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SpiritFest 2000 Conference

Santa Cruz, California

Teacher: Olfana

Topic: The Treasure of Your Memories

July 27, 2000

From: SK

Hi everyone,

This is a lesson that Olfana gave to us at the 2000 California "SpiritFest" Conference, that was held in July at Pigeon Point Lighthouse, on the beautiful California coastline above Santa Cruz. The property surrounding the lighthouse has been converted into a hostel, and this was where we stayed for our conference. So, as you read this lesson, imagine the rocky cliffs of the coast, with foamy white waves breaking over rocky tidal outcrops, set in deep blue and azure ocean waters. Streaming down the sunlit cliffs are the purple and magenta flowering ice plants. In the cloud-laced sky above are gray and white sea gulls, who dive to the beach and tidal pools, and then fly high up to perch on the top railings of the imposing lighthouse, which towers over the entire scene. Enjoy. Love, Susan

Olfana on "The Treasure of Your Memories" 07-27-00

I am the teacher, Olfana, and I am so pleased to be here with you. There is such an interesting atmosphere in this lovely beach location, where over a long period many people, from many generations, have spent time, all coming here with their own sense of purpose. Quite often some people had a more commercial purpose, building a lighthouse to protect the ships at sea. There were some with a scientific purpose, studying the oceans, the tides, the currents, and animals that frequent this inlet. Some came to study the flora and fauna. Some have come simply for the beauty of the place, coming to paint or take pictures of nature. Now that there are houses here, some people treat this area as a resting spot and come to "get away from it all." Your group has come here for a spiritual gathering. Because this area has seen so many types of experiences, there are energies that permeate the land and the atmosphere here.

When you walk outside into the fresh air and take in the view, sense not only the natural energies, like those of the beautiful sea touching the land, but think also of those other humans, and why they have gathered at such a spot as this. Recognize yourself inside this time line of human history. Try to see yourself in this broader framework, with your limited life in a context of these other humans who came before you. See yourself experiencing something of the same that they have experienced. In this way, see if you can generate within yourself a deeper sense of connection with this history of others who lived before you on this planet, a sense that you are still in a relationship with those who have left this world.

Your memories and experiences from a location such as this are a part of the beauty that you keep, and share, when you pass on from this world. Indeed, you will be able to share this beauty with others on the mansion levels in a way that will be so much more remarkable and amazing than the way you can now share memories. After you leave this site and return home, you see your friends, and say of your memory,

"Oh yes, I spent a weekend at Pigeon Point Lighthouse. It was a beautiful site. I'd never spent time before in a place like that. It had uniqueness. And there are details..."

But when you pass on to the mansion levels, bringing with you a memory of this world, you can share this memory in a way such that others smell the flowers that you smelled, and see the beauty that you saw when morning daylight first touched the leaves of the trees, and the blossoms of the flowers. Even a memory of heartfelt love that you felt for someone can there, in the mansion worlds, indeed, be conveyed in emotional depth to another with whom you would share this "love memory."

Once we pass on, we can combine our worldly experiences with others, in this greater way, to develop a remarkable collection of lifetime experiences. So, if you never snorkeled, or climbed a giant rock cliff, on this planet, you will be able to seek out and obtain such experiences from others who have. And at the same time, of course, you offer them all the remarkable precious experiences that you carry in your memory collection. Your knowing that you will develop this remarkable "world experience" memory collection, by giving and taking, after you pass from this planet, I hope, provides a new incentive for you. Each time you reach out to savor some special moment in your life, now, I encourage you to do so in a way that captures the moment as part of a personal treasure, which you can then share with others in your eternal life, later. Imagine, also, all the remarkable possibilities of selection you will have from the memories that others will share with you.

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