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Half Moon Bay, CA Teaching Mission Group

Teachers: Olfana & Tarkas

Topic: TR’ing, Part 2 of 4

April 14, 1998

Transmission February, 1996

Olfana: I am here, now, K. And, I greet you with much love, my dear.

K: Thank you, Olfana. It's good to be with you again, too. Thank you.

Olfana: Most certainly. We enjoy each other's company, and I am most pleased to have this opportunity, now.

K: Thank you. Thank you for being here. I presume that you know what is happening here with the research going on?

Olfana: I am well aware of this entire conversation, and have listened from the beginning of your session with S.

K: Thank you, Olfana. I appreciate your willingness to answer my questions. The next question is, "Where are you, and what are you doing when you are not involved in channeling?

Olfana: I am "physically" present, if you will--I use this word with latitude, "physically." But, I am in the immediacy of this room, now. And, S is most aware of our connection in her hands, as we speak. Note: S feels a strong vibration in her hands as she transmits.]

K: When you are not channeling though, where are you?

Olfana: I am capable of manifesting my being on many vibrational planes.

K: Okay.

Olfana: [I do] much work in this Mission. I observe many mortals, andparticipate in many meetings which are held by the Teachers and overseen by Prince Machiventa. I have a most busy schedule, and can identify with the feeling, at times, of "being swamped" by my responsibilities that you and S speak of. [Smiling] I lead a busy life, my dear.

K: When you're not transmitting with S, (inaudible) you say "attending meetings and observing" . ..(inaudible).

Olfana: Yes. And, I am in communication with other people, some of whom are connected with S. She is aware that I have spoken with others. But, there is much of my work which continues on other continents. And, there is no knowledge, currently, of this work in S's mind. K: Yes. I will be asking you about that. So, do you ever...(inaudible)?

Olfana: I am renewed continually in my efforts. The sustenance of God's Love nourishes me in every moment of my existence, K. I thrive!

K: That's wonderful. What...(inaudible) [caused you to decide to work with S, to] connect with her?

Olfana: She is a willing and industrious companion in this work. I love my dear sister, and particularly the way in which she has offered herself to be my companion in this service to Christ Michael and The Father. I see her as a sensitive soul who strives to do good in her choices in life. She has applied herself in her studies. This has given me much to draw upon in my ability to convey information through her. I find her humor and views of life to be appealing. [Smiling] And, the ironies she notices are ones which appeal to me, also...(inaudible).

K: That helps. Anything else about S?

Olfana: She has joked, at times, that if they do an autopsy on her body, they will discover a large pineal gland. I would verify that this is, indeed, on the physiological level a component of . ..(inaudible). And, the compliment....(inaudible). . ..communication with...(inaudible). [Tape reverses.] . ..we Teachers have our hands full as...(inaudible). I feel...(inaudible) overcrowded school which lacks proper supplies, facilities, a means by which to truly engage and teach my students. I am in a situation where I am taxed to my limits at times, but all to the good. I chose this work, knowing the effort involved....(inaudible).

K: Why are you speaking...(inaudible).

Olfana: . ..(inaudible)...many others, for clearly the same purpose as I speak here. I have my "working papers" from Prince Machiventa and thoroughly apply myself in this effort. I am not limited in my...(inaudible). I have work with and gained approval from Prince Machiventa...(inaudible).

S: This is just me. Part of why I'm slowing down. I'm feeling this weird feeling. I feel like my depth perception...(inaudible) Alice in Wonderland where I'm really small, and the chair is really big. It's funny, I've never experienced that before. It doesn't feel bad. I'm sort of halfway paying attention to that and halfway paying attention to what she's saying. [Olfana is saying] something about...(inaudible)...the idea of, if a teacher has a class...(inaudible)...she can present as...(inaudible). . are the students for you, now you make as many contacts...that's the answer to what you want.

K: I just wonder if Olfana is willing to say where the other TR's are that she communicates with, or who the others are, or anything about them?

Olfana: I will state geographic areas. I have my assignments in South America. I am enamored of..(inaudible). . ..Teaching Mission participants. J. J. is one person S knows. I have spoken to her on occasions. I have spoken with R, the first person to TR in this Mission [in the United States.] I have occasional comments with...[S: I think she's saying the words "with M.G." I know the man's name. I don't know that I have ever talked to him very much. She says "I have occasional comments or discussions with M.G."] There is a growing number of possibilities for me in this, K. I have become most adept in my ability to communicate through this process, and am willing to take on further assignments, if this is God' s Will for me. You are one I have told I will...(inaudible). I am glad you are pleased by this, and hope that you will, indeed, attempt this communication in the future.

K: Yes. I do...(inaudible). Thank you.

Olfana: You are most welcome. K: And that is how has channeling...(inaudible)? . .. Olfana: . ..share our understanding, share our love and . ..(inaudible). . ..remarkable way in which this process occurs. We...(inaudible). . this process. And, I would link it to the extrasensory perception which many time and space mortals are aware exists. There are courseways in which minds can connect. And, your planet is only, now, validating for itself, in a way in which civilized scientific minds will acknowledge, that these processes exist, and these capacities are...(inaudible). . ..I encourage you... Step forward in a public...(inaudible).....are aware of . ..I am sure......that this is not the case. You are being asked . ..(inaudible)...a dissemination of this information to those who now close their minds to this phenomenon. And, we have much confidence that your charming personality will be a great benefit to you in your ability to accomplish this. You are one who causes others to "let down their guard." You portray a most non-threatening persona in your personality. And, we encourage you that this approach will, indeed, give you much success in your work. You will not, we suggest, accomplish your goal through evidence of intellectual prognostication. [Smiling] You must, to a degree, be a salesperson, and analyze the way in which there is a need for this information to be understood. And, if you can convince your audience that a need can be met in their own area of work by a further understanding of this phenomenon, they will become open-minded and receptive to hearing your case. You are one who can approach people in this manner. You are able to present your material in such a way that it is non-threatening, and does not provoke defensiveness in others, because, you approach them with a friendly manner and a desire to hear their perceptions, also. Continue on in this manner, my dear, and you will find great success in your work.

K: Oh! That's wonderful. Thank you. You would have the same answers then, that Tarkas had about the experience of being channeled, itself. Is it the same for you as it was for Tarkas, the way he described it?

Olfana: I would say that my nature is so much more emotive, naturally, that I, perhaps, can relish this experience even more than my dear companion. I love to dance! And, as S has said, there is something of a partnership as if one dances with another in this process. [Smiling] I am one who would never refuse the opportunity to dance, K! And, therefore, I savor this experience as a most pleasurable event. This is not in any way to belittle or downgrade this experience for any other Teachers, including my beloved friend Tarkas. I would just say to you that I approach this process of transmission and reception with relish! K: And the dance...(inaudible)... . ..the satisfaction of transmitting by S.

Olfana: Very much so. Just as you relish and enjoy a conversation where there is deep sharing and deep understanding...(inaudible). . ..This is not the case for all personalities...(inaudible)...Some would find this experience much more taxing or draining. But, to you this is a stimulus. You feel fully aware and connected as you relate to others in the dynamics of interchange in this communication. And, I am saying to you that this is so much the process I experience in a TRing session. I am most engaged in this process.

K: Emotionally. (inaudible)... the differences in nature...(inaudible).

Olfana: Very much so. There is a challenge created there. And again, I would refer back to your own experience and personality. When you discover an understanding that another holds that you are not fully aware of, you are drawn to this. You desire to know clearly how and why the other person understands (inaudible)...but they...and... This is...(inaudible) this... And...S...and there are ways in which her personality is coming to understand this that I have not directly yet perceived. And, I reach into her in this understanding and find a wealth of new information myself. And in this way she and I are both increased. (inaudible)...

K: (inaudible)

Olfana: Thank you.

K: Well, I think that answers all of my questions and I'm really grateful for your participation in this, Olfana.

Olfana: I have very much enjoyed my time with both of you and I wish you so much success in your work, K. You are a dear friend, and I so very much appreciate the way in which you and B, both have reached out to S and provided her with friendship, companionship and again, this desire to understand from her side what this experience is like. You are both ones that she can come to and say, "I need to talk." And, she knows that, if it is at all feasible, you are a willing audience. And, this is a precious relationship that you are cultivating in this process. I promise you there are ramifications in relationships together which you have only just begun to understand.

K: That's very exciting. Well you've been more inspiring and I'm very grateful. Thank you.

Olfana: You are very welcome. (inaudible)...we will end this session now, if this is also your desire. Is this appropriate?

K: Yes.

Olfana: Then I (inaudible)... Is this appropriate for you?

K: Oh, yes.

Olfana: It is not in any way my expectation that you will include this in your data. However, I am so happy to have this opportunity to share with you and S. May we, please, hold hands. Can you say this prayer with me, K? Repeat the words as I say them.

Father, You join us together!

As we share each other's personality and soul,

We are allowed the blessing of knowing you.

Grant us, Dear, Beloved Parent many more opportunities

Where we will come to know our brothers and sisters

In the deep, and caring, and safe way

In which we now develop our relationship together. Amen.

I joined with you in this prayer, and I hope you are experiencing the energy of me and S, now, K.

K: I do feel energy in my heart area very much.

Olfana: This is most pleasing to me. I will go now, and wish you most success in your attempt to draw meaningful conclusions from the material you have gathered, and I look forward to the way in which you will offer this information to the world.

K: Thank you. I look forward to it, also.

Olfana: Namaste, my dear friend.

K: Namaste.

End Part 2 of 4 Parts