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(Group Unknown)

Norson Melchizedek


April 13, 1993

Tolerance is the observance and acceptance of any activity in the passing moment, without having an attachment or relationship to it; without stopping or slowing it down enough to be taken into your sub-consciousness, thereby giving it the power to be held by you in judgement.

Tolerance is made easy by love. If you love your neighbor, if you love an enemy as you would a friend, it naturally becomes easier to accept or tolerate their activities. You may certainly choose not to be involved in their actions, nor wish to share yourself in what you feel to be their misguided doings; but be not less than loving. Be accepting. To be intolerant of this person, is to empower their actions to have control over you, thus making you less than what you are capable of being. To be tolerant of others, not only adds to your growth, but it keeps the door open which allows change in the one being shown your unconditional love, your understanding tolerance.

You want others to tolerate your less than mature, and less than perfect actions. You want to be given room to grow and not be held or seen only for the immaturity of your acts. You want to be loved for who you are becoming, and not rejected by intolerance or held unloved for the stages through you are passing, learning and developing the wonderful self you are to be. Your love, your non-judgmental actions actually assist and promote the growth of your brothers as well as your own. As you grow tolerance, tolerance helps grow you.

I love each of you I see struggling in your efforts to assist one another. Be of good cheer, be gentle with each other's frailties. Be tolerant of everyones mistakes and shortcomings; in time, all will be overcome.