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(Group Unknown)

Norson Melchizedek

Hope and Faith

March 1, 1993

Greetings from the Most Highs. We appreciate your call for teachings to guide you to Father and we wish to support you in your quest. Know that we are here for just that purpose.

Your lesson for today deals with Hope again. For we wish this to be very plain and well understood.

Hope is more then a human emotion. Hope is a heavenly tool we may use when we feel the need for arresting the chain of negative thoughts that may be hampering our ability to live in love energy. Hope can be used to fine tune our mind pattern energy to lighten our load and broaden our prospective. By turning to our most cherished hopes, we can alleviate all doubts, fears, and anger by focusing on our future potentials. For instance: you may be hopeful of a bright future when you think of the finaliters. By looking to this distant goal, many of our daily problems become as small fish in the ocean.

If we could but see the glorious future that awaits us, truly our hope would be astounding and would dominate all our decisions. So you see, faith in what you know is a sure fire way to increase this guiding hope. If when we are unable to extricate ourselves from periods of doubt, fear, uncertainty, this tool of hope with its companion faith, can be used as a flashlight to illuminate your path to Paradise.

Sprinkle your pathway to perfection with hope and faith. In every dark moment, turn on this light, this light of hope and know that the goal of perfection lies in your grasp. When we hope for this bright future, when we feel this hope strongly, based on not only our faith but on years of study, years of searching and much affirmation through daily seeking, this is when hope will shine and guide our way.

Be this hope, not only for yourself but for all those brothers and sisters around you who look up to you and your faith and your hope, and know that you are helping. We hope, you hope, we all hope, and this hope when based on the Father and His love for us, will guide and bring us forth into all that we know we hope for.

Farewell for now.