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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group, Coeur d"Alene

Teachers: Solonia, Nebadonia, Michael.



Enfolded We are with Your Soul,

Take Yet Another Step with Me.

August 24, 2003 Michael's Birthday Celebration

* Solonia (Daniel TR): Today let us speak of expectations. This is your sister Solonia.

All of you at one time or another have been told your expectations are too high. If you do not succeed, lower your expectations. I would tell you if it seems as if you are expecting too much your expectations rather need to be raised. You need to expect more. This is not to say the expectation of material things, but indeed raise your expectations into the level of spiritual expectation. Your expectations can never be too high.

When you are expecting the outworking of Father's will, expect the greatest, expect the best. Put your expectations into the spiritual realm and raise them to your highest ability. Expect Father's will. Expect goodness, and you can be assured that you will receive Father's will. Remember only that our Father loves you for exactly who you are and that He individually guides each one of you.

Keep your highest expectations for yourself alone. Try not to have high expectations for others, but by your example show your high expectations. Let your faith shine before you like a light, and let others see your expectations bearing fruit. They may then begin to build upon their own higher and more spiritual expectations. Expectations on the material level are destined for disappointment in some manner or another. This is indeed as it should be, for many, through the crash of their material expectations, begin to switch them toward the spiritual. When you expect truth, beauty, goodness, and love you are an avenue of their release. When your expectations are high in spirit your hopefulness attracts, your faith shines, and your love emanates from you. Set for yourself the highest goals of spirituality. Expect that your highest good will be accomplished according to the will of and with the help of your Father within. You will be as a lighthouse in the fog. You will provide guidance by your demeanor alone. The words are unimportant. The true words come without thought just as in these transmissions of ours to you. Transmit love, transmit hope, transmit faith to all who are around you just by being of eternal hope of saving faith and in Father's perfect love.

Set your expectations at their highest, my dear ones, and allow them to unfold in your path. Set them only for yourself, and truly will you be rewarded.

* Nebadonia (Jonathan): Welcome to the sanctuary of Michael in the temple grounds of your heart. I am Mother Nebadonia. I embrace you.

My dear daughter Solonia, the voice in the garden, has shown her dedication and her love for this small but spectacular world. She has never lowered her expectations of what this world can be and what this world will be. Marked you are as a planet of notice through all who inhabit Nebadon, for you are one of the few places upon which Michael engaged in the Supreme experience of ascendant life. Many -- for that matter, all -- who were conscious of the significance of his missions pause to worship the wisdom of the divine as it works in the lives of creatures. The demonstration of the bestowals of Michael teach all who perceive these lives that you do not learn of the nature of the heavenly Father by lecture or by rule. You learn through engagement. You learn as you attain ideals. You learn even when you fail.

While Michael receives the appreciation and the awe that every creature rightly gives to him, ever and always does my consort encourage you to engage in the very actions you demonstrate. These are not unique to the Creator Son. His method of life is fully capable of being your method of life. While he lived among the Melchizedeks he demonstrated likewise and has emboldened every melchizedek since. Even they learned to recognize the significance of this one melchizedek that walked among them. So do you as you are continually inspired by the way he approached human life on Urantia. Wherever you go you take this temple of worship with you. Whatever choice you make you make from the altar of your heart. Today you have grown to acknowledge the ever presence of myself and Michael Son. You know that your relationship is unbroken, that distress and discomfort are but shadows that have no cutting effect upon this bond between us and you. Any place that your feet take you in your walk of life set up the sanctuary. Allow the chorus to be sung. Light the candles of divine luminosity and welcome all your brothers and sisters into fellowship. Enfolded we are with your soul, with your being.

* Michael (Mark): As my beloved partner has expressed to you so eloquently, your spiritual temple remains with you intact and impermeable to outside assault. This is your security to take with you throughout your eternal spiritual career. As our trusted Solonia has also told you today, that to elevate your expectations lifts you up, raises you higher.

Today I am here to bid you each one to take yet another step with me as you follow me. In this step it is required of you that you expand your scope to encompass yet a new arena wherein we will function. Into this new arena you will bring your personal spiritual temple. You are safe and secure there no matter what. The step you must each ask yourselves to take is once again to approach this new set of circumstantial reality as a child again, not as unlearned or as inexperienced, but rather with the open- mindedness and the trusting that a child exhibits when the parent says, "Walk this way." Children have the trust that the parent will not mislead them and therefore invest themselves fully in following the direction of leading. I bid you follow this new direction in your lives which will allow your expectations to be raised from the level of ideas into the realm of ideals.

All mortals are conditioned by their surroundings, their environment, and their leadings. You all in this room have demonstrated the ability to step outside of the mortal norm and to accept even this communication now. The next challenge, opportunity, horizon, privilege, of yours is to follow me into the next realm where you may each seek to shed yourself of the limited scope of your expectations.

Each one of you is familiar with the reality sphere around you and can accurately determine in this arena the most likely outcome of a given scenario or course of action. I ask you now to leave those ideas behind. Rather in this new arena of functioning we strive to embrace the ideals of what could be, as contrasted with the most likely outcome of what would be. Each one of you may ask yourself, "How do I become as this child? How do I shed my expectations of such a limited realm that I might broaden my perspective and increase my view?" And I say now it is simply, "Follow me". I am leading the way into the realm of new ideals, simply the will of the Father made more manifest and made more real into your lives and onto your world. This change happens from the bottom up as well as from the top down. Therefore is it your opportunity to avail yourselves of this motion and to become an active part and participant in this unfoldment. So I bid you each one that to follow me may require the broadening of your interpretations, the willingness to accept that even the highest ideals may become part of your reality, that the limitations that you are familiar with in the scope of your understanding are not real limitations as concern the will of the Father. Therefore be childlike in your acceptance; in your trust exercise your faith muscle to build up the stamina required to act in faith even while enduring mortal uncertainty.

Above all we must be joyful, we must bring joy into the equation. It is the cornerstone of this new phase. We must express to all those around us our joy and our happiness at simply being a part of this unfoldment, a part of this divine process which encompasses each one.

I am joyful at seeing you gathered here in such sincerity and such joy, such willingness to be about this business. I am convinced that each will rise to the challenge to accept each new step and phase of this unfoldment as they are presented to you. You have grown to trust that these phases are not harmful, do not detract from your light work. Therefore exercise this trust that every new phase is to be greeted with joyful anticipation. That, my children, is how I greet you, with joyful anticipation. Take my peace and my love, each one, wrap it around you as a celestial blanket and let it comfort you as you walk the trail and as you, no doubt, follow me.