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Half Moon Bay, California

Teacher:  Oflana

Prayer To Father

August 28, 2000


A Prayer in Praise of God, The Father

by Olfana

Father, You are the Light which guides us to each new day.

You are the Warmth, which fills our beings, and gives us comfort.

You are the Deepening Love, which fills our hearts,

and lets us know that we are beloved of You,

and worthy of love from others.

You are the Source Point, Father, for all the ways

in which we become more resplendent in our own soul growth.

You bind us together, Father, in ways which can benefit

each and every one who reaches out to the other.

You are the Source Point of All of Creation, and we wish, now,

to be glorified in our understanding of the ways

in which we truly are the Manifestations of God

upon the plane of the Supreme Experience.

You, Father, are what we most essentially seek now in ourselves.

And we thank You for this true self-awareness

that You have given us of our eternal destiny.

Let us be filled with joy, with hope, with comfort,

that we go back to You, Father,

now joined together in our love for each other,

bonded together as spiritual beings,

who sense in ourselves our community

of brotherhood and shared destiny.

Let us, Father, trust in all the ways

in which we are Seekers of the Light

And let us honor this same urge in all others

that we meet in our days of existence.


Half Moon Bay, CA Teaching Mission Group