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OklahomaGroup 011693-111493 Collection

The Oklahoma Croup Collection

From January 16 to November 14, 1993


Teachers who participated with this group:




Christ Michael

Maliventa Vorondadek





TothEl and Zephyl









Machiventa Melchizedek


The 20 Sessions, by date, may be characterized for content in the following way:


1 Inaugural Transmission 1/16/93 Introductions


2 Transmission 02/14/93 - Continue As You Have


3 Transmission 02/28/93 - Subject of Growth


4 Transmission 04/04/93 - The Coming of Michael To Urantia and includes the poem by Michael, "I Am the Son of God, born of an angel . . . ."


5 Transmission 041193 - The Coming of Michael; The Difference Between Spiritual Existence and Spiritual Experience


6 Transmission 041893 - Test to Gauge Fear In Group about Lucifer - Most Disconcerting


7 Transmission 042593 - Naperville Is Discussed which Occurred the Previous Weekend; "The Reception Exercise," by a Vorondadek Son.


8 Transmission 051793 - Finding and Feeling Love and Emotional Pain; Michael, "Let Me Tell You A Story- a story as a child feeling something he could not identify that divided him.


9 Transmission 052393 - Zion- Releasing The Power of the Father’s Love; What Shall We Eat?; Colors and Meanings; Michael the difficult journey and finding a place to rest.


10 Transmission 060693 - Zion, Michael - There is a Crisis on Urantia; those living in the dark are of great numbers; Michael: What does one achieve when a cross between a chicken and an antelope is made? Michael: Fusion sometimes may be survived.


11 Transmission 061393 - A short session. Machiventa speaks. Keep working on harmony.


12 Transmission 062093 - Zephyl speaks, a "sordom," works with energy to remove lazy molecules from us (a slow spiritual nature is reversed by activating them).


13 Transmission 062793 - RondEl asks group to speak to their view of the Second Coming. Michael: My Return is 50 to 100 years from now.


14 Transmission 070493 - A visualization of a small boat in the ocean but its needs are still met; John - about healing and Zephyl joins.


15 Transmission 08/08/93 - the T/R is taken to RondEl’s planet where the transmission originates. Michael also speaks.


16 Transmission 08/15/93 - What is the student’s relationship to the teacher? What did the death of Jesus mean? Are we all meant to channel?


17 Transmission 09/12/93 - Michael on more about the rebellious spirit.


18 Transmission 09/19/93 - Michael: Belief. Spirituality. Zion’s parable: A man’s quest for beauty.


19 Transmission 10/31/93 - Michael: Various Degrees of Progress. A vision of an Angel of light.


20 Last transmission 11/14/93 - Michael: There is nothing that is not Loved, There is no part of you, no part of this planet, no secret of the past, no uncertainty in the future that is not threaded through this light of Love. You are Love.

Inaugural Transmission

Vian, Oklahoma -- January 16, 1993

Present: Elisha and Marcus McCreary, Lori ("Helen") Bowlan, Ellen ("Asia") Scudder, Byron ("Jacob") Belitsos, and others.

Teacher: Foehn (pronounced like "fawn")

Notes were taken by hand. Some fragments are missing because of the pace of the transmission. Reconstructions from memory are in brackets. The fragmentary nature of some of the notes required light editing for clarity or continuity.

Foehn:....I have long awaited this meeting, and look forward to working with this [unique] collection of minds. My goal is to establish unity among this group. I would hope that all barriers [arising from] your concern for technique and precision of the transmission be removed from our meeting. My name is Fon, or, I am known by that name by Helen, with whom I have been praying. Although our progress is encouraging, the technique of this communication is not yet perfected.

Prepare your minds, assemble your thoughts, put aside your opinions and projections as to what may happen here, and concentrate on the circumstances that brought together this collection [of people]. The great love here is exceeded only by great faith. You are being observed by many....A union of minds is necessary for the further enactment of Michael's plan....I am one of many assigned specifically to unification of minds in preparation for the unity of Teachers, which is something I can't further explain [at this time]....It is necessary to capitalize on the talents of individuals in the Teaching Mission, as recognized by Teachers, in an organized effort [to] assign to appropriate individuals those tasks which they may best accept.

It brings me great pleasure to see this circle of friends working, overcoming barriers which still concern us and which prohibit growth....These barriers must be overcome....Through stillness of mind your fears and concerns will diminish....My message to you is to assimilate the collection of thoughts you have received, take them into the stillness, and allow them, like incense, to steep; let them settle in your mind, and intermingle with love, humor, and praise. These thoughts are valid, but your concerns are human. Trust your faith. Commit to finding the time during the day to communicate your concerns.

This collection of minds has such potential, yet this potential is limited only by the perfectionism you demand upon yourselves. Your errors will teach you, and [they] are inevitable. Your fear of these errors hinders the [realization] of the potential. Realize your faith is all that is necessary.....

It is our goal to unite the minds of teachers and receivers....I am specifically assigned to the unity of minds. [This work] is evolving as we speak, and is dependent on you, as we speak. At this moment, other groups are participating in this exercise in unity. Other teachers have also taken this opportunity to practice [this linkage]....This is a learning process [for all of us]....[This experiment] is evolving in ways even we are not sure of. Again, this evolution depends on your experience.

Reliable documentation discontinued here. The meeting continued for approximately 30 additional minutes. Individuals asked questions, and an experiment in group unity and group communication with Fon and the other celestial observers was conducted.


Transmission on 2/14/93

Present: Byron and Ellen

Transmitter: Ellen

[Greeting....] We are [concerned] about the group conscience...

Are you referring to the Oklahoma City channeling group?

Specifically, Helen is vital to carrying out of the mission here in Oklahoma City. She has received many teachings that are important for the three of you to hear.

Are these teachings that we have not yet heard?

Some, but more yet to come. Be at peace, for there will be time Byron....RondEL awaits contact with you. He has tried to contact you, yet he has met with difficulty. There will be resumption of his contact....Continue to practice the stillness.

Do you have any comments on my stillness practice, especially with regard to contacting RondEL?

.....[Do] nothing different. There was more that needs to be communicated, for as the Teaching Mission progresses, we have lagged in our part of the Mission....Our group is....When we made contact in Oklahoma City, there was much excitement and enthusiasm, and yet [it appears] that the group [may have] dissolved. It is vital to maintain the group or there will be difficulty in transmitting. We have chosen [help] through Ellen's voice to communicate this concern for we are lacking in other forms of communication at this time.

Please be advised that your group was chosen from [among] many, and to lose this contact would be a great defeat for the Teaching Mission. There are many lessons yet to learn, although time [is or has been] lost. We are looking forward to a time when we all will meet again. It is vital....we reach [?] greater numbers, and we are hoping, because of earlier successes, to continue to transmit information later to be used in the Mission. Many of you us you have not yet learned of, and we are awaiting your readiness. Please be made aware of the tenuous circumstances.

You are loved by the God our Father and let it be known that this love is constant regardless of any action you may choose. Know now that you are loved by us and as well and we hope to make further acquaintance with you on a most personal and intimate fashion.

Who am I now speaking with?

Present are Josephine and RondEL [and others]. RondEL would like to speak with you....

The remainder was a personal message from RondEL to Byron.


2/28/93 Transmission

Norman, Oklahoma

Foehn: Greetings children.

B: Is there a lesson for us today?

Foehn: Indeed there are many things to discuss today. You are in the presence of myself, Foehn; RondEL is at hand for questions....We are not in an observational session. Personal needs may be discussed. Needs for spiritual growth should be the limitations of this discussion.

B: Do you have any Foehn you would like to say to us today as an opening, either to the group or to an individual?

Foehn: Anelia would like to step forward today. Go ahead Anelia....

Anelia:....My name is Anelia. I am in partnership with Foehn. I am to carry messages regarding the logistics of your plans.

B: Yes Anelia.

Anelia: You have done well in your communications with one another and you are to be commended....Your minds are gradually being prepared for more direct communication....Indeed there is a measure of discrepancy between our true impulse to you and what you may perceive. However, trust your perceptions, and go with the inner voice. It would be wise to listen intently and trust what you hear. Do not concern yourselves with discrepancies in interpretation. Discrepancies have been measured and are part of the plan....

Do not be afraid to ask questions that will rely on faith in the interpretation of the answers that are given. Time-space relations are complex; you will never be able to ask questions within the limits of your language that could allow for the complete understanding of the answer, even if I was able to find ways other than verbal communication to answer these questions. You will have to rely on faith that through the progression of growth prepared for you after your completion of your walk on this planet that you will indeed graduate into understanding the interrelated activities of the Paradise ascension. Trust and faith and hope in the knowing must be the motivation in the growing.

B: Anelia, I have been trying to write on the subject of growth. Using the language of the Urantia Book, progress is defined as the addition of new meaning to experience; growth is defined as felt perception of value, and the perception of new meanings of these values. Could you say more about the feeling dimension, the notion that quality or value is something that is "felt" as is said in the Book. This is an ongoing question for me and for many. What more can you say about the role of feeling in soul development?

Anelia: I will turn this question, which is not a logistical one, over to a woman, a feminine presence. Josephine has been prepared for such an occasion....

Josephine:....As I look upon you I see one who has a great deal of respect for the impact words may have on one another. This respect is one of the values to be discussed. Yet the emotion resulting from respect is fear. Fear is the emotion which interplays with the value of respect. Many of you could do good to contemplate on the times that fear keeps you from respecting others. The differences in your approach to situations is one of values. Remember that values are interplayed with culture. Your value system keeps the people on this planet at a level of conflict. Yet the emotions that make you brothers in this world result from fear of the loss of respect for each other's values. As diverse as the cultures of your peoples are there is a goal to reach a level of respect on this planet in the diversity of culture, not however in the diversity of values....

B: I understand you to mean that values are something apart from culture. Culture is an arena in which individuals discover or select values, which they embody in everyday life. But the values are something that comes from above, that are from God, that are self-existing; they are not invented, they are discovered. But there is a differential in discovery across cultures and of course across individuals. Is that at least a partial restatement of what you mean?

Josephine: Indeed, perhaps if I draw you a picture. Consider the seed -- the soul -- planted in the soil of oneness. As it takes root, it branches out in many directions. As it comes across a rock, it is forced to choose another path. As it searches for nourishment it grows deep and wide, and occasionally it tops the surface and must resume its search in another direction as it realizes the error of its growth.

As the seed flourishes into a young plant it is faced with the influences of its environment. Not only must it endure atmospheric influences, it must fear the feet of those who tread upon it, and it must offer itself as nourishment to those who may need it. But yet it continues to grow, protected by the elements of chance that it will become a fully mature plant.

The roots symbolize your planet. You have areas of fertile ground, which offer good homestead for your families. As the plant grows, you can see it is merely a development of its seed. It is not miraculous that it grows; growth is merely part of its make-up. The shape of growth, however, the bend of the stem, the number of its leaves, its color and its fruit, however, symbolize the many aspects we must understand in the makeup of your people.

Consider the stem to be your body. You have been placed on this planet and you must grow. As you reach out, you begin to express yourself in the culture that you have been planted in. Yet, within you feel a need to stretch one way and seek sunlight in another. This is the value I express in this analogy. Plants search for sun; you search for truth. As all plants search for sun, all men search for truth. This truth-seeking nature is indeed one which sources itself from spiritual fertilization.

The value-system is intertwined with your own capacity to interpret the will of God within you. Indeed it is a fine line between the inherent capacities of your genetic make up and the spiritual capacities of your worshipful nature. Values are not totally spiritual as a result. Yet within them is a fragment of superimposed manifestations of God's potential for you.

The fruit of this growth is what we as a body are trying to nurture. It is not the kind of fruit, or the taste, that is our goal. Simply, we must want [?] for the productivity of your beings....we simply cannot allow growth without fruit.

E: Josephine, that was beautiful.

Josephine: My child, when you listen to my word, do not fear that you will fail me. Your respect for my communication is indeed noted. Your culture has taught you this. And this is our dilemma. Although you may choose words that were not exactly mine, your mind and mine are attuned to each other.

The feelings that I have been chosen to try and teach are indeed very much felt by the feminine race on this planet. The differences between the sexes are considered in great depth and it is true that those of those who have felt the emotions can best describe them.

Many men do not allow these emotions to be felt. It is not because they are men that they are not chosen to approach this topic; it is because they must be able to relate the expression of this wordless language in order to best teach. When you listen to my word it is nice that you want to be exact in your interpretation, but it is not necessary, for it is truly a language without words. Your feelings and mine are in tune.

Do not be overwhelmed by the outflow of these emotions. Many of them are necessary; some are not, though, however. It would be wise for you to find ways to express these emotions productively. Trust your sense of my presence through emotion, for this is what you truly are gifted with. This blessing will serve our mission.

E: Ok, thank you....

B: I wanted to say hello to RondEL, and welcome you and see if you have teaching for us, or for me, or have comments on our discussion today.

Son, you have indeed done well. In this past few days I have been pleased with your progress. I must apologize for the impact I had in my last message. [This refers to a previous transmission to the group that was not taped]. I have been inconsiderate in conveying [tape ends here]....I am at one with your thinking and have prepared answers for your question. My emphasis on the need for organizational preparation was perhaps too strong, considering your current state....Your questions are many. Please begin.

B: When I address you in prayer, may I assume that you are aware?

The Father has chosen me to help many like you. I have been assigned to work with those who have the capacity to see plans set in to action. You are a steadfast personality. Although you may waver in temporary confusion, your underlying goals are in tune with the Father.

When you pray, you may ask of me. However, I am not always present. Your words are never lost. All aspects of your experiences which deal with this Mission are precious. I do not have a place in your personal experiences, and I have limits to the amount of information I can provide you above and beyond what is necessary for our specific assignment. In answer to your question, at times, yes, I am present and hearing your prayers. However, I am specifically only allowed access to what is necessary for my use in this assignment....

[Remainder of this session includes private counsel from the Teachers which is not included herein.]


4/4/93 Transmission

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Zion:...I Zion, am here to speak to you of matters of great importance. I am beckoned to your side to assure you of your purpose in this mission, the coming of Michael to Urantia. I am here to assure you of the gifts that are to come which will be beheld by all who care to join. We are here for a great purpose. Individually, we bring to you inspiration and beckon you to listen. I bring riches in the form of words; however, let it be known that these words translated into feeling will become your personhood, will last throughout eternity....

E: I feel the presence of Josephine, and Machiventa -- who's Machiventa? -- and RondEL, Zion, Tomeray, Thomy, and Marcel...and Jared....and something like Peter....trying to transcribe celestial names sounds like Peter but with a "ph" sound.....

Zion: Many are waiting for the Chosen One to speak....We are present and waiting. Patience.....Your own thoughts may be searched at this time for concerns or questions. We will inform you when He is ready.....[long pause]

E: I am in the process of visualizing to help open the channel that is necessary. So they are working with me to try to cleanse and open me up in a way that will allow this to happen.....

Zion: We are free to speak....All questions will be answered.

Josephine: Many hours have I waited for this moment to address your concerns. Feel free to ask any questions that you have, and I will do my best to answer....

C: I have been trying to understand the difference between faith and trust. I understand each at the extremes but there is an overlapping area that seems to cause me difficulty. And there are times where the words seem to be interchangeable. Would you speak to us about this, please?

Josephine: Trust beheld in one's heart includes faith, this is true, for when one trusts, faith must ensue. We are here and you ask of us questions which demonstrate your belief, your faith in us. You are trusting information received through a channel and distributed to your ears. A connection is found here -- faith equals trust; trust is not distant from faith. When one brings into any situation love, there one finds the highest achievement of trust/faith. Carry faith with you my son, and trust will follow as a close companion. Any other questions?

B: Josephine, this is Jacob. I used a concept to guide me today from the Bible, in which Apostle Paul says to "tell the truth with love" -- something one might call "tough love". You may scan my thoughts with respect to this interaction today. Do you have any guidance on the relationship between truth-telling and love?

E: RondEL wishes to speak.

RondEL: My son, truth takes many forms [...faceted], it illuminates many areas of your life. When one is informed of a truth hidden previously, it may bring anguish, pain and discomfort. It is known that some truths are better withheld, yet how does one determine this? It is in one's prayer life that this is determined....[Ed.'s note: hereafter, personal counseling that has been edited].

E: Josephine is back.....

S: Last week I had a most extraordinary experience. I laid under a pine tree and I felt I received guidance from you, and the guidance was that there would be a channel that will open in my head, when the time was right. And I smelled a most wonderful smell, I think it was a sweet pea smell. I have two questions. The first is, what may I do to help facilitate the opening of the channel? And the second is, I would like to know my teacher's name.

Josephine: We are indeed pleased by the joy you have experienced over the last few days. We have been observing, guiding, and contacting you, at times that you been aware of and other times not. This channel that you speak of, that will indeed open in your body, will facilitate much extraordinary learning in you in days, weeks, months and years to come. How to facilitate this? Indeed my child it has been facilitated and there is no need for you to do anything further other than to remain open, pleased with the ever-expanding vision of your universe.

You are a delight to all of us who watch and observe. We are in anticipation of great love from you. Teachers have been assigned to you at a variety of levels. We are not ready to disclose names and places at this time. However, it is known of your wishes and we will gladly anticipate the introduction of your special teacher to you in days forthcoming.

S: Thank you Josephine....

B: Josephine, is Machiventa still in observance?

Josephine: Machiventa is prepared to speak after all questions have been extinguished.

B: Here is a question for extinguishment. As a group, would you give us some counsel, as to the group activity, how it is progressing, how you see us in the near future, and any assignments you might have for us as a group. And in that connection would you amplify your statement to Ellen "to leave the door open for others to come in or to leave".

[This 4/2 private message also included the following statement by Josephine: "....I beseech you remember that this group is one of love and the qualities of God our Father. It is not of your making to determine who shall enter or exit the group. Be assured that all is well. Welcome Susan into your group and others who wish may participate...."]

E: Josephine wishes to speak....

Josephine: Imperative it is that you require of others only interest in what it is that you are offering. The bottom line is love -- always, only, without exception. Judgment is not inclusive in this, the Teaching Mission. Release fear, judgment, turmoil. Be bonded with your own hearts. Know faith, know trust, and you will know love. RondEL is here.

RondEL: Jacob, we have observed you over the past few months and are aware of changes occurring within and without your group. We are observing, channeling, and entering others' consciousness in order that they may be prepared to join and be a part of the Mission. If you were to forbid or in any way dishonor one's interest, or curiosity, in exploring what it is you offer, then others may be lost. Do not bar doors. When we speak of love, we intend for love to be heard clearly, resonating, in your hearts, so that others may be attracted. If you were to convey disregard for others' interest in this love, it would be unpardonable, for this is why we are here. Mention not to others of your concern of their entering your group. Mention only your willingness to welcome and participate with all who wish to bask in God's love. Our Father commands this. It is your responsibility as a willing participant, in this, the Teaching Mission. Therefore, allow for others to be advised of your progress. We are pleased with the progress we have seen in your group.

B: RondEl, in following the Father's commandment, as you say, and in view of the possibility that my actions may be barring others, would you suggest that we now make a simple announcement that we are here and that we are participating in the Teaching Mission?

E: Josephine wishes to speak.....

Josephine: Announcements have been made around the world. Trumpets have sounded: the Lord cometh. When one speaks of contacting others, it is only through our hearts that this is accomplished. Once contacted, a person never forgets, feels, to the marrow of his being, the rightfulness of his place in the Mission. Calm is in order, for it is not an anxious choice. It is one of glory. Behold the spirit of others cupped in your hands, like a fragile image of God. [Note] the nurturing required for enhancement of the soul. Open like a vessel to the needs of others in this way, for you know we have helped you as we have helped others. Guide them to us. Gently, let them know.... [end tape]

.....Grant each man his right to behold the image of God....[Problems with tape recorder locking up......apologies from BB]

Josephine: ....We, too, are communicating at levels which are equally disorganized at times...Rest assured that these messages have been received regardless of the typewritten word.... Each of you are cherished children of God, and therefore bring much peace and happiness to the Father, who holds you in his image to be loved, and to be united with your brothers and sisters. Therefore, quiet year minds and hear now....the distant echo of your Father....

[Long period of meditation]

Josephine: We are here to counsel and advise you...we are the forerunners of more yet to come; many more have arrived since [inaudible].....

E: I feel like I'm in a different energy state, now, a place of extra great peace and calm. I am on a desert at night feeling shifting sands as the wind blows....

Josephine: [Continuation of earlier story]....[inaudible] a long time since we fought many wars as brethren to those whom we wished to injure, or, was it to protect ourselves from.... [inaudible]....We rode camels in the sand, plodding through hot dry desert turf, searching for a homeland. We brought with us our children....We searched for our place in a dry land of no inhabitants. Where were we to find the crystal of God's love in such a forbidden location? How were we to survive such a long absence from our loved ones? We ambled aimlessly for many years, toiling in the desert of our forefathers. We reached out to the future, praying for release from bondage. We brought with us many concerns and cares of losing our sustenance.

We hold on today too tightly to the material world. We assume it brings comfort and joy, yet still many are lost in the desert of our forefathers....

Do not lose sight of those you can help. Do not be dismayed at those who choose to be lost in the veritable dryness of a world without love. There will be some who will perish, [while] others may be helped. Reach out and assure those who are lost that an oasis exists filled with unrelinguished beauty, praise, and gold-filled caches of love. Await a drink in the desert of our forefathers; may you find peace and offer this cup to others.

[.....Transmission interrupted.....During a break, transmitter reports on her experience:

Ellen: At the beginning of that transmission I saw images of great beauty and power. I saw myself on the edge of a cliff looking over an extraordinary region of land -- the wind blowing, a clear blue sky above. I was a Native American, in a ritual outfit, a warrior, and in the vision I leapt off the cliff and become an eagle soaring out, and then returning. Then I was human again. Then an image of a horse arose, in white clouds. It was suddenly right upon me. Power filled me as the horse rushed over the top of me. He left behind, in his wake, a sparkly dust, and as the dust hit me I was overwhelmed with the fact of a love that came through me. Then the horse came to a mountain. Now it becomes an immense and very powerful white figure at the top of the mountain, ready to speak, and at the base of the mountain are all the Teachers. During the transmission Michael is at the top of the mountain and the Teachers are at the bottom. I also felt that there was a wire hoop or ring, going up the mountain perimeter, and then I felt it going through the group. Every time it passed around, I would get a new word. The ring was like an exotic metal, very light and strong with three knobs on it, which were cylindrical. (Account edited)]

[Return from break.]

RondEL: We are here to present to you a unique gift of beauty and love as a token for your efforts, praise, and faith in us. We now bequeath to you the honor of beholding the image of the Son of God, [a] presence relished by all who seek to find the truth and glory [inaudible] which is the love of Father. I now state the presence of Michael, sovereign ruler of a universe, keeper of light....

Michael: Yes, I am here. I am Michael. I am. I exist. I see beauty unforeseen by those who have merely glanced in its direction. I am the keeper of the cross, the cross which bears the burdens of your souls. I beg of you to release suspicion, doubt and fear surrounding the truths found in the universe of love. I am here to fill your hearts with joy, spilling out all doubt, fear, casting away the [inaudible] that carries with it dust of the ages, bringing only love that incorporates more love, wide and [inaudible], yet not filled with particles of fear or worry. I resonate with a deep heartfelt...spirit. Respite from care is your concern. Release your fear like baggage thrown to the stars for I have believed in each of you regardless of your standing. I am within each of you, regardless of the shape you are, held in our father's love.

I am here within each of you. I exist. No doubt at this time will erase this truth. Deity is forgiving. Love bears offspring to itself. All who visit this mountain of love, all who come to surround and embrace the whole....will be rewarded. Come now, to the base of this mountain, my children, and I will raise you to the heavens for the peak on which I stand is eternal. I am here. I am one. I believe in each of you as you must believe in me. For I could not arrive without your faith. I [inaudible] with the preciousness of your steadfast faith. I exist. I am because of you, your faith.

RondEL: Michael is open to questions.

C: I would like to ask about truth. I feel that I am missing something in my efforts to understand and describe it. I know it is probably beyond understanding, but I feel I have missed something--I sometimes have a difficult time discerning the difference between facts and truth.

Michael: My son, truth has a beginning as it has an end. Facts come from the mind of mortal man who must differentiate between a world which they don't understand and a world which is created by them. I am here to say that truth occurs only when love is present. Facts are a mortal way of learning in a limited fashion of his world. Ever-changing are these facts, yet truth remains a constant.

C: Could one say that facts are man's attempts to dissect truth and look at the little parts because he can't see the big picture?

Michael: Truth coming from the hearts of mortal man requires facts only in the sense of perverting truth for if one can only see a small/minute portion of truth then, is it really truth at all, or has it become an aberration?

Truth exists only in your heart my son. Fact's are a function of the mind's purpose in utilizing truth for potentially negative purposes such as the dissection of society in to factions and groups differing in religious decisions/choices, religious beliefs. Many religions believe in truth based on what may be perceived as fact, however, fact cannot be contained in a book and then illustrated as truth. This cannot be, for truth precedes all knowledge, and therefore we must be concerned with unifying symbols and languages and the matter of truth rather than in...factual responses to an extensive universe.

Are you clear on this point?

C: I will need to think about it for a bit but I thank you for that beautiful answer.

Michael: You are welcome.

B: Michael, I know that we are to be heralds for your return to Urantia. Do the Christians have a privileged role in heralding your return, or it is to be proclaimed to all religions world-wide? How can I work with my Christian friends, now or soon, in heralding your return?

Michael: Jacob, you have addressed a very potent concern. I am the [inaudible]....I am here to bring gold and riches in the form of my love. Men have chosen to turn away from this love in order to maintain servitude to their wealth. Christians are not excluded from this menagerie of experience. Many have fled my love in search of alternate forms of comfort so that I am forgotten in their hearts -- almost forgotten.

I am here to resurrect the Spirit of Truth in those who wish to seek. I will assist any and all who are willing to respond to my call. When you confront those who view me as the Christ, you may acknowledge their right to see me in this light, and continue then to assure them of my love for them. Do not be dismayed at those who may wish to chastise or criticize your well-founded truth in my arrival. Many are afraid and will not come forward for they fear my wrath. As you speak, [I also] search for ways to reach those who are in fear. Will you assist those who cannot perceive the gifts [inaudible]? When you speak I echo your concern, and walk with you in your prayer.

B: Yes, master, I will, with all my heart and mind and soul assist you. Show my how, when, where. I will go.

Michael: My son, you are worthy of great love. God bless you. To others who walk in the shadows of fear I raise my hands in the glory of our Father's love and rain down upon their hearts waters which sift through gently, cleansing, purifying all the way down, raising up to the heavens their faith [with a] prayer that all life shall be rekindled on this planet you call Urantia. I am here. I am one. We are spirit.

S: Michael, this is Susan.

RondEL speaks...we are here to assure you of Michael's love and request you direct questions to Josephine or other teachers at this time.

S: It is hard for me to find the correct--well, not the correct, but the most precise words to use so I hope you will be patient with me in formulating this question. As I walk torough my life, each person that I see I try to love them to the best of my ability and see the image of God in each person--and sometimes it is more difficult with some people than others. And I find with a certain type of person, a person I believe, I perceive, to be afraid, I become angry at their inability at that time to be able to receive the love that I have to offer them. I feel that this is a mistake on my part and I would like guidance to know how to fully open my heart to people and give them the love that I have without demanding or expecting anything in return or feeling hurt when they are not able to receive it. I would appreciate any guidance you have to offer me on this matter.

Josephine: I am Josephine of the feeling world. I am here as an expert in this matter and will graciously assist you in understanding the consequences of confronting -- [E: she wants a stronger word] -- bashing others with love.

At this level I often experience much frustration with those who I wish to help, but are unprepared or unrevealed in the gifts that love can offer. I am instructed however to exercise much forgiveness in this experience....For those who are in pain, in turmoil -- those who are stuck in fear -- truly deserve much more unconditional love and forgiveness, for they require healing beyond those who have already accepted and learned the ways of love. I am also advised to speak [end of side one of tape]....I am free to say at this time that self-forgiveness facilitates healing. Embrace your own spirit, then continue to love others, as it should be.

S: Thank you Josephine.

Josephine: You are very welcome. Zion is here to wrap it up. Are there any dangling questions?

B: A dangling item is the question of what, teachers, is the role of the Urantia Book in the Teaching Mission? I have become confused because of a statement that was printed somewhere that the book is not necessarily central or even germane to the TM. Is there anything that you might say to help me in my confusion over that -- either now or later?

RondEL: To address the issue of the Urantia Book, Michael has returned.

Michael: My son, make no excuses for excluding others [inaudible]. Urantia has followed many courses, one of which includes the Urantia Book. It is essential to remember its beauty, its simple message.... And yet, be reminded that it is only a source of which there are many others. If I were to entrust all of my teachings only to those who knew of the writings of the Urantia movement, how quickly do you believe my message would spread?

B: Indeed slowly, as we have seen since the book was brought here.

Michael: Then you see my intent is to hasten the message. Many have found peace in alternate ways created by the stirrings of their individual spirits. There is no separation nor distinction between those who seek God's wisdom and those who seek God. Rest assured I am in charge of channeling the message in the most desirable and influential manner.

I must speak to Susan at this time to let Susan.... I must know your intent for this mission. I am here to embrace you in love, and yet, I ask you of your intent.

S: My intent has been and will always be, to serve God and follow his--to do God's will and follow his commandments. You may sense in me confusion as to my perception of who you are and my absolute determination to follow only the person I know as Christ or Jesus or Michael. My confusion after all these years of who people told me that Jesus is and my determination to only be true to the true son of God. I ask that you help me understand your relationship to that person that was Jesus and also help me understand--I'll say it again. I pledge myself body, soul and spirit to God and the true Son of God. I have heard so many different stories for so long, about who Jesus is, that I have never been able to completely pledge myself to the idea that people have of Jesus, I would ask your help in this matter.

I am the son of God, born of an angel which fills the sky.

I am, that I am, that I am you.

I am love, simple and pure, bright and shimmering.

I am, that I am, that I am you,

for I am crystals of sunlight dipped in dew.

I am, that I am, that I am you,

for I am the rivers that flow to the sea.

The ocean that brings fishes to be.

I am, that I am, that I am in you,

and you and others that see right through

the love that exists in each of you.

I am that I am that I am you,

created of an angel that fills the sky.

Clear as the moon and light as the sky.

I am a being that extends through and through.

I am that I am, that I am you.

Believe in me child for it is true--and I believe in you.

S: I thank you for that beautiful poem. I have one more question to ask you.

Yes, my daughter.

S: Are you the spirit that was Jesus? And, if so, why do you now call yourself Michael?

I am simply created from God your Father, my Father, completely and wholly filled with his love. I entered your planet as man to fulfill the destiny which rules my existence. I permeate the heavens. I touch the essence of who you are. I bequeath you.... Hear my sound. It is of harps playing in the heavens. Finely tuned to your spirit I sing. I thank you for your integrity and courage my daughter. Please forgive me for I must answer one more question and then be absent from this communication.

S: I do not mean to be rude or unthankful in the slightest way, however, I'm not sure if you answered my question. I would not attempt to confront the Son of God; on the other hand, I feel that I must have courage to ask you again, were you that one we call Jesus Christ?

Michael: It was indeed I.....Jacob, have you another question?

B: Yes, Michael. What can I do now in my most immediate circumstances, especially regarding my work, to serve you and to regain the balance I need to love those around me.

Michael: I am here to hold with you, in my hand, a package made of the finest gold. This package is soft and sweet, and gentle, and whispers into your palm the truth and glory of our Father. You, my son, have shown extraordinary courage and faith and I beseech you, take my hand, walk with me as we find the gates that open to the glory of the Kingdom of God. It is yours to behold as it is with all others. Walk with me my son and you will find peace. That is all.

B: I will Master. I will. Thank you.

Michael: To Chet, I must say I command you to continue flourishing as you have for it is in your flourishing that I see the beauty of the flower, that I smell the blossoms of spring. I ask of you to continue as you have, embracing those who come to you by my design. Open your heart, let them know I exist. I am here to love, to help, to bandage the wounds suffered by the infliction of doubt and fear. I am here. Feel my love. I am here. Do not forget. For I cry with loneliness of abandon when my children forget. I am here to serve. I am the Son of God

Blessed be He who has created the heavens and the earth, enriching our lives and making them whole. I am here to spread his word. I am the taskmaster sent to spread evenly among all peoples....Embrace me as I embrace you. All can be restored. All can be restored. It is possible. It is fathomable. It is.

4/11/93 Transmission -- Easter Sunday

[Special Easter transmission from a neighboring planet]....The hands of your Savior are healed. Let us rejoice that he who cast light on this world must now shield his eyes from the light we cast back upon him. Truly the love of the people for your Savior is remarkable....We speak of light in terms of faith. The intensity of faith is blinding on occasions such as this. It is little known to us, and we speak in unison from afar....We know not of the equivalence of this faith, and truly are not prepared to deal with you in a manner which is deserving of this faith.

Our Father, our paternal savior, as we join you in fellowship, finds it necessary to proclaim this day as one worthy of our attention in the observation of this planet. He feels the pleasure of acknowledgment of his existence through the light cast to us and it is in our records but it is not understood completely. You know not of us to this date. We are mentioning through your teachers that we exist and take pleasure in recording the faith noticed through light on this occasion. A record of this day will bring us together in time. You will know of many who have been observing this work. Proceed.

B: Which of our celestial friends is speaking to us now?

E: Anelia steps forward to answer questions as she was instructed to proceed.

B: Happy Easter Anelia!

Anelia: Great joy to you my children. Are you aware of the complexities overcome today? We have established a new precedent in communication through this message -- a message from another planet through us to you! It has been observed, as they share your Father and are rewarded in watching your growth in Him. He has instructed them to take note of this occasion and observe the light. They are not aware of your history yet; they are trying to understand the nature of the preparation of His kingdom on your planet. Their Kingdom has been established, and is underway...I am very moved at this moment, although the experience of emotional enthusiasm is new to me. I must express my lack of words on this event. I have seen the reward of a few weeks of preparation for this message and I am pleased that systems of this nature are involved.

We feel a new encouragement by the numbers who are asking for involvement in this epochal revelation....You see, there are many here who must proceed on a short-term plan as we know not of your temperament in ways that can be projected productively. It is unfortunate that we are in such an era of preparation. Impending plans must be enacted, and yet, as you are aware, there is much organization needed even among us. We have noted your amazement at our difficulty -- and yet we are similar to you in many ways. We have not the whole picture in our hands either. We must constantly discern through our experiences, what might be taking place here. I simply need to... step aside.

E: Josephine is here....

Josephine: I wish to inform you of our plans for this day....Take my hand [inaudible]...inform you of Michael's concern for your fortitude and wisdom. There has been much disarray and problematic [inaudible] that needs to be addressed. When one ventures thus, on such an important, outstanding mission of the Lord, our God, the Universal Father, much order is lost temporarily and I am here to regain a sense of order among us.

I am Josephine, queen of emotional response, dictated [?] by humor at times and yet also by release of fearful anxiety and overwrought concern for mismanagement of resources. When I speak, I wish to commend all of you -- each of you -- for your efforts, and your faith. When I see each of you trying so hard to keep up with what is being requested of you, I am joyful and at the same time, wanting to grant you relief. Ask of me now your concerns as I try to address each of you individually. Helen would you like to begin?

H: Josephine, I don't know if you are aware of our discussion, if you were present to hear our concerns about how to proceed and what is important and what is not. We are, well, at a loss, and yet we are compelled forward to gain strength and courage without haste or anger. My question is about our responsibility for sharing this kind of communication with others, above and beyond just trying to become spiritually mature. What would you have to say for your plans in relation to what we perceive as our responsibilities?

Josephine: RondEL steps in to speak.

RondEL: It has occurred to us that difficulty in transmitting this information to others is a valid concern. We have approached many of you personally without your conscious appreciation or knowledge of this event. In this way, you have been touched without controversy, moved by prior consent to dwell in the teaching of Michael and his Mission.

Now that others are being contacted by each of you, it is imperative that a loving and gentle nurturing approach is taken. For others to climb aboard this ship on somewhat rough waters is an invitation to a journey which they may or may not be prepared for. Having taken into account all factors, it is our belief and wisdom that as each of you approach others independently, you pray for guidance from Josephine or myself [....E: He is impressing on me "any other teacher"...] This is imperative and strongly suggested before addressing an individual outside of this group.

H: When we pray for guidance and wisdom to Teachers, I don't understand what you mean when you say that. I pray... could you expand on that... are you specifically waiting concerns through prayer that you have been assigned to deal with?

RondEL: We have approached each of you independently in our own mindful way and are acquainted with techniques necessary to reach those of you potentially open to the Mission concerning Michael's return. Gifted are we with experience and wisdom and hence we will offer guidance when requested. When you reach out to share your experiences with this channeling group, we can assist you in all manners of speech, intellect, and emotional well-being, in order that clear pronunciation and adequate emotional presence is communicated in order that to the highest degree your speech is not impeded by fear, doubt or misconceptions on the part of the other party. Is this clear?

Helen: Yes, I believe that you are asking us not to pray to you but to ask of you in relation to knowledge and wisdom pertaining to the return of Michael.

RondEL: I appreciate the distinction made here in regard to prayer, for truly we are not prayer objects. I delight in your acknowledgment of this factor.

H: RondEL, when we feel Michael's presence, it seems that he is already here, and yet we are preparing for His coming. I understand that it's just the acceptance of this event that we are preparing for, but when we feel His there something that we don't know yet about the way He moves through us, fragments of His existence? We feel fragments of His presence and yet await His potential. I was very confused when I felt the experience with Ellen. I felt concerned and in danger and yet I felt overwhelmed with a new fragment of something. I really wonder if there could be some explanation maybe, because I really was affected by that experience and I don't understand all of these energies and how to channel them effectively.

Josephine: When we walked upon the deserts of Egyptian soil, many came to request of us truth, and answers to fear and to harsh doubts of the existence of Michael -- truly the existence of universal unblemished love and beauty. One may experience a new fragment of which you speak. One may choose to see light in forms other than what is normally expected. One may choose to accept Michael into one's heart and yet the full realization of Michael's power has not yet been known....

H: Thank you.

RondEL: We are free to answer any other questions. [Long pause] Jacob, are your prepared to ask of us anything in particular?

Jacob: Yes RondEL....What are we really my question. There are so many levels, even in preaching the gospel. There are many ways to preach Michael's gospel and I feel moved to proclaim the gospel. And I feel that a new tool or a new form has been presented here, that is, your presence to assist us. I see the Urantia Book and the Urantia movement as a medium, a mode of transmission of His gospel to the planet. It is important not to get in gridlock with the Urantia movement. Yet it seems to me that the teaching Mission is being addressed to the Urantia movement. My question is: in presenting the Teaching Mission to our friends in the Urantia movement, what is the purpose of the Teaching Mission -- in your words?

RondEL: How is it that you've come to the place you are in today? We have arrived through passages, channels to greet the One who will bring ultimate peace and harmony to your planet earth, Urantia. I am well-versed in the passage of time and events and foresee a time and place for you which includes the existence of joy and open reception of love in your life. If this were all, would it be....I mean to say that you, my son, Jacob, are relinquished from struggle if you so choose. One man, relieved from the burden of the ages, is reception of God's desire for each of us. I am here to assist your relinquishment of burden and you, my son, have to choose which angle you wish to project into your future livelihood. The Mission as it has been called, only asks of each of us, that we may continue to open more extensively to the ultimate love and wisdom of our Father, God in Heaven, in order that others may then be free, free to choose as well.

J: Well, I choose not to struggle any more. I would be relinquished of a burden that is of my own making. I would be happy to carry a load, a burden, effectively and with ease and grace -- as Michael put it to me -- and I ask your assistance in relinquishing the false burden and in finding the true work and joy. It has truly been a learning experience. I have no more questions at this time.

C: RondEL, We have been debating whether we should make a written announcement or whether we should talk to people individually or how we might best go about sharing the news of the Teaching Mission. Would you comment on that please?

RondEL: Yes, indeed. We are now addressing you in your spiritual name, however let us continue our dialog and return to offer this to you. The Teaching Mission, as it stands, is one truly for the masses. The matter of timing is a valid interest and we now perceive that few others are prepared to enter the realms of discussion which we experience here today. Follow your heart, your instincts.... Lead, and others shall follow. Go to the masses revealing the name of God in His Glory.

H: Foehn would like to speak.

Foehn: Silly ones, how we have tried to broaden your thinking. Let me take this occasion to further your insight. Truly, we watch you grow and laugh and love together. You spin your circles to music and dance with joy in your hearts....[This alludes to an extemporaneous circle dance the group had done just before this session]...and yet you truly are torn among yourselves. The cloth that tears you does not exist, it is like the curtain of your ancient temples. It has no power, it is merely woven by hands. Bring down this curtain. Find a way in your heart to look up into the skies and see the clouds part. Prepare your hearts for the coming of Michael. Don't even try to begin to comprehend this communication, for you cannot. How many times have we told you that we are not aware of its....[H: I have no word]

....We have problems too. We have concerns, and yet you are merely wasting time in trying to outguess us for, we cannot begin to fathom your concerns and answer your questions. Think of the day when all will be able to meet for coffee and update each other....through their sources. There will be an occasion when all will be able to share the impact of their Teachers through the week. You are not to be concerned with the occasion of its eventuality. We can only proclaim of its existence....and its perfection to come. Know, in your hearts, through the faith that we are in awe of, that there is no limit to this endeavor. You have no idea of the communicative powers available to us that we cannot disclose to you.

Your communication skills among each other are limited, yes, indeed, but they are very powerful. You have love in your hearts and souls in your eyes that can be detected through the simple discernment of your indwelling Thought Adjuster which is in all of you, and yet you fail to look in to each others' hearts and see what is belonging to all of you through Him that loves you and allowed your life to be enabled on this planet. When you look into your brother's eyes look not for doubt or discredibility, for you shall not see, through the soul, these emotions.

You will come to know the look of brotherly understanding, as we do. You shall come to expect to hear the truth in each others' spiritual growth, and yet this day may not be in your capability of understanding. We only have this to say: [We] look down upon your planet and see your sources of great light -- equally projected above the continents....There is no need to proclaim His great power for all who know Him truly feel this power. It is felt and understood. Merely all you have to do is walk in the shadow of His light. You must conceive of His love. You must allow the child in you to mature and grow....You are asking of yourselves to bypass the necessary spiritual growth needed in order to understand things of the future....

Children, you are complicating this matter in trying to understand it. It cannot be understood. There are no answers for questions like those of which you have asked regarding the means of communication and the events of its denial. Let your souls move you and move with the souls of others. We simply enjoy the dance of the movement and you would be wise to find pleasure in its occasion and not burden yourselves with the struggle of its implications.

I need to tell you that I have been with many of your fellows and have observed the beauty of their souls. Do not underestimate what I see, for it is truly moving to all of us who witness this planet's love...I can only say to you that there is fun and adventure and yet love and responsibility in what you are doing. There should be tears of great happiness, and yet the pain of the history of this planet deeply [jerks] us into facing the responsibilities of our message....There will be nothing that you are not protected from that could endanger this Mission. Do not even concern yourselves with its potential failure or your mistakes. Simply walk in the shadow of His light and believe that all will come to love Him in the way which He loves them.

E: Foehn, may I ask a question of you at this time?

Foehn: Certainly.

E: I have tried to find my true sense of peace and happiness in my day-to-day life. I find that I'm trapped in past fears and anger. And I still try to... I want to release myself from those negative, heavy ways of the world and increase my receptivity to the teachings and to the love that's offered. I find myself stuck, stymied and I'm wondering if you could offer some counsel, some advise of how to move out of this spiral?

Foehn: Climb a tree and take authority of the gravity that pulls you down. You must swing as a child against the weight of this world. Apples must fall from the tree as they are pulled by the scientific laws of gravity, and yet, you may swing and dangle your toes and take authority over this force. There is great delight in understanding the magnitude of this planet as it spins in defiance of its history. There are pleasures that you will be exposed to in a short time that will allow you to enjoy your place in this world, and yet temporarily you are struggling through many details to be simply taken care of.

Find time to defy the weight of the burden on your shoulders. Jump in joy against the heaviness of your load. Dangle upside down and let your hair blow in the wind as it tries to sway you. Blow against it and exhale in delight. You are truly a child of great strength, as many have noted. I seem to think that you are worried about failing, and yet you have no need to concern yourself with anything other than taking care of what is essential and finding time to sway in the wind.

E: That is beautiful. Thank you. It brings me great joy. As I listen to you, Foehn, I want to say to you that not only for me but maybe for our group that would also be a wise counsel for all of us to sway in the wind.

Foehn: I truly acknowledge your appreciation of my participation in this group, for I have missed you. I have been forced to stay in observational mode as you battle through your torment. I have no place for this torment. I truly have only good in my life and avoid conflict with this type of distress for I love to have delight in the pleasures of this world. I avoid things that cause me to worry and I have avoided you in that respect. I have others who nurture you through these phases and I have other places to go where I may find myself more entertained through other means. When you are of like humor, I will be at your side and I will poke my finger into your ribs and tickle the delight in you, but truly I am gone when you are not in this frame of mind, for my specific nature is to reside in pleasure, and I am grateful to be here today.

E: I am so happy to have you. I feel a lot of love for you.

Foehn: Anelia, unfortunately, is the one who takes on the burdens while you see to the details of this Mission. There are also many others who have these specific attributes who have not yet revealed themselves and who are either not yet needed or are lending themselves in other areas. It will be my pleasure to introduce them as becomes necessary.

B: I'm so delighted to have you back, Foehn. I have missed you so much. Your mind is so beautiful....I would like to ask you or RondEL a question. I seem to have waves of "dutification", as Josephine called it , where I "dutify" things and make them into more work than they need to be. Then, after a phase of that, I become really laid back and I can't really do much. I seem to have spurts of enthusiasm and then almost laziness. I would like to get your guidance on that characteristic.

E: RondEL wishes to speak to this issue.

RondEL: My son, Jacob, forlorn are we when we see your caches of gold diminish to pardon areas of discomfort. Are we to guide you in ways that will facilitate the actualization of your goals? Is this preferable to you at this time?

J: I don't see how I could say no.

RondEL: If this is indeed so, what I would like to do for you at this time is prepare for you a Jacob doctrine. (Laughter)

J: I would love to hear it.

RondEL: First and foremost is a great necessity that you nurture the spirit within. There are characteristics of your individual spirit that require maintenance. These are as follows: The adjunct spirit which necessitates the pooling of new information. Next is the nearness to one's fellows in order that you remain connected to those who offer nurturing and compassion for your efforts. Thirdly, that you may see the desire for healthful living, including therein, the practice of eating nutritionally balanced meals which provide sustenance for your physical body. Also in this regard is the necessity of taking adequate fluids, which facilitates the ventilation of these nutrients. When required, physical exertion can and may release ample chemicals which, when stored in the body, create turmoil. This is an awareness of which you have spoken of previously. So, follow through with this suggestion....Crying or other performed emotional release is requested, for it allows for the induced state of receptivity that allows the formulation of God's love within your indwelling spirit-heart.

J: Thank you, RondEL....The first plank in the Jacob doctrine...I didn't understand some of the terms such as the "spirit adjunct" and the pool of information...Could you amplify on that first item?

E: Lori, are you ready to hear RondEL?

L: No, I am hearing something on the Urantia Book.

E: Why don't you go ahead. What I am hearing is that it is your turn.

Maliventa Vorondadek speaks: Today's discussion has brought to our attention a need for further understanding on discerning the difference between spiritual experience and spiritual existence. Existential attainment, understanding, is fully disclosed in writings you have studied and differs from an experiential attitude, which we are trying to teach.

There is a teaching today, both for us and for you. Study the writings on experiential living....The existence of spirit life is fact. Our presence is fact, however, you are experiencing [inaudible]. What causes you dilemma is the lack of division between experiential and existential living. Try to not worry about the things that will happen and only enjoy that fact that they are happening.

My name is Maliventa Vorondadek and I will be brought forward on occasion to expand on some of the teachings that apply to the discussion at hand. Today I ask that you read these teachings and take them to prayer with you. [There will be] occasions to condense a discussion into a teaching. This day has been good in this respect, as you focus on the task at hand. The problem arising from this confusion is simply and basically an overstepping of your boundaries concerning what is and what will be. You have not the power to affect what is, and yet you hold within your faith-filled hearts the manifestation of a fragment of what will be. It has been my pleasure to bring this overview to your attention.

B: Thank you Teacher. Can you be more specific about the papers on experiential living? Perhaps we could explore it without more information, but if you have more information that would help.

Maliventa: In two weeks, I will return and ask questions after you have studied the Forward of the Book on this aspect of God's nature, for there would be redundancy in approaching this topic at present.

Josephine: I am Josephine, Queen of emotional feference. We are brought here on a holy day to request the almighty presence of our Savior, our Creator in Heaven, and as facilitator to relinquish your fear and doubt -- if only for a second. At this time, open your vision to a new dawn. Blessed be the King of the Ages, the History Maker, for truly he is King.

H: I feel the Teachers are preparing to leave... Is there anything else?

B: We join you in worshipping our Master, who was resurrected on this day. Glory be to Him and thanks be to Him for being present, and to our teachers for being with us today.

C: Thank you for the wise counsel you have given us today. I pray that we will be able to understand what it is that we need to understand.

E: I wish to join in gratitude for what we have learned today and to extend forth my heart and my life and look forward to another time where we may speak.

H: I too am very grateful that God has allowed us the opportunity to not only know and worship His Son and take part in this preparation for His second coming....

....Joining of hands....

E: This is Josephine....Feel the ring of love as it extends from one of your hearts to the other in ever-increasing velocity as the circle of love continues around and around until it is not a pulse but a stream, rising up to the heavens, rising up to the heavens. We are in receipt of your love and shower in a rain of petals upon your shoulders... praying for you that your burdens be released, relax in the care of the Father's love as we embrace you and hold you in highest esteem. Amen.

Lori: May the circle be unbroken, by and by Lord, by and by.


4/18/93 Transmission

Norman, Oklahoma

[Editor's note: This was an experimental session conducted by the Teachers with the purpose of clearing away residual fears of Lucifer and Satan. Our Teachers introduced themselves in the usual way, and then announced that a figure named "Lucifer" was to speak. At first our transmitter was upset; she refused to transmit. However, she was assured of her safety and agreed to begin. Thus began an unusual staged event, conducted in order to gauge our "character reactions" to the image of "the devil".]

E:[Obviously, uncomfortable].....OK, faith and trust, trust and faith right?.....

RondEL: This is Lucifer who wishes to speak at this time....

"Lucifer": I come to you by ways of peace, yet have followed a path of abandonment. I am forlorn, missing that which I forgot. I have joined with loving forces in high counsel in order to repair damage which has been wrought upon this poor planet, Urantia. I am remiss at my own misunderstanding and wish to beg of you your compassion. It is with antiquity that I speak. I have gone astray and much sorrow was meted out as punishment for my actions.

RondEL: It is with interest that we observe your character reactions to this symbology of Lucifer....Many hold fears of Satanic worship in their souls. Hearts are delivered to us with much abandonment still. It is thus imperative to cleanse thoroughly all blackened fear-portions of one's spirit, including the acceptance of Lucifer as a powerful creational force in your lives.

Be not dismayed at the seemingly severe introduction to this topic. We intend to dismantle your complex reactions to Lucifer's infringement on your beings. I must restate the imperative nature of reducing conflicts in one's heart at this level: it truly captivates the essence of beauty and the outflow of love....Be near to your own heart and value judgments in this matter. Yet, I implore you, judge not that which you perceive through shallow glasses of fear-based morality.

Thomy: I am here to speak to you on the lessons of the aforementioned spirit, Lucifer. It is I, Thomy. I leap....and circus around....Often I delight in the essence of movement through intergalactic space. It is a joy to be free. I am light and I am very much alive, moved by molecular motion into swinging arrays of light and motion. Pleasant am I as the spring breeze which touches your very face. I am free.

No fear resides in me. Lucifer has accomplished that which he accomplished, that is all. Be free. Let go. Trust. Father is healing in spirit, and fortitude rests on his shoulders. Lucifer is a dim companion to the Father's grand love. Let go and be free my friends. Come, share the clouds....

Tomaray: I jingle....I sparkle...I am not afraid. I am here in Lucifer's world and I see only aberrations of his unrelenting purpose creating extraordinary amounts of courage and faith on a planet deemed to succeed on disproportionate scales. Befriend a man of sorts who has brought such glory to your people....Protected are you from his impoverished need to succeed. Blessed be those who can see the gift for what it truly represents. I rest free of abandonment and fear.

Josephine: I am Josephine, here to speak of the night sky, the sky which blends with the darkness of one's vision. The betrayed vision of Lucifer required mankind to suffer great losses. However, it is of utmost importance to remind those who sit here tonight that you also receive the light of God's love in a magnitude that is beyond many skeptics' power. I am Josephine of the night sky, here to remind you of the light that exists in darkness -- stars of existence which illuminate even the deepest path. I am here to say we are all loved.

B: Teachers, I can see now the purpose of this theatrical event, and it certainly brings up a primal fear which is circulating throughout our community. But I wonder, was Lucifer actually extinguished? And what about Caligastia?

Michael: I am here to remind you of the joy found in fear....Fear responding thus is a reminder of our aliveness. Joy may be found there.

Alive we are -- part of an incredible creation, many-faceted and incredible in its beauty. Yet, what if one of the facets were broken or charred in some way? How is God to respond to a perfectly-cut gem being disgraced so? Lucifer disgraced with great intent the gemstone of God our Father's universe -- a great gift which had been given to him by our Father alone -- the ability to rule and manage many souls.

Lucifer was brought to bear the burdens of his unpardonable sins and has become as dust is to dust. He is no more....yet [inaudible] has witnessed the acceptance of his rule on Urantia. Many have not recovered from his blatant accusation of God's lack. How can this occur? How have so many children been lost?

I am He, the bringer of gold riches to a universe which has....lost so many. I bring to you the wealth of understanding, the belief in the goodness of our Father, and hope and determination. With skillful punctuation, aberration is to be removed, and light shall show you the way to a superuniverse filled with glory -- for those who wish to choose faith and not fear.

Pursue not a path of fear. Forsaken are those who trust Lucifer's message, who remind themselves of God's lack of decency in allowing children to starve, people to be murdered, children to be beaten. Is it God who thus allows these infringements to occur? Has God not given each of you free will to exercise on his or her own time scale? What more is it that you wish from a Father which has created a perfect universe? It is truly your decision.

I am pleased to see the joviality and cheerfulness in this group....It is with pleasure that we pardon your misperception. It is equally to our advantage to perceive where it is that each of you stand in regard to Satan. Is he truly such a powerful force that one would choose to relinquish part of one's heart to him? If it were instead, say, your arm or some other appendage, would you be so forgiving of his mannerisms?

We speak forcefully due to our concern for your next and most vital missionary [inaudible]. It is with grace and also with acceleration that many gifts have been brought to bear in order that you may receive light and love....

Josephine: It is I, Josephine, she who belongs in your emotions yet is also communicative of the Father's spirit. I translate for you many issues and concerns...I have learned many lessons from observing and watching you grow....

We beckon you to embrace us as a whole in the partnership of alleviating fear-wrought individuals, joining them with us in our desire to bring them closer to home.

I am here to request that each person present deliver a concern addressing the issue of Satanic fear.

We are reminiscent of days past when fear was prevalent in light of the Lucifer rebellion. Agony and terror existed, and this has been stored, locked in your memories. Release this as you perceive your concerns. We are educated and knowledgeable of your fears.... Be prepared for an announcement which will bring glory to the wounded spirit-child within.

C: I understood that it is important to forgive Lucifer before we can banish fear, is this correct?

Josephine: We are obliged at this time to address....the Lucifer-response. He was made- -to-order to facilitate the raising of concerns and fears regarding God's perceived imperfection. It was only an emotional exercise; it is awkward to pursue the path of forgiveness at this time.

S: I am confused about what you are asking. When Ellen spoke Lucifer's name I was very suprised. I had some fear when Lucifer spoke and asked for compassion. I felt compassion yet I thought that only God can set things right with Lucifer. I felt some fear. I don't see bad things as a result of God's lack. I believe in these things as being lessons we need to learn from.

Josephine:....You, Susan, have explored in many varied ways the levels of faith required to continue in the process of receiving the Father's love. However, becometh one who seeks answers on levels unencumbered by self-pity or a sense of misfortune. Release now the disquieting thought-processes which only serve to diminish your sense of well-being and thus interfere with the acceptance of God's love for you. Be at peace my child, for you are loved among many. We embrace you now in a soft golden halo of light suspended above your head as a crown showering golden trinkets of love.

B: Josephine, my queen Teacher, and all of our Teachers, I am so thankful for the gift your teaching which is so skillful....The terror that I spoke of earlier...I feel that was almost instantaneously healed by Michael's presence. However, there is another element, and that is the fear of madness in myself and in others. Especially fear of those who accept a division of God's nature, that there is some part of God's nature that permits, and somehow countenances, that there should be a Satan who can operate freely. Mixed in there is the feeling that there is a basic lack of logic sometimes in human affairs, that when things break down and people become violent, and whole peoples go to war, there is an insanity in that which seems to pervade our planet.... This overwhelms me sometimes and I lose perspective, and I get pessimistic, and I almost get fanatical because I say to myself and to friends that without the Teaching Mission we would be hopeless, because power of Lucifer is still strong, the legacy of Caligastia is all around us, and we are embattled, I have this sense of being embattled. And so in my work in the Teaching Mission I perhaps go too far, and become too strident, because I see it as our only hope. I feel that I need more balance in my thinking, which is rooted in the residual impact of the Lucifer rebellion. I wonder if you could comment.

[Long pause]

E: Michael is here to speak....

Michael: When it was brought to my attention that which you have spoken -- The breakdown of communication of those who truly loved the Father I also....

Transmitter is now given a vision of a scene, and she is asked by Michael to describe it to the group.]

Transmitter: I am seeing a vision of a man, in the ocean, who has been shipwrecked and is being washed up onto shore. He's wearing a cape and he stands, stumbling on the sand. Now he's crawling on his stomach up a small incline, and peers over the edge of a small depression. In the very center of the depression is a small gem which he picks up and holds in his hand. The moment he holds it, it explodes with light and color, creating a.... I have no words to describe the extraordinary beauty....

Michael:....Imagine a forest with brightly colored leaves that reach up to sunshine. The man stands in awe at the base of the forest looking up at the incredible beauty begins to weep for he has no one with which to share it. He is wishing he could make himself disappear, rather than behold such omniscient beauty alone....

Now I must say to you, Jacob, open the cathedral to your loving-most heart, be not ashamed of your fear; embrace your fear. Etch an inscription as follows:

Be alone not in your fear. Carry out the swine which blemish the creative part [or art?] which God Our Father, the Universal Creator, who has provided for your simple joy and pleasure.

E: He is so distant now. His voice is so far....

Josephine:....I am bereaved at the loss of Michael's message, yet there is time for this to be received. It is not an unusual experience for this to occur. It is within our power to relay the message at another time.

RondEL: Michael has spoken to you of an acute tearfulness -- which can only become the Seer of all truth. Radiate to him your concern, for the fear which entraps your visionary ability. Request of him the unfolding of your creative potential. He will offer without any trepidation these requests.

J: Understood, I request a private session in which we can discuss this further.

RondEL: Indeed, I look forward to this day.

J: It is incredibly beautiful to experience this.

C: I don't feel fearful of Satan personally -- only as he is manifested in mankind. Once, I met a young boy who showed all the signs of expressing Satan, and since then I have stayed away from him and his family. It occurred to me some time ago that if they had power over me they could have easily destroyed me, but they didn't so I assume they don't have power over me....But generally I am not afraid at Satan or Lucifer.

Josephine: Pleasure does thou bring to our hearts. Relinquishment of the fear of Satan truly opens one 's potential to feel and emit loving impulses. We are brought here to remind observe those who are entrapped in this blackened forest of doubt and disease. Watch how they react and respond to their environment. Trust your instincts around those who may frighten you in this respect or who articulate ways which are unnerving to you. Protection from this type of behavior is well advised.


4/25/93 Transmission

Josephine: I am Josephine, here with intentions much like your own. I am disposed to carry on a conversation with respect to the teaching missionaries....It is our complete desire to enthrall you with the spirit of God our Father. Be at peace. Realize your full potential and care not for the future repercussions of this weekend's event. [Refers to the weekend in Naperville, Illinois where we were in attendance at the so-called Melchizedek materialization event. We are now returning home in the private cabin on an Amtrak train as we record this session.]....Cry not for your brother who remains in sorrowful paths. Quiet now only your own disposition. Rest assured in God's love.

E (transmitter): RondEL wishes to speak....

RondEL: I express this evening my concern regarding the weekend's events. I am concerned with tools which were used through the imagination to create a superficial experience....This damaged the experience for some and we are sorrowful about this event for this reason. However, each of you have handled this situation well. We applaud your faith structure and your ability to hear respond to your own hearts' call.

We now wish to present to you the lesson for the day regarding the Vorondadek statement. It is in response to experiential lessons in which you are well learned.....Feel free to request any further information from Vorondadek. He is willing to respond with ample consideration to your thoughts and concerns.

E: Vorondadek is here....I don't know what else to call him....

B: Is his name "Maleventa"?

E: No....

Vorondadek: It is I, here to respond to earlier communication regarding the lesson presented to you in the Foreword to the Urantia Book. I express complete desire to communicate effectively regarding the topic of existential versus experiential living. I am pleased to be here and hope to make further acquaintance again.

It is well-known that much of our experience arises from the mental, calculable portion of our lives. We are broken when we choose only to live by these means. Inasmuch as these experiences are carried into everyday life, they also inhibit further production of spiritual value, so that in order to find spiritual alignment one must create within oneself an experiential form in which to perceive God's love for each of us.

Experience as we know it requires faith and courage. Also, it has the added benefit of healing one's nature. This can further be described as living a spiritually-developed lifestyle. We are concentrating this evening on the splendid aspects of choosing this form of learning. It is quite an experience, is it not?

E: He is waiting to know if you find it so....

B: I'm not sure what form of learning you mean. Earlier you said that there is the "mental, calculable" experience which you contrasted with an experiential form of perceiving God's love. That indeed is splendid, yes.

Vorondadek: James, Jacob's definitive response matches yours?

J: Not necessarily, I am not certain what you are trying to say. It sounds more like theory than practical information. I don't know how to use this information. Perhaps I don't understand.

Vorondadek: Basically, it is known that one's capability for receiving our Father's love comes from experience. My question posed is thus: Have you found your journey splendid and joyful in this regard?

J: N,o I do not perceive the Father's love, I do not feel it. I take it on faith that I have it. I'm told that I have it.

Vorondadek: It is good that you speak of these things tonight. I am willing to assist you in the revelation of spiritual aptitude if you wish to pursue this path.

B: I am willing, Teacher.

J: Yes, I would like to feel the Father's love.

Vorondadek: It must be understood that receiving this extraordinary gift -- that which you already possess of course -- requires a certain amount of joyfulness in living spiritually. There are some experiences that may have caused you grief or remorse. For these I feel compassion and I am willing to....

E: Just a second....His voice is very clear and sweet. It is a very moving experience.

Vorondadek: Experience may bring the joy one desires from within. Experience requires courage; it is indeed a challenge. At times your experience will benefit you, while seemingly it is very painful. Remember this my children: Loving natures always bring forward the best in each and every situation presented. These times may not always appear to be so directed. It may appear to your mortal eyes as if there is punishment involved, or maybe some form of recourse which has been inflicted upon you for past wrongs. Release, if you can, any suspicion in this regard.

Trust, my children, in the Father's love for each of you. He does not wish to inflict burdens on his children. He truly desires that they be free to explore the realms of his creation. This is a definite desire on the part of our Father for his children. Be not mistaken in your painful memories of the past or of the moment. Be not be dismayed by fear of future projections; do not watch for misery; instead, search lovingly, longingly for the spirit within each of you -- not only within your own heart, my dearest ones, but also for that spirit which resides in your brothers'. You we are all children of a very great and powerful Father. It is His intention that we exist. It is His best [inaudible] that we continue to search for peace and everlasting hope and happiness.

Cry not for your brother. Instead, embrace yourselves as you would your own child. Cry not in despair, for our Father reaches out to us in great admiration and strength. Blessed be he who has created all existence. Encouragement is yours. Tonight I offer this to each of you.

When we continue to glorify the misery we have experienced, we may become doubtful and fearful and even reject the gifts offered by the Father. It is then that we are closed to experiences that enhance our spiritual growth. Do you see the necessity of releasing fear? It is imperative to cry out to the heavens: Release my fear, Father, so that I may better earn your love. Cry out from the deepest well of your spirit. Embrace all the riches which flow into your life. Release all fear. Cry out to the spirit within and let the spirit know: I am alive! I encompass the universe. The universe encompasses me. I belong!

Experiences teaches us this. Thought cannot communicate what it is I desire to communicate to you this evening. Thought can overload, in fact, your spiritual circuits, disallowing God's love from entering your heart. Heads can become so heavy with words and logic. Where is the heart to run in such a heavy, cerebral place?

Release thought for a moment here with me. Take a moment to rest. Reciprocate by loving yourself, releasing the fear, allowing God's love in. Release specifically any concerns or interest you have for the past, present, or the future. Just rest for a moment with me as I speak to you gently of dewdrops in a fine misty morning. Calm thyself; rest from your burdensome ways. Relaxed demeanor is so thoughtful, but yet so provocative. Rest, my darling ones. Embrace the mist. Relish the company of your Father-spirit which dwells within. Quiet, gently and softly, your mind's eye. Peaceful, loving energy rests within. Weep if you must. Cry out, if you must. Show the world how you live. Let them know your heart, your heart-song. Let the world show you their heart-song. Release pretensions --attitudes -- which keep each of you from one another. Realize your full potential, as the Father sees your fullest absolute potential.

How have you become so limited, so impaired, my children? Experience has taught me well. You may hear this reflected in my word-choices for this evening. I speak from the deepest level of my experience, relayed to you through a cosmic universe which reflects an ordained [requirement] to love each other extensively, to honor ourselves, to rejoice in our differences, yes, to learn from each other, indeed, to love on another.

Cry not for your brother. Embrace him as you shall embrace your own heart. We are created in peace. Rejoice, for it is a holy honor and not to be dispensed with.

Existentialism requires thought. When this energy encompasses all we know, we become as lost children. Experience facilitates learning; learning facilitates growth; growth thus becomes opening to the infinite spirit within. Ever-expansive, is it not?

When we create for ourselves situations which produce harmful circumstances in our lives, we may question our motive. Are we truly breaking ground? Is it with remorse that we search so diligently for God's love? Is it with such force and fortitude that we must find such a gentle and peaceful alternative? No, I must say to each of you, require not of our Father this turmoil! Release in your own hearts the suggestion of servitude through painful experience. It is not a necessity -- unless we make it thus. Release your burdens, my children, I implore you.

It is with great ease and satisfaction that I come to you this evening to speak so fervently about my ideas on this topic.... I am here to help you identify your own errors in judgment. I wish only to aid your further completion of understanding the principles embodied in the action of searching for the Father's love. I am not here to preach, but I find much import in delivering a sincere and effective message, that you may hear my words resounding in your spirit-self. Have I communicated effectively? I must know at this time what your responses are to my words.

Lengthy responses from participants....

When I speak to you of "reception" I must explain that this terms requires some consideration. What does it mean exactly to receive? How does one open one's heart to the Father's love? Indeed, without a bridge across it is difficult to know how to get there. I now request of you an exercise, a learning experience through the intellect. It will require focus and studious attention to detailed information which I will attend to. It is time for this lesson. I wish to know if you are prepared.


Close your mind to all incoming thoughts as much as you can for I know this can be difficult. Respond only as your nature dictates. The Father's love encapsulates all experience. Do not be afraid of doing it wrong or in a incorrect manner. This exercise will be perfection regardless of its outcome.


Step into a room darkened by a misty cloud of vapor. The room is squarish and marked only by individual lights balanced in each of the four corners of the room. The lights respond to you as you move towards an individual light-source, so that if you move to the left in a counter clock-wise direction each light will respond more brilliantly as you come closer.

The first light deflects energy in a pattern which represents to you a symbol of ultimate peace and harmony. Imagine, for a moment, if you will, what this symbol must be for your individual self.

When this symbol is clear in your consciousness, move carefully to the left to the next corner in which you see the next light becoming brighter as you move closer. This light reflects your innermost personality truth.

As this identity becomes clear to you, walk carefully to the third corner, in which you see the loving image of truth. This may be represented by a symbol important to only you.

Move gently, quietly to the fourth corner. This light becomes brighter, intensifying more than all the others. It brings to light the vision of absolute truth, all-loving. It becomes for you as a mirror, reflecting your true desire.

Walk to the center of the room. At the center, find yourself in a circle. Standing within the body of this circle, you observe a convergence of light -- the four lights -- which pitch forth the images you presented. They converge in a circular ring above your head approximately 4 - 7 feet. The circle carries with it each of the symbols you perceived. Now it begins to rotate slowly as you watch. It is as if flour is sifting gently through a sifter, sprinkling down upon you exquisite truth, simplicity, and love. You are showered with memories of what you know to be absolute truth for yourself, embodied in your true personality. Allow this for a moment while I rest with you.

Quiet yourself. Rest your spirit. Ease along the path which God has chosen for you. It is a gentle, loving path. Rest your worries. Realize God's potential. Infinite is his wisdom, his love, his capacity. We are but small figurines in a very great ocean of life.

Create for yourself a vision of truth and simplistic life-choices. Embrace gentle and loving entities.

E: RondEL is here as a moderator....You may ask questions.

B: Thanks for a very, very beautiful presentation. The exercise is very unique and useful. When you mentioned to cry not for our brother it confused me because I think of compassion as the act of crying with our brother when they feel pain. Can you comment on that especially in the light of the disappointments of the weekend.

Vorondadek: I feel in my own heart that the [act] of crying out for another's experience may require you to lose track of your own destined path in this world. It might be noted that to cry with compassion can only further to enslave your brother. What if you were to embrace and encourage him to view the world in a different light instead? What if you were to embrace him and say, "See not your pain my son; instead, see the Father's light"? Blessed are those that encourage one another to find the Father's love. This is of utmost importance.

B: Aren't we to encourage our brothers to feel what they are feeling in the moment, so that if they are feeling pain, doesn't that pain give them information they need? I always felt that one must go through the lessons of one's pain without making it something it is not.

Vorondadek: What if one were to take a teaspoon of water and drop it into a very large ocean? This water, which would represent tearful pain resulting from life experience, may get washed away in this huge ocean.

Or, it might be required that tears falling from a teaspoon could be redirected. Instead you may choose to use these tearful experiences to reflect the glimmering light of the Father's love.

This may be a point mistaken so I continue with further explanation. I require only of my students that they stay open and communicative. I wish to present to you another model.

A man who is entrapped in his fearful, consequential lifestyle embarks on his daily routine with sad expectation of what is to come in his day. When he meets his fellow man he is downtrodden, he is sad, he is hurt. He may be mistaken as a unfortified spirit. This is a mistaken presentation. [E: This last phrase is emphasized.]

He has chosen a life of burden. Compassion only fuels this for him. He must be lifted from his burdensome ways in order that he can revive his spirit and body. Lead him not into further destitution; instead, embrace your brother. Allow him to see the potential that we of course see in you.

C: Thank you, that was a nice explanation.

V: Any further questions?

B: I found the visualization to be gloriously beautiful. Do you suggest frequent use of that exercise, or was this exercise more by way of an example in passing?

Vorondadek: This particular visualization is useful but may not be useful for long. As you progress you will find that you need further explanation and may move towards more concrete examples [from] your personal life-story....

B: Do your encourage us to use symbolism in creating our own visualization exercises, as a way for receiving the Father's love? I feel that I am being encouraged to use the visualisation faculty as a tool in my worship and my prayer. I wonder if you have any comment on that?

Vorondadek: When I spoke earlier of the importance of opening to the Father's loving nature, I impressed upon you importance of vision -- you may recall this. I ask that each of you use whatever means you find effective. I am so pleased to know of your success with the vision I provided this evening. It indeed warms my heart.

B: I want you to know that my heart is also warmed by the sincerity and the fervent nature of your words which impressed me more than the words themselves. To know that a being like yourself feels so deeply about my progress helps me to progress....If I may move back to the early part of the lesson, I still don't understand the word existential and your way of contrasting it with the term experiential. The term existential is vague so far.

Vorondadek: When I received notification that it was for me to translate for you the message found in the Foreword of the Urantia Book, I was impressed by the confusion which as recently been found on this subject. I am inclined to request of you to search your identifying feelings regarding the meaning of the term existential. I require of each of my students that they are well-read on subjects pertaining to my lessons in order that I may relate most effectively.

When one considers the impact of the God-experience on each of your lives, it must be noted that this experience requires of man little thought or provocation....However, it has been a truth in the experiential discipline of those who have mastered the study of God's.....[interruption]....For those who participate in religious study, we begin to see a depreciation of existential experience. What I mean to say by this is that entering into the existential domain requires an exploration of experiential form.....

That which is existential encompasses a myriad of experiences which involve the personality level and follows through to supernal levels. Do not confuse the experience of existential enlightenment with intellectual forethought. It is this practice which produces that heaviness in those that try to think their way to God. I am not here to criticize those who pursue this path, only to enlighten those who wish to truly find release from the intellectual burdens which entrap the spirit. We are all privy to the conditions found in this universal law: Existentialism releases one from the bondage of self, yet it requires the commitment of the individual to experience life at the fullest level of light and love.

In order to reach an existential state, the mind must be removed from the process, for thinking can be debilitating....

[The tape stops here. Our teacher spoke for a few more minutes, and concluded with something we were able to record by hand: "I ask of you to read pages in the Urantia Book pertaining to this topic. This may be found in the chapters on living life with change -- pages 1213 to 1321."]


5/17/93 Transmission

Oklahoma City, OK

RondEL: It is I, RondEL, coming forth to speak to you on issues of tarrying around about love and other matters of just concern. We welcome all of you here this evening and always are so pleased to see the beauty of your love shining forth to our Heavenly Father. We indeed are graced by your presence here tonight.

Josephine is here and will attend to each of your individual needs as she sees fit. You may encounter feelings which although unaccustomed are necessary for the pursuit of the Father's mission.

Instead of reciting to you your errors I will enunciate the freedoms (?) each of you may have found. Then we will proceed into darker realms. So heed now your own calling to truth and wisdom. Glory in the name of the Father for each of you has come so far in learning to receive the golden blessings which the Father grants each of us. You are acquainted, are you not, with the gift of love?

B: Yes, I think the feeling of God's love, if that's what you mean, is growing within me , I am acquainted with it.

M: I commented before we began that I had no problem feeling God's love.

C: I feel that I am beginning to feel it if I haven't before. In great part thanks to the image given to me by the Vorondadek son [of]the love raining down from a flour mixer.

RondEL: This was indeed a useful phenomenon for you my son.

M: I have a question. I'm not sure I'm understanding correctly.

When I made the comment about being able to feel the Father's love, I commented that this is such a lovely place, there are so many beautiful things, this is a concrete example of the Father's love. But what if I lived in a place such as Bosnia or Somalia? Am I understanding and feeling the Father's love?

RondEL: At this time, my dear one, we are not to acquaint ourselves with others' painful experiences for have we not each received enough of our own in our own lives?

It is necessary at this time to focus only on your own heart and your own heart's wishes. Then, once you have received fully a cup of God's rich and pure love may you begin to look outward to others.

At the same time, we hear your concerns and validate your longing for others to live in peace. Understand my daughter that roads chosen sometimes have not the desired end. We bring to you peace at this moment. Reflect on this only, for healing can occur in this moment.

Richard. . . ?

R: I've been thinking. . . it is very difficult for me to say that I'm acquainted with the gift of love; it's a trap door, a puzzle. I'm going to have to work on this for awhile, it is a very interesting question. Certainly RondEL is familiar with whomever it is who has taken me into their arms when I was afraid there was no love. I have felt that. But I'm sorry, it's too big of a question. If you could help define it, give me some clues I'd be happy to hear anything you have to say.

RondEL: We are blessed by the love that you offer those in your personal life. It is therefore known that you must be receiving. This is all we must say at this time.

Linda, although you may be timid at this time, know that if you choose to silently speak your answer, it is received.

[few minutes of silence]

RondEL continues. . . Reflecting on the information gathered here we begin to perceive where there has been success. So pleased are we to know of your intent to continue to pursue the Father's love, for it truly is real, it does exist. It has many gifts emboldened thus.

Quiet your mindful awareness and relax into a servitude which will surpass that of previous times. We come to you to reflect your own fears, your own lack of communication with The Great One. We relinquish to you all of our insights for a fragment of time: a capsule of life's experience is yours. Offering in this way requires that we stagnate while resting momentarily on our laurels, yet catapulted are we in the next moment when we realize our freedom.

For a moment, reflect on your losses. Quiet your mind and allow for the grieving of the ages to well up within and spill forward, for tears enlist the love of the Father. Hold hands with one another in this moment. Allow the passing of ages to cross all boundaries. Feel.

It is imperative to dig deep within our heart's sorrow, to follow the course of pain which has brought us to where we are today, making life choices which have created turmoil or lack of peace and serenity. Cry my children, let the pain go. . .

[lengthy pause]

Have not one of you shed a tear for your pain? Has there been so much loss yet so much strength? The strength, it holds you, you see; it will not release you. The Father cannot enter iron doors which his children have locked and sealed. It may not be, for his love reflects so violently off such cold, course reactions to an extraordinary gift. You must realize that opening the doors is absolutely necessary without a doubt for you to become healed children of the Father's love. You are only alone as long as you choose to be alone, do you see?

Free yourselves! Open the door! It is of your choosing.

M: You are asking us to reflect on our losses and cry.

Josephine: You must see that your pain and loss, when circumvented by hope which falls flat in the face of God's love, is lost; it requires meaning. Life is embodied in the experiencing of feelings and the rejection of fear. Do not cry for others when your own life is so painful. My daughter it is necessary that we shed our tears, Our Father cannot see our hearts and our true desires when they are blackened by the pain of our past which we carry with us. There is much work to be done in this area for each of us here. I am a spirit yet I am also a wounded soul who is recovering. I have wisdom and reflect this to you. The journey is long and everlasting Paradise attainment is here, yet I have struggled.

I perceive in each of you a distant reminder of what once was possible, what was possible in light of the potentiality of God's love. There once was an innocent child born unto this world free to explore, and the bonds of love had not yet been torn apart.

R: RondEL, may I tell you that I appreciate what you're trying to say. That there certainly is within myself and all human creation--certainly there are tears and pain, but it is difficult to access that deep area of ourselves when it is the effort of the artist, the poet: they try so very hard to access that deep place within each of us and you have not given us a vehicle that offers a means to get there. I suggest if nothing else it might take us a very long time to find that which you seek.

Josephine: It is I, Josephine of the night sky. I bring to you blessings of healing my sons and daughters. It was requested of you an extraordinary task to be sure. We are not inclined to predispose any of you to a certain condition. We only wish to prove a pointed statement of receiving. We belong to a galaxy of many hurts and wrongs. There have been many souls lost through entrapment and fear. We recoil at the thought of losing any of you to such a base experience and wish to disarm you from your own protections which embrace a coldness we cannot touch or explain.

M: Josephine I'm having trouble accepting the idea that we should feel and reexperience our pain and cry. I seem to feel better and function better when I acknowledge the sad things that have happened, but look most at the wonderful things around. I'm happier and able to give love when I do that.

Josephine: My daughter, seeming as it is that overcoming one's emotional state brings happiness, this cannot be true, for one must experience the full realms of emotion that they receive in the full realm of love. I understand your plight in this matter for if one were to throw oneself fully and completely into sorrow or loss of desires then it may be understood we could never recover truly. Yet RondEL spoke to each of you only of reclaiming for a fragment of time the depth of pain. Only for a capsule of time would we wish this upon any of our children. We only wish to emphasize the lack of love which is being received. We are aware of growth and can testify to the Father of each of your intentions to grow and respond according to His wishes for you. Yet our point is thus: how can he perceive your desires when your sorrows are so matted in confusion and distrust?

C: Josephine, it seems from what I understand, if we could cry we could release some of that. Is this correct? And I would like to say that I find that an impossible task to accomplish at this time. There have been times when I desperately wanted to cry, when I felt so sorrowful, and even then I couldn't. It's only rare, very rare occassions when I can cry. And certainly, I feel very good this evening, and even if I went inside and found something sorrowful, even then I would be unable to cry.

Josephine: My son, your statement has been received and we are aware of the difficulty with which tears can be beckoned at a moment's notice. So, in keeping with the vital importance of this lesson we must beseech you to set aside a moment sometime, somewhere to release pain and sadness. You may be blessed by a great gift in doing so. Be not surprised if it is glory.

R: Josephine, I wasn't really sure why, but all of a sudden it was like somebody had given me a drug and I felt like I really wanted to cry. I fought it off, I fought off that depression, did I do wrong?

Josephine: We come to you this evening to remind each of you of the importance of recalling and experiencing painful sorrow. It must be difficult for you at times to release this emotion for it is not apparent to us that it occurs very often.

R: Are you speaking to each of us as if we're all the same in that regard?

Josephine: Richard, I have observed in each of the people present here this evening the same dichotomy, that which speaks of a blind sorrow yet a simultaneous pressure to reserve these feelings for some unknown time. This manner of nonexpression is confusing to us yet we wish to be of service and would like to know more about how we can assist any of you in releasing tearful emotions.

M: Do you know how I have cried in the past, how much I have cried?

Josephine: When one dips into emotional pain there exists within a potential to create a new ..[inaudible].. that which has not existed previous to the exposure to one's own feeling capacity. We hear and see your tears, my dear one. We wish to remind you that loss occurs over lengthy periods of time for you and cannot be cured at one fell swoop. So that when entering momentarily the depths of human emotion, one must create a new peace and harmony; the opposite side of the fence. This enables one to pull oneself into a new creation, allowing the seeds of God's love to replant in a newly formed and nourished soil.

B: Josephine, when we dip down into grief are we to use our imagination to re-envision, re-experience the hurt, the scene of hurt, in order to bring up the tears?

Josephine: My son, Jacob, when one does those dips into the water, those tearful waters, we must remind each of you to be aware of reinjuring the soul or the spirit. Quietness in the mind of the individual who chooses to experience the pain or loss of the past will relinquish to that individual the power of release. It is not necessary to reformulate every picture. However, let it be known that this is a useful tool for some who may not reconnect with their sorrow as easily as others.

B: For those who are able to revisit scenes of hurt fairly easily, I infer that it may be easy to reinjure my soul, to continue to do that, yet it is still important to grieve ongoingly. It sounds like a fairly delicate balancing. I don't desire to return to some of the scenes where I have been hurt yet I don't want to eliminate the possibility of releasing grief. In my case what would you counsel?

Josephine: My son, recall if you will a moment in time that encompasses the third year in your life here on Urantia, this time was one of sorrow if you remember.

B: I don't remember, Josephine

Josephine: Then recall the sorrow that fits into an early part of your childhood.

B: O.K.

Josephine: Now, it is due to experience this pain and sorrow, if it is there.

B: Yes.

Josephine: Now release it! [pause] It is done. God's gift is yours. An extraordinary step to relinquishing pain, and borrowing for a moment a split second of time in which you are catapulted further into the Father's loving arms.

B: Was this an act of my own mind? By virtue of feeling it did I release it?

Josephine: Acknowledgement, release, and receiving love. . . . [end of tape].

B: Does this involve labeling the feeling?

Josephine: It involves much more yet we are not aware of all the circuits which surpass our knowledge even. Acknowledgement of feeling brings a response on the bodily level which then open circuits to the heart and the mind; this refuels one's heart with love. It is simple, technical, yet very possible for all of us.

B: It opens up a circuit which must involve our body, am I correct?

Josephine: Yes, this is definitely the case. Bodily response is so important that we cannot even begin to describe to you the importance of receiving feeling on this level.

B: Wouldn't at some point in our process . . . .It would be most welcome at least for me to discuss the role of the body. Now even.

Josephine: It would be in tune with a greater circuit which we will commence to find for future lessons.

B: In looking at the memory that you guided me to look at I also had feelings of anger. And I have worked on the anger around that incident as well. Is anger part of this process as well? -- releasing anger. And is there such thing as "anger work"?

Josephine: First, I must say to you that Asia chuckles for she was forewarned of the use of anger as a teaching tool this evening. Anger, my son, is expressed bodily. When trapped in the body system it creates great disharmony and disease. In a literal sense, disease, not just discomfort.

Tackling all your issues at once could be a mistake for any individual, yet anger is quite an impressive tool for healing. It does dislodge many blocks which restrict the inflow of the Father's love. So, anger is quite an experiment in release and must be approached carefully.

We must let you know of something at this time. We are aware, as always, of sorrow in each of your hearts, and also accompanying this sorrow is anger. We question each of you at this time on the role this anger plays. Is it not a defensive posture? Does it require much energy to retain anger in one's bodily system? How much force do you think it may require to continue holding on to trapped emotions over long stretches of time?

We are inclined to remind each of you that release of your burdens --"throwing luggage to the stars" [reference to a statement by Michael in previous session] is quite imperative if you wish to increase your receptivity to the Father's loving wishes for you.

"Cry not for your brother" [reference to previous session] yet allow your tears to fall and then reclaim your gift. That gift is, of course, the ever present, ever flowing, ever nurturing power of God's love.

M: I'm becoming aware of some fear of letting go of my pain regarding my oldest son. I am afraid that if I let go of the pain that he will always be lost.

RondEL: My dearest daughter, we are so aware of the pain you have experienced in regard to your beloved son. We know of his misery and his plight, yet we beseech you my daughter, release the pain for it is of no use to him or you. It truly impedes the work of God in each of your lives. It acts as an impediment to the possibility which is within each of you: that which would allow your hearts to flourish, to open and become so receptive that all love and goodness would come your way without hesitation. We implore you, open your hearts, release your fear. We protect and guide you each step of the way if it is your desire. Allow us to assist you and it will be done.

M: It is my deep desire that he be brought back, that he be my son again.

RondEL: So then my dear one, release him to us, to the Father. We will see to his pain and assist him in all ways which are possible for us.

M: I feel very grateful.

RondEL: You indeed are a blessed child of the Father and we wish to remind you now of your exquisite loving nature and your "dollish fancies". We are enlightened by your beautiful, charming nature and see the potential for you to create a home in which you are allowed to dress up your life in the ways in which make you happy and warm.


There you see, laughter and joy, after so much pain.

M: Thank you, I feel very hopeful.

RondEL: We are reminded at this time of a unique gift that has been ordered for you at this time. The presence of your Michael Son is here and requests of you your openess.

Michael: My children, great events have transpired here. I receive from each of you a golden gift of light upon receipt of your tears, your laughter, your anger and your pain, for it tells me that you are searching truly in your own hearts to encapsulate the fullness of your existence here on Urantia, the planet of my birth.

I come to you with great pride in my heart and echo the Father's love for each of you. I am open and responsive to any questions you may have of me at this time.


If there are no questions I shall tell you a small story.

When I came to your earth as a small vulnerable, helpless, mortal child I must have been seen with eyes of indignation from some. For I received a pain in my spirit which was not of the Father. I requested of my mother, Mary, to release me of a burden I could not describe for her. She saw my passion for truth at a very small age. She perceivd in me a greatness. And yet I cried mournfully for the split that had occurred in my spirit by those who sought to destroy me. Release of this pain took many years, for it was so difficult, impossible, to identify. It created for me a turmoil which you may understand. This turmoil resonated strongly within, without cause for expression. It was turned inward until a later age at which I was reminded by the Father of my capacity to cleanse my spirit of all woundedness. I possess that quality as each of you possess this quality.

We are here to remind one another of our part in a great scheme. We allow ourselves to wallow at times in the pain of not knowing. Or maybe it is the release of pain, which we know all too well, which contains us.

When I was brought to the cross to bear the burdens of the sinners of the planet Urantia, I was released of all pain. I overcame in a great flash of insightful love the indignities which were cast upon my spirit. Protected was I by the Father, as each of you are.

Designed to grow, to experience, to believe in the Father, you, too, shall overcome fear and loss, agony and self-pity. We will together walk to the heavens of the Father's love and rejoice together in the time which has passed. For has it not truly brought us to a great desiring for truth and love in our lives? So rejoice with me at this time, for I behold in each of you a love that radiates through all creation. You are exact replicates of our Father's love.

B: Michael, may I ask you a question?

Michael: Yes, Jacob.

B: When you released the wound that you received as a child, tell us more about how you acheived that overcoming of the hurt, and if you will, more about the incident which you had to overcome.

Michael: Only with thoughts of indignation was I injured as an infant. It becomes remarkable when one considers the effect of thought or intent on the impressionable vulnerability of an infant person. One cannot design such impurities, they only exist by creative, purposeful thought.

I came to believe and understand the Father's love in a new and approachable way when I reached the human year of twenty-seven. It was at this time that I realized my potential for healing the wound and simultaneously understood the cause and everlasting impact it had had on my mind up to this time.

B: I am hearing you say that the wound you had as an infant stayed with you until this age, and how did you then--by way of giving us guidance in how to release our childhood wounds--open and then release it? Was it through prayer?

Michael: By this time I was well acquainted with the Father's purpose and intent for me on the planet and was assured of great capacity. I then realized my potential to heal this wound which had been inflicted at such an early age. Upon this realization I was acknowledging the wound, appreciating the feeling, and releasing to the Father this ancient disease which had existed within my body, my spirit, my heart.

B: You say it was in your body, and did it entail tears? Was it in your human mind? I'm referring to emotions.

Michael: It was only at this time truly that I wept silently. Many years had passed wherein I wept openly. I wished to release this burden for very many years but could not find the path to release it until I found the truth of the Father's love. It was at this time that I became acquainted with my ability to heal myself and others as well. Yet, I remind each of you that healing is a gift which you possess; I am of you as you are of me. I am the healer thus you are each healers. This is clear?

B: Yes, and if I may by way of clarification understand that -and this would be of value to healers- would be to clarify that you had wept at various times, and then had not, and then this incident was one of finding the pathway to the pain, through silent weeping. Is this a correct recounting which would be of great value to understand.

Michael: It was within my heart that I felt such sorrow and thus turned to the Father for release with great intent of His intention to assist in releasing this caught feeling. I see your concern and trepidation for I hear and see what was taught earlier in relation to weeping out loud. You must remember that there is entrapment that has occurred in your hearts. When one weeps openly this is fine, yet standard protocal requires that the Father's assistance is requested in order to release and move forward. I have wept silently. I have wept out loud. I wish to inform you that the intent is what is of concern.

Dragging around such baggage is not a requirment for living on this planet, Urantia. You are not to be burdened or punished for any sinful or wrongful actions. Each of you has unconditionally the gift of the Father and will find it to be so upon release.

Remember, in your hearts lies the garden of Eden wherein all desires are met.

We do not perceive acts of disdain toward the Father as hurtful. They are seen as only the rebellious acts of children searching for truth. We enjoy the child's search for truth and ask of you to continue. You are embraced in the Father's love and forever will it remain so.


Very well if there are no more questions, embrace each other in the loving knowledge of the Father fragment within. Allow the dust of the past to settle and move forward with the fury of the newly charged stallion. We enrich your lives as you have enriched ours. Rest and go in peace, my children.

T/R: Michael has rained down--I'm not sure how to describe it--it's as if you had taken a cup of petals from a lilac and sprinkled it, as love, down on top of us. And also, He has carried love in a circle around through us. If there are no more questions, that is all.

C: I would like to ask, if we do not feel this love that has been rained down upon us, does it nevertheless have a positive affect on us, or does in have an effect only if we feel it?

Josephine: C., my dear one, you are recalling, of course, the lesson of this evening which admonishes the pent up feelings which restrict the receipt of the Father's love. By bringing up painful memories which then strengthen your future, we gift you with the understanding that limited are your potentials at this time to receive the Father's love.

However, do not be dismayed for you are rightfully protected in the process of growth and recovery and are led to loving and "learningful" experiences which will excite and move you more quickly towards a place of greater reception. The . . .[inaudible]. . . with which you are working at this time is one way in which your mind is being prepared to receive at a greater level and now we are ready to prepare your heart to receive at still a greater level today.

C: But I do not understand the answer. If we are given this love but cannot feel it, does it have value nevertheless to us, or is the value only in the feeling it, the experiencing of it? Or am I experiencing and not feeling it?

Josephine: My son you are indeed of quizzical nature this evening, require only of yourself the trust and faith necessary to continue on the path of continual opening and ever increasing reception and you will know your own answer to this question.

C: Very well, thank you.

B: Josephine or RondEL, would you recommend the use of consciously using music, poetry, drama, as ways to bring about a catharsis in the mind that would help to release these hurts, or grief, or is that an experience of a whole other kind?

RondEL: (end of tape) . . . and we appreciate your noting detail.

B: I have been detail oriented tonight.

RondEL: We have observed you in this fashion, yes.

B: I was given a practice for catharsis that involves beating pillows. All I can say is that it seems to have worked. Do you have any commentary on that kind of practice? In recent months I have thought of this as being rather crude and I think on many occassions, "I wonder what Josephine and RondEL would say about the process of beating a pillow with a bat in order to bring about a catharsis and a release?" I might as well ask.

RondEL: Jacob, my son, much strength have you gained from this practice; physically as well as emotionally, is this not so?

B: Yes, it is!

RondEL: We wish to advise you to replace pillows frequently if possible. Truly, it is useful if you find it so. Trust your instincts, your intuition will guide you and you will find the easiest possible solution for yourself, for it is spirit-led.

B: Were you present when I began that practice?

RondEL: I became a guide and teacher for you when there was much confusion in your life regarding certain, specific relationships and detailed problems regarding work and home improvements and received a concerned message that you may need some assistance. It was at this time that I came to your side and have been there ever since, enjoying the partnership, I might add.

B: Thank-you for the three-fold fluctuation of the light next to my bed.

RondEL: I was wondering how to reach you and it became evident that this would be a useful tool to remind you of my ever-present love and guidance for you.

B: Oh, RondEL, that was a triumph of technique.

RondEL: Maybe some day in the astrals we will discuss how to carry out such technique.

B: I can't wait.

M: I have a question, I spoke earlier of having experiences in which I felt I have been taught. This experience--do I have a teacher? And is this awareness of being taught an awareness of that teacher?

RondEL: I would be pleased to introduce you to your long-standing teacher at this time. [T/R: it sounds something like Fedonna].

Fedonna: I am with you my dear and take great care and gladness (?) to assist you at all times. I wish let you know of this. I celebrate every moment and have taken great strides to assist you whenever possible.

I recollect a time when we first met, unbeknownst to you. You were a small infant yet I carried with me a knowing of a future time when we could correspond in such a dear fashion. There will be ample time for you to receive and gain a better understanding of my messages in your private life. I come to you often and over time we will better acquaint ourselves with the technique involved in personal transmission.

M: I can hardly wait.

Fedonna: With great delight I offer to you a bouquet of brightly colored roses. There are many, they are splendid and they are for you!

M: Thank-you! Your name is Fedonna, is that correct?

Fedonna: It may be pronounced Fedona (?)

L., I speak to you harshly to remind you of a cataclysmic event. One which will bring to you great sorrow if you continue to follow a path of intolerance. I am your assigned receiver for prayer and know that which you have requested. My name is, (approx. ) Farragon. I belong to an order which makes use of intense prayer. I am in service and I wish to remind you of the care you must take in choosing the path which lies ahead. Remind yourself of your own dearest wisdom, that wisdom which is very near to your central spirit. This wisdom will guide you at all times. Never, at all costs, do not betray this innermost wisdom. It will guide you to certainty, to love, to truth. All answers will be found there for you. Any questions?


We must continue at this time I will respond to your questions at a later date.

Joseph: I am Joseph, surveyor of truth and wisdom. With great heart do I implore each of you to find the truest form of nature in your deepest selves, that which creates the body you exist in. Have a knowledge and an understanding which surpasses the intellect at times. It is of great necessity that one follows the ebb and flow of cellular knowledge so that you may gain greater knowledge and surpass the intellectual foundations of decision making. This does not imply that the intellect is of no use, of course. It is just that,at times, knowledge can be found more deeply in wisdom than in logistical thought processes.

The intellect may be employed once the wisdom of cellular knowledge is thus in place. This must be known before each of you embark upon the paths which lie ahead.

B: Thank you for coming to visit us, Joseph. Is there more, or something that may embellish what was said earlier?

Alicia: I am one with a great universe.. Unfolding before your eyes is a magnificent creation. Create within yourselves the beauty which you desire, and embrace the beauty which you create and allow it to flow into the realms of others' existence. Music is a gift and will create harmony and beauty in your life, R, as it does in others. Gifted are thee with the ability to play and resound with the spirit of love within.

R: Thank you

Alicia: We are richly blessed with each other's company, are we not? . . .[inaudible].

RondEL: Remember, embrace each other, love each other unconditionally. For the Father enriches each of you with this special, extraordinary gift.


5/23/93 Transmission

Norman, Oklahoma

[Initial portion of session not recorded] . . . . So relax into the moment of being here. Take this time to be centered in the stillness.


I belong to the group of celestials which recounts the episodes of one's life to them. . . [inaudible]. . . that honor the spirit being within. I bring great news to all of you here. Encouragement has been a gift to each of you, and the memories are a path to us.

Once, when we came to your planet, we began to see such demise as was incomprehensible to us. The inhabitants were starving from lack of light and love in their hearts. They truly were inept at finding the true patterns of existence which would allow them peace and security, harmony, in their personal lives.

As each of you strive forward you may discover that there is a path which resonates true for you. Follow me for a moment while I guide each of you individually on a path which is truly your own. The guides which are provided here this evening will accompany each of you individually. As assigned, it is thus:

B., RondEL will be your servant in this way this evening. M., of the star world, you are assigned under the care, cordially so, of Alicia. C., your instructor will be Montarey this evening. A., you will be assigned Josephine. R., your assignment will be with Laura. It is I, Zion who speaks at this time.

Now, create for yourself a space which is safe and yet at the same time expansive. It may be dark or light it may exist or it may be imaginary. There only needs to be the requirement that it is safe, unique, and a gentle, loving place for you to expand.

This is accomplished, it is then necessary to request the Father's presence. . . [inaudible].

Now embrace the Father as he embraces you in this unique identified spot. Release all cares and concerns to the Father for He is all present. He is master of the universes. Quiet now your weary souls, rest your minds my children and see now the true nature of your being.

[Inaudible]. . . pure and simple, carry with you this truth. Rising up above our place we may see a new perspective on the world as it is. Carry with you the truth that lies within. Begin to enrich your vision and believe in possibilities which never before entered your imagination.

Begin to see yourself grow and change in ways which are new, different, exciting and provocative. Carry no burdens with you, allow them to fall heavily away from your lightness of spirit. Rise above the pain and sorrow of your past, and carry with you your truth of simplicity and love into an outer realm of existence. This is TRUTH in its purest form.

Take note of what you see, imagine the possibilities that lie ahead and the extraordinary gifts which are yours. Embrace yourself with love and know that you are deserving of all the unique riches of this universe. Indeed, each of you are deserving.

You must now imagine your goodness in the world. You carry with you a light that is the Father's love. It belongs to Him yet it is also yours. Allow this light to become brilliant, shining forth into the safe world which you have created, allowing the truth to be permeated by your loving gift which resides within.

Now escape this place for a moment and cast a glance backwards to see what it was that you left behind. How dense does it appear to you? Rate it on a scale if you must or imagine the contrast in your own mind. Is it your desire to return to the heaviness and darkness of your past? --of a few moments ago--or do you desire to move forward into the light of the Father's love? Decide for yourselves. There is truly a choice.

If it is that you decide to dwell in the dwelling place, that of the Father's love, then we will continue on our journey. Now, rest for a moment and realize the potential here. Can you see the light? Can you imagine the possibilities encompassed in release of the Father's love? How it may touch those you meet on your daily travels?

Imagine a confrontation with one who you may regularly meet and allow the newness and brightness of God's love to enter the situation. How is it changed for you? Is there not extraordinary love which embraces the situation? Has resentment and fear been erased from the encounter? Have all possibilities thus been explored, or at most, could the other person have received the slightest twinkling of remembering? We must remember, the Father is the one who dwells within. It is not our lust or greed or our pride or our ego which calls us forth. . . [telephone interruption]. . .

My children come back to us. It will not be lost. Come back to the remembering. R., we are all still present and attest to the fact that a disruption has occurred but it is possible to regain our standing. This enlightening experience is a thoughtful one for us, for is it not true that our lives are filled with disruption and discontinuity? When we can reserve the right to view and experience the love of the Father in light of difficult circumstances then it is true that we have found peace and integrity. Let us continue if all is well.

Carry yourselves back to that place of safety. Quickly rise above allowing your resentments and fears, losses and grief and anger to drop away. Enter the place where your innermost light is radiating with great strength throughout your being and into the outer world, and continue in your imagination to that place where you encounter another on your path. Embrace them with the Father's love and see the twinkling in their eye that is a reminder that they have remembered.

Open yourselves now to that remembering: the spirit that resides within, the truths of self, the fulfillment of God's prophecy that we may all attain peace, harmony, joy and fulfillment of desire in each of our own lives.

And now accept into your existence the beauty of the Father's love. As it radiates out, allow it to stream in again. This circuit thus completed will endow each of you with a strength and power, a force, which is primitive yet exists throughout creation. Allow yourselves to walk carefully down a descending stairway back into your safe place.

Upon your return it is with great surprise that you discover that all your pain has been transformed so that your safe place is beaming (?) like a jeweled crown. Truth and simplicity surrounds you.

Embracing the love of the Father as he embraces you, you are reminded of your full potential. Now it is time to return to your sitting place and we will respond to your questions or to experiences spoken of within your teacher communication.

T/R: RondEL is present to hear any questions or experiences.

R: I want to say I appreciate the journey we have been directed on. There was something very important to me. Are we able to use this technique regularly by ourselves? Is it necessary that we be led by E. in visualizations such as this?

RondEL: I am allowed to inform you at this time that this visualization comes from a higher source. That which we will not describe in full at this time. It is a tremendous. . . [inaudible]. . . and gift. It will be yours to use at your convenience.

R: Have you seen anything of Marcus in awhile?

RondEL: Marcus has declined to participate at this time for he has been called to other business associated with the TM.

T/R: RondEL as I experienced this journey a lot of visualization has occurred yet I felt as though my body is numb. I am both concerned and curious about what it is that I can do to enhance my ability to receive, or what it is that is interfering with my ability to respond.

RondEL: You are required only to participate at your best level of this kind. Try not to judge your experience, only be receptive to the trueness which has occurred. You have visualized many beautiful things and they may be carried into your present everyday life and will enrich it thus. We are pleased at your ability to accompany us on this journey.

M: RondEL I have a question about eating. You know the thoughts and questions I have on the role of animals on our planet?

RondEL: Yes I am aware of these, M.

M: Can you give me some enlightenment about what is proper for us to eat and what is not proper? I have a sense that some things should not be bred and grown just to die for my nourishment.

RondEL: However one chooses to perceive their environment, so may it be. I am enlightened on the views of vegetarianism and the associated concerns that Urantians have in regard to morality and the ethical treatment of animals on your planet. However, choices have been made as to how your populace will be fed and these have served you well. You have gained nutritional delights in the allowment of this dietary experience. Now it for you to decide how you wish to proceed with your own dietary choices. This is truly how healing occurs through one's own heart and wisdom. Determine for yourself what you believe is true and follow with rightful action. In all cases regardless of topic, this is wise counsel.

Now we must return to the consideration of the experience which was encompassed in this evening's journeyful meditation.

R: RondEL, when I visualized Father in my presence embracing the Father a sense of security came over me and I knew that I could not be harmed. Is this true in our world today, that we can come to no harm if we keep the Father in our minds and in our hearts, or might we drive our car off a cliff? What do you think?

RondEL: We are so excited by this discovery for you, for truly you are impenetrable to hurt. Anyone's anger or discontent cannot truly touch you. When one sees the possibilities of striking out into the world and remaining unharmed regardless of circumstance then it is true that all possibilities become enhanced. If it is possible, you can carry this sense of safety with you into your every minute of life. You will discover great joy and happiness and truly will find that, unless it your choice, you shall not drive off a cliff.

We also wish to say to you at this time that we believe in your possibility for greatness and see the potential for love in your heart which radiates out to us on a daily basis.

R: Stroke me, stroke me!

RondEL: Inclined are we to remind you that we believe in you. It is only in joy and anticipation that we remind you of your goodness.

R: Thank you.

B: I really have only one thing to report and that is the surprising discovery of serenity and concentration which is different from the last few days. I've had some agitation and inability to concentrate well so I'm thankful for the exercise for getting me back to center. I went to a sanctuary which I created once which has various visual elements in it, and I was happy to return to that image I had very carefully created. I hope to go back to it and pick up where I left off when I was using that sanctuary as a place to go that was safe. I attempted to visualize you just in the same way I was visualizing a guide then. The vision of the Father was unsteady. It wasn't a person, it was like a mountain, -the Father was on the mountain. I felt His nearby presence which I think accounts for this sense of peace.

RondEL: I would like to thank you for your participation and openness in this way, my son, for I know that you have come a long distance and have traveled many miles. It is true that the Father's presence is somewhat shaky in your mind and I would request that you imagine for a moment what the possibilities could be if He were in your life, ever present, at every moment, then truly would you know happiness and peace.

B: I sure would RondEL.

RondEL: This is my desire for you.

B: Couldn't wish or a better thing

RondEL: I love you my son and encourage you in all ways.

B: Do you have any comment on the events of the last two days?

RondEL: I am remiss to be able, but not at this time.

B: We'll try later, thank you RondEL.

C: When I tried to embrace the Father I couldn't imagine the Father being in one place. It was more as if I were unable to embrace Him, but He was able to embrace me. He was everywhere but I could not put Him in one place. Can you say anything about that?

RondEL: What a thoughtful and provocative question you have asked, my dear one. We are inclined to remind each of you that embracing is not always of a physical nature, it can imply that one only opens one's heart to receive. Does this clarify "embracing the Father" for you?

C: Yes, thank you.

T/R: C., RondEL is pouring forth much love to you at this time, happiness and joy.

C: I would like to thank RondEL and would like to return it.

RondEL: It is our desire that it continues to be so, for we love and appreciate your gifts so completely.

At this time we wish you are in comfort to share your concerns or questions.

M: There have been so many questions this week, small questions, I don't know if I can be specific about one or two. Yesterday was a very difficult day for me, can you give me some idea about why it was so hard? It seemed like part of me was in charge that was not healthy.

RondEL: I am inclined to let you know of a service which has been accomplished. That is, we truly wish to know only of your experience here this evening at this time, and would request that you, later in the session, ask these questions. We are glad to respond yet at this time our focus is on the meditation which was. . .

M: I visualized myself in a large field that slanted gently toward the sun, and around me was growing lacy green grass, and it was very peaceful. When I was asked to visualize the Father I came back to the ground around me and I wondered if perhaps that was too limited a view of the Father.

RondEL: I believe your vision was extraordinary for where you have arrived at this day. You must imagine for yourself how long and far your journey has taken you. I wish to remind you at this time that we have walked much quieter paths and you my dear have rushed up into my [view(?)] to discover what it has to offer. We wish to remind you also that the spiritual journey is one that requires time and much patience.

When one begins to open their heart to the fruitfulness of God's love it may take time to notice and taste fully the fruit. Digestion is required. It is in order that you would find your ideas of God somewhat limited at this time for it will take a while to discover what is true for you in this way.

R: RondEL, I haven't said a thing about my visualization; I was surprised when we were asked to go further forward into another place and to visualize the light . I found myself similarly to M., in a very green pasture, but I had huge mts. which reached way up in front of me strongly lit by the sun. I was surprised to see that the sky was a very rich deep blue, almost violet. Is there any significance to that?

Josephine: Hello, it is I, J. of your nighttime sky. I am inclined to remind you that the color of violet, or purple as it is known, requires the fantastic healing powers of the universe to be created. When viewing this color imagine that you are in the chamber of healing love and light. Your sky then has represented this for you. [end of tape]

. . spirit of love which you encountered earlier this evening. It was of white light, was it not? So then you know you have reached truth, the God within. Also now reflect for a second on the color indigo. Its powers are also of a healing nature yet with great intensity for it encompasses sorrow and grief. It will absorb these feelings allowing then entrance of other emotion to enter, such as love and lightness of the spirit. Then of course there is pink, which is a color that indicates to us that there is hope. As the flower rises up in the Spring (that of pink nature) it reminds of the hope of a new start, and the ingredients are there with which to produce a seed and hence another vigorous, loving plant to unfold the following Spring and so on.

We turn our attention to the colors green and yellow. These colors are of quality reminding us of melancholy moments when we hold our hearts. They are colors that remind us of Christmas's past, or maybe fond memories from our childhood. They are slight illuminations in a colorful mosaic of experience.

Then we turn our thoughts to the color fuchsia. It brings to us glad tidings, yet also a warning, of not being too impetuous. As we perceive you we see all these colors, you see? and it is with great delight that we determine how you are functioning on your inhabited world.

R: Do you refer to an aura of color that surrounds us that is not perceptible to us but it is to you?

Josephine: Many of you are unaware of this color arrangement. Yet there exists some on your planet who can perceive these differences of light expression.

R: I have debated for days on what color to paint my daughter's room because she's a teenager and I want her to have a color around her that will help her particular condition emotionally and mentally and so forth. I finally landed on the color of periwinkle, is that a nice color for her room?

Josephine: We believe that she would be delighted as would her spirit in the surrounding of this color around her sleeping area.

B: I am curious about the color blue, I don't think we heard a commentary on blue, Josephine.

T/R: Josephine is singing a phrase from old 40's song "Am I Blue?" [group laughter]

Josephine: Blue also for us is a representation of the possibilities of healing which may occur in a wounded spirit. Surrounding one's self with blue will provide protection and also absorbency of negative emotion.

Now we present to you, once again, the expected arrival of the Father-Son Michael into your midst. He has been watching and caring for each of you most dearly and would like to remind you of His desire that you stay open in heart that you may receive fully His love.

Michael: It is I, Michael, the Inhabitant of Your Heartsong, the Bringer of Love, the Desirer of Peace. I wish to bestow upon all of you at this time a message. That is one that concerns all of you, but individually will it be received. Independent are all of you. . . [inaudible]. . . enriched are we in the heavenly place of our Father by your uniqueness and differences.

How come it has been such a long arduous journey? Can you imagine the turmoil you must have struggled through to come to a resting place? Now you find it is yours. You have traveled, you have come a long way my children. Rest your weary, mortal souls. Allow then the incredible gift that is yours. It does belong to you, for you are, all of you, parts of a very great and cosmic universe!

You are deserving of all the riches you so desire. Is it love you wish for, or is it maybe to have happiness? Do you desire a finer home or more security financially? Is it health that you wish to attain or maybe longevity?

However it is for you, know that your desires are to be met. Lay down your burdens, relax in the loving arms of the Father-Son. I, Michael, come to deliver you. I am here. I believe in all things that are attainable for each one of you here. Love embraces you. Whether it is your experience or not, it does embrace you. You must have seen this, I am sure. My children, it is in your awareness.

Now I direct your awareness to a very small pinpoint of time and space. It is deep within your consciousness. Fall back to this place. It is known. As a magnet it draws your attention. Once there, when you reach your destination, this small point of light, it explodes within, it radiates out, it is love. It is experience of a body level. It is felt in your mind, your heart, your spirit. Rejoice now in the everlasting, the overpowering beauty of this love. It encapsulates all time, it goes beyond your imagination. It is infinite and exotic yet it belongs to you also.

Now feel the impulses that vibrate within your diaphragm. These are reminders of the God-Spirit within. They tap out a beat which is individual and is your own. Following this beat you will know your truth, your capacity, your beliefs. This pulse determines your state of being, your actuality. When you realize you are on the path of truth and power, the path that speaks to you of wisdom and light, then will it be that this pulsing rhythm that you feel in your belly will remind you of your truth. It is a powerful sensation, not to be mistaken.

Now imagine, once, your truth and beauty. It frees you, takes you to the heavens. It is enlightening, it is bright, it is exciting. It draws you forward and with it you are to find the Father. Hold to your beliefs, they enrich you.

Now, release and become as the Father. As one we are inspirational. As one we are unstoppable. We are all that there is to be. . .[inaudible].

T/R: Michael, is moving carefully around the circle laying hands on each of us before He moves on. I would like to hold hands in acknowledgment of His presence. Thank you Father for the extraordinary gift. The teachers are in a ring above us creating a golden circle of love. It is unifying with the circle which we are creating. There is a passing, an inflow and outflow of love that's created. They are completely in tune with our loving energy field as we are with theirs. They wish to let us know that this represents the end of the session tonight and we may continue to experience this as long as we wish.


6/6/93 Transmission

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Hello to one and all. It is I, RondEL, here to serve you in dearest fashion. I will bring to this room many varied colors. [Emotions] may run high yet we request that you quell your fears and anxieties in order that you may respond to truth. Now we wish to engage each of you in a matter of concern. This would be: the forthcoming entrapment of rebellious spirits. It is our desire to inform you and others of the nature of the "beast," so to speak. Zion is here to speak at this time.

Zion: I wish to warn those present of an impending crises of sorts. There has been much malaise among a few of you here on Urantia. Many of these Urantians have been touched by a power that they deem more important than the Father's loving wishes and guidance for individuals here on this planet. They choose to see darkness and refuse to open the shade towards enlightenment.

Now this has created turmoil and chaos in light of the proposed outcome of the TM. Many of those involved are of higher natures yet find themselves imposing beliefs and thought processes on others who are vulnerable "enriching" themselves with jewels which cast only a shallow glimmer.

In order to see to it that these forces can be stopped we encourage here this afternoon to call in force your angels. Your prayers are of great benefit to this portion of the mission and we would like to remind each and every one of you here that you are also rewarded through prayer.

Michael: Once when this planet, Urantia, was very young, many spirits arose who wished to control and demand of the Father riches that, though in essence belonged to them, were requested at inappropriate times and places. Yet they insisted, and, as it is that the Father cannot truly withhold gifts, He was positioned to respond. These dark spirits went on to claim more of the earth's resources, carrying no shame or guilt within their hearts.

Whereas the planet had been created to sustain all living things, we soon discovered that the plight of this planet was demise. The story has unfolded over many generations and you have seen the outcome in each of your personal lives. These effects could be identified as lack of union among peoples; harmony is a missing piece to a very great puzzle. Without harmony, indeed, my children, we cannot truly co-exist for our natures demand reciprocity and trust.

Release the judgments of others in this aspect. For you must see that judgment only intensifies the separation. So I call to you, my dearest children of faith, to come to Me by your prayers and hence facilitate healing and maturity on Urantia.

T/R: RondEL is here and wants to hear questions and concerns.

R: You began with the entrapment of dark spirits, and this should be something of the near future, then you spoke of those who refuse to be enlightened, can you be more specific about this?

Michael: My dearest son, you must know that in your personal life there are encounters with some who wish to remain in the darkness. If you imagine now that they are not at fault, but under the. . .[unclear word choice]. . . nature of darker forces, then may you recall that the light of the Father resides within each part. The spirits that coax an individual into darkness through promises of gain, which is in what comes to be seen as plastic jewels, truly have followed a wrongful path, yet are not to blame. We have thus begun a mission to eradicate the spirits which influence your vulnerable and naive brothers and sisters.

R: It seems as though we are so grossly outnumbered, it is difficult for me to imagine, though I am certainly eager to do whatever you would like me to do in this effort. We are talking about the few against the many, aren't we?

Michael: Remember, each child of the Father has within a light which echoes for the love of our spirit-led lives. Now it appears that grand are the dark ones in number, yet truly it is an illusory experience. They only forget what truly resides within.

M: These dark ones, are you talking about celestial personalities, such as Lucifer, or what is it that you're talking about?

Michael: "Dark ones," my dear child, a remark made only to influence the idea of separateness these children have from the light of our loving Father. It is not to assume that they are evil or otherwise depicted as being against us, in opposition. No, my children will always remain my children whether the path they choose is of light or dark. I wish to emphasize at this time that love is the answer to all of these ills. We can only approach others gently and softly, reminding them of that which they have left behind momentarily.

R: You say that it was an illusion that there are so many, that they had forgotten what lay inside. Were you referring to the kingdom of God they had forgotten within them?

Michael: R., you have spoken to Me many times of the necessity for others to reunite themselves with their inner kingdom.

R: Amen.

Michael: It is thus, though your words may not have spoken such. When one begins to receive the influence of the nature of darkened spirits -it is the dimmed-light ones-you begin to note a distinct reaction to the world. Those that choose to walk in the light of the Father's love find paths which are exciting and provocative and are open to new and wondrous possibilities. The others who have forgotten to maintain a connection with God find themselves lost, aimlessly, frantically searching for their own personal truth.

Children, have you experienced the lostness, the forgetting of one's truest loving nature? Now you find yourselves in this room listening with extraordinary faith to my message to you. Maybe once your life was also dim. Yet you may now see the truth. All of my children are thus close to enlightenment at any stage of their existence. They are not truly dark, they only believe in things which make it difficult for the Father's love to shine through. Has this answered your question?

R: Then we do not hate them but we love them, and in doing that we perhaps help them to see the light within them?

Michael: A wise one are you indeed. Yes this truly is the answer.

R: Thank you.

Michael: It is imperative that I add on to the discussion at this time. In so doing I recollect a danger, that is the permanency of the Father's love does not extend to protection unless it is requested.

R: I request it..

Michael: It is yours.

M: I request it.

Michael: It is done.

W: I request it.

Michael: Then shall it be.

C: I request it.

Michael: It is yours.

B: I pray for protection as well.

Michael: My son, B.(J.), it has been made so.

B: In the transmissions last week, Michael, we were also warned about rebellious spirits and in the earlier part of today we were told that they were being entrapped. I take it that there is danger and we need protection from influence, not directly but indirectly. Can the rebellious spirits disguise themselves and deceive naive people and give them harmful teachings, as I think was implied earlier?

Michael: B.(J.), my son, indeed the danger can be found in great proportion. The imperative nature of prayer is all that is required for protection and further reduction of these rebellious spirits.

We see with great eyes the potential for this planet and bring also great hope in light of the seeming despair we may have cast upon you. Know that your planet is one that is rich in faith, and the Father, myself and many spirits of good nature have offered protection.

Now to ease the conscious aspects of this planetary session I wish to bring a small dose of humor.

What does one achieve when a cross between a chicken and an antelope is made?

R: A spring chicken?

B: A chick-a-lope?

Michael: Any other solutions?

The answer is an egg which demands to rush around creating its own universe.

In this, my children, my hope is that you may see that each of you demand much of yourselves in the act of enlightening others.

R: What does the antelope have to do with it?

Michael: Antelope is in reference to the disposition of this animal which is hurried, skittish.

R: It's a pretty deep joke!

Michael: I see however that my point might have been made. So continue in your daily wanderings. Question, and repeat many prayers to the Father. All is well and in my hands. Question not your own protection for it has been granted now and forever.

W: How may we, as children of the Most High, best serve our Father in this plane on Urantia?

Michael: My dear son, I ask at this juncture what it is that you believe regarding your place on Urantia. If you could respond to this question from a place of centeredness, a place of truth, I could better attend to your question.

W: It seems that I've been placed here as a beacon of light for those around me, as an indominable spirit to those around me, showing what is possible even though we are bombarded with negative delusions, illusions daily. That we are able to follow the Father's will and become the best that we can possibly be if we will listen and ask for guidance and follow the path that our Father provides for us.

Michael: Thank you for this delicate, thoughtful response. I would only like to add to your very own unique answer to your question that you have been created in the light of a very great Father-Son combination and it is striking to reveal this truth to those who may not wish or cannot recall this basic beginning. Now I request that you continue to shine as a beacon of light in your worldly fashion. Indeed you strike the hearts of many, igniting their flames. I enjoy the spectacle of one light shining forth illuminating the lights of others. I thank you for your service in this way. Are you clear about the certainty with which we have spoken, that is, the following of God's path for each individual, the illumination of the Father's children by those who have brilliantly turned up their flames, and the enactment of the Father's will on this planet?

W: Yes, thank you for your beautiful response assuring me of my [inward] feelings and beliefs.

Michael: It is now that I come to you in fond embrace. Feel the love filtering through the top portion of your head and encompassing every cell. I give this as a gift to you.

W: Thank you.

T/R: Michael is creating a ring of light, a halo of light above us--and awaits questions.

C: I have a question. On March 27 I asked a question on truth. It has raised another question. Your response as received was, "facts come from the mind of mortal man who must differentiate between a world they don't understand and a world created by them"

From that I got the impression that facts were not a universal reality. Then I realized that in the UB on page 2094 there is a statement,"there are just three elements of universal reality: fact, idea and relation." From that I am confused about the role of fact--whether it is universal reality or comes from man's mind.

Michael: My son, I am so astonished and pleased by your detailed and studious manner. We have indeed had an abbreviated discourse on this topic and you find correctly that is is deepeer and yet more manageable. . . .[inaudible]. The fact is that many universal truths are known at very great and differentiated levels. The human imagination cannot conceive of the magnitude of such information. Therefore there is a gap of communication which occurs, so that what is fact for a mortal, a common mortal man, is limited in truth by what is factual for the Father. So you see, fact, as is used on your planet, is not necessarily true. Yet fact on higher, more disciplined scales can truly be seen as ultimate truisms. Has this answered your concerns?

C: Yes, I think it has, as you know my mind works slowly so I'll have to think about it a little bit. But , yes, this is satisfactory for now, thank you very much.

Michael: I believe your mental capacity is very grand indeed and appreciate the thoughtful nature of your questions.

Any others?

R: Michael, I have run into something that has got me quite confused. In the UB we speak of fusion as being an act at which the thought adjuster has fused with the personality, such as Elijah in the chariot of fire. And in some of my new age material it speaks of the same experience being that of Kundalini actually devastating the physical body of the person who is quite rigid and fearful. These two are certainly in my mind opposed to each other. Can you elucidate a little bit on the phenomenon of fusion?

Michael: Fusion occurs, as you correctly stated, when one's thought adjuster becomes known on a bodily state. This attunement creates harmony and flux of energy. At the same time that fusion occurs there is an energy release which demands channeling or the person involved may create great disharmony and vanish.

In order to channel these explosive energies there must be great detailed/specific methods employed. These may include the following: Restrictions placed on sleep deprivation so that the body maintains a well rested, well-functioning platitude. Also, the consumption of red meats and other contaminated foods may result in greater disharmonic experiences. There also must be a nurturing and well-grounded environment surrounding such an explosive experience. The groundedness may be found by anchoring through energy passages of light, or stabilizing the well-being of a certain spirit residing within, that is, requesting the existence of an indwelling spirit to create an anchor. Also the coordination of events might include the perserverance of prayer, and actualization of inviting the Father-spirit into such a creation.

R: So then, what you're saying is that they both are essentially correct-that one may be able to fuse and contain, or at least channel the explosive force at that moment and not go up in a ball of fire, such as Elijah. But under certain circumstances one may be overcome by that explosive force.

Michael: This is a correct interpretation.

R: Thank you

Michael: Maybe Elijah had feasted too greatly previous to his experience! In all seriousness, I admit to knowing fully of Elijah's experience and it was of his choosing to go forward as he did. It becomes necessary to realize that all experience is not necessarily a matter of destiny or fate. Some may choose their paths, even a chance experience such as this.

R: Are people fusing today?

Michael: It has become clear to me that there are those who attempt and discover the value of this experience. It is heard of and some may have accomplished this, yes. Indeed it is a fantastic awakening.

Are there any more questions?

W: I'd like to touch on the nutritional aspects of ourselves here on Urantia which you had briefly glanced on-the detrimental properties of red meat. It seems that from what I have gathered in this short life here on Urantia that there is one spiritual path that is best for all, that is, the Father guided path, the Christ-Michael ideal. Therefore would it not follow suit that there is a dietary, nutritional path that is best for all, or as some people would like to contradict, "no, I function better on meat, cigarettes and beer" versus a vegetarian lifestyle. It may be possible but I wanted to ask and know if they're right or are they deluding themselves, or am I the one who's missing out by being a vegetarian.

Michael: My son, deliberate are you in your questioning power. I only can say to this topic that all who join in prayerful remembrance of the Father's love will remain in His fond embrace always.

W: Enough said, thank you. With God anything is possible. I suppose we could live on Twinkies or draw our nourishment directly from the air.

W., R., and B., extend "thank you's" to Michael for His continual presence at our sessions

Michael: Of course I also feel richly blessed, for each of you here has shown such great appreciation and openness to the Father's nurturing presence. I wish you to enlighten you at this time to the power of my presence here.

Rapture surrounds us as I release my loving kingdom to you. Feel the presence. I touch each of you personally, blessing and hoping for you further enlightenment and love in each of your very precious, special and unique life choices. Feel Me.

All is well. All is love. Thank you for this time.


6/13/93 Transmission

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Father, Michael, Machiventa, Ordon, Josephine, RondEL, Thomy, Tomeray, Zion, Foeghn, Anelia, Erica, and hosts more teachers are present.

RondEL: How long we searched for you of like minds. And now in commitment we all stand firmly together on the soil of the Father, the Creator.

Walking has felt much like slogging through mud in recent years and yet here we stand. Incredible is it not? Now I join forces with many of those who make the efforts in the delegations occur, we bring much light and glory to this event. It is indeed an event, for as you have stated many grand spiritual guides are with you this evening.

Tune into the innermost quiet and secure place within your beings. We may have inquired about these places in previous sessions, do you recall? If so, return to that sanctuary of heart and receive thousand [T/R: he started at ten-fold and continued to 1000, it then continues beyond imagination]. Imagine the plenitude of love that is offered here to you. Welcome into your hearts the extraordinary purpose of the Father. The single mission--to ignite the candles of love within.

Michael: My children, happiness cannot best describe the fullness I experience in this moment. There are no words to define the glory I feel.

Manage your personal affairs at another time. Now is a time for celebration and discourse of the highest nature. Celebrate, come with Me and view the riches , the beauty of the Father's world. Many gifts have we in store for each and every one of you. Relax now and see far to the purpose of an extraordinary event such as this. Always will you remember this moment for it will be one to cherish, this is without any doubt.

Machiventa: It is I, Machiventa. This truly is an occasion of significance. All eyes being with amazement on this far corner of the universe. May we realize the Father's love is all encompassing. It embraces comprehensible elements of deity, and can be noticed every moment upon our willingness. It is quite a sight to behold. I come to you with this gentle reminder and it is with love I deliver and observe.

Michael: Now my dearest children, embrace one another in loving acceptance. Hold one another with the eye of the Father, ever knowing(loving?) Father. Neglect any criticisms for judgments cast. . . [inaudible]. . . light In the neighbor who shares your world see only the reflection of love that resides within each of your hearts. Carry no burdens as you encounter the soul-neighbor next to you. Quiet down the fears or anxieties that reside in your minds. Release to me every concern and find yourself in the place of peace and tranquillity.

T/R: I'm feeling a lot of high energy "voltage". [long pause]

Michael: Escape with me to a world of creation wherein no pain or drudgery exists. It is created of beauty and desires only to seek that of its own kind.

Selfishness does not exist, nor does greed or apathy. All who enter this magical kingdom find only pleasure and lack of concern for others' affairs. Deem this spot paradise, if you will, it is inhabited by many who truly have come long distances to obtain truth and purity, simplicity and golden riches, which I have described for you.

Now envision that it is yours. It is where you belong of course, rightfully so. Each of you deserve to find the peace and tranquility, the ecstasy of knowing your truth. Finding it so you may now create such a desirable place in the existence which you may feel despondent towards at this time. Paradise attainment is yours. It is free, at no cost, other than faith and pursuit of truth.

Carry on into your daily lives yet remember this my dear ones, that your pursuits are followed by an extraordinary golden beauty. It may not be today but it is insured in your future.

Golden light casts a glimmer across the room. Touching each of your hearts it radiates throughout your senses and creates an energy of its own. Return of this energy to us will ensure that you will further gain more minutes of such enlightenment. Continue in the process of receipt and release. Failing in either of these will create disharmony.

T/R: I see at this time a very bright light towards the center of the room, it's extending rays of light to each of us here. It is a very directed and powerful energy.

Michael: The light is healing the wounds of your past. Allow it to enter, permeate your being and release it as it carries away the toxins. . . [inaudible].

T/R: I'm feeling the presence of RondEL I'm wondering if any other teachers are present and wanting to speak.

John: It is with such awe that we witness this occasion. It is not surprising that we witness hesitation. I would only ask to deeply feel in your hearts the significance of Michael's presence and admission.

T/R: I would like to extend a very gracious thank you to Michael for the gift He has given us today. [echoed by others in group]

RondEL: It is our just concern that temporarily you convene for a personal session among you to reinforce the occurrence of the Father's love here this evening and then we may reconvene for a second session.


6/20/93 Transmission

Norman, Oklahoma

T/R: There is a new teacher here this evening. She would like to express her thoughts. Her name sounds something like "Zephyl".

Zephyl: I have announced my name to you all here this evening. Now I wish to inform you of my stated purpose. I bring light and joy to those of you who have walked so diligently along a difficult spiritual path up to now. The nature of this group has its intent in following the Father's love and it is with this intent that I reach you by means of interpreter.

My glory is in the heart of the Father as yours is as well. I come from a planet not too distant from your own; it resides within a complex of inhabited planets which are referred to as numbers...[90041,90543-6]... It requires much patience for me to communicate in this manner, yet my message for you this evening is important and I wish to continue.

My member planets belong to a place of great dignity and wealth of spiritual love. The request that was made to us, in light of your predicament here on Urantia, was to shower those with right purpose/direction with the indwelling knowledge of love and nurturing. [This knowledge] which resides within your core being lies unawakened yet to the full potential there. We bring kinetic forces to enable your breaking-in process to occur, in order that you may receive more plentifully the gifts of the universe.

Have you any questions at this time?

C: Are you asking for questions about yourself or about any special subject?

Zephyl: Specifically, regarding the information thus far presented.

M: I would like more information about the kinetic forces you talked about and what is this breaking-in process that you talk about?

Zephyl: Kinetic forces, my dear one, appeal to the nature of your being. It is an exacting energy which will require lazy molecules to be activated.

M: In our bodies?

Zephyl: In your essence. This implies a gain of spiritual acceptance and fortitude of will. Also, the kinetic forces of which I speak are of our creation; they do not reside within you at this time. However, it will become evident that soon they will if it is your desire to be reawakened in a new light.

M: How will we perceive these forces?

Zephyl: The presence of these forces will be noted by a flushing out of negative apparel.

M: Negative apparel?!

Zephyl: That is, your sleeping wear. So we wish to undress your sleepy spiritual nature...

M: Ahh, spiritual pajamas!

Zephyl: ...and redress you in action clothing.

M: The breaking-in process--what are you talking about?

Zephyl: When sleeping molecules lay lazily in your being they create a mischievous cloud of denseness. This must be fragmented in order that our energy may be received. The Father's love soon follows this breaking-in process.

B: Could you distinguish between your energy and other energies that are available to us. This has been said by other teachers, referring to their energy, their impulses, their contact. Can you distinguish that from angelic energies, other influences? The Father's love which comes through the circuit with the Father, Michael's love? When you say "our", do you mean the teacher, your ability, to contact our minds?

Zephyl: The planet from which I arrived has many focused beings which have been thoroughly trained in the art of dispelling this kinetic forceful energy to other beings on other planets. The energy from our being resonates with yours under the light of the Father's guidance. Michael has requested our presence here. It is an honor and very much removed from other forces which you have received previously. The mental capabilities from which we work are highly exaggerated in order that we may better touch your energy core.

B: You used the word exaggerated; I think you meant amplified. Was there a word choice problem there? I am just trying to have clarity.

Zephyl: Exaggerated in the sense that it is a heightened awareness which you have been gifted with. There is, in order, the following events which will occur during your future stillness practices: We will be beckoned upon your desires in prayer. [We are] letting it be known that we are available at this time, in service to you by direct order of your Michael-Son. And we request that in your stillness the following practice be added to your already ordained tradition. The quieting of your mind is requested, of course, in this stillness time, as well as the openness of your heart to receiving our unique/special energy forces.

B: May I ask a question, Zephyl? Or do you want to finish that instruction?

Zephyl: It is with pleasure that I receive your question.

B: I'm very appreciative of your offer. Please give me some background about yourself. Are you a mortal from a planet that is very advanced? Or are you an ascendant post-mortal being? Also, are you here with a group of beings from this complex of planets? And if so, is there a name for this group of beings, or a name for your process. Is there somehow to designate you?

Zephyl: Created was I solely for the single purpose to assist your Michael-Son in identifying and gifting those with a loving impact of the Father's love--those who are in need. There are many others who reside on our complex of planets, as you say, and we all cooperate in like mind, yet not all of us created for the single purpose as stated. My own breed/type of creation is identified as "sordoms," a uniquely bred population, created to serve only in the highest manner.

B: Then you are an unrevealed order of being, unrevealed in our UB. Which is fine, I just wanted to verify what level you come from in the universe. Would that be correct , you are an unrevealed being, a type that has not been known on this planet before?

T/R: She's checking through the UB quickly to try to answer your question here.

Zephyl: This would be a correct interpretation.

B: O.K. , so you are not material beings, you are morontial or spiritual beings and you have a special single purpose which I understand. And you are indeed a non-material , created as non-material beings, is that the case?

Zephyl: The purpose of our existence is as we have explored. There is more, of course, of complex nature, that of morontial existence. I am at this time willing to explore further if you wish or we may continue on matters of increasing light of the Father in your sleeping bodies.

B: I don't have any other questions for you on that, so let's proceed with our instruction.

Zephyl: This is fine. Continuing with the effect of our energy in your stillness, which you create for yourselves, hopefully on a semi-regular basis, the following step is inordinate in its impact. The impact will be resounding, felt throughout your bodily extremes, to your fingertips, and to the bottoms of your toes. It will have everlasting results in each of your spiritual existences. The step is one of faith and trust, believing in your empowerment by an outside energy force field. The existence of this field is natural and very much a creation of a [?] universe that facilitates love and faithful action.

The energy force which we will be gifting you each with, upon your request, will have a nature to its essence. This force will be crystalline in structure, yet translucent and equated with the experience of absorbing a light-wave screen into your being. The colors of this experience will resonate within your own heart/soul, depending, of course, on which colors desire to be released and those that are requested to fit in your being for healing and everlasting influx of loving energy.

When this field enters your body, begin to imagine the crystalline structure vibrating at ever intensifying levels. The recommended vibrational frequency will be set by ourselves in order that it is exact in nature according to personal, specific desires, and illustrated needs. Vibrational frequencies set off in such a manner will [allow] disposing of unnecessary material to the outer realms of your filter. Releasing them to the Father is necessary, of course, and will now be altered into cosmic loving energy returned. Energy entrapped, upon release, will bring explosions of small outbursts, which are to be considered positive experiences though they may require some discipline to maintain this activated state for extended periods of time. Once achieved, however, the essence of your being is unlocked and the love of the Father filters inward creating the calming, though energized, state.

Are each of you clear as to the methods employed here for facilitation of activating sleeping molecules in your body systems?

C: It seems to be that, I thought you said something about the selection of color. I don't know if I understood correctly or not. Do we have some choices about color as part of this process?

Zephyl: The colors, which represent the being which you are, have been selected by life choices each of you have made. The thoughts you perceive in your mind, the foods you eat, these all determine a different color scheme and read to us accurate information as to which colors are necessary for this process to occur. It is within our powers to negotiate these color schemes for you. You only need to receive and remain open for activation. Is this clear to you?

C: Yes, we don't have to make a choice is what I understand.

Zephyl: Correct, my son.

S: I would like to make sure that I have the instructions clear. I believe that we are to open our hearts and to imagine the crystalline structure being put into our bodies, is this correct?

Zephyl: The acceptance of the crystalline structure occurs on the whole body; it is a full -body experience not to be restricted to one area of your being, but to encompass all parts which have been in slumber.

B: Let me review what we are to do. When we are in our stillness are we to call upon you by name, is that the first step?

Zephyl: For the activation to occur this is a necessary, integral part, yes.

B: Then having called on you, then is there something we are to do, or are we to just be receptive at that point?

Zephyl: Only to receive is your mission at this time.

B: Does the process require staying in the stillness longer? Than normal, because I usually do 10 minutes, 15 sometimes.

Zephyl: The purpose is to unlock trapped sleeping energy and as long as it requires is how long we wish to continue. However, we are aware of time restraints on your planet and would invite you to quiet yourselves at a time when there is unrestricted passage of time-energy, so that the process will be complete for that sitting.

B: Would you suggest that this obviously would be separate from our prayers, from our worship of the Father? It would be a separate item in the stillness, is that correct? It doesn't overlap with these other activities.

Zephyl: As if you were brought home a new advanced technology to acquaint yourselves with, this will facilitate further appreciation of the Father's love. Not to be used with the original, only an embellishment for a short period of time in order that you may become better receiving vehicles for his love.

S., are you sure of the intention with which your heart speaks? I need to inquire as to your understanding of the nature of heart and its all -encompassing effects on your personal creative life-force.

S: I am not sure that I understand the question, could you please say it in a different way?

Zephyl: I fully wish to say as succinctly as I may, that your heart encompasses a lifetime of fruitful experience and hope for future experience. When one unleashes energy from the stillness within, the heart may be touched and resonate with this energy. Yet, required also is the involvement of every aspect of your being. The heart imagines itself to be full of beauty and wisdom, yet integrates experience. Now see with me how beneficial it is to encourage all molecules within your being to participate, then your heart is filled and pouring forth.

S: What I know about my heart is that I have a lot of pain in it always. I want to completely open my heart and release the pain. I have a lot of fear about this process because I feel that my heart will break. However, my intent is to face the fear and completely open my heart to God's love. I think I understand what you are saying, that is that I must not hold back but must completely trust the process and even though there is great fear involved, step through that and give up the fear and the hurt for the fulfillment of God's purpose in my life.

Zephyl: I am acquainted with your heart at this time and wish to remind you of the beauty that lies within. It resonates soundly with the love of a pure and innocent being who has been entrapped through forceful measures. And we wish to assist you at this time if it is your forthcoming desire.

S: Yes, it is my greatest desire.

Zephyl: Stripped of your burdens we see the light within, carrying the message of truth and desire to the Father we become...[inaudible]. There will be always light that remains within. Casting away fear, be open and receive us. We know you respond in like manner. Now we see a coming to fruition, light and happiness, the joy of living and breathing fresh, clean air. [Inaudible]...your pores it resides and brings with it the pollen of nature and nurture of ages. It quiets your fears and we relish a time of purity, simplicity and joy. We pray that you remain receptive as we surround you with loving auras of energy and light unbeknownst to the eye for it has been touched by no one.

Hit with sublime energy we may...[inaudible].... Sacred is its nature. It is our calling to serve you in this manner. Our existence reminds you of things...[inaudible]...when you rose above your pain and enlightened the universe with your faith. Trust in the simplicity. Gain a foothold to the Father's universal, loving creation. Now carry a memory of this with you in your stillness. You will receive for it is your destiny to do so.

T/R: Michael is here and creates for us a protective shield above this unique and dignified energy which is here. It is a shield that protects us from outside forces yet also encloses us so that the energy will stay with us. The release of energy is necessary and must be facilitated through the lateral parts of our bodies. The head circuit has been closed to contain some of the energy. Grounding at the foot surface, where your foot touches the ground, orients energy in the complete pattern, unbroken.

My name is the Great One-The Father that exists. My tidings for you encapsulate such [a] grand view, and though my name is unspoken, you know me.

...[end of tape]. I come to visit and relish the teachings which have truthfully, honestly and with integrity, been received. You, great children, you who have followed a mysterious path of utmost faith, have served me well. Endearment is a word which feels to me as though the waters of many tearful pasts have created extraordinary love.

I wish to recall for you a moment of conception when you each were created. My universe is created in such manner as well. An array of light signals to me your creation. I call forth angels to love and protect innocence in light-born children. Essence...[inaudible]... by essential light movement-- the light which emanates from within--the calling forth of angels. Remember, I exist.


6/27/93 Transmission

Oklahoma City, OK

RondEL: Hello, to one and all. Again we meet, exchanging ideas for plans of relighting the Father's love within. Again we have come to assist each of you here in this challenge. May we recognize, at the very least, that the path is somewhat unclear at times. I wish to provoke in your mental state ideas...[inaudible]...upon the recognition of Michael's Second Coming. Are you aware of the planning and associated timing of this outstanding event? That is to say your preparation over the past few months has expediated the coming of Michael to Urantia, and we would appreciate knowing, in your deepest thoughts, how you may perceive the actualization of this event. If each could speak solely from the corner of the mind which needs exploration, we shall facilitate your concerns, joys, your fears.

M: What exactly is the question? Are we aware of the planning and timing of...?

RondEL: My dear one, we wish to explore your comprehension of Michael's Second Coming, influenced by your preparation, which has occurred over many months. We see, maybe, that your hearts, minds, and souls have been prepared as you engage in activity such as this and therefore the appearance of Michael on Urantia has been expediated. Not feelings do we pursue, instead perceptions of this truth.

D: Not feelings, but perceptions?

RondEL: We only wish at this moment in time to dwell in your thoughts in order to freshen our perceptions so that we may continue to enlighten you in ways which are just-suited for you as individuals.

S: I will speak to that question although I am not completely sure I understand. I believe that the Second Coming of Michael will occur when each of us, through his dedicated commitment to the Teaching Mission, has reached the apex of our ability to serve Michael in whatever way He chooses for each of us to serve. And I believe we will also be told by the teachers when this is happening and when Michael's second coming is about to happen. Speaking only for myself, I believe that when I can approach everyone I meet with total unconditional love and when the pain in my body from emotional holding, or whatever holds it, is gone, I believe that personally at that time I will be able to completely serve Michael and the TM and my fellow human beings.

RondEL: At this time we receive your response and attempt to answer all expressions of thought at a single moment. So if another in the group here wishes to express him or herself we will listen attentively.

D: I will share a fear. I believe as much as I can believe, that indeed Michael will return. I feel that it is likely to be within my physical lifetime. I hope that I would be aware when it happens. I pray that I may be of service in His efforts. But I am afraid that His presence will not be known to me. I am afraid that I will be asked to serve by one I do not see as Michael. And I am still afraid that I will be asked to give up and I am afraid that I won't give up those things like my family.

RondEL: Thank you for a provocative response. We will encompass and answer to these concerns after others have spoken.

C: RondEL, I have not received any internal answers to the questions you have asked and I tried to avoid speculation about when Michael might return. I only know what I have read in the transcripts and that is unclear especially with respect to the date. I would like to say more; I really don't know how to answer your question, I don't get an answer. I would share it if I could.

RondEL: My dearest student, know in your heart perceived truth and integrity. Under no circumstance do we see fault or failure and we wish to applaud your honesty. May you stay open and I'm sure many thoughts will begin to stir.

M: I'm in a middle place between Urantia teachings and bible teachings and I'm not aware of what the UB teaches about the Second Coming of Michael, or Jesus. I don't know that I can answer your question, I think I'm too new to this.

RondEL: Has there been any concerns raised since your readings have begun?

M: Concerns about what?

RondEL: Speculation on Michael's arrival here. Facts: When? How? The impact of His arrival? Any of these or others.

M: As you know I'm not only in the middle ground between the UB and the Bible but also in middle ground between belief and disbelief. And as far as concerns, I have concerns for our planet, our environment, our living conditions. I'm concerned that human beings are going to destroy life as we know it, I guess at this point I haven't had concern about Michael's return.

RondEL: Thank you, this information will add to our interest at this time.

M: RondEL, I share many of D's fears. I wonder what is the purpose of Michael's next visit?

RondEL: And we attempt to discuss that exact purpose after the final response.

[long pause]

RondEL: All information is in, has now been received, and the response is found in the arms of your savior, Michael of Nebadon who chooses at this time to join with angels in response.

Michael: Welcome, in glory, the glorious spectacle of your Father-Son, who created all loving and endearing His dearest children. Seated on a rough surface you call Urnatia, I view you in delight and behold beauty spilling forth to my open, receptive embrace. My arrival, mitigated by circumstances, some unforeseen, others predicted, has been localized to a space in time which, in its rightful evolution, belongs somewhere within the next fifty to one-hundred years of earth life.

I am so proud of each of your willingness' to proceed in spiritual flow. This truly has opened a passage for My imminent return. However, regardless of the state of your planet, in terms of relating to emotional, spiritual welfare, I plan to re-enter your planetary sphere. No judgments cast will impede this experience of light source sent to your planet. The casting out of love in some mortals' souls cannot sway my appearance. Truly, no human force of will can discreate my existence and my full intent to arrive in light. Only those who seek my appearance will find utmost pleasure and joy. There will be no mistaking my presence; it will be unforgettable as well as unstoppable. The expediation of my appearance has been presented by your faithful teacher, RondEL, and this holds true...[inaudible]...timing is the only perceptible change regarding my appearance. Openness to the stillness within reminds [?] each of your parts of my presence today and always will it remain so. I am omnipresent.

The rapture yet to be experienced can be found today, of course, in your stillness, with love and centeredness. Fear not retribution, I arrive in love. You will know me, I shall protect those who are susceptible to the infringement of power by others who appear to rule in force. I question the role of imagination and would enjoy dispensing of any fears by a simple action.

Carry a momento of my love in the palm of your hand. Powerful love embodied in a vision of simplicity, purity, can release the onslaught of painful or remorseful projections into the future.

The image I provide at this time will be the unique to each individual here. If it is your desire, cup your hands in an upward and forward motion. I drop into your palms an emblem reminiscent of my all-powerful loving intent for my children. Now raise your hands, if you so wish, and receive, in your cup, my gift. It is received. Now hold it in your memory for a moment. The momento is yours.

I arrive here to welcome my children back to the home that was theirs but has long since been neglected. My arrival comes at such a place and time as is inconceivable by others on neighboring planets and associated...[end of tape]... you refer to as your birth-land place is under siege. The time has arrived...[unclear word choice]... when my direct intervention will be required to positively offer freedom from the slavery of fear and turmoil, chaos and poison. Your planetary existence has been so dim. If you only realized the potential within--you might find great desire to shed all burdens of the past and symbols of fear projected into your futures. Embrace the God within and know my arrival is imminent. Continue on the paths of further enlightenment and I will come to your place of peace. Resting in the shadows of a hot, summer day we will create a new document for living.

RondEL: It is I, RondEL. I would like to ask each of you to reflect for a few minutes on your place in God's endless kingdom.

Michael: Have there been other concerns or unanswered questions? Can I assist in anyway at this time?

D: Father, my brother, my son, please accept my foolishness. There is much I don't understand. You said fifty to one-hundred years; I understood that to be between fifty to one-hundred years from now. And you mentioned a document in the shade on a hot summer day, can you respond to those please?

T/R: I feel Michael spilling forth much love and warmth to you.

Michael: I spoke of timing [his return] and I wish to restate the event will occur within fifty to one-hundred man-years. The gap of time may confuse your sense of right timing, yet in my existence there are many variables to consider. Therefore, [the] seeming distance of time is equated with exact and precise measure. Forgive my sense of longevity. Equate this with the timing for children where you speak of a great vacation you might be engaging in. Explained to your child in terms of months or years, it might confuse them, yet makes great sense to your mature mind. Allow much discretion as I embark on attempting explanation of time. Please know that all that you do, whether it is in time for my Second Coming or not, will be registered as positive energy facilitating my arrival. And know that your knowledge of me will ever increase until we find each other basking in light of the Father.

In respect to documents I refer to the possibility for changing the appeal of one's life-story. Would it interest you to have long discourse with me regarding possibilities and unforeseen joys?

D: Sure.

Michael: Absolutely. I would relish this time as well. Getting to know you would truly bring pleasure. I embrace the possibilities for each of my children and would like to allow times in discourse always.

[20 minute break]

Michael: To continue in discussionary efforts to discern the true impact of my arrival on Urantia: With such fortunate opportunity I [would like] screening the questions referring to fear-based discussion; whereby detailing our discussion, embellishing [instead] the hope and relief I will bring to those who suffer under darkness.

R: Michael, I was discussing this with my friend D.. What will we do on this planet , in your Second Coming, with the millions and millions of people through their ignorance but very much in their sincerity, in their efforts to learn about God, who nonetheless are not Christians and so if Jesus comes back will not these people feel that there religion is second rate religion and on the other side of the coin would not that cause harmful and perhaps false pride in those Christians who then declare that their religion was the only true religion? I think they would use that to their advantage. could you talk to me about that?

Michael: My son, who speaks of great necessity for understanding, I call to you a witness of the diversity of background created in light and occasion of the Father's will for this planet. Many tribes have created different conceptions of the Eternal One. I arose a babe in a basket, vulnerable, helpless and endowed with spiritual material. Each man who lives is endowed with the Creator's life energy. Upon my arrival the knowingness of our divine origin, will guide all to my light. Separateness of faith is bred by inhibited creativity. Inescapable, however, is the conclusion that I am the Creator. the potential within all beings. Man must divorce himself from sanctions which rule out the spiritual endowment for those who have created alternate, but nonetheless acceptable religious paths.

R: This is good then if we should come under a new world religion along the lines of which you describe with reverence for each other's creativity, with spiritual endowment and as you said upon your coming that all men will be drawn to your light, I can imagine perhaps, that at that time the creation or revelation of a new world religion. I cannot due to the perversion of your teachings by the Christian Church imagine that the world religion would very much resemble the orthodox teachings of the Christian Church. Will there be a new world religion upon your coming?

Michael: The Advent, the coming of my spiritual force, will cause every mortal to turn his/her attention to their disposition and at the same time all religion will become no more, shall not be required. Only in light of human misunderstanding can I be forced into novels taught to undisciplined disciples. My forceful nature, in love received, will beckon all to reach to feel my embrace only.

R: Will you come alone? Will you bring others? Will you attract other mortals to your revelation?

Michael: You my son, are part of an army of mortals who prepare my passage. The hearts of those I touch today will shine as stars guiding my path to the Father's...[inaudible].

Prepare the way for others to be prepared, and so on. I arrive with the forcefulness of angelic virtue, sounding horns of everlasting forgiveness and hope. Arriving beside me will be finaliters, others of discipline in like manner inconceivable to you at this juncture. However, your thoughts will be impressed with visions of hope and picturesque scenes of my coming will [ensue]. Stay open and receive, share these also with others in your midst. It is part of the preparation.

S: Michael, I have a question. Will you please tell us now, at this time, in your own words how we are to prepare for your Second Coming? And also, I wonder as time goes on if we will each receive specific guidelines for what you wish us to do in preparation for your Second Coming?

Michael: [tape interruption]


7/4/93 Transmission

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

T/R: A visualization is being given to us. There is a small boat in the ocean, and even out there in the middle of the ocean our needs are being provided for. Though we're not too far from land, we still need sustenance. We're provided with the right wind speed to direct our course and in case of hunger we're given fish which hop out of the sea into our boat. The sun shines, but doesn't harm us in any way. The breeze is cool. The intent of this image is to assure all of us here that our needs are provided for, even though it may appear that we are cast out to sea; truly our natures find that we are protected. Also, camaraderie is encouraged, so that even in such a small vessel we encourage each other. There should be laughter and good will towards each other.

RondEL: Hello, to one and all. I embrace each of you on your journeys. We recollect at this time and space how much each of you have grown spiritually since we first began only recently. I, speaking for myself, would like to stand in admiration for a moment, catching a glimpse of the extraordinary beauty which I behold as I speak today.

Such fine and spectacular colors meet my eye! Truly your spirit reflects much change and alteration. The dim cast of light, which we perceived days ago, has since blossomed into fruitful fulfillment of spirit energy. Although many of you experience distress, know your course, acquired upon your soul arrival here, is now changing as expected. We perceive and know that all is in good order and in right time for each of you.

Occupation with fears or distress is only energy, and if you choose to, at will, you may instead choose preoccupation with joyful and pleasant outcomes. The pain of not knowing is best suited for the Father's loving embrace and [in] that you may soon discover comfort and genuine truth. Some, who may still be recovering from impact of misuse of spiritual knowledge, may rest assured that even in doubt or thoughts of hypocrisy, the Father will bless and endow you with eternal love and forgiveness. Recognize in your own self the potentials for [a]love-filled existence. When perceived, it might seem imaginary or somehow unattainable. But know this my children, you are cared for, and will, with love, discover your true paths. And know that they are paths of love and joy. Do not dismiss this as a flimsy or fantastical belief. It is truth.

John: I have arrived to assist in healing. John is the name by which you may know me. I have entered this room in conscious belief that healing is attainable and would like to begin at this time to acquaint you with my healing powers. Call to me in your need, whether physical or not. I can and am able to help at this time.

C: Welcome John, I thank you for your previous assistance that was delivered through Alicia. I have been wanting to ask you since you assisted with the healing of my lymph node condition, what part faith plays in such healing. Specifically, I was wondering if my faith had been great enough could you have healed me instantly, instead of it taking three or four weeks?

John: In truth, my dear C., healing can occur instantaneously. Often there remains residues of belief structure which pertain to the holding on of illness. We perceive these as I enact a healing and with a flurry of celestial assistance we begin to unwrap the true source of the illness thereby reducing the risk of [repetitious illness]. It can be eliminated; however, other unrelated beliefs may create similar symptoms in your bodily system. In order that you begin to heal more fully, I encourage you to resist the temptation to believe that somehow you are at fault or deserving of negative influence in your existence.

We assist, as I stated, by creating an influx of teachers around you to help instill new beliefs and understanding, before releasing the old beliefs which created the illness to begin with. Have you understood me clearly?

C: Yes, I have. This sounds much like what I learned in neuro-linguistic programming. I would ask how--as an example, I have a ringing in my ear and I am trying to find a way to rid myself of this ringing, and I was told that sometimes our hearing is intentionally diminished so that we can go inside, so that we search our inner self more--there's a reason for it. For myself, I, in addition to the ringing, I have a hearing loss. I accept the hearing loss may be of some spiritual benefit to me, but I cannot conceive that the ringing is. Although it also reduces my ability to hear, it's very annoying and so I would like to get rid of the ringing. I don't know if I have beliefs that are inhibiting my ability to heal or not. How might I know if I have these beliefs or not?

T/R: C., will you come sit in front of me, and allow me to hold your hands?

[Few minutes of silence]

John: Repeated exposure to elements which impede further healing are restricting your process. I suggest on the daily regimen that you quiet in your stillness the hearing problems through a technique which has an everlasting impact on your ability to receive sound more clearly. Resonating in your mind I discover a truth of wisdom. I believe you will respond positively to what I offer here. The vision which you received has indeed been assisting in the healing process yet I perceive there is an emotional blockade which creates a small barrier. It is easily overcome, however.

In the stillness of your mind imagine a pastoral scene with rich, deep greens and blues. There are animals created to remain within the boundaries of a small fence-like structure. In your mind's eye imagine these boundaries are beliefs about topics which you were not to hear or discuss. For you it may require some thinking to discover these, yet they exist. Instead of remaining blockaded in by [fences] which are designed to be secretive, I wish to employ the use of your spiritual, mental legs and jump over these fences into the green, rolling hills, wandering as you wish, and listening freely to all sounds which emanate from the soul's discourse.

Are you willing at this time to attempt this over the next few weeks?

C: Yes, certainly, I look forward to it.

John: Ask for my assistance and I will come to you as you reach into that place of stillness.

C: Thank you,

John: I love you and wish for your health and happiness.

C: I appreciate your help and assistance.

S: I would like to speak. I am deeply moved. I feel as if I felt your presence in the room...[inaudible]. I would like to ask for help in whatever it is that I need to be rid of the pain in my left side, and to ask for help in understanding the very unusual experiences I've been having lately.

John: I behold a beautiful spectacle as I receive your wishes. Truly, I perceive the daughter of a great spirit who searches longingly for truth and simplicity in her life. Embrace the healing powers that I possess, and know that I give to you freely a small cup of purest love, filled with soothing medicine for your soul. The changes you have experienced are extraordinary, yet their purpose has been relied on to help you to understand certain aspects of your being. It had taken time and apparently you perceive a toll, yet in my eyes I only see the glory of a blossoming flower. I have indeed assisted you and though it appears to require more than what you are capable of, I know that the timing is exactly as it should be. I recommend you take this cup and sip from it regularly throughout your daily and nightly spiritual enhancement. It will assist in offering salve for healing [the] growing pains you are experiencing.

S: Thank you, I will most certainly do that. Thank you for that wonderful gift.

John: I love you, my daughter, and wish, also, much rest and joy for you. It will be so.

C: I have faith that if Michael and the Father wished it we could be healed instantly. But I perceive that this process is unfolding over a period of time, so that we may learn the healing process and may learn other things in the process, is this correct?

John: Indeed, my wise son. The unfolding of experience is quite necessary for soul expansion and growth. The fault that we may find with the mortal approach is the tendency to hold on too rigidly to the illness rather than focusing on the healing. Many mortals could be healed...[end of tape]...if they choose to discover the lessons which reside in them.

B: John, that seems to say that physical illness always has a spiritual lesson contained within it. Is that a correct inference?

John: I believe that there is an equitable arrangement made between one's mental, spiritual, and emotional [aspects], and thereby influencing the physical state of a being on any given planetary sphere. I equate physical injury to the lack of comprehension regarding balanced states of existence, which further incorporates the loving messages which the Father provides incessantly. I would like to, at this time, remind each of you that evolving is this process and at no time do we judge or accuse a mortal of resisting truth, for sometimes it becomes necessary for their personal, spiritual development that they resonate with an experience over an extended period of time in order to learn a lesson on a deep and rich level of experience.

C: John, can you speak to us on the healing of forgiveness--how to forgive people when we feel we've been hurt and can't get rid of our anger?

John: Acting in forgiveness, my dear son, requires an act of faith and integrity of spiritual forces. Aligning oneself with the will of the Father, it becomes clear that there exists no need to harm, nor experience dishevelment, from another being. Yet, of course, as evolving mortals, there exists a time and place when you or another may truly have experienced hurt and in return feel angry and of defensive posture. Remember the poison this creates to your being.

May I assist you in identifying and releasing any stored up hostile emotional charge? The creation of energy of this type within your bodily system will eventually cause disarray to your cellular structure, creating disharmony and/or disease. I would invite you to question the use of withholding this energy and would like to allow you a moment of private discourse with me where I will allow you identification and thus release.

Now take a moment to reflect. I enter your thoughts and we may discover together and relax. Breathing is vital.

C: What thought am I looking for?

John: I encourage you to still your mind, quieting all thoughts. As we begin to search, I remind you of the dangers, the non wisdom of retaining toxic build-up of negative emotional charge in your system. In this time and place I request that in the stillness, in the quietness of your being, we explore together, discovering the impact, and therefore the identification, of the storehouse of emotions of which you spoke. This is a golden opportunity and one I wish to repeat. In the channeled force of my energy here this morning, I would like to invite you to explore this with me. All others are welcome to join as well.

C: We just try to be still.

[A few minutes of quiet meditation]

John: Making it through the cataclysmic history of disease and indescribable illness, your planet has resolved to discover means of curability through... [inaudible]... means. I assure you that in keeping with my earlier message to you, these are not, in and of themselves, wrong. It is only the gap that is created, which does not allow the soul of an individual to expand and grow in consciousness, when the symptoms of an illness are treated and hence removed. This stumbling block, the illness, when taken away prematurely creates further chaos in the body system. Without true discovery of the intent of an illness--whether it is of the individuals' creation or that of society--then there truly is an extended period of time wherein that soul is removed from its natural course. Understood is the intent of medicine to heal thy body. Yet, without appropriate healing of spirit, emotional, and body capacity, one discovers an intimate arrangement which must not be neglected.

B: If you were to give advice to a physician, a medical doctor--or put it this way; if I were to take a part of this transcript and send it to either one of my brothers--who are physicians, is there any thing you would like to say to them about the healing profession that I could pass on?

John: Only this; healing one's heart facilitates the actualization of medicinal treatment. It is truly my desire that all who act in faith also realize their potential to heal themselves and others. The love of the ever-present Father in each of our lives plays a role which is not removed from the medical faculties. I request of your brothers that they search their hearts, confident in the existence of the ever- present, ever-loving Father. And, may they be assured that as they heal their own emotional, mental and spiritual wounds, they will gain greater understanding as to the true ills of the patients they administer to.

B: That's beautiful. I have one more important question. Do you have anything to say, at any level, about my brother's wife who is in the final stages of MS degeneration. Is there anything that he can do or that you can do or she can do at this time?

John: Ask this of her condition, will it require further intervention? Would it truly be possible for the spiritual foundations that resonate within her person, [in] asking for her assistance from me or from Michael? I would honor the ability to reach her in her distress and allow the healing if it is her will. I must not forcefully create a situation where healing occurs. As we have spoken, this would be taking away from the soul experience which she demands. But her lessons may be learned at a record pace if she so chooses and she may be released from this burden. It is not my decision to make, however, and truly she must originate this belief deep within her soul.

B: Thank you, John. I would like to revisit this with you before I go back to the East Coast if I may.

John: Yes, of course, I would be glad to do this.

C: John, is the theory behind homeopathic medicine valid? And if so, are homeopathic remedies preferable to chemical remedies?

John: Distinct dissimilarities exist, as you may realize, between what is termed "homeopathy" and "traditional medicinal" practices. However, one string in similarity is the taking away of power from the growing, expanding individual. Anytime there is a therapy which impinges a specified routine, which railroads the feeling process, then it is a practice which requires more depth and understanding. Each individual requires their own personal history involved in the healing mystery. I assure you that the tools which have been created by your fellows are of great asset to you. Always recall that your own inner spiritual guide will assist you in your true path for recovery from any illness.

C: In that case the theories of Deepak Chopra--he would seem to be one of the foremost practitioners of the kind of medicine you are speaking of, is that correct?

John: Your association with this practice assures you that it does indeed factor in the healing of the evolving spirit. Yes, this is true.

M: John, I am in such emotional pain that I am having to coax myself to speak.


John: If you desire, I will attempt to [reach you] privately in your thoughts.

T/R: Minna, can you take my hands for a minute?

[Few minutes of silence]

John: The presence of love within creates disharmony for you today. It stirs and dissociates pain which had been inflicted long ago. The memories of loss and chaos are fresh to you today. I would like for you to nestle in the loving arms of the Father, if you can. If not, find compassion in the arms of a loved one who can embrace you and allow your grief to flow freely.

When love circulates so quickly throughout a mortal body, often feelings of pain and sorrow are released. This is a normal reaction, do not be afraid. We will assist in healing and in allowing you to grow in a fruitful and productive way. Many blessings have you given and we wish to bless you at this time with love and honor of your pain.

T/R: Can I give you a hug?

(M. agrees to hug and there is a few minutes of tearful release.)

John: Request at this time a prayerful moment, calling in nurturing teachers and spirits that allow growth, yet also encourage growth. In this we sometimes find pain and sorrow. Let us honor this and invite our celestial companions in to comfort and nurture us always.

T/R: John is asking that we all hold hands.

John: Love is with us. Be here, ever present, in bonding. Relish opportunities to join with one another. Support and cherish the journey which each of you take independently, but together. Embrace one another in the knowingness of your search. I call to you to open your heart and release the tragedy of painful experience. We offer a new way. It is simple, and it is [of love]. Help each other.

T/R: ...[end of tape/addressing S.]...testing to see if you feel her presence or not. If you can feel and sense how excited she is.

S: Yes, I can feel it. It brings me tremendous joy. I am just so ecstatic.

T/R: She would just like to sit with you, she just wants to be with you and sit and have you talk with her.

S: O.K. thank you!

T/R: She reminds me of a small child who has waited so long to have her spirit embraced and acknowledged.

S: Can you tell me what she looks like?

T/R: She's ...I can see her sitting on your lap but her movement is fluid. She's about...she's tall enough...her legs don't touch the floor when she's on your lap and her head doesn't come above your shoulder. I can't see anything else --it's just light.

S: Thank you,

B: I have a couple of questions. I wanted to say thank you to Zephyl for being present. I have felt Zephyl and I'm really happy with what appears to be results in my resonance, the molecules being heated up. Is Zephyl still available for that?

Zephyl: I am prepared at any instant to provide you with this healing measure. It is imperative that you request my presence as earlier stated. I have enjoyed the miraculous movement which I observe in you, as well in others here. Thank you for the golden opportunity to reawaken those "pajamed" molecules!

M: I want to thank you for making me laugh, it feels good.

S: I want to thank you too, Zephyl, for the many wonderful times that you've come to me when I've asked.

Zephyl: Is it not true that laughter is an awakening as well? I truly enjoy the spirit with which I have met all of you.

B: Thank you, Zephyl. I now have a question on another topic for the teachers. Might we continue with the instruction from the Verondadek son who was with us some weeks ago? It was profound and it seemed to have a curriculum for us. Is there anyway we can have him back? Is he able to be present now? Perhaps on any level that he pleases.

Michael: Indeed your encounter with the V. son was extraordinary, and if it be your desire we will continue to arrange for this. It must be noted that your conditioning is such, that at a required time, you might encourage one another to follow the explicit instructions given by this extraordinary teacher and also be prepared for a scheduled event which we expect you will maintain. That is in order to facilitate the coming of such a great teacher. It must be in regulated order.

B: Yes, Michael, it strikes me that, on a practical note, that this should be scheduled for the future whentravel schedules permit and we could inform others of such a series of lessons to come, Maybe we can explore the timing more and invite those we feel drawn to invite for this structured event. That's what comes to mind right now.

Michael: This would be ideal.

RondEL: Spiritual growth enhances the receptivity of all your members, and at this time we remind you that the V. study would allow perception and understanding on an ever-expanding level. Consider the options, and as we are always in communication, we will assure you of this experience at the desired time which you will arrange.

B: Just to add a further thought, RondEL, the combining of study of UB with the V. teachings as he suggested, strikes me as a way to provide an opening for many people in our area here. And I just want to note that, as something we can consider in making the invitations I feel drawn to make to certain people outside our group that would, I think, be an enhancement that they would appreciate. Just to let you know the course of my thinking on this.

T/R: He's going to wait to respond on another date.

B: I wanted to ask one more question, to Tomarey. Does Tomarey know what time the sun came up this morning?

Tomarey: If you were still in your pajamas then you missed the timing of the sunrise! However, do you sense the sun rising in your heart?

B: Yes, I do.

Tomarey: Good, let us together relish the beauty of this spectacle.

B: O.K. Tomarey.

Tomarey: Your sleeping mind is of such joy to me, for then is when the playful, thoughtful creatures come to the surface. I enjoy you immensely and would like to talk to you on a more regular basis.

B: That sounds like a great proposal, I'll take you up on it. Especially when I sit down to try to write poetry.

Tomarey: You liked my poems, then?

B: Oh, I loved your poems. We've been trying to find the tape so we can type them up.

Tomarey: Well, I have still retained them!

B: I hope we can find the tape. I'm sure you've got many more for the next round.

Tomarey: Yes, indeed, I do. Farewell my dear ones, and remember me in your dreams.

B: I was wondering if Zion was still composing stories? And if we would have a story someday from Zion, he's such a good story writer.

Zion: The partnership which I created with your grand teacher, Josephine, was dissolved for the purposes of other explorations which were necessary. However, I may attempt to convince RondEL, if he would be so inclined, to share one of my yarns.

B: I look forward to the day to see what happened to the Egyptians.

Zion: Thank you for the appreciation of my work.

B: You're welcome. I would like to say "hi" to Thomy, and acknowledge Thomy's continuing presence throughout the months.

T/R: I'll bet Thomy is more important than we imagine.

B: That's all my questions.

RondEL: The story time hour is yet to be decided. It is so difficult for me to engage in such creative folly. I would like to amuse and expand my spirit as well, so let's give it a try sometime.

M: That's the spirit!

T/R: The teachers are in a circle above us. You know how they've been in a circle around us showering love on top of us. Now they're up there with make-believe instruments trying to make a lot of noise; they're using drums, rattles and bells. Their trying to say " We're here!" . They're making a lot of noise, shouting,"do you hear us?". Anyway, now they've put down their instruments and they are surrounding us and moving in this direction above us, circling an energy of love, and encouragement.


8/8/93 Transmission

Norman, Oklahoma

RondEL: Hello to one and all. Greetings from [my] planet, that which I relate most to [for] well-being and fitness.

T/R: As an aside, as part of my guided imagery, I was taken to RondEL's planet and am connecting with him there.

RondEL: Explanation is necessary, of course, for it may confuse your mortal minds to realize the potential for travel to another planet, yet seeing the physical appearance of your dear friend, Asia, here this evening. She has entered into an energy state which is unlike those normally traveled by your kind. You may experience similar energy transactions yet time is required for this...[inaudible] be enhanced to a state where such travel is attainable.

Many beings here are in observance of your small but mighty group this evening. They anticipate many interactions and wish to acquaint you with the practical nature of the teachings you will receive. Already many minds have joined us, in unison, under the loving embrace of our Creator, and now we welcome each of you to this occasion. The meeting of loving and [intent?] minds. Many have joined me here and wish to identify themselves. Is your comprehension of this occasion up to par, that is, are you prepared to receive my celestial, planetary brothers and sisters?

B: I stand ready to meet your friends and colleagues. It's an honor to have this opportunity.

S: Yes, RondEL, I am very excited to meet your planetary brothers and sisters.

RondEL: I believe it is time if all are truly prepared. If there's no more to say at this time I will begin the introductions. Your first introduction will be with my dearest sister, her name is to be known an LinEL. Her activities have been noted on your earthly planet yet at this time she appears at her home base and relishes this opportunity to see you in full vision.

B: Hello, LinEL, it's exciting to have you here, I know you from my friend Thea. Some of your writings have been very stimulating to say the least. Welcome.

LinEL: Yes, indeed, thank you. Many gifts have been given unto me that I may then gift each of you, with similar loving intent. It is with grandeur that I begin a simple task which is to further unify one amongst the other. That the messages you receive will enlighten others on your path. Ask this of me, I will assist when necessary.

B: Thank you.

RondEL: My next introduction is another peer/friend. He is known by the name TothEL. He brings extraordinary gifts now and wishes to address your group individually.

TothEL: Hello to one and all. My name, as you have correctly heard, is TothEL. I lead a liberation movement and request that many angels come to assist those who are pleading with the Father for assistance in [finding?] more regarding attunement to the gifts of love in this grand spectacle, this universe. I become a light for you. If [you desire], request my presence and I will enact further enlightenment upon your search for truth.

B: Greetings TothEL, I'm eager to hear more about what you do and about the liberation movement that you are leading, in due time. Thank you for being here.

TothEL: It will require time. For as friendships blossom, as the seed first required planting, then many nurturing moments pass. Soon we will become as the blossom, together.

B: That's beautifully said.

RondEL: Our next arrangement for introduction is a great teacher on our planet. It is a being who surpasses many of us here in wisdom, intelligence, and experience. I believe you will come to admire this [being]. Her name is Andora. She belongs to a planet which rules over many.

B: Greetings Andora, we are really blessed with many grand beings. Thank you for being here, Andora.

Andora: I am queen of this planetary sphere. I bring gifts of warmth for those who cry in their loneliness. I beckon those with songful praise, those who desire peaceful existence. It is with great admiration and respect that I join with you in your personal attempts to discover the glory that resides within your soul awakening. I bring pearls of wisdom and cherish any moments that you may desire to acquaint yourselves with the lovely decorations which adorn your beings. Applaud your courage for each of you have come [an] extraordinary distance. This is why you are being granted these gifts. The granting of spiritual teachers available upon request is given to those of purest faith and utmost courage.

B: I do indeed feel like this is quite an extraordinary gift and I want to thank RondEL for arranging all these special guests.

RondEL: Yes, it was in due time, for you have crossed many bridges to get here, residing in this place you many know you are loved and protected by many.

T/R: I have been brought back here, zoomed back to earth, as strange as that may sound.

B: They are still there, but you are here now.

RondEL: Your connection is true and clear. The teachers who have been presented to you are dear to me and I offer their gifts. Please feel free at any time to request of them your wishes. They are available to attend to you personally.

T/R: I feel the presence of Michael descending upon the room; I just had an image of Michael being downloaded from the mainframe!

Michael: Hello to my dearest ones. You arrived here safely? Your path has been tumultuous. Many times you have wondered if you would arrive ever in a place of calm. Yet here we are together. It is in and of itself a revelation. Would you not agree?

S: Yes, I would.

B: It's always a revelation when you make your presence felt, and I hope to reveal something more of myself tonight as well to you.

Michael: Your hearts are open. However I perceive some distance in the "beginner's chair". Has there been anything mentioned here which concerns you, my son?

SK: Beginner's chair. That interests me.

Michael: Of course, my dear one, the fact that you arrive here on this special evening of discourse requires that your journey has been long and prosperous. You may realize that my term "beginner" only implies you coming into a group of those who are worshipping and listening in direct service to the loving nature of our Universal Father.

SK: Can you explain to me what you mean by "distance"?

Michael: It only eases my ability to converse when I may speak directly to those I perceive as questioning in nature. This may facilitate for me some clearer understanding of your state this evening. I listen attentively if you wish to share with me, your Creator, the thoughts which you employ at this time.

SK: How are you my Creator?

Michael: I see distance in your understanding here. I believe you are to meet with me many more times in the future on this particular topic. For now, may it be known that I create all beings which exist in this planetary scheme. There is more I will tell you at a later date. We will have further meetings I assure you.

SK: I appreciate your patience with me in the beginner's chair.

Michael: I love you, my son. [I] embrace you in your knowingness, and also allow you many questions if it is your desire.

SK: One more question?

Michael: Yes.

SK: Are you also my destroyer?

Michael: Only if it be your wish.

SK: There's a lot of power to my wish.

Michael: You will reclaim what is yours. There is no need for despair. I relish many further opportunities to enlighten you to the freeing of burdens which you must be wary of. I see great hearts of gold within you and know your presence here is no accidental, circumstantial occurrence. You begin a path which started away and long ago. Now you will begin to see many truths, that once discerned, will lead you to further peace and enlightenment.

SK: Thank you, I'm ready for that.

Michael: Indeed you are. I accompany you on this journey, with love.


8/15/93 Transmission

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

RondEL: Lately we have observed each of you here with the quiet solitude of a mouse. I watch. I pay attention. For I am your teacher and as your teacher demand of myself that I know my subject thoroughly. With this knowledge, then, may you know that I am impressed with the progress I have seen. Indeed, each of you may go home to your hearts and bring a shining A+ with you. You are indeed traveling far and very quickly.

We will begin this evening with a talk. I blend into this discussion events of our past together as well as projections into what the future might hold. Would any of you like to delve into discussion with me on your personal exercises, which are to be carried out to fruition, or any others [ed. note: personal exercises], which have occurred already?

C: Yes, I would.

RondEL: Please continue, I am in listening posture.

C: Perhaps I didn't understand the question. What is it you ask of me? I am willing to participate.

RondEL: I was wondering, as your teacher, if you had any questions concerning your progress--any events which have occurred or some that may soon transpire.

C: I don't know what the future holds, although I look forward to the future. I probably have some questions from the past, but I can't think of anything right at this moment.

RondEL: Already you have begun. Your path is filled with many pleasurable items and although there are many painstaking details ahead, you will arrive, no doubt, at a stopping place where you will perceive the present as it nestles betwixt the past and the future. Your interests lead you in directions which will grant you many favorable items in [years] to come. Believe, as I know, your learning is continuous. As your personal teacher I see great strides ahead.

Is there anyone else who wishes to broach this topic with me at this time?

D: I have a question, RondEL. I am curious how I might, or we might, encourage the relationship between ourselves and our teachers. How we might use the relationship with ourselves and our teachers, how we might nurture the relationship between ourselves and our teachers, now and through the days of our lives -- as we go out to work and learn to live the tools, the messages, the....[inaudible]...the wisdom, the ideals that are more clear now in these times.

RondEL: So much of the information that has been passed to you from our orders above, belong in a place which often times is unrecognizable to you. You begin to notice small deviations from past behavior in your daily life. You may notice you are touched in ways that were not noticeable previously, or it may be that you respond differently/separately to situations than those which had preceded. You are indeed in contact, never completely knowing, for we are not embraceable in the mechanical sense. Yet, I observe, fairly, the distinctions in behavior which are dictated by the learning, the loving and healing, you are receiving. Do not question how you may enhance contact, for it has occurred. Now, instead, believe that this is truth and that your desires are manifesting as we speak.

D: Thank you, say "Hi" to everybody.

T/R: They [the teachers] are raising their voices to say "Hi" back. There really are many teachers here tonight.

B: Can you name who's here?

T/R: I asked RondEL if it is this time, he says it would be fine. Zion is here and would like to speak.

Zion: Sparkling, my tiny cherubs, I see and reflect back to you your brightness. My goodness, what glory shines down upon you all here. What a magnificent spectacle you emanate out to the heavens. Long distance traveler am I -- I am guided back to this reflection often, for it is an aurora borealis to me. I cannot pass by without stopping.

Tomeray: Hello, my darling children. Many times have I rested on your foreheads dipping into your dreamlike thoughts, dabbling, wondering, waiting. Will they call for me? I am pleased with the joy and lack of inhibition I observe and I wish to admire for a moment the pleasures of the heart. Thomy is here and does many revolutions in space. For, you see, he is truly an acrobat, and channels his energy in light-wave pulses. He is continually in flux, joyously fluctuating throughout the universes. Maybe he can dance through your heart's desires and raise your spirits to the stars.

SI: Can we invite him to do this?

Tomeray: He is delighted at your request and will indeed service your heart in this manner. Call to him, he is prepared. He does not speak but moves through action in love, peace, and joyous harmony with [the universe], which we all compare to our own truth.

SI: Do we call to him with words?

Tomeray: You may resonate in your thoughts your truest, deepest heartfelt desire, and he will respond. It is not required to activate speech patterns. [Inaudible].

Josephine: Hello my fellow students. We are acquainted again. I have been elsewhere, assisting those who are in desperate need of my services. I pay a visit this evening for I was stunned by an uprising of energy and arrived in time to see many joyous spirits reaching out to the heavens. I celebrate your increasing commandment of your hearts, and will refrain at this time from any teachings, only to applaud your successes.

B: In no small part thanks to you, Josephine. We've taken some, at least I have, grown a lot from your ministry. I want to send out a thanks to you.

Josephine: Yes, we really made high steps and kicked around many ideas regarding fear-based choices. We have together made much progress.

B: The most delightful period of my life was that period, that time, those months with you. Of course, all the others, but you had such a unique teaching that I continue to return to. Good to have you back, at least for a visit.

Josephine: Believe it or not, I too was much enhanced by that experience and forever will it remain imbedded in my memories. It was a dear opportunity to meet, in person, the gifted children of faith and desirers of love.

B: That's moving. Who else graces our evening?

T/R: RondEL is back to speak. A new energy moved into the room that is unfamiliar to me, so RondEL is working with me, helping me to relax, helping this energy to pass through rather than holding on to it. Give me just a minute here.

RondEL: Our next phase of this session will enter new doctrines of learning and therefore also the teaching methodology will be challenged somewhat. It will require many passing moments of integrity-listening components matching those of your speech directives. You will begin to see a new process in its formation and likely will be prepared for new information regarding preparation for our mission. That is; to enlighten those of such desire to the Father's complimentary love and absolute forgiveness he holds for all of his children.

T/R: Machiventa Melchizedek is here. He arrives in a very princely fashion and I view him seated on a throne as he anticipates speaking.

Machiventa: Hello, to all of my children here, seated here beside my throne, I am Machiventa Melchizedek.

T/R: He really has a royal feeling to him. It's a switch [from what I'm used to].

Machiventa: I address each of you personally, individually, and also as a whole: your unit here, the small grouping of faith-filled, loving personalities. At stake is the loss of memory, the chance that we may forget where it is we have arrived from.

In gratitude, heartfelt, many of you have echoed to us, one of us, or another, the riches you begin to discern in your personal existences. Believe, my children, before you see. Your heart will lead you to truth before your eyes perceive the miracles. You know this has been true.

Many ordained encounters with celestial personalities have brought you to new places in space and time function. Yet, you are not fully aware of all the circumstances which destined you to arrive. You cannot consciously hold in your mind all the components which interact to create the existence you perceive. We believe harmony exists and though your setbacks may be perceived as truant roadblocks, we know them as gifts and enlighten you to this on this day.

M: When we encounter roadblocks, how can we tell whether we should find another way or whether we should challenge the roadblock and try to overcome it? In other words, go around it or go over it?

Machiventa: My dearest child, a wise question from one who has seen many roadblocks in her existence here. Be not troubled by indecision regarding roadblocks. There are many in place and some are attainable upon our request. If we perceive you are jumping one too many obstacles we are inclined to resist further so that you learn to rest rather than act.

When alone and wallowing in the indecisiveness of uno roadblock, know sometimes it takes effort to wait. Sometimes the tendencies [are] to push rather than rest. Many times roadblocks are removed when once again the road ...[inaudible]...then you know it may be time to continue on your path.

Easing through life may appear difficult; challenging it may be to rest. You will begin to see the truth embodied in roadblocks. Be aware and ask often. I will assist you in discerning your path. Please, be not afraid to question this of me at any time.

SI: May I ask a question? This is the beginner's chair, I hope you will be patient with me.

Machiventa: I know not of beginners for I am yet a youth myself. Please [continue].

SI: I was wondering if just the idea of a road, the idea of a roadblock, or the idea of a past should be remembered or the future anticipated, or a throne, and royalty, if these things are not roadblocks.

Machiventa: You have much to anticipate yourself, my dear son, and in this, please recall that our lives are adjacent to one another. Our roads, clearly marked, reflect our innermost desires. You know this is fact for I have observed in your thoughts action based on desire. You realize the potential for creating one's own roadblocks or dismantling the path completely. Yet, striving forward, we continue to search for truth. Then symbols become disinteresting...[T/R: uninteresting, not at all interesting].... Believe the course you follow is of your making and know, as you believe, so your desires call to you. Your path mentioned here exceeds the glory of many others, for in truth you have striven, and now release will bring joy and clarity.

SI: Thank you very much...[inaudible].

Machiventa: You are indeed welcome.

B: I just wanted to say how pleased and honored I feel to have you here, Machiventa. It is an answer to prayer to have you. I don't have any questions; I just feel happy and content today and I don't have any questions. I just want to share my delight in having you here.

D: I have a question. You -- it seems we never have answered this question. When Michael was on this planet as our brother and was crucified --there is a lot of value place on that crucifixion by many people [with] many different values. I feel that some of them I can't relate to; it feels as though his crucifixion was simply an event upon which I have been served not to place undo value. What purpose, if any, did Michael's crucifixion serve him, mankind then, mankind now?

Machiventa: Your question brings to my heart rays of hope and love. You might realize that Michael's existence here on your planet, your earth, the Urantia that you speak of, his stay here, was vitally important. Not only was he allowed to bring new teachings to your planet at a time when this was very much needed, he brought also the loving waves of forgiveness. This actually occurred on an energy- specific level and is accounted for throughout all space and time here. There, in his directed action, was absolute peace and forgiveness planted as a seed here. You may know of this seed in your own essence.

His crucifixion was a matter of great importance as well. Many hold hands, still unified, around the pain your Creator experienced. This resonates within their personhood, for has not each of you experienced times of pain and anguish? How better to know thy Creator?

Surpassing all rules of testament, the artifacts of religion; living within yourselves this knowledge of his...[earthly?]...pain [exists] and now risen up to such extraordinary height he embraces and knows each of you as individual light spirits. This is best how I explain this occurrence of Michael on your planet.

D: There are those that who say that without his death at the hands of man our sins could not be forgiven. I have trouble with that. Is it true?

Machiventa: Your sins. How does one define this terminology? Sin occupies many of your thoughts much of the time, yet unaware may you be of the natural course that life takes. There exists in each soul a unified purpose: to learn and know the ways of God. It is as God is represented for you personally; I desire to remain all inclusive so that....

D: ...I understand, let us not take anything of value from any man.

Machiventa: Yes, as it were, sin. Children create play; at times their play includes forging into one another's territory. Is this sinful? Has the child disobeyed rules regarding boundary-keeping? When is it that a child [is] gifted to perfection and no longer wrongs another? No longer does sin occupy vocabulary that I personally utilize.

Strangers among one another, not prepared for communication and effective speech with one another, believing in a disastrous state you believe your earth, your world, to exist in -- your thoughts are filled with misconceptions and acting out of these you may see, rightfully so, wrong doing on the part of yourself or others.

Forgiveness is the key here. Not to focus on the sinful nature of man who is somehow brought into this glorious universe with spitfire and damnation. No, your Father has not created it thus. It is an illusion. Michael arrives here to clear this inadequacy in your perceptions. The cross signified wrongdoing on the part of children who were helpless, in a state of remorse, having lost their sense of goodness and fruitfulness. Are you prepared to believe this is so?

D: As it were then as we are frequently now.

M: Do I understand you to mean that the crucifixion wasn't an integral part of what was to happen while Michael was here but was an event which took place because of human misunderstanding and that it was something that Michael submitted to with grace to show us that it was possible to live a perfect life under the worst of circumstances?

Machiventa: Forgiveness is the key. I am prepared for indirect questions or direct answers if you wish.

SI: I have a question it may be indirect or direct do we rid ourselves of all these misconceptions?

Machiventa: I see you do request a direct answer. A sneeze, you observed a sneeze moments ago...[refers to one group member who had just sneezed]... Cosmically speaking a sneeze has many benefits.

T/R: I'm really trying to stay with this....

Machiventa: In action, a sneeze separates particulates from the body which houses many misconceptions. Indeed, sneezing actualized in its fullest potential may be unworthy of clearing out true misconceptions. Yet, if you pardon my pun, "achoo"/ "at you" I would reason this possibility; maybe it is that your misperceptions are fairly personal truths and not rightly dissociated from your being. Acceptance, forgiveness, as I have stated, is fundamental, the key -- loving forgiveness of ourselves and our limited potential. Even I, Machiventa Melchizadek, am limited. I accept this, reversing my fears, believing instead in my fulfillment [of] personal prophecy. I believe you will come to recognize in yourself these gifts as they are actualized and begin to interpret your life far away from the limits of healing raison d'tre. That is all.

SI: [Inaudible}.

Machiventa: I believe your loving potential will continue to increase logorithmically as we progress together, if it be your wish.

SI: It is my wish, but I was never very good at math.

Machiventa: Let us handle the numbers and we will explore together.

All those who wish to speak are free to do so now if they so desire.

B: Machiventa, I was wondering if you have any

[20 minute break]

D: Is it our Father's will that many of us are involved with channeling?

Machiventa: The will of the Father resonates with personal will, identified in action, as well, sometimes, in lack of decisive action. I welcome your question, yet I stand amused that you would ask a channeler in light of your communication here. Has there been reason to doubt this method in your personal experience?

D: Yes, my ego gets in the way. I find myself listening to myself while I channel. I certainly wish my thoughts, however wise they may be....

Machiventa: It is not channeling then that you distrust, however; it appears to be your own sense of invasive policies, which I know to be bettered with...[unclear word choice]...preparation. It is in the preparation that discourse may be [unclear word choice] so that you can trust wholeheartedly what is yours, separate and unique from that of your celestial guides. When I speak to you of preparation, remember that channeling has an individual and unique purpose, brought to reignite many people with their own inner cherished space for loving insight into truthfulness of our universe, created by the loving Father.

See, not all are meant to channel, but many will be directed to assist others in this. You may realize the potential for interference is great, yet realize also that the Father casts a watchful eye over this process and will not allow one to continue who spurns on about truths that are based in personal misconceptions or falsities. Then, the direct lines of communication would eventually be cut off. Disastrous it may seem, but not truly, for they are allowed to once again reconnect when their own perceptions allow them to distinguish celestial teachings and what truly is not. Your preparation is required and you desire to [do] more of this, yes?

D: Yes.

Machiventa: Reaching into your thoughts I notice a particular place which requires mention: fear. Have you calculated in your impressions of fear on this process? Then know the inner thought that it is enlightening to assist you. Remember imperfection is part of order, it really does not matter if the words correlate specifically with what is intended. Only that the intent is met. This may help alleviate your concerns. Also, realize your potential for direct communication with others in this way -- it is an offering. Responsibility falls directly on the shoulders of those that receive, and if their place is one of alignment and attunement they shall not be steered incorrectly. Though you may be challenged by your perceived abilities, be not dismayed, for the process, your calling for truth, is strong and desirous [desreves?] of much praise.

D: That helps, thank you.

C: Machiventa, how do we go about learning from a being like Thomy? Can we perceive him and his lessons?

Machiventa: Imagine the flute playing melodious music on a starlit night-- the essence of purity. Reveling in the spirits, everlasting, we have reconciled with our kinship to lightness and laughter. It is a sublime experience. No words can match, nor can they direct you, to this place. It is intent that leads you there. It brings you peace and satisfaction of knowing purity exists. [Inaudible]... with this knowledge your heart dances [to] the notes of a small piccolo in the night sky.

C: Can dancing assist this feeling, this perception?

Machiventa: Movement necessitates action. In this action realize your heart may open delightfully. It is when your heart opens thus that Thomy may come. Listen for it and feel it, it is so very subtle for you. Yet believe when you taste it that it is what you know it to be. Also, would you like to arrange a time to dance and experience this?

C: Yes.

Machiventa: Let us pursue this. The prayerful life you lead allows me an opening. Request of me that which you desire and I will attend to you.

C: Thank you..

B: Machiventa, I often wondered about the various orders that are spoken of. For a long time I'v wanted to ask, its really just a factual question that would help to understand things. Are there various orders of teachers, for example, the order of "EL", to which RondEL belongs. Are there others and do they have particular purposes or missions within themselves, the various orders that are here?

Machiventa: Are there certain families that exist here on your planetary sphere? Then you may realize that each of these individuals have bred within a higher order of functioning. Some are more powerful than others, and many reside in a fairly mediocre state. It is fine whichever way they are directed to be. Similarly is it in our existence then, which interfaces with your own, that many orders of beings are created solely for purpose which ignite certain learning potential in others. Many more are formed for purposes which are somewhat practical and interesting. There are multitudes and often perceptions of these orders are misconstrued. Simply reflect on your own planetary sphere and know that it is similar.

B: You say that some, of course there are the orders of being that are described in the UB. One of the reasons I ask is I have the sense that you have created orders of being, or Michael has brought into being, orders just for the teaching mission. Is that the case, or were these already existing? For example, the order of "EL" or the order that Zephyl belonged to, were they in existence already previous to coming here?

Machiventa: Yes, the understanding required here is that you operate in a function of space and time, personally, which misdirects your thought processes. You may not realize how vast this creational universe actually is. It extends lifetime to lifetime and beyond. You must realize that your ability to conceive of these orders is fractionalized due to your limitations of experience. Do not be concerned, these orders have been installed many times since creation first began. You will soon notice the transpiring of events on your planet and this will resolve many of your questions. As these orders begin to materialize in a physical way, you will sense their differences in occupation.

B: That's quite a surprise to hear that they will be materializing. It leads my curiosity in wanting to ask more about that but I don't know if that may go beyond certain boundaries of what is necessary to know.

Machiventa: I knew it would perk your ears. Yes, there will be materialization of beings on this planet. Many have arrived here "with the force of angels", as you heard. That force is vastly underestimated, and as you see fit, you will begin to install new belief patterns that will incorporate the potential of celestial beings to make their appearance noticeable to the common mortal man. The arrival of celestial spirits on your planet has increased rapidly over the past few months, and the directional flow of energy is peaking.

Caution those in your midst to resume prayers for protection and guidance. Listen carefully for the murmurs of angelic wisdom in your personal space.

You will soon fly to new heights. Carried on the wings of angelic virtue, begin to rise above the turmoil and chaos of the past. Embrace one another, know you are each free. Enslavery keeps you no longer. Manage the events in your life with care and discipline, yet realize that imperfection is beauty to the Father. Lighten your spirits with songs of praise and encouragement for the many angels who follow you on your paths. Assist one another and lighten each other with humor and love and compassion. May we all begin to see that oneness is supreme.

T/R: Machiventa has stopped speaking and RondEL is here to say closing remarks.

RondEL: Believe what you hear, if it resonates truly within. If not, continue to ask questions. Let your heart soar. And now, for this evening, we close with comments on your fortitude and strength, your courage and your faith. May we as teacher and student continue to employ the methods of love and forgiveness with one another.


9/12/93 Transmission

Oklahoma City, OK

T/R: I am perceiving, strongly, a light shield above us and underneath us. [It is] casting golden sunlight, it is sweet and dear.

Michael: This is Michael, your Creator Son. Have you all made journeys safely to arrive here today? No more need distress fractionalize you against yourselves. Know, in purity everlasting, that you all have discovered your own personal necessity for protection, and it is given freely without concern for payment or mistreatment ruining this gift. It is yours, everlasting.

Now, as we relinquish that concern together, let us prod deeply into many concerns which have filtered through into your discussion of [a] previous time. Have you relented? That means to me [word choice unclear].

Would you each be willing to explore further depths of comprehension regarding topics concerned with extermination of rebellious spirit-led forces? Let us pursue deeply this topic now. It is vital to me and my efforts to gain love and trust amongst my children. I implore you, ask of me any question. I shall attempt to answer as fully as is attainable now at this time.

S: Michael....

Michael: Yes, my dearest son.

S: I would like to further my comprehension about rebellious spirits. I have ideas and feelings but I would really like to hear from you how one identifies them.

Michael: My cherished son, one must begin restructuring thought patterns to comprehend....

T/R: Could you as a group help me by continuing to imagine this shield and our group under this shielded structure for protection? I'm receiving interference and it's difficult. I'm pausing in between to revisualize this structure and it's creating a time lag. [Few minutes pass with group assistance.] That feels better.

Michael: There is much to learn, much to realize regarding the impact of rebel spirit forces on the individuals in this group, as well as outside. Many forces pre-occupy thought processes and thereby create difficulties for me in reaching specific, learned individuals who truly must be emancipated for my collective work to continue.

Spouting on around the issues of identification will create harmony, however, a more direct path would include discerning principles/standards of everyday life which when sabotaged create chaotic situations for an individual as well as the surrounding members in a community as well as the surrounding environment in which an individual is housed. Specifically, creating flows of information [refers to earlier conversation] will attest to the fact of the presence of the rebel spirit force. Yet, truly, introspection on one's own life and the handle with which spirits may grab hold, yanking indiscriminately -- this truly would profoundly influence, positively, my efforts to dismantle the destructive force which exists here on Urantia at this time. Does this answer?

S: Michael, let me ask you, in our personal lives we have thought patterns that affect us all the time and these concern money and they concern relationships, social relationships, and they concern thought patterns that concern fear. Are these part of rebel-spirit, God-less patterns that we must restructure? And how do we cope with it if it is?

Michael: There is much to be observed here. Fear has within its power an extraordinary lesson, one which you recall faintly, not so distant. There is no need for fear. Allowing also the tendency of children to overcompensate by grabbing onto material wealth in order to calm an aching...[inaudible]...soothing the spirit in this way recalls faith, implied...[inaudible]...

knowing the longing, the treachery of instilling goods with false beliefs regarding love. Indeed, this can create judgment and harsh realities that are fear-based. In this knowing, you might recall an opening....This opening creates portholes for fear-based spirits to collect.

Reason with me and see how this door is opened. Even with profound protection from the heavens, one individual may, at a certain space and time, choose to recollect the material wealth with which fear has been infused. I cannot protect against this force of will.

However, I am armed, prepared to join with my cousin, my daughter, with my children. Let them see my light shine!

Dim has it been for them, yet I may today choose to allow them to see more. How could I invite you to lessen your burden, my friend?

Let Me reign supreme in your hearts, then all darkness shall be cast about as flies on a stormy night.

S: Boy, I'd love to see that! If we look inward and....I want you to reign supreme in me, that's my desire.

Michael: Call on my power. We will over time accept this [transmission unclear] union. Cloudy days filter not my light. Cautiously proceed yet vehemently pursue truth. I arrive at every singular truth with grace and surety. KNOW ME!

T/R: Which he says so strongly it feels as though the heavens are rattling. There is more that needs to be said, I am missing something....

Michael: The forcefulness of truth has no power and yet owns heavenly power. There is much to say regarding truth and its purposefulness. You must realize that I AM THE TRUTH! There is none other than I. The Father has created me with purposefulness.

I am to join once again with my children whom I miss so dearly. Deeply I weep, longing for this reconnection to occur. Assist me if you will; call to me in your own personal lives. Allow me to take root that others may see the blossom. Then know deeply; feel, trust, my personal truth: You each are the personal embodiment of perfect love created by the Father to join and encompass at this...[end of tape]....I beseech you, carry this message in your life. Know that it has yet to be realized.

I am the one who has brought salvation to your humble beginnings. Let me stray not in my singular purpose. Allow me to filter into your beings. Know me! Feel me!

Request of me my presence. At every moment I wait. Never doubt this. I believe in your wholeness. I cannot, will not, abandon you in your deepest sorrows, nor will I claim your victories. They are ours to share, to shine together. Release me into your thoughts, I enter these portholes of your heart. I stand solid.

As your Creator, I call to you. Let me know you. How could it possibly be anything other than pure joy?

T/R: I need to know if you feel the power of Michael's message?

S: Yes, I feel the power of Michael's message.

M: [No reponse]

C: It's not any different than usual but I guess I do feel it.

T/R: Thank you for letting me know, it's reassuring to hear that. It feels...[weeping]'s the first time I've visually experienced Michael. He sits in front of me and is talking to me, delivering a lecture. It's very moving, to see him, and to know his words clearly. That's why I'm checking.

M: I would like to know from Michael what it is that I do personally that keeps him from knowing me. And what I can do to let him know me.

Michael: There are many doors which cannot be opened by the vision I hold. If for example, you walk quietly in the shadows of circumspect fear, then the silence in withholding is beyond my perception. You choose my presence. Whether you be aware of this or not, it is true.

M: Have I not made that choice to let you know me?

Michael: In areas of every person's choices exists a place of indiscriminate behavior. Thoughts which hide in the deep recesses of your being call forward certain truths for purposes of healing. If this [inaudible] denial [comes] about, the healing powers of this truth -- that is, Me -- cannot permeate this shield of denial, or fear. I recognize denial, yet cannot reach the magnet of personality when this veil is engaged. However, I see denial and work effectively at reducing this common hang-up. [T/R: He is saying that as 'a curtain that one hangs up'] .

Has this answered clearly?

M: No not completely; denial of what? I can only follow what I can conceive and perceive and that's as far as I can go.

Michael: You, my child, have led an illustrious life, carried forward by many -- explicitly, friendships you have discovered. Yet there is hiding, resonating, calling the portion which demands expression. Fear is often contrived around the formulation of this decent proposal; the expression of emotion and thought processes has been treated with disdain for many centuries, thousands of years. Now I call to you to remember those dwindling embers. Allow them to create the flow throughout your system. With integrity they will be felt, realized. Then I may begin to know of your dust as well as your persona/person[?]. There's calculable the amount of denial which exists in every spirit throughout your kingdom. I know of this measure yet cannot see beyond that point.

T/R: How can that be true? I'm going to take a break.

[20 minute break]

Michael: Embrace me with your heart as your mind filters information related to your posed question.

J: Yes, Michael, I have a question about love and free will. The law of your love, the being of your love is to me your exquisite respect for our free will. Can you contrast that for us to better understand the rebel spirits? Is it that their ce vcxsntral problem is their lack of respect for our free will? How is it, in a lawful universe that they can seemingly get a handle on our thoughts? You say there's a subliminal call to them. I need to understand more about the free will aspect; both about love and their violation of free will, in order to understand how to face, with you, the reality of the rebel spirits.

Michael: Yes, my son, indoctrinated are those who find only darkness in spite of everlasting light and goodness. Indoctrinated are they into realms of thought/beliefs which seemingly possess great power and mystical wisdom. These temptations, always present, entice the hearts of my youth. Also, there exists direct discrimination against free will, allowing the barrage of negative impulses to carry across the continents. I am saddened, remorseful. Yet in the scope of my love, I offer no assistance. How can this be? How can one Son create such magnificent creatures, only to yearn for their protection? I cannot forcefully act, I must restrain myself. As you know my dear Jacob, calling on my assistance, I am prepared to offer all I have created for a singular manifestation, that of re-unification with my spirit-led children.

Allow Me to know you. I will offer you the universe in return.

J: I like that.

Michael: I thought you might.

J: I'll gladly.

Michael: Jacob, [T/R: He wants me to let you know that he stands before you hands outstretched.] Let me away with you, many kingdoms shall we see. I know your truest intent, and wish to officially invite you now.

J: When do we go, where do I sign?

Michael: I already have your signature. As a thumbprint on my essence, I know you.

J: I have your thumbprint here on my forehead.

Michael: Now we rest [T/R: He speaks with outstretched arms]. In joy, companionship is ours for the asking. May all be well.

9/19/93 Transmission

Norman, Oklahoma

Michael: It is not by coincidence that each of you found your way here. Now we sit here gathered, poised for the addition of new information regarding many aspects of your personal, developmental lives. Have you, since we spoke together last time, considered any new questions which you like to ask of me?

C: I have an old question I have been asked to relay to you: Why is it so hard to believe?

Michael: What is belief other than a perception? A perception of truth in my view has no boundaries, no limits....

....I cannot explore further this question for there are many small circuits which require that the questioner be present in order that I may quickly/succinctly answer in his absence. I cannot fruitfully prepare a response.

M: Sounds like a good question to me. I seem to be getting further [away from belief].

Michael: As an apple plucked from the highest branch of a fruit-bearing tree -- there is no answer as to why the fruit from this area holds more uniqueness and purposefulness. Yet somehow its delicacy is much enhanced. There is embodied in this a belief, a perception.

It is not the fruit which holds the answers as to delectable sensations, only the projection on this object to be picked.

Now, fruitfully observing your kingdom, realize the potential in seeing not only singular fruit but a universe filled with opportunity. There is much desire on my part that children that have become low in spiritual values, relating to belief, realize it is in their grasp.

Know this is also [true for you] my dear one. Do you see the correlation here?

M: I don't think so.

Michael: There's no pushing the object at an unappetized soul. Let us continue in the knowing that I search, crave your acceptance. As you hold tightly onto your personal projections, note the limitations you perceive alongside this. Even amongst those who carry hardship, there is growth and evolution which requires these children to step forward into my life and begin to know Me.

In this I find great satisfaction. I will accompany you, if it's your desire. Otherwise, I shall accompany you anyway.

M: I would like to have more experiential knowledge of you. Hard for me to sit here and talk because, well, you know why.

Michael: Know me in your name, calling forth the spirit which breeds happiness and joy. I am in the passing of the seasons, the cooling of the air, the falling of the leaves to the ground. I am within all experience. No breath is without me. As an opening occurs, experience and feel me daily, M. I will be yours at the slightest provocation.

B: I have a friend who recently visited Guatemala. He said the people there showed more warmth and spirituality than any people he has known in the U.S., and that they have such a sense of community, solidarity. How can this be when they have so little, when they are in danger from an oppressive government?

Michael: Burdened are my children by their innermost desire to seek and discover me. Hopeful are some that material wealth will provide that token of pleasure which reminds them of me. Could it be that material comforts only seek to destroy what they hope to find?

There is no basis for discovery of spirituality in money tossed so violently among you. Deepness, richness in spirit is a quality everlasting. It knows no bounds, no limitations. Believe in a whole and [....] universe of which you are a small fragment.

There is no need to dispel spiritual gratitude when your tractor refuses to work the field, or when mortgage payments can't be met. There's no need to fear.

Reason with me and notice where true spirituality resides. Community is the coming together of people who know what truly makes a difference. There is joy in communing with one another.

Do not be misled by fortunes which surmise that one soul has accomplished great deeds. In fact, it is often that this individual is calling for Me, in desperate search for Me.

B: This somehow makes me think of your statement when you were here on this planet about "it is easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to get to heaven."

Michael: There is much truth to this. Also there is much hope and desire in my heart that this will change soon.

[Rich and poor will live together someday]. There will be no difference amongst people. There is to be unification.

I desire of all my pupil's stature which sees only similarities in light and love, catching only momentarily those fragments which call out to one's individuality.

No more will man reign supreme over women and children. No more will churches shout shallow praises of love. No more do separations exist between the wealthy and the ignorant. We shall not continue to allow these indiscretions to occur.

[Private question excerpted]

Michael: There are many of your personal teachers who wish to speak at this time.

Tomeray: Hello chosen ones. I am Tomeray, here to light the ever-burning candles within. I believe in you and would like to entertain any comments/concerns now.

B: Tomeray, do you have any poems for us?

Tomeray: Oh yes!...[

T/R: She's delighted you asked, she's touched.

There is a tiny speck in the night sky

late, near dawn.

I often pause to wonder

if there has been "any" on.

My mind ceases to wonder if it is night or day

for when I choose to wander

I only care to pray...

that my dearest chosen friends

will beckon to me soon

and then I cease to wander

as I prance around the moon.

There has been much joy and antics in working with you mortal beings on Urantia. Yet often I am dismayed at your lack of participation in my gifts. I would like to join more often and implore you, ask not of me that which I cannot give, but truly I offer the stars. I play often with the seriousness that grabs hold of you like a dirty old dog with a rag! I wish to banish that serious nature and allow you to enjoy freedom and joyful harmony.

C: It is not easy to know how to avail ourselves of your gifts. Plus I don't know what they are.

Tomeray: Let me see...I can only offer that which you request. I must be wary of letting you know all of my powers. I must ponder this dilemma.

I know! I will come to you and offer a chosen, specific gift. I will grant it as you require. If for example I offer you a ring which [will bring much joy and happiness], I could offer you this ring to you and you would say, "please Tomeray, would you offer me this ring?". I would gladly accept.

Now, if you are holding pre-conceived notions of [my] gifts, these then are enhanced with knowledge that I offer golden charms which remind you of light, health, and happiness. I further, in addition, will offer my playful heart in your dreams, as I have. Now you decide if you [will] request these things.

C: Did I make my request incorrectly?

Tomeray: No, delighted was I. You have not quite yet learned the activation of [word choice unclear]....we will work together so you will soon feel life enhancement which is [directly] somewhere between your request and my gift. That would be, of course, where the Father intervenes.

C: Thank you.

B: I request you come into my dreams tonight and any night.

T/R: Tomeray is happy to be acknowledged. She's spinning around.

B: [That is] an invitation for all time, any time, as the spirit moves you.

Tomeray: It's so funny you should say that. I liken that to questioning the Father once. I asked of him if he ever missed himself. He needlessly assured me his love was complete and no, he never found himself lacking his own company....


M: Can [you see us]?

Tomeray: There are fragments of light which reach me...cannot discern outlying features....

M: Can you see the sunset we look at?

Tomeray: I enjoy a sip of sunset with you. The rising of the earthly sun: It's quite enjoyable in fact. I notice well your accompanying gaze. It resonates, the sound of worship like one who is perched on the highest precipice and feels the exaltation of spirit arise with the flecks of light which permeate our vision together. Wholly unseparated are we in this.

T/R: Tomeray is waving to us and says, "Call on me in your dreams. Remember!"

Zion: Hello, fellow earthlings! Long acquainted are we yet so many hours have slipped by without acknowledgment of one another. I am often found traveling throughout inter-space without a calling for a long-awaited story, until now. Here I am to present to you the newest foundation for your discovery

There is amongst you knowledge of a supreme being. This inordinate creation was brought here to create restitution of many broken, wounded spirits. He will be known tonight as the Christ, the magistrate of most high. He will know of your intent as you listen to parables such as this, hearing your personal cries to He who offers little resistance, instead flowing inward with [a] soothing ointment. Release to He who knows you, your deepest doubts, fears, areas of consternation. We will together explore as the parable unfolds....

Zion's Parable

Armored, clad in the barriers which create not only loneliness but an insatiable longing, a single man set out on a journey, for purest beauty [was] beginning to hatch. There was [in] his sight the fairest maiden fashioned for a prince such as himself. He knew if only he could touch the skin of his vision she would desire to quench his longing with lips that uttered not a word.

Little realizing his fullest desires were to discover only a fraction of what he expected, this man strove onward. His barriers wearied him so he tired rather easily; not forgetting his desired principle, he lay to rest, never considering his predicament. He often rose early in dawn hours, waiting for a singular call -- the voice of his bird of paradise. He lay down often, never making quite the progress he desired. Weeping, he turned faceward to the sky. Quaking with the raw energy of despair, [he said], "Why have not you relieved me of my burden? Where is the fair princess I claim to be my possession!? Do you not know of my turmoil?"

There was no reply. He carried on mindlessly watching the trail. As he walked there was disaster painted on his lips.

Now, he earned many miles within his armor. There was increased pain and longing. When he reached the castle steps he yawned with the wearisome, painstaking nature with which he had grown accustomed.

The woman who met with him later that evening was impressed, not with his stature and oneness with strength. No, she piteously observed a shrunken man. There within the castle walls existed triumph, for not only had the princess wept for the lonely stranger (indeed a stranger to himself)....

In her tears, the reflection of his powerlessness was given to him as if in a prophecy. He realized the temptation he had succumbed to as being one of personal strategy instead of reliance on the Father, Michael, Christ. He wept solemnly for the may trials he had succumbed to, and, desiring newness of his flesh, he knelt quietly on his knees before the sunrise and lay aside his burdens.

The sun (son) filled him with immense proportions of glory and longing for not for anything other than a rightful excuse to continue releasing and exchange his unneeded baggage for love.

He will reign supreme, for has not this man found golden harmony within his heart?


10/31/93 Transmission

Oklahoma City, OK

Michael: This is Michael, your Creator-Son. I wish to speak on your various degrees of progress. You realize what great advances each of you have made thus far. So many new teachings ahead and yet you may have already discovered that the teachings...[long pause]...

T/R: Sk, could you please tell me what's happening to you?

Sk: I am being taken somewhere.

T/R: O.K.., we will continue, if you need us let us know.

Sk: I'll share it with you when I get back.

Michael: All of you here have gained much appreciation for the process involved, the passing along of vital scriptural information. There is no reason to deny the prophecies which have been made by many of those enlightened ones, by some who know in their hearts of hearts the truth of the coming time, my coming.

You have announced this event to your own hearts, yet have you spoken twice as strong of this to your brothers and sisters? Do they hear, are they listening? Would you believe more strongly if I were to appear?

Now, in front of your searching eyes would it be clear to you the vital importance of these teachings? My word has come. Alighted with the method of teaching naturally I have joined with your conscious portions of self. The knowing mental, angry, political, intellectual portions of your mind have been reached by me. Yet how many of these thoughts are pervasive in your thoughts of heart-speed? Would it not become you to instill in the very mechanism of your being the teachings of love which have been procured in these last few moments, for you it seems like weeks. It is for me but passing glimpses of time.

I call forth your mental capabilities and request that you use mind-thought speed to touch the increasing velocity of your heart-speed. There is much to discern in this message. I prefer you wait and hear all of my spoken word this evening.

I reign supreme. Your presence of mind capability to fully comprehend this visit is extraordinary. Yet received am I little by you on a day to day course. So that it be mentioned/said here now that I must request you perceive the essence of my being in order to maintain dignity of contact, the everlasting power that is love.

Carry now in your hearts a message interpreted by the transmitter through whom I speak in this moment. It will be a personal message to each of you. [I] request only that your attention is here and now, that your heart remain pure and unguided by mistaken fears or doubts. Cast away the burdens of sorrow and regret, instead grasp this moment with me. Allow me to enter in through these spoken words. I shall arrive in power. You will know me.

To C., I issue one single word. Peace.

J., I, ...dear friend, listen carefully. You are brought here to win over many hearts with love. Listen and carry now my torch. Listen and behave as though you were in service for a king. Your honorary title grants many pleasures in store. Believe and take not one parcel for granted. All has been developed for you in wealth and richness of living. You will pass this on to others. Be not concerned for all is in right time.

[long pause]

I have visited the essence of each of your beings and now you will resonate with me more fully. Your transmitter, my dearest daughter, Asia, has enacted a channel for each of you to receive my loving energy and guided wisdom. Would like to interact with this energy personally now at this time?

Bring into your consciousness a viewfinder which will focus/resonate with my loving potential. Create for yourselves a viewfinder now. [pause] Capture the essence of my loving potential in your screen/eyes which you perceive me with. Know it is found in truth, integrity, and beauty.

[T/R lays down in middle of group on the floor and requests a blanket. A great amount of energy is moving through her body.]

Michael: In circuit, a channel of creational love it is a channel of love is being created for this group. You are to resonate with [this] collect/perceive/pick-up any ounce of molecular activation which is possible for you at this time, then send it forth to the center of this circle. Imagine the flowing of energy from the vibrating cells of the body, the center, channeling through you and then forward back above the vibrational entity which brings forth much love and peace to your circle now. There aligned will be an exacting amount of matter which will coalesce into a light being which may appear to you mortal eye. It may reflect only images of fear though you must release fear to me. I will carry this forth to the Father. See only light and beauty as the truth. The beauty of this holographic image is yours to feast your eyes upon. It may take a few moments of concentrated effort. Mental capacity is great here, yet the focus of your concentration must be intense. I pursue the path of love and extraordinary beauty. I prefer you will also.

Focus your energy as I have explained; moving particulate form from Asia, through your center of being into an enlightened circle drifting above the center of your circle.


Now continue to imagine with the eyes of angels. [Pull up?] the center of your circle and receive what you will.

[pause--5 minutes]

T/R: Sk, could you tell me what you're experiencing?

Sk: I see Michael in B., I'm seeing a child in C., I see a crystal in the center of the four of us. I'm seeing columns of colors like candles. You should feel it, I feel it rising up your center. I am seeing four faces. I am seeing the four faces melt.

T/R: What's behind the faces?

Sk: Silver cords.

T/R: That's our connection to God.

Sk: I'm seeing fear now, there it's gone now.

It's "welcome, welcome into embrace which you are afraid of" [?] I'm seeing a green corridor, a green center of, not fire, but golden, it's almost like an aura, and it's calling, it's calling B.. C., are you cold?

C: Would you like me to turn up the heat?

Sk: No.

T/R: Why did you ask that?

Sk: I'm feeling cold in all limbs except the hand in the middle. [Next to T/R].

C., do you see something?

C: No, I can't see anything.

T/R: What do you see?

Sk: I see a woman that's a dream. I see a dreamt woman. And now you won't dream her anymore. I see the cords again. Beautiful spirals. I see one coming out of the top of each of our heads. We are forming an altar. I see the cords dancing, it is like ribbons.

...[inaudible]...I need to stop for a second.


B., it's at your invitation. [referring to green corridor and outstretched hand reaching from within.]

B: Do you see anything?

Sk: It's...I want to say it's an orchid, but it's not an orchid, it's a bloom, blues, greens, patterns. It's opening....

B: Did you say....?

Sk: Bloom, I can't believe you can't see this.

B: yeah, I don't have any visuals.

Sk: Somethings opening you.

B: [I] don't have the capacity to see.

Sk: What are you feeling, B.?

B: Very calm, very....a very uniform peace and attention. It's just a readiness. Not much more. What do you see now?

Sk: A triangular passage, a yellow-green it's geometric, I can't describe it.

B: Is it for me?

Sk: It's for you. It's a hand! It's moving into a hand.

B: It' s the invitation?

Sk: Yes. I don't know what you're supposed to do.

B: Take the invitation! Come along, down the corridor that you described. I'm holding back. [There's] some emotional objections that I have to let go.

Sk: I think you're supposed to take this with you. This is going to come. Do you remember what you saw just for an instant? That's all you need, it's going to come.

T/R: I'm seeing an angel. She's singing. I'm not going to sing, but I'll relay the words.

Her voice is perfect, yes.

I am the angel of purest beauty and truth. I've come to bring to you the gifts of love and mercy.

Would you take my hand, let me lead where I will. I have many offerings for you?

I am an angel of truth and beauty. I have [she's really, really incredible!]

many gifts to offer to you. Take my hand, follow where I lead. [so much more] to bring to you.

It's as if she's ready to take each of our hands. She's hesitating because there's densness in bodies. She's a tad bit confused because she doesn't understand this kind of heaviness.

She wants us to come but she can't comprehend why we're so heavy. So, Michael's telling her that we have a lot to learn about letting go and he's explaining to her, as quickly as he can, conflicts that we have in ourselves. She's accepting of that so she closes her book that she's holding and comes back, away for now.

Michael is here, in the center with a ring of white loving light that comes through. It's like a...[inaudible]'s circling fast, creating swirls of light. I feel Him here. He's pure....he's...well, I'll let him speak.

Michael: You have neglected to release yourselves to the flow of light. I am not angry but disheartened, for I wish so much for you to be free to allow yourselves the nurturing of travel and love beyond your present state/existence. I would like to applaud your efforts, for I see your integrity in your hearts, your spirit, mind, body, belief you wish for this. You desire this. I would like for it to be as well.

Now we continue our work and let it be known that you have reached deeper levels of comprehension than you may realize at this time. Your light energy has been expanded this evening and it will be plenty of time for this type of excursion on another day. But please be aware of your need to capture the attitudes which withstand only so much energy and then must be released in order that you may search and recover new territory of love and comprehension of my golden gifts to each of you.

Arise, my children, in the glory of the Father's love! You all shall know soon the particular nature of this energy. Realize my love for you is powerful in nature and you shall not consider this a setback, instead it will become a new start.

Group: Thank you, Michael.

Sk: Are you o.k.?

T/R: Yeah, I'm great!


11/14/93 Transmission

Oklahoma City, OK

Final Group Document

Michael: This is Michael, your Source, who is ever-waiting at the entrance of your most essential self. You can feel me. You can hear my words. You know who I am more essentially than your mind will ever admit. You know this to be true, and yet it is your mind that walks you through each day. It is your mind that prepares you each night, and it is your mind that awakes you to the same circuited sunrise. The time and the space is not within your mind.

Take this small vibrating fear at your middle, right at your center. This small vibrating fear, like an eyelid fluttering in tears. This is you at your true awakening. All is ready, my children, you need only open your eyes.

Let me tell you what you will see. There is nothing that is not Loved, There is no part of you, no part of this planet, no secret of the past, no uncertainty in the future that is not threaded through this light of Love. You are Love. No need to identify yourself any further .

And now you hear your inner voice that is my own. You are not mistaken. You know that this must resound throughout the cavities of your self-soul-mind; must resonate and move your tongue. This you must do.

So my children we shall circle in our own private playground here. And this creative game shall we play. We are all joined in the playing within this circle. And now A takes all the love she is feeling , and puts it into a special word and whispers it to J. (A does this). And now, J, how do you play this game?

J: By letting go of fear.

Michael: Do you feel it going? We are children in a circle... very loving, close children.

J: Michael, I feel that the fear is in my body, that it's trapped., and I don't know how to let it go.

Michael: Can you find the movement of love within you?

J: Sometimes.

Michael: Can you feel this now? We are children in a circle, Jacob, very close children.

A: May I ask Michael if I may hold J's hand if it be his desire?

Michael: Byron must move... the body. J can do this, with love. (pause) I am. I am.

Can you take this love and put it into a word, and whisper it into Susan's ear? (pause)

Now, A, with love, you may touch J. (pause) This love flows.

S, you are a dear vessel of love. You radiate into dark corners that not even you know of.

How can you ever doubt this? Can you take this love and put it in one word... and touch your lips to C's ear and pass it on? (pause, she does so)

Do you know this word, C?

C: Yes.

Michael: Do you know this word, C?

C: Yes, I do.

Michael: You are this word, C. Do you comprehend this, my son?

C: Only to a small degree. I do not really know.

Michael: You know much more. You know how to love. (pause)

Can I share with all of you, my children.... we have been in this circle. We are in this circle. This circle shall be. Within each of you, you are aware of this infinite relationship that you and I share. It has slept within you these brief eons. It has been asleep in the swings of your heart, my child. Alone in this inner-infinite playground, awaiting this time, awaiting this loving push. And now what begins shall grow, arcing night and day in our new and old play. I awaken in you now, with this touch, this gentle push, the sleeping child. .. delivered of my Father, your Creator and mine.

You are children, ancient and related, resplendent in your remarkable gifts. And the Call comes now to ascend within this inner universe of yourself, to join in a constellation in the night sky and day awareness of your Great Father. Each of you, a point in this constellation, capable of infinite light. What God has placed in this night, all shall read as handwriting of the coming of Love.

You fit together. Accept and awake to this your own ancient, conceived plan. I am Michael. You Know Me. You are such joy to me... to see you see your self.

You have questions, which you must first pose to yourself.

Now, C, you must whisper in S's ear that which is the answer to your own question. (pause) It is one, the same as was whispered in your ear.

C: Michael!

Michael: That is the beginning. That is the beginning. (pause) I am now your own rediscovered voice. Is it not your turn to speak?


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma