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Spirit Introduced Into The Social & Cultural Inequities of Urantia

JANUARY 26, 2004

Prayer: Mother and Father, lead us into you. Prepare our minds for your presence and to be present to do the healing work you will lead us into this evening. We open our hearts in thanksgiving to you for all of your abundant blessings of mercy, love, and compassion that you give to us every moment that we live and breathe. It is in this spirit of joyful worship in recognizing your presence that we offer ourselves for your service. And we thank you for this opportunity. Amen.

Beloved children, good evening! This is your Mother who greets you this evening. Can you feel my embrace encircling you now, my children? It is the softness of a mother’s touch I wish you to experience for you will be asked to apply this into this world as we move through our healing exercise for tonight. But first I wish each of you to relax into my embrace. (Pause) Relax into my love. Relax into my tenderness, my softness, and feel the comfort and safety that is available to you in that place. Receive me now, my children, and! relax. (Pause)

The Mother’s touch has descended upon the earth. I will lead you into the application of my presence into the many conditions of social and cultural inequities that are still predominant on this planet. Sense your desire for the elimination of these inequities, these imbalances of the Father’s will for this world. Feel your desire for these inequities to be balanced with the mitigating energy of merciful forgiveness that establishes within the human consciousness the relationship of the planet’s cultural evolution within the Father’s plans. Feel your love for this correction to grow.

Now, dig into the idea that man must dominate one another. Sense this idea. How do you perceive this as your Father Fragment relates to you this idea? Sense it. Experience it. (Pause) Now find your desire for this inequality to be corrected. In your mind’s eye ask for this desire to overlay man’s basic dominance over one another. And your Father and I will add ourselves into this. (Pause)

Down through the ages there has been a brutal need for man to dominate one another, and to dominate his environment. Ask now that the correcting energy of understanding the environment and understanding of one another, the basic respect accorded to each individual because of their divine nature, to be implanted into this domination energy. Feel your desire for humanity’s understanding to grow. As you feel that expand within you, so will your Father and I add ourselves into this. (Pause)

And now add this correction into the core of the earth as you envision the earth in front of you. (Pause)

As you have envisioned this correction as it is implanted in the earth, add your desire for this correction to grow and to see it spread from the core of the earth up to the surface and into the hearts of every individual walking on this planet. Feel your love for this idea, feel your love for us infuse this idea as we weave our Spirit into pervading all of Urantia with a great understanding of human dignity and respect for all life. (Pause)

One day in the very distant future will this planet function harmoniously as a whole unit acting in the cosmos. The vibration of this unification of ideologies of all of humanity’s cultural institutions will someday resonate with this melodious song of the blended harmonies of respect, understanding, tolerance, compassion and that quality of divine love that is eternalizing in the universe. Think not of the length of time that it will take for Urantia to emerge into this highly spiritualized state. Hold that desire and intention deep with you, my children, and add this into the core as much as you can each day. Ask us to continually plant the Father’s desires and will for this planet to increasingly grow! and stabilize the earth during this period of correction. (Pause)

Feel your love for this world heighten. The experience you are gaining here will last you your eternal life. And you will well remember the times of struggle you endured on this sphere. You will recall with profound delight at the growth you achieved during very difficult transitory times. So I ask you to sense your attachment to this world, your love. (Pause)

I ask you to feel your Father’s and my love for this world. Ask for our understanding of this world, and ask for this understanding of ours to blend with your own. (Pause) Would you not wish that each individual on this planet also experience this increased sense of love, devotion, and responsibility for this world? And so as you sense this idea, plant this also into the core of the earth. (Pause)

My children, I thank you for your participation this evening. We appreciate your willingness to experience this level of service even though we know that you do not always understand nor sense what it is you accomplish. But I say to you, it is not so important that you understand as it is that you have this desire, for this desire is a faith endowment. This is what we ask of you, to be faith-led as you grow in your love and trust of us.

Tonight I will address your comments on this experience only. I would ask that if you have any personal comments that we share these together in private sessions. I will address your comments when you are ready to speak. (Pause)

Student: Mother, at the beginning of tonight’s session you asked us to feel your embrace of love surround us. I would ask is this any different from the embrace of love that always surrounds us coming from you?

Nebadonia: My son, my embrace is always around you. It is your attentiveness to perceiving it that conditions how loved you feel, how safe and protected. When you turn your attention to me, is this not more palpable than when you are just going about your daily activities?

Student: Yes, it most certainly is.

Nebadonia: And it is always thus. It is how great your attention span can be upon me while at the same time you are still attentive to the moment or tasks at hand. And you will grow in your duality of discerning both my presence and being in the moment doing what you are called to do. This is the expansion of your mental faculties, your sensing mechanisms. You are growing in this now. Do you understand, my son?

Student: Yes, it is very clear. I understand what you are saying.

Nebadonia: Have you any comments on this evening’s exercise?

Student: The comment I would like to make is the peace that I feel when I’m working one on one with you and this group in this manner, it gives me a certain feeling of balance, self-respect, of love for the Father’s plan. I thank you for this opportunity; I don’t fully understand what exactly is taking place, but I will use my faith just to know that our efforts are not in vain; our efforts will help in bringing this planet to the promise of a symphony of light and life like you speak of. Thank you.

Nebadonia: Do you feel that your thoughts have an energetic presence? (Yes) Do you feel that your spiritualized thoughts are adding to the overall Supreme Being? (Yes) Do you feel that your overall thoughts of spirit are adding to the greater good of the planet?

Student: I would have to say that I take this on faith. It’s seems so overwhelming, the problems of this planet, that sometimes it’s hard for me to trust that my thoughts are adding to the planet. But I do take it on faith that this is so because I’ve heard from you many times that this is so.

Nebadonia: Yet, my son, if you firmly believe that your thoughts are adding to the Supreme Being, can you also understand that as the Supreme Being grows, it is conditioned by those thought developments that also grow on an evolutionary world? The Supreme Being cannot grow without the thought forms of the evolutionary planet growing as well.

Student: Thanks for helping me understand this connection.

Nebadonia: It is important for those of you who are growing to becoming more cognizant of your universal responsibilities to the overall collective of the growing deity that you know as the Supreme Being. Growing a structure of God on an evolutionary world is based, not only on the thoughts, but on the actions of the individuals inhabiting the planet. So understand well now, my children, that these new thoughts that you are adding will lay the foundational base for Michael’s truth to weave and grow and dominate the hearts and minds of all of the children here so that their own thoughts and actions will become more spiritually fragrant. It is important that you begin to recognize the responsibilities that! you have, as you will at some point help others to gain an understanding of their responsibilities as well, as this healing continues and as more people become attentive to this. Does this further help you understand, my son?

Student: Yes, it adds quite a bit of clarity and strength to this exercise. Thank you.

Nebadonia: And be in our peace.

Student: Mother, when you asked us to think about and visualize the whole thing of dominance, I was immediately reminded of the whole history of life on this planet as it was portrayed in The Urantia Book. Millions of years of the upper mammals’ total domination, then a whole million years of human history right up to the present day, the constant sorting for position in any social group of people, this constant need for position.

A very wise and spiritual person once wrote a book called “Fear of Freedom,” examining the roots of fascism where he came up with the insight that to a large degree so much of humanity has grown so accustomed to being dominated that it engenders a fear of freedom. The only understanding I could arrive at is that for both those who dominate or those who need to be dominated have to grow an inner life. There has to be something more that they can achieve in terms of feeling alive so they don’t need to dominate or to be dominated.

This is what I think the correcting time is all about. It’s all of us helping each other to grow in this inner life in this connection to the Father that was so terribly severed on this planet. That would be a beautiful thought of six billion free individuals connecting like being a transmitter/receiver.

Student: I’m becoming aware again of the cost to our integrity which is associated with the extraordinary torture that millions of animals receive every year at the hands of mankind. So I’m very uncomfortable of talking in these lofty terms while this horrible condition prevails.

Nebadonia: What you are participating in is the correction of these ills. They are lofty ideals as you say, but the ideals must be enlivened in the hearts and minds of the individuals here on this world. And you, through this exercise, are adding more potential for this to be infused and recognized within an individual’s mind. The correction of the dominance of man over those who are weak is the fundamental goal of this correcting time. There must be an understanding that all life is divinely mandated. Humans must learn to respect life at all levels. How can this understanding engulf the planet if the ideal for this is not firmly implanted into the hearts and minds of individuals who live thereon? What idea would they have to attach themselves to grow into this?

Yes, there are gross abuses on this world. And how you wish to educate your brothers and sisters to this is each person’s choice. There are many who work in the service of aiding those innocent victims of these horrific abuses and inequalities that humans reap upon one another and the animal and other kingdoms of the earth.

Part of what you see as the correcting plan is the awareness of these abuses, and the ugliness must be seen for what it is so that a new way, a new order of respect and love, can be established. You can participate in this spiritualizing of these ideas and you can become more socially involved. You have many options open to you. But sometimes individuals opt only for the social activism and do not see the spiritual ramifications or the spiritual ideals that must first be implanted for these ideas to take good root and grow. Do you understand my meaning, my son?

Student: I find it a paradox that most of the people I know deeply involved in spiritual affairs eat meat and those who have no spiritual commitment whatever are involved in the lives of animals.

Nebadonia: You see some of the apparent inequities in the world. How do you wish to share your responsibility to healing?

Student: I’ve been talking to people who are deeply spiritual, and it has been successful. I’ve just begun so I will wait and see.

Nebadonia: And my question was posed to you for you to not answer me directly, but to think about my response to you in the stillness and ask the Father to guide you into this area of interest you now show. Will you do this, R?

Student: Yes, I accept that.

Nebadonia: Thank you, and be in my peace, my son.

J, my son, in response to your comment, I am appreciative of your sensitivities to the history of this domination energy long prevailing on this world. You have rightly described one of the correcting mechanisms that we are pursuing, and yet I ask you to consider going deeper now. Find your own inner resolve that wishes to serve in this correcting time. There cannot be too many individuals involved at this particular point in this massive undertaking. Because we have relatively few numbers, what we ask is for the intensification of your desire, and to take this into your own stillness and to ask for guidance of how you can expand your healing capacities and to be of greater use to us. You have a great in! sight gift, and now I would ask you to use this to your greater enjoyment by going deeper into the Father’s guidance and let your own good spirit and warm heart bring you even greater satisfactions of the joys of service. Do you understand, my son?

Student: Yes, I do. Oh, Mother, you keep reminding me that for as far as we have come, and it’s been glorious these last few years, I’m feeling very reborn. I’m just dangled over an abyss of loss of control sometimes and just held there until I can say enough. Thank you for filling me. You keep reminding me it’s only just begun. I know that for a year now you and Michael have been filling us with love before you even ask us to turn around and get deeper into service. I think that’s a very good example to follow.

Nebadonia: Well, my son, it wouldn’t work the other way!

Student: That’s what you keep teaching us. So for all of these lost desperate hurting people, I think the first thing is love.

Nebadonia: And be in my love, my son. You are so loved.

Student: I always find it kind of odd that in this world that human beings have to fight for their right to be human, for their own sense of dignity and freedom just to be who they are. It’s seems so odd, but as I glossed over the idea of domination and what is going on in the world today, I have been grieved to tears many times about this. But in these exercises I do feel that energetically we do make a difference. I do have the understanding, and this is a mantra I recite to myself, that truth and love always prevails. That’s what Gandhi said. It may not be apparent here and now, but in time truth always rights the wrongs and falsehoods and misperceptions of our beliefs.

When we do these exercises and when we go out into the world I constantly think of this idea and also of the idea that Michael presented to us about perfection is being birthed in us, in every human being, in this eternal moment now. If we hold on to this idea that God is the only reality then change does happen slowly, but it does happen. This is the faith you have asked of us that I hold onto, even though there is much inhumanness going on around me.

Nebadonia: As we grow into these exercises, it is our desire that you grow your love and understanding of the conditions that have prevailed around and about the planet. What heals? It is love. Pure and simple, it is love. We take you into these experiences so that you will begin to feel the love for this world and for all of the inhabitants thereof. And to even experience an understanding and compassion of the conditions of horror so that it can be mitigated by love. Only understanding and compassion can breed that environment for forgiveness and love to predominate. So truth always does prevail, but love must overshadow the error so the truth has that sweet environment in which to grow and become dominate.

As we take you into these healing excursions, ask to understand and to be compassionate with the human nature that has fostered the conditions of depravity on this world. Your human nature is beautiful. It has strayed; this is true, and there has been great error and gross inequities and iniquity on this world. But every sin is forgivable, is redeemable. And I ask you now to consider this more fully and not shy away from the abuses as you see them, but seek to understand and to have compassion and to forgive, for our loving mercy to dominate and to create that new place for the truth to be planted. You will find your own capacities to love swell to such height! s that you would not even recognize yourself because you are becoming so love dominant and so saturated.

You are all here because you have answered the call of Spirit and wish to develop yourself much as your Father did as he walked on this earth as Jesus. His is the inspiration, and you have in you to help you accomplish this. And we give you these ideas to consider so that you will find them inviting, exciting, adventurous and worthwhile. As we take you into these healing experiences, know that your own capacities for growing your love and understanding are only getting stronger and more Father-like. Be in my peace, my son.

Student: Mother, thank you for all of your explanations tonight. I’m beginning to get a glimpse of what is available. I’m recognizing your presence a little bit more each time I’m here and I’m recognizing that it is available to me at all times even though I don’t always feel it. I don’t always understand what’s going on here and I can’t always feel the desires that you ask us to feel but I know they are there. I accept on faith that this is really working because I can see a little bit into my own life the changes that are happening within me just from listening to you and being with you and Michael. I thank you very much.

Nebadonia: C, my son, what you are responding to is a deeper stirring within your soul; that deep motivating quality of truth desire is weaving its enticing web around you and it draws you here. It is your faith. And this is what we ask of you: to be more faith-led than intellect driven. You are now in a wonderful transition, and the trust that you have shown, irrespective that your understanding has not matched it, is such a gift to us. You have no idea how much you please us by this gift you give.

Student: Thank you, Mother, for your gift to us and this world and our universe, too.

Nebadonia: Feel your desire for your faith to grow, and know that you are doing the Father’s will in asking for this, my son. Be in my peace.

My beloved children, my mother’s heart is pouring over you, filling you with the subtle and sweet assurance that all things are well in hand. See less of the world’s problems and look to more of the love that you can instill into this world, both through your actions and thoughts, and know that each time you focus on this, it is our presence that you are adding to dominate this planet.

Focus on the positive for surely that will grow and overtake all that is of shadow. See the good in your brethren and ask for that to be amplified in them. And know that that will grow and overtake their shadow. See the good in yourselves and ask for that to be amplified, and know that will do likewise in your being as well.

Breathe us in to you, all of the truth, and the beauty, and the goodness your lungs, your respiratory system, your whole body can hold; your energy system, your spiritual system all feeds upon us as we are in you always. Good night, my beloveds.