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You Are Being Called To The Harvest

JUNE 28, 2004

Prayer: Mother and Father, we are grateful for this opportunity to come into your presence to receive you. You are always available to us when we turn our attention to you. We ask for our minds to be blended with yours so that we can receive much more of you into our beings this evening. Thank you.

Good evening, my beloved children. This is your Mother Nebadonia who speaks. Before you lies a great opportunity of service. And one that this planet has long asked for as it emerges from the shadow of a strife-filled history. To beam your Father Michael’s love into the hearts of our children is no small feat for it will take you into places of your own inner depths that you have not traversed in finding new places of soulful expression to depict our love for our children. We will be creating new pathways within you to express this. I know you are ready, and I know you have all in your own way stepped forward to do this. So receive me now as I move in you and create more room for your Father’s love to exist and to flow. (Pause)

You, as the workers in the field, are being called to the harvest. The time is now, for as you know, your world is in great fluctuation and turmoil. The lives of your brothers and sisters, when they face the disruption, will need you at whatever level you can assist them to calm and comfort them, and have them see something of greater hope and beauty lies in the face what appears to calamitous. So before we embark on the experiential exercise for this evening, I wish to hear your comments of the experience of last week and what you gained as you went about your Father’s business between now and then.

Student: Mother, I had a week of remembering a lot of love and support to my friend who is in a lot of physical pain. I met him yesterday and he looked great. He was in high spirits even though he is in pain. He’s finding a way of going to a special hospital that specializes in control of pain so he’s taking an active role. He seemed in really good spirits, and I remembered what you said to tell him that I was praying for him. He beamed at me and said thank you very much. He’s praying for himself many times a day. He seems to be on the right path.

Nebadonia: And I know you will continue your prayers for him, as this is what will keep him motivated to some degree. People need to know that there are other people supporting them, otherwise the faith walk for some individuals becomes too lonely or burdensome. That you are lifting his spirits is a wise gesture on your part.

Student: Mother, I spent most of this last week working on myself, and finding the ways my birth mother treated me when I was a child, and that I wanted to get at these memories so that I could heal them; not heal myself but allow myself to be healed. A lot of that happened this week. It just occurred to me that I learned a lot about myself and I feel a lot freer and communicated with you a couple of times to assist me in removing some fears and other pettiness in my spiritual growth. And it happened! And I thank you very much.

Nebadonia: As you find more freedom in your mind and body, you will more naturally remember these simple exercises that we teach you. Let yourself be opened and healed, let yourself be loved during this time so that the love you receive will eventually be magnified as you beam it to your brothers and sisters.

Student: I noticed that people like being around me, and I have a strong temptation that it has something to do with, and I know it’s not. But my mind keeps thinking that I’m getting bigger and it seems to me that it’s an ego trip. It’s Michael’s love and your love that is attracting people; it’s not me! How do I get rid of that temptation that it is me?

Nebadonia: But it is you. It is being expressed through you. There is nothing wrong with enjoying this, accepting this, and then being happy that you have the capacity to do this. You recognize the source. If you thought you were the source, that would be a danger signal. But you know who is the source and what is the source, and you know you can always tap into this. You are a conduit. Relax and enjoy being this conduit, and you will naturally begin to see yourself more as this conduit and be comfortable as this conduit. The idea that it is you will blend into what is really happening.

Student: Dear Nebadonia, I had an amazing amount of contacts all week long. I wasn’t exactly conscious of a procedure, but it seemed to be more joy giving and receiving. Even on Saturday I ran into a person I had trouble with several weeks before and was able to find very friendly exchange. I am grateful for that.

Nebadonia: As your heart opens, you will find it becomes so much more easy and available to have these kinds of interchanges with your brothers and sisters. As you begin to get so comfortable with being in your heart, will you find more opportunities presented before you. Stay focused on truly what is the center of your being and we will move you in new directions of service.

Student: Mother, I noticed over the week the numerous opportunities to "choose peace" rather than the negativity of the experience. It could be just as simple as someone intruding on my privacy and allowing positive energies to come through and be an expression of myself of love and peace. But I also am aware of my inability at times to "turn the other cheek," as what happened yesterday and this morning. I felt where I was not being heard or responded to that I turned to the idea of choosing peace and love, but it still distorts my experience at the moment. So I see that I still have a ways to go on this on the idea of self-righteousness and it’s not a very loving place to be in.

Nebadonia: The more you judge yourself will you feel your inability to master these lessons continues, and the longer you will stay in these periods of judging others. When you take off the extreme burden you are placing on yourself you will simply acknowledge that you are striving as best you can to harmonize yourself with your Father. In taking off the judgments you have placed upon yourself, you will notice your acceptance, and do you not think that it will translate into how you see others? Are you willing to do this for yourself?

Student: Yes, because you know what my desire is.

Nebadonia: You will need to look at this very carefully now, D, and in all of the ways you now judge yourself. I say this to all of you for this is the crux of the lesson of this evening as we take you into more experiences of beaming Michael’s love into our children. What is it that prevents you from seeing your brethren through our eyes? It is your judgments and the perspectives that you hold near and dear to your heart. You must first release yourselves from the judgments you place upon the individual you are standing in before you can truly free yourself from the judgments you place upon others.&! nbsp; Go within. Find your desire to be free of self-judgment, self-analysis, self-criticism. Breathe in my Spirit. We will move in you. (Pause)

Go deep into those areas of self-criticism, those areas where you have held yourself hostage to hurtful feelings of self-debasement. Breathe in me. Your Father’s truth will show you the living portrait of your soul. How could you not love who you truly are when you see this? The exterior self that you perceive through the eyes of judgment is no longer important. Feel your desire to see the true soul, who you really are. Only then will you be able to delve more deeply into your brothers’ and sisters’ souls. (Pause)

As you feel as best you can your true soul-self, pick an individual whom you know that you perhaps do not understand or know well or have a contentious relationship with. Feel your self. When this person is standing in front of you as you truly are, beam your Father’s love into this individual’s heart and ask to see their true soul self. (Pause)

Ask me to weave the two of you together in closer relationship, one that has at its foundation a deeper mutual understanding and respect for the divine dignity of one another. (Pause)

Placing your hands inside this person’s heart as best you can in your mind’s eye, simply ask for Michael’s love to flow. Breathe in me as I move through you. (Pause)

When you are ready, please share with one another the experience that you felt, particularly in how you now look at this individual as opposed to when you began the exercise.

Student: Mother, I was thinking of my dear stepdaughter. The relationship is not all contentious; it’s very loving. But it’s vexing because my stepdaughter was raised in a situation with both her parents being very spaced behind a lot of drugs where only a certain amount of excitement is valued. Everything gets very excited and starts yelling at every body else and there’s no communication or listening. It’s doubly vexing to me because if I’m not hyper-conscious, I get caught up in it myself. But I think the way out of this vicious circle is just to listen more and to beam this love into! my stepdaughter because she desperately needs the attention. This helped me be aware and understand that what she really needs is someone to actually listen and hear her and respond to her and help her break this habit of saying the same thing 20 times over. So I think it’s on my part to take the initiative to beam this love into her so she knows she is being acknowledged.

Nebadonia: Did you notice how you felt toward her changed or expanded in any way through the experience of this exercise?

Student: Yes, I think that rather than being vexed at this repetition that she gets into, seeing that it’s up to me to take the initiative and reassure her that this is what she really needs and desperately hungry for. This was something so denied her by her normal parents. She needs to be loved and acknowledged for a person in her own right.

Nebadonia: But what about your need to express this love for her did you feel that it had altered?

Student: Oh very much so, Mother. I just said that rather than being passive and being vexed with her behavior and wishing that she would change, taking the initiative myself and I’ve tried it in the past and she responds very quickly. She stays out of being argumentative. Some people thrive on a little petty warfare and melodrama. It’s hard to stay out of that realm of quarreling and getting excited.

Nebadonia: I am not speaking of what you will do. I am speaking of how your feelings for her altered through the use of this exercise. Go deeper. (Pause)

Student: I think I became aware of an enormous bedrock of love between this person and myself. This is enormous this love we have for each other, and we’ve always been there for each other for the last almost 30 years now. It helped me see that this is not a contentious relationship at all, just a little surface vexing, and underneath is an enormous amount of love. And we do know that about each other.

Nebadonia: So you see how this love has the capacity to overcome these resentments and judgments, do you not? (Yes) Let this experience and these words you have spoken deepen within you now and take you into a new way of expressing this love with her. (Pause) And be in my peace, my son.

Student: Mother, I noticed that the person I choose that, after the exercise, was just like me seeking love and understanding and security. It changed my interpretation of how I looked at this person. I didn’t know how quite to understand my idea of this person and what they are up to. But it changed my viewpoint of how I look at this person. It’s much more loving and understanding than it was before.

Nebadonia: And when you felt this person’s inner turmoil, how do you feel it shifted your own tendency to self-criticize?

Student: I see that this person is doing the same thing I’m doing. I notice I have the tendency to criticize myself much more than I would another person. I’m not exactly sure I’m answering the question you’ve asked though.

Nebadonia: The question is not for you to answer to me, but for you to answer to yourself. Think about the words you have just spoken.

Student: I notice I’m not as defensive and I don’t want to defend myself from this person as much as I used to because I begin to understand that it’s the same thing I’m doing. Maybe they don’t know your love and Michael’s love quite as much as I do. It’s not like I’m bragging but just stating a fact. I’ve always wanted to let other people know how much they are loved by our Heavenly Father and you and Michael but I never knew how to do it and I think I’ve found a way to do it now.

Nebadonia: The point of this exercise is not just for you to feel the other person in a deeper relationship. It is also for you to become more aware of the person as a teacher for you to see how you hold yourself hostage to these judgments and criticisms that you reflect onto another person. Use this individual to help you overcome that which you know is hurting this person in yourself. You will be able to conduct more love into this individual for the reflection of judgment that you have placed in your way will be diminished and one day dissolved. Let these words settle into you and deepen the experience you have had this evening. Be in my peace, my son.

Student: Dear Nebadonia, the person I chose seemed to have a small physical heart, but also like the sacred heart of Jesus. Nonetheless it helped me release a great deal of tension and I was much more willing to love in a Fatherly way. I found it quite profound and am grateful for that. It seemed to increase, not so much tolerance, but patience and acceptance. I’m grateful for the reality that there’s a way of valuing the soul more because part of that fabric is from the Thought Adjuster. It’s more exquisite than I’ve ever allowed myself to imagine for myself and others. I find this real! ly maturing and I’m grateful. Thank you.

Nebadonia: I would like to take you one step deeper. Are you willing to go with me now, my son? (Yes, I am.) Go into your heart center and ask for Michael’s heart to beat in yours. (Pause) When you see this person in front of you this person you used for the exercise simply ask for any perceptions that you have about this individual to recede into the background as Michael flows between the two of you. (Pause)

Allow the cords of love that are growing there to strengthen. Allow the relationship in spirit to deepen. I would ask you to find this place, this depth of experience, when you engage with your fellows this week. Be very patient and allow enough time for you to become encircuited before you actively engage with this individual through words. This will be challenging. And this does not apply to only those whom you wish to serve. This applies to every person if you are up to this opportunity now, my son. For is it not your wish to serve as many ! people as possible?

Student: It certainly is. Thanks.

Nebadonia: Do you have any questions?

Student: Only maybe to harmonize my spirit joy with my body joy. Any advice on that?

Nebadonia: Do you not think this exercise would accomplish that?

Student: Yes, I can feel it already.

Nebadonia: Focus on this one thing. That will keep you quite busily occupied, I assure you. And be in my peace, my son.

Student: Mother, I found this exercise quite difficult. As I gazed upon this person who I sensed this feeling of resentment, it kind of took on a life of its own. No matter how hard I tried to express love to this person, I couldn’t get through my own negative feelings. As I sat here allowing myself into peace and not allow my mind to get caught up in the past experiences I’ve had with this person and allow the deeper sense of truth to prevail, there came over a sense of calmness. I know I still have a ways to go with this individual.

Nebadonia: Find that place within yourself where your expectation of what you want to accomplish is very high. (Pause) Breathe into it. Allow me to proportionalize your own inner personal expectations with how you view this individual. (Pause) When you are ready you may speak to me with what you notice as the difference in both yourself and in your feelings of releasing these judgments and resentments. (Pause)

Student: What I come to understand is how rigid I saw this person. How rigid I hold myself and the high expectations that no one can really, let alone this individual, achieve. The density seems to be lighter.

Nebadonia: Now the question to ask yourself is: when will I allow myself the freedom to be where I am and to allow others to be where they are? You have high ideals and this is commendable. It will serve you well. But as we have said to you many times in the past, it is not just the goal you are striving to attain; it is mastery along the way. How can you truly enjoy yourself along the way with these stringent expectations? Make this easy on yourself, my son. Allow us to release you from them and yo! u will find more freedom and much more exquisite levels of friendship with others along the way.

Student: I can see that and feel that. Also in the sense that if I have these expectations, I am expecting something in the future instead of living now and to breathe freely.

Nebadonia: Allow what you have received tonight to go deep within you as your Father and I build these new ideas in you. (Pause)

Student: Thank you very much for awakening me to this.

Nebadonia: You only have to ask, my son. It is always given to you. Be in my peace.

My children, how hard you try! How much you expect of yourselves! And yet we understand. As we take you deeper into this journey of healing your brothers and sisters, what you will find are more places within you to love yourself, heal yourself, enjoy yourself. And that you will have the dual blessing of feeling this love for yourself will so bountifully bless you with the joys of loving others. You have all shared that you want to be vessels of love. And so we have answered by teaching you these ways. Practice them everyday as best you can. In time they will become the highlight of your day and you will do this without thinking. The many gains you will receive will be the joys of self-forgetfulness, the capacity to live presently, enjoying life as it should be lived, and paving the way for new ideas and methods of living on this beautiful world.

Breathe in our love. Breathe out our peace. We are always here with you. And so it is. Good evening.