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Faith Garden TeaM

Sunday May 15, 2004


Teacher: Solonia

Topic: God's Will

Solonia (T/R Daniel): In our last meeting we discussed "The Word of God," God's Word, and how it is best heard within your own Soul. Tonight I would like to discuss the Will of God, Our Father's Will for us as individual will creatures. This is Solonia.

Our Father's will for his mortal children is first and foremost, Survival- --that they may survive in this mortal life and most especially that they may survive from it. Father's will is that you experience Love. That, in a nutshell, is Father's Will for the individual child; that you experience Love. Indeed our Father's will for us all is that we experience success and that we discover our True and Loving selves. God's will is that we experience and grow, flourish and prosper.

Never are your mortal tribulations, physical and emotional, the direct result of our Father's will. Indeed your material situations are often just the result of the accidents of time. But in the way that you handle yourselves during these mortal trials, in Faith of our Father's Love for you and continuous watch-care over you, you may know of a certainty that you are His cherished child. You make choices throughout your mortal lifetimes that set your feet upon certain pathways, and as you survive, try to thrive, and experience Love, that piece of our Father within you experiences these with you and saves them for you.

Father's will for you may become more apparent if you practice last session's lesson. Listen for the Word of God in your heart. When you honestly seek God's will in the things that you do, regardless of how you may perceive the outcome, you have succeeded in doing our Father's will. Our Father does not expect any of us yet to be perfect, but indeed He does wish that we each strive for that Spiritual Perfection---that complete embracing of Love. So dear students, you do well when you are trying to do our Father's will in a loving way, for in so doing you are in fact accomplishing His will for you in that moment.

Always do we children of God enjoy the practice of speculating as to what is or is not our Father's will for the whole, for creation, for our communal situations. Also we enjoy discovering the out-workings of our Father's will in retrospect, and yet in reality, the only time any of us can really do God's will is right now in the present moment. Right now is the only time any may Do our Father's will. Be fully aware of yourself and of your person. Be aware of your true relationship with God, with all of the vast family He has created, with the Angels, indeed with one another, and with yourselves. Focus upon being that perfecting child of the Infinite Creator and allow Love to flow freely into you, out from you, and indeed through you.

Goodnight dear hearts until next time.