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Half Moon Bay, CA Teaching Mission Group

Teachers: Olfana & Tarkas

Topic: The TR'ing Process, Part 4 of 4

April 14, 1998

Transmitted February, 1996

Hi everyone!

This is the fourth and final part of two interviews of Olfana and Tarkas conducted by my friend, Kathy, while she was studying the phenomenon of channeling for her Ph.D in transpersonal psychology. The terms "channeling" and "transmitting-receiving" are used interchangeably in this interview, because Kathy was using the term "channeling" to define all versions of spirit communications through human beings.

Love, S.

Half Moon Bay, CA 02/15/96 (con.) Group Session: K, S

Tarkas: Greetings to you, K. I, now, arrive on the scene and . ..(inaudible)

K: Thank you for joining us, Tarkas. Well, my main question is, "How has channeling affected your existence?"

Tarkas: I am most diligent in my studies of this process. I find it an intriguing and continually exciting area of discovery. I most appreciate the way in which this channeling experience has allowed me access to the thoughts and emotions of those mortals with whom I communicate. I, coming from a planet of [Light and Life] have joined other Teachers who wish to work with mortals who choose to thrive, now, within the complex world of Urantia. And, I am gaining much in my own understanding of the challenging experiences they face, and the way in which they strive to "look to the bright side," as it were, despite much darkness which exists within their lives. I find this to be a remarkable episode in my own growth and discovery. And, I hold much admiration for my fellow travelers on their path to God, because of the stalwart way in which I see their effort to comprehend God, despite the obstacles placed within their path.

K: It's comforting to hear that. Thank you.

Tarkas: I am so glad you find comfort in this, K. You are one who is most astute in your perception of goodness, truth, and beauty. And, this is a great gift to be given in a world such as this. You hold a rare flower in your heart, K. I encourage you to cherish it. Just as when we have a fragile, precious flower such as an orchid or a gardenia, in order to truly savor its beauty and fragrance, we do not subject it to undo, unnecessary stress. We place it carefully where it receives appropriate light and air. We will not allow it to be burned in the sun. We will not place the gardenia where it can be bumped and brushed and therefore, bruised. We will treat these flowers with respect and care. I say to you that you hold such a flower in your heart, and I encourage you to continue to create a caring environment for this flower to grow and continue to open its petals. I believe you understand the way in which I state this. Is this correct?

K: I'm just... I want to understand what the flower refers to, that I'm holding.

Tarkas: Your capacity to sense the truth, and beauty and goodness of God within a planet which is so filled with darkness. You are one who is sensitive to the Light. And, I would encourage you to respect this as the great gift which it is from The Father to you.

K: Yes. I do appreciate that.

Tarkas: Very good.

K: Thank you. It's good for me to hear that. I would also ask you if you communicate through channels other than S? If so, why, and who are the others?

Tarkas: I have affiliated myself with a group in Cincinnati, Ohio, as my primary school or group of students. I travel from one group to the other, and do much observation, and concern myself, also, with the training of newer Teachers who are still unassigned to specific groups. I am most happily connected with a group defined in the Urantia Book as the celestial artisans, and I work in association with them on many opportunities. I reach out to all who wish to increase their creative artistic capacities within the context of this Teaching Mission, and I am most interested in their contributions and progress. There are many in the Bay Area, also, who are desirous of this connection with the Teaching Mission, and I am in regular observation of them, also.

K: That helps a lot to hear that. Thank you. I will assume that your answers are similar to Olfana's, as to what qualities S possesses that led you to connect with her in order to channel the information.

Tarkas: Olfana and I are certainly in agreement that we have a willing and industrious student in S. And, I clearly feel great love and affection in my heart for her, also. She and I are bound together in a manner that encourages her to come to appreciate better the masculine attributes of my nature. She has not had many fruitful opportunities to develop what I would call a healthy partnership or pairing with a male mind. She clearly thrives, now, in her relationship with T, but there is much in her which could benefit from a greater experience and appreciation of the "masculine way of seeing," if you will. And, I choose to offer that to her in my own relationship with her. I greatly value her very dynamic personality and appealing sense of humor. Here, she tutors me. Here, she increases my understanding of the comedy of life, if you will. I watch her thoughts twist and turn on the many ironic ways in which life experiences can be understood. And, I am greatly enjoying the apprehension and comprehension of her "way of seeing," if you will. Therefore, I offer her a "way of seeing" and she, indeed, offers one to me, also.

K: And, I will assume that your main reason for communicating with humans in this way is because of the Campaign of Redemption.

Tarkas: Most certainly. I am a committed servant to The Father in this work. And, I am most loyal in my allegiance to our remarkable Prince Machiventa.

K: Thank you. And my last question will be, "Who are you, exactly?"

Tarkas: I am an ascended mortal from, again, a time-and-space world of great beauty. I lived a life on a planet of high, high evolution and experienced a long life. I am not as far in my evolutionary path as my dear friend, Olfana, but I do feel I have "traveled much ground," as it were, already, and I do have many gifts and capacities I am willing to share with this Mission. I have a very strong understanding of the dynamics of energy, K, the movement potential of energy. And, this I will convey to all who are capable of understanding my conceptual perceptions. [Smiling] This is not the reason I have selected S, I would add. But, she is dear to me, and I am most patient with the ways in which she does not fully understand this perception I hold. She does, indeed. have creative gifts, capacities as an artistic person, and I do, indeed, savor the ways in which I can work with her in this manner. I will, in the future, be assigned a group of willing students who will deal most precisely with questions of energy momentum and the metamorphosis of energetic combinations. For now, I am quite content to work with my own group of students, and serve as an ambassador of this Mission to other groups, and offer my expertise to new Teachers. But, the time will come when I will be allowed a chance to focus upon my own great understanding of energy dynamics. And, at that point I will foster new understanding within a very specific area of science.

K: That's very inspiring. If people say you are part of S, how would you answer that?

Tarkas: I would say that S and I walk many paths together. We tread the same ground. We are "of the same tribe," as it were.

K: In what sense?

Tarkas: She and I...I speak here in male metaphors, specifically, and for a point. She and I have blended with the same significance put upon this ritual within the Native American race of "blood brothers." She and I have joined in union through this blending, K. And, indeed, S carries a part of me in her, and I part of her in me. But, just as Olfana stated, I remain a unique creation of The Father. I am not a part of what you might define as the "soul frequency" of S. I am within my own "soul frequency," and bear a relationship to those others, in a manner most different from the way in which I relate to S.

K: Could I ask one more question?

Tarkas: Certainly.

K: This will be my last one. Where are you, and what are you doing when you are not involved in channeling?

Tarkas: Where am I at this moment, now? Is this the question?

K: Or where are you when you are not channeling?

Tarkas: Still there is need for clarity here. That sounds as a repeat of your first statement.

K: When you are not channeling where are you and what are you doing? When you're not channeling with S, then what are you doing and where are you?

Tarkas: So you are not asking where am I in this moment, now. You are saying, when I am not engaged as I am now, where do I exist? K: Yes. And, what are you doing then. I'm assuming that now you're right here with me.

Tarkas: [Smiling] Ah! And, I would say to you, K, that as you continue to explore this process, "Watch your assumptions, my dear." Do not, too quickly, assume how this connection is made, or where these participants exist, if you will, in this process. I am able to travel freely to many locations within this time- and-space world in my work for the Teaching Mission. I spend much time, now, in observance of others, and much of this, again, is connected with the project I hope to lead in the future, regarding the dynamics of energy. I consult and meet with all the many Teachers involved in this Mission on a regular basis. I am capable of moving beyond the dimensions of this world, and consider myself, also, a citizen of this local universe. However, I would say that I am much more bound in my potentials of movement than such a one as Olfana. She is much freer to alter her vibratory rate than I am. Is this enough of an answer for you, now?

K: Yes. I would like to know then, where are you right now?

Tarkas: I am speaking to you from this room, currently. I do not "fill up space," as it were, in the way that you do. I am a modulation of energy, but I bear no physical existence at this moment. This is, perhaps, the most specific I can become in my statement, now, with S.

K: Thank you. That concludes my list of questions. I appreciate very much your willingness to come back and speak with me, today.

Tarkas: I am most happy to have participated, again, in this process, K. I, like Olfana, wish you great success in your work. I am well aware that there are those who wish to work with you from our own level of existence, as it were, if you choose this as an activity, and to whatever degree you pursue this understanding of the communication allowed by The Father to all His Many Children, you will find success, if you remember that a great deal of your expertise is derived from this beautiful flower you hold within you, that resonates to the vibrations of truth, beauty, and goodness, in the world.

K: Thank you. That's very inspiring.

Tarkas: With this, I will now leave, and allow Olfana to return.

K: Thank you.

Tarkas: You are most welcome. Good-bye.

K: Good-bye.

Olfana: I return, now, K. And, will ask one last time, "Is there any further information that you wish from me?"

K: Not unless there is something that you would like to say, that I have not asked.

Olfana: Only that I am, also, very aware of this lovely flower within you. And, I would ask you, as a means of becoming more closely connected with this as a receptor, if you will, within your own being, for God's Truth, Beauty and Goodness, that you take the time in your own meditations to develop a consciousness of this flower. Indeed, I ask you as a meditative procedure to contemplate this flower. Allow it to manifest within your own mind as a visual phenomenon. Let it alter itself. Do not contain it within any one specific image. Let this flower grow and change. But, I would, indeed, say to you, my dear, that if you use this as a centering device for yourself--contemplation upon this flower--that from these images, these beautiful images that will arise in your mind, you will find further insight and understanding. The flower will open itself and provide you with new perceptions. So begin, first, with the bud. Let this flower be, at first, a contained and beautiful lotus blossom bud in your mind. And then, slowly and surely, allow your own beautiful imagination to work upon this image and let it develop. I think you will be most intrigued at the manner in which this device will offer you greater and further understanding and insight in your own path to God.

K: Thank you. That's wonderful. I certainly shall.

Olfana: And, now, then, may we pray?

K: Yes.

Olfana: Place your hands, now, up, facing mine, without any contact, but angled in a way that they are connected to my hands. Now, move your hands as I move mine. Tell me if you perceive any amount of vibration resonance, K.

K: I do feel a lot of energy vibrating in the palms of my hands. Yes.

Olfana: I speak, now, for S. There is intense vibration resonance, especially within the lower palm area. Move your hands inward, again. Now, outward. Now, up and down. Now, closed. Now, turn. Now, place your palms together. Now, move your hands to your heart center, and breathe deeply and comfortably.

Father, we are all flowers within Your Garden And we seek to open to Your Light. Let our colors shine and glow with the integrity and quality Created by the love which expresses itself Through our petals of beauty. Let our colors blend and compliment With those you have planted us near, Dear Father. Let us form a bouquet of love which delights Your Eyes. Amen.

Now, K, I would ask you, "Is there any further question that you have for me?"

K: None that I can think of. Thank you, so much.

END Part 4 of 4 Parts