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Half Moon Bay, California

Teacher:  Olfana

Olfana’s Response to SK’s Realization of Her Mortality

May 20, 2002 & June 3, 2002

SK: Ever since I did hospice care for my aunt, mom, and dad, and watched them go through such difficult deaths, I have asked Olfana, on occasion, to "be with me" when I am dying. On Friday night, I was feeling rather down about my condition, and thinking about my possible mortality. I went outside, looked up at the stars, and once again asked Olfana to be there with me when I die. Hence, her reply, at the beginning of this transmission.

It took me about an hour to get this message. I felt that there was more Olfana would have said, but I was feeling tired, so I stopped the session. I will let you know whenever I get more commentary from her.

Love, S.



Greetings, dear S. I am with you now. I am Olfana, your friend, and constant companion in this path you walk to the Father. My loyalty to you extends to the moment of your death and beyond, and you can trust that I will be there with you in your final hours, my dear. I hear you when youmake requests of me, my dear one, and I will endeavor to honor your requests as best I can in all circumstances.

Let us discuss this illness that now threatens to consume your vital forces. Cancer is indeed like a weed, my dear, and it ravishes the organized systems of balance and control that a body seeks to maintain. This is a primary principle of cancer, which you need to understand, and apply in your healing efforts. The more you do to support the maintenance of your normal body mechanisms of control, the more you will debilitate the cancer cells, which seek to multiply throughout your body. All that you are now doing to alkalize your body fluids is to the good. An alkaline environment helps to stabilize the body metabolic processes, and enhances the efforts of the immune system to destabilize the cancer cells, as these cells seek to form organized structures of their own.

Do not worry that the enhanced nutrients that you ingest will add to the cancer's strength. Instead, these nutrients serve to reinforce the stability of the normal regulatory and metabolic processes of healthy cells in your body. Glucose is an issue, yes, but put a greater emphasis on natural vegetable juices, and this will not be a problem for your body to balance in its efforts to defeat the cancer cells.

There is much more that you can do on a spiritual level, my dear one. There are loving guardians of human health who will help you in this effort you make to rid yourself of the cancer. There is a healing team, poised and ready to assist you, if you will ask for their participation in this processof bringing you back to balanced health. Pray for their assistance, my dear, and ask that your will be aligned with the Father's Will in your efforts to work with them. You are strong in your intention to survive, S. , and this can be your choice, if you will "test the waters" of your faith by joining with a higher order of healers in your healing campaign.

All that you do for yourself, now, is a training experience that will play itself out in your future life as a means to assist others in their own desire to work with spiritual healers. From your own experience will come the conviction you need to convey with integrity the opportunities thatothers may also have to heal themselves with the loving support of those who come to serve your world as master healers.

God does not toy with you, my dear. He knows of your struggles now, and comforts you in your darkest moments. He does not wish to see any suffer in this world, my dear one. He wishes only that we will turn our eyes to His Light, and see ourselves as the glorified beings that He knows us to be.

This is a most powerful perception, dear S. You must work with this perception, contemplate it deeply, as a fundamental principle of your healing, my dear. Visualizing ourselves in God's Presence, glorified in our beings, brings this possibility into the realm of time and space as ahealing, balancing, stabilizing vibration which begins to resonate and perfect all that we are as living, breathing mortals. It is that simple, and it is that deeply complex, my dear. The Power of God manifests, in the physical world, as the transcended perfection of His Vision of us. We become perfect, as we connect with this eternal perfection that exists in the Mind of God. We become the "perfect tone" of His Love for us, as we strive to align ourselves with this Glorified Vibration that emanates directly from the Father. Imagine yourself as a vibrating string on a musical instrument, and as this string is adjusted to the perfect pitch and tone of a tuning fork, then this string reaches its highest and best resonance. This is the challenge before you, my dear, to strive to resonate in your perfected state, even as you live a daily life on a difficult, andmost imperfect world.

Here again, you can best use the example of the Master as your model for this experience. Jesus continually sought the Father's Vision of himself as his own vision. He bathed in the love that the Father poured down upon him, and it cleansed his human heart and mind, continually inspiring him to make choices which manifested God's Perfect Vision of his Son, as Jesus lived each day upon the earth. This was a process of growth and development, even for this divine Creator Son, my dear. As a young boy, Jesus felt the Father's Great Love for him, but as he grew in understanding and years, he desired to exhibit more and more of the inspiration he felt from God, and this added glory and perfection to his human personality.

Follow the Master's lead in this path of perfecting yourself, dear S. Seek these moments of contemplation, when you call upon God to fill you with His Presence, and inspire you to express the best of yourself as a Glorified Child, one who seeks all truth, goodness, and beauty in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realities.

From SK:

Here is the second transmission. It was 4 AM, and I was experiencing a lot of pain, and feeling rather depressed. Olfana's words were very comforting to me.


Monday, June 3, 2002

You suffer now, S., because of a yielding to the belief in the power of cancer to conquer your body. See, instead, your body throwing off the cancer, as a power greater in its order, organization, and vitality, than the cancer cells which seek to grow within you. Visualize your energies and natural strengths moving to the site where you have pain, and see these energies wiping away the cancer from this area. Just as John Edward describes cancer as "dark areas" in the body, see these powerful energies as golden light which illuminates these areas with healing and reestablished order. This is how the Perfection of God reestablishes itself within you. You must focus with your full concentration on this process.

No halfhearted efforts or attempts will achieve success. Summon your energies of will and faith and courage, and focus upon this disturbed area of your body, bringing all that you know of God's Love, Power, Order, and Sovereignty into this area, and reclaim your health in God's Name. Do not despair if you do not see immediate success. Continue this process on a daily, regular basis, and God will prevail with you in your efforts to heal yourself. That is all for the time being, my dear one. Rest now, and focus on this process in prayerful meditation.

Half Moon Bay, CA Teaching Mission Group