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Learning to Accept and Understand Each Other in a Group to Promote Forgiveness

MARCH 29, 2004

Prayer: Dear Mother and Father, we thank you for this opportunity to gather together in your presence seeking to unify our minds with yours, seeking to serve the children of this world through our healing intentions and efforts. You who live in our minds and know us so intimately are aware of all our shortcomings. We ask that you, tonight, create in us a new awareness of your presence so that we can be better suited in our attempts to lovingly serve our brothers and sisters. Thank you.

Good evening, my children. This is your Mother Nebadonia who speaks. The presence of your Father is well within the center of your being. His Spirit of Truth circulates his life essence through you as your heart creates these new echoes of his love and pumps this through your bloodstream. This metaphor of spirit is one that I ask you to contain within your thought constructs, and to carry this with you throughout your day: to literally feel him beating, resting, co-existing in you. You need him. And he desires your company, that sweet blending! of awareness of the human child resting in the divine Father. Bring to him your desire to feel him coursing through your veins as his words of love actually stream the flow of the highest and purest form of energy in the universe through your being. I will move his being throughout you with my breath. Receive now and feel your Father. (Pause)

Now when you come to him in this manner, what will your attitude be? Will it be one of humility and innocence, meekness and a yieldedness to allow his presence to overshadow those areas of your thoughts and feelings that are still causing you consternation? I ask you to find an area in your life that you are unhappy about. Sense the turmoil in your mind and in your emotions. Why does this plague me so, you might ask yourself? Now find your humility and your willingness to allow your Father to show you a better way. Simply wait for him to reveal his truth upon your being. (Pause)

I would like you now to share among yourselves what your Father’s presence has meant to you about this mindal circumstance. This is a safe environment to share with one another. There will be no judgment on the part of those who are listening. But it is important now for you to engage in these understanding experiences for the level of forgiveness to be expressed in an environment. We are going to be taking you into the realm of true understanding and cooperation, acceptance and love in a group setting. We are now desirous that you would learn to work more cooperatively together in coming to understand one another more deeply, even as we understand and accept you. May we have your assent to this, my children? (Yes)

When you are ready, please feel free to share amongst yourselves. You may be brief if you like, but the attitude here is to be forthcoming in your sincerity to share what your Father has impressed upon your mind.

Student: I have been falling a lot and I don’t know why.

Nebadonia: The exercise tonight is to ask Michael about a circumstance and to share with your brothers what you have perceived.

Student: It’s been my experience in the last two weeks that I fall a lot and don’t know why.

Nebadonia: This exercise is about a more spiritual circumstance rather than a physical condition. Do you understand? You may if you wish go back into the exercise and ask your Father for help on something that is troubling you at a spiritual level.

This exercise is about learning to accept and understand one another in a group setting to prepare this group for deeper levels of forgiveness experience.

Student 2: I started out with thinking about my memory which causes me a great deal of consternation and what popped up was: overweight, again causing me a great deal of consternation. Neither one of them are spiritual, rather physical, but I think they do impact on the spiritual part. But the spiritual part would be: how to explain the Urantia Book and this group and the Teaching Mission and the Correcting Time to those who know nothing about it in such a way that they become interested in it if it’s possible for them to do so.

Nebadonia: And what did you perceive your Father speak to you?

Student: So far I haven’t heard anything or seen anything yet how to do this. It’s still mixed up in my mind. I just suspect sooner or later something will break through. It’s plagued me ever since I got the Urantia Book; how to talk to somebody else about it.

Nebadonia: This exercise is not about these more practical aspects of ministry. They are about allowing you to go deeper into some of the problems that you face on a daily basis in your thinking habits and emotional patterns, and why you are still being perplexed and caused consternation by them.

Student: Would any resistance to stillness be a spiritual exercise, because it does cause me a great deal of consternation. It’s very difficult even to take the time to do it. I can do it from time to time but I don’t know why it’s such a problem just sitting down and doing it.

Nebadonia: Go within. Ask your Father. Let him speak into your heart.

Student: What I’m seeing now is that I am afraid I won’t be in control. Somebody else will be in control of my life. I’ve spent most of my life trying to be in control, and I’m finding that it doesn’t really work very well. I’d much rather have my Father be in control of me. I don’t need to be in control of me. I don’t know how to turn it over to Michael and you and to the Father Fragment to allow the inspiration for me to not control my life.

Nebadonia: For those others who are listening to your brother C, find that place of compassionate understanding to what he has just spoken. When you feel that understanding and compassion, simply send those words into his heart center. And, C, you may speak when you are ready when you notice what you receive from your brethren. (Pause)

(NOTE: Transmitter witnessed as the students were doing this, streams of energy from each person were encircuited into the person, whose internal heart center then moved the energy up into the third eye. This occurred with each person as the exercise continued.)

Student: I noticed a very wonderful warmth in my heart center. Feeling of peace and love.

Nebadonia: Do you perceive a stillness therein?

Student: I don’t understand what you mean by stillness?

Nebadonia: A quietness within your heart.

Student: Yes, yes a quietness.

Nebadonia: Do you perceive more love for your brothers who have just shared their compassionate understanding with you?

Student: Yes, I do.

Nebadonia: Do you think that would deepen your ability to be more grounded in Spirit so that in time your mind would begin to yield more to the leadings of your Spirit?

Student: Yes. I also notice that when I get away this evening and your presence, and the pressures of the outside world seem to push in, all of the things I feel here start to fade. But I also notice in coming here and meeting with you and Michael and whoever else shows up that the feeling has grown; the feeling of love and compassion for myself and others has grown quite a bit since I’ve been coming here. So far, I’ve not been able to do much stillness but the growth I have had here makes up for that, I think anyway. And I can feel more compassion and love for my brothers and sisters.

Nebadonia: My son, this is the point of this exercise. You have well stated this indeed.

Student: Thank you, Mother.

Nebadonia: When you engage with one another in this fashion, you are stimulating those thought streams in your mind that have the capacity to attract the spiritual current and the love that flows from your indwelling Father Fragment. It is important to engage with one another and to share in these heart-felt experiences, for it is this level of understanding and compassion and acceptance that is weaving the new energy on this earth: your Father’s energy of peace and harmony in fraternal relations among all humanity.

We will be building on this exercise in the coming weeks as we take you into the realm of active forgiveness. For when you feel this love you sense from your brothers, does this not lighten your load, my son? (Yes, it does) And does it make you feel more confident in your own internal abilities that you are growing and you are gaining spiritual stature? (Yes, it does) Thank you, and may you be filled with your Father’s love and peace as I knit this into you now. (Pause) Who is willing to share next?

Student: I had a very clear question in my mind, and that is some rather inexplicable things have been happening. It’s kind of a minor depression or an old-fashioned way of saying a loss of gumption. It’s having a lot of good plans and then suddenly no energy at all. I’m at a loss to know what is causing this or why. Michael came back with a sense or notion of truth, his Spirit of Truth. And truth to me always means to me a kind of encompassing, it’s always something that no matter where I am or what I understand, it’s always something larger.

Nebadonia: Now for those of you who are listening to your brother, J, find your compassionate understanding for him, and send that in to his heart center. And, J, you may speak when you feel you have received from your brothers. (Pause)

Student: I’m getting a very strange sensation of an interior illumination. It’s kind of a glowing but not actually visible. It’s like even though my eyes are closed, they’re trying to see this wonderful glowing.

Nebadonia: Thank you, my son. And be in your Father’s peace and love, as my Spirit encircuits you.

Student: And thank you all.

Nebadonia: You may continue one.

Student: Dear Nebadonia, I’ve been working with several people on purification, I believe, as the next step for my Thought Adjuster. Yesterday, I was talking about asking my Thought Adjuster to fraternize more with other Thought Adjusters. On this purification I feel that I try not to be too analytical and try not to repress. It takes a certain amount of patience; as Jesus says: how much truth can you stand. We have to face our animal side as well as our spiritual side. It’s only through time and service that we can get nearer to our Thought A! djusters and fusion. So I would ask your help on purification.

Nebadonia: And what did your Father speak into your heart?

Student: Well I had gotten both spiritually and literally to not judge. It’s not practical for me to judge myself, but to keep striving for these things.

Nebadonia: And now for those who are listening, please direct your compassionate understanding to your brother, V. And you may speak when you feel the connection made with your brethren. (Pause)

Student: I feel the response is a grounding at the heart level with warmth.

Nebadonia: And do you feel the acceptance and the love in that, my son?

Student: Yes, and I knew that I would get that; that feeling of quaking that my daughter talks about as well.

Nebadonia: And be in your Father’s peace and love as more is infused within you. (Pause) And we will continue on now.

Student: This exercise seems really appropriate for what I have been experiencing for the past couple days: This deep sense of abandonment by a group of people over the past couple of years, who in a sense, have ceased to communicate with me after a certain ordeal. So when I brought this to Michael there was so much pain I felt that these people have inflicted upon me because I wouldn’t follow their way. And when I brought this to Michael a part of me was deeply resistant to forgiving these people and loving them because they abandoned me. These people who put themselves in place of spiritual authority abandoned me. But Michael kept on saying: Forgive them for they know not what they do and to love them. When I noticed when the resistance still persisted, but as we went around the room and as I offered my compassion and understanding to each person here, my resistance seemed to slowly disintegrate.

Nebadonia: For those who are listening to your brother, D, direct your compassionate understanding to him, and you may speak when you have received. (Pause)

Student: Yes, I have received.

Nebadonia: And be in your Father’s love and peace.

And R, are you interested in participating in this exercise? (Note: Student did not hear the question, but Mother was appealing into his mind to enable the energy streams to enter into him.)

And for those of you who want to serve your brother, R, please direct your compassion and understanding to him. (Pause) And now please direct your intentions for R’s well being into his heart center as well. (Pause)

My children, do you notice the threads of love that you have woven tonight in one another? Do you think this mental posture you have taken with one another is important for you to master when you are interacting with one another? I wish to hear your comments now.

Students: 1) It seems like the only way to have a mature relationship. 2) It’s almost a kind of emotional telepathy. The more sensitive we can be, the more we can allow these other people in our lives to come forward, and it’s such a reward and such a wonderful thing. I’m getting a feeling, too, that it’s a way of letting someone else know, that’s it’s somehow giving them permission to be themselves, cutting through all the social mishmash and correctness; just letting people be and welcoming them. 

Nebadonia: Your Father and I thank you for your participation in this evening’s exercise. You will gain a greater appreciation of the value of this in the coming days. When you are engaged with your brethren, remember tonight. Remember your listening response. Remember how you projected that compassionate understanding feeling into that individual’s heart. And know that you can do this with every person with whom you come in contact; should you remember and desire this.

You will be repeating this here and many times over. You are engaged now in the role of planetary healers. This is an active engagement and you will be taking this out into the external world to spread your Father’s love to all who draw near to you.

As you slumber tonight, ask for a greater and deeper awareness of this evening’s exercise to be knit into you and integrate into the very fabric of your being as you grow into the loving forgiveness of your Father. Good evening, my children.