspective of the Father/Son diagram, disengaged from the Mother Spirit, which we acknowledge in our hearts as that ministering spirit which touches all of life and supports all of creation. The worlds of time and space are from the original thought of the First Source and Center, made by the hand of his consort, co-creator, Infinite Spirit, balancer of all the worlds of time and space and with you in all your component parts and in your ascent back to the Source of your Spirit being, as well as the return of your material elements of the flesh to the dust from whence your material selves were created.

What a magnificent kingdom the Mother supremely reigns over and serves! Let her nurturing aspects be part of you. And yet, let me step aside and allow her to prevail with you. Perhaps a moment of stillness to recognize her glory and ministry upon you and let her speak for herself, through you, without designating who shall go next. I will disconnect myself and let this room of pupils of greater reality become in tune with her and so let our superiors guide your energies in this experience. I shall return later for commentary and questions. You’re on your own.

Men-O-Pah: Tomas, you know I am part Indian. And we have a great reverence for the earth and we always say that the earth is our mother. And you openly hear me in my prayers say, Let my hands respect those things that you have made, and the words of the great Chief Seattle, when he remarked, would a man poison his own mother? And so out of that had come a great despair and a love for this earth that we walk on. Perhaps every day I say, I am grateful to you, Great Spirit, for letting me walk on this good earth another day.

TOMAS: Your worship of Mother Spirit is acknowledged and appreciated, for indeed She cradles you in Her arms.

Paula: I hope he keeps walking on it for the next 10 or 15 years. He’s doing all right so far.

TOMAS: You lovebirds are cherished. I need, however, for one of you to follow through with the assignment so as to get the ball in motion.

Elena: Well, I’ve been trying, during the week, off and on, to focus toward the Mother, (inaudible)

NEBADONIA: You are right to go forth. Your steps are in great good stead. They follow one upon the other and well and sure. You have nothing to fear. You are surrounded and nurtured in every step. Seek and ye shall find, but seek, and take one step (inaudible).

TOMAS: Good. Good counsel, as well, from that which leads you. Another?

NEBADONIA: As your own mother, your earthly mother loved you, I love you, too. I am responsible for taking care and nurturing you, and you will be assured that I will always be there for you.

TOMAS: Continue in your relationship with the Spirit Mother.

Esmeralda: It’s probably only in the past year that I have begun to think more about the Mother Spirit, and it is comforting to get closer to her and to know that she is there for you. Even more than our earthly mothers. She is wise and helpful.

TOMAS: Indeed, you honor her correctly.

Maria: I keep seeing the word "Speak".

TOMAS: Then speak, one word at a time as the word appears to you. We have time.

NEBADONIA: (Inaudible)

TOMAS: Well done, my child. Prejudgment is because of your prior conditioning, and as you cling to your conditioning as the only reality, you deny the possibility offered. Even so, you do well to be mindful of that influence which would thwart your well being by moving too fast or being too glib, for you are growing in genuine reality and that process cannot be undertaken quickly. Slow and steady growth is the course. Stay the course, indeed.

Are there further expressions in pending? Gerdean, let us hear your rendition.

NEBADONIA: Yes, Tomas challenges you, Child, but you know he is working in your best interest. Set aside your petulance and be with me. Be still that I may be with you, and speak through this vessel to my precious children here in our midst.

I am your Spirit Mother. You are merely my babes. Only becoming aware of my voice, of my touch. To know me is to know your own vulnerabilities. But to know me is also to feel safety. For in me you will find sanctuary, as the suckling child finds life at my breast.

I am not here to compete with your mother who raised you, the mortal, from infancy, nor to prick holes in her imperfect methods of mothering, for the fact is, from my view, all your mothers are responsible for the miracle of bringing you to me. Without their cooperation, we would not have this conversation today. What makes you think that I have not been at work, in fact, even with them, as I am with the Spirit of Mothering: nurturing, life-giving, supporting, condoning, directing, encouraging and embracing all life?

I see myself reflected in children who love their dolls, who drag them around by the foot, attempt to comb their hair, which renders them bald, but loved. My energy is in the Velveteen Rabbit, which has been loved to tatters, and my love is also in the construction worker who tears down that which is old in order to recreate that which is new, for the realm of birth and death is mine. It is ours. We understand the cycles of life. We ebb and flow with the tide and the moon. We are of the earth, even as we are of the spirit.

And when the earth experience has worn you out and you are tired from your exuberance, I am glad to nestle you in my arms, bathe you with my tears of joy, and lay you to rest. As you are troubled, I am here to hear you. Come to me in the sanctity of your own isolation, and I will comfort you; I will hear you out; I will listen to you until you are spent.

I have nothing but love for you, and nothing but time for you. If and as you need me, or as you acknowledge your need for me ~ for in truth, you have Father and I to depend on for all your needs, for your very life itself. And this is not to tell you to obey me because I am bigger than you, and more powerful, no. I am conveying this to assure your tenderness that I am in charge. I am the abundant universe in which you reside. All your needs are provided. Give me your wishes and your hopes. I will see what can be done, if anything, and if they cannot be forthcoming, you will understand my refusal.

And, in the conditioning you have, that god is a father, a male, an authority figure, a disciplinarian, even a jealous and judging entity, you have been discouraged from coming to him as a weak, erring or sickly child, but with me you can be weak. You can cry in my arms and I will not think less of you. I will not make you grow up before your time. But I will, indeed, stand beside you as you take those initial steps into becoming my conscious sons and daughters for eternity, and be there to comfort you when you fall.

I love all my children. It matters not to me what church they attend or what name they ascribe to God. All of you are my creation. I am in you each, through the adjutants, and I minister to you all through the heavenly helpers, the angelic corps, the ministering spirits. You are made in my image as you are made in the image of Michael for we created you together. You are our adventurous little ones, our stalwart explorers, and I could go on and on because I am a Mother! I can appreciate the bumper stickers that say, "Ask me about my grandchildren" for I could tell you about you all day long. I can find love in even your most unlovely circumstances because I know you are struggling with an ill-gotten foundation, through no fault of yours, though you are not abandoned and you are not alone and you have never been shut off from me and from your Father.

It pleases me greatly to spend these moments with you today and to be in you each and to express myself through you each, as I can, as I will, and as you let me. As you are admonished to allow Jesus to guide your steps, and you put him up there as the example of how to live a mortal life, begin to put me there next to him in terms of your capacity as well, your feminine nature that strives to be a noble child of god in the feminine right as well as in the masculine, for this is something we do together. You are OUR children, and you may manifest our reality as you live your lives.

Thank you, Gerdean. I am finished with you for the present. I have two sons who have not run to greet me. Can I have the pleasure of your cooperation, Thoroah and Matthew?

NEBADONIA: Welcome to the fold of my arms around your shoulder, for it is a place where they both fit and rest. When you are in need of a place to rest, or even to cry upon, know that I am with you and offer you rest. In the meantime, you have been sent to be fruitful and be a caretaker of those people and things that are in need of being cared for and for this you will be held accountable. Not in terms of "what have you done to prove your worth" but "who have you helped along the way?"

This is all that anyone is called upon to render, and it is in this regard that each of you help one another to become who you are and to become the light beings that you are already. Rest assured that the peace of the Christ spirit is with you as you live and breathe and have your being in our presence. Be of good cheer, for there is no reason to choose otherwise, for knowing that otherwise is dreary and hope-less, be full of cheer and hope-filled. For this, too, you render gifts immeasurably. Be of good cheer, and go forth and be fruitful. Peace be with you.

NEBADONIA: This one’s reluctance to speak on my behalf is a struggle for me to work through. We have a very close relationship, although it is not always consciously recognized. Like many of you, this one grew without the knowledge of the existence of the Mother Spirit. His growing awareness of my existence is helping him understand the universe, as if a large missing piece had been placed into the puzzle. There is nothing but love in our relationship, as it is with me in all of my relationships. That is all.

TOMAS: All right, then. Let me gather you back together into the consciousness that we enjoy as a part of our pattern, our configuration, for I can tell that Our Mother has tilted the scale significantly toward your grasp of comprehending her innate energy in your lives, in your consciousness, in your soul. Hear how her voice differs from that of Michael and that of the Teachers. Everyone has their own voice, as do you each, and yet many of you are unfamiliar even with your own voice, much less the voices of those who help you along your path.

This class we enjoy together is devised to help you become more of who you are. In this you are able to express yourself with that authority that speaks to the souls of those who are your hearers because it is based not on a belief system but on a reality that you have experienced.

Your earlier conversation about the various Christian sects, and even the expansion of that concept to the many world religions, preys upon the differences, and yet the authority of the Spirit is heard through the cacophony of sounds that are made by the many theories and philosophies that are part of the ascending evolution of the divine within you, individually and eventually as a community, eventually as a cluster of believers in light and life.

Thus, in order to be effective, it is not the facts that matter. Intellectually expressing beliefs is not the solution. It is the Master and the Consort whose voice you hear and follow, without equivocation, without doubt, without question. You know through the Spirit of Truth reverberating within you that this is truth, and with it come beauty and goodness.

This is the reality we strive for, this is the point of these classes, this is the future of your planet, this is the route that all universes take in the establishment of perfection, and thus, we are being about Our Father’s business and in Mother’s ministry every day in the arena -- where you work and play, in your advancing consciousness, and in the prayers of thanksgiving you offer in appreciation for the day you’ve done.

Are there other inputs we can anticipate this afternoon? Anatolia, would you like to speak to your class?

ANATOLIA: Not today. It is sufficient.

TOMAS: Very well. Mother has filled us and I have packed your lunch for tomorrow, so let us be on our way. Farewell.


It is a joy to be here today to feel the impressions of the Divine Minister as she settles in on the consciousness of you each. All of your experiences are so varied, in terms of your relationship with your earth mother, it is a humbling experience for us to see your souls respond to the impetus that your Spirit Mother brings.