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(Group and location unknown)

Teacher: Ramsey

Topic: Boldness of Spirit

March 7, 1994


I AM RAMSEY. I am your teacher and your friend. I come today to serve you in your efforts to increase your state of enlightenment of the Father's plan as it unfolds before you.

The lesson for today is one of boldness. Boldness is a quality and a feeling which arises out of the conviction that your actions are in alignment with the destiny and path that unravels as you take each step ever closer in seeking the discovery of the character and nature of the Father.

Boldness is not aggressiveness. Boldness is a surmounting energy and well-motivated by the spirit of coming forth of greater duties which are signaled by your responsiveness to son and daughtership.

Boldness is ever restrained by full respect for [the] will, the history and destiny of individuals you encounter. For example boldness should motivate you to, be sensitive to the longings and expressions of your brothers and sisters as they unfold in the myriad contacts which occur in every day living.

But this boldness should be respectful of your cognizance of the individual s spiritual reactivity; for boldness carried beyond the barriers of the individual s receptivity transforms into something which is no longer linked to the preservation of respectfulness of individual will.

So boldness is appropriate in motivating and providing the emphasis for closer reunion with your brothers and sisters. On the other hand boldness unrestrained becomes a zealousness which in itself can generate into a form of evil and that turned into aggression [impinges upon the] boundaries of the individual.