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Nebadonia; Earth Healers - Jan. 05, 2004 - CCC



Becoming Aware of Earth

Earth Healers

JANUARY 5, 2004

Prayer: Our beloved heavenly Parents, we ask that you prepare our minds to receive you. We center our thoughts on the healing of our planet, and we ask for your Spirit to infuse us with that spiritual energy to be poured over the Earth for its healing and upliftment. We ask that you open channels within us that are blocked from receiving the full outpouring of your love so that we may in turn share with our brothers and sisters as we focus our thoughts on their healing. We are your instruments, and we do this with glad hearts in loving service and devotion to you. Amen.

Good evening, my children. I bring you the greetings of your Father in celebrating this new season of life on Urantia. This is your Mother Nebadonia who greets you.

Envision the world before your eyes. This delicate jewel suspended in the tendrils of the energy patterns of the solar system lies in wait to receive the massive outpouring of spiritual current that will uplift this world into a new dimensional reality of light and life. Do you love this world? Do you sense your attachment to it – this place you have known as home, much taken for granted because this is the only world and only reality you have ever known. As you center yourselves on your intention to heal the planet this evening, also ask to sense more deeply the love you have for this world. Step outside of the idea that this worl! d is all you know and step into the idea of a vigorous loving devotion to your attachment to this world. Stay focused within as your Father and I add ourselves into you now. (Pause)

Tonight I will take you deeper into the energetic core of the earth and your awareness of it. As you sense your love and devotion to this world, see how your feet are firmly planted on the surface. And now, call on my Spirit to move through you to send these energy roots of your feet down into the earth – down deep into the energetic core where your Father is established. Let this core pulse and send up a new reality of this world into your being. Focus on feeling your feet planted on the earth, and we will engage in this exercise now. (Pause)

Feel your connection with Michael pulsating his love into you from the core. Feel his love for this world coursing into you – his understanding of this world, his thorough personal intimate knowledge of this world coursing into you. You have access to all of this, my children. Let this be instilled within you very deeply. (Pause)

Ask yourself this question: Do I feel more love and devotion to the planet now than when we first began this exercise? Allow this devotion to increasingly expand within your being. Michael is the soul of this world. He is its heartbeat. His truth is the soul of the planet. It is the core. It is the center. This is the true seed reality upon which your own devotion to him and to this world is added. In time, as others awaken to his reality will their devot! ion be added into this soul core. (Pause)

Gently shift your awareness to your desire for the world to feel this level of devotion to the planet; to being aware of the intrinsic value of the beauty of this world, the delicacy of this world. There is a prevailing attitude of disregard for the planet’s welfare. The natural resources have been plundered and squandered about. The beauty of the planet has been mired and polluted. Feel your desire commingle with Michael’s love and devotion to this world. Ask for this energy that you are sensing to go into those attitudes of blatant disrespect for the planet to absorb the neglect of its unthinking children. Your Father and I will add something into this. (Pause)

Ask for my tenderness in caring for the planet to pour forth over these attitudes of disregard and disrespect. (Pause) Ask for the prevailing mentality of those multi-national companies who now are in great powerful positions to plunder the earth’s resources to have their ideologies reversed and directionized in the truth of the tenderness and respect for the earth it is due. (Pause) Ask for the love of the earth to overshadow their intentions of their operations and their management. (Pause)

As you delve into this thought-form of the prevailing attitude of these organizations, ask for the awareness of Michael’s truth to come into your mind and to generate that enlivened energy. Ask for the roots of these corporations be opened up through my Spirit and to touch into the energetic truth-core of Michael at the very center of the earth. (Pause)

Ask for the foundations of greed, corruption, and self-interest to be forgiven, and for a new level of devotion and love to breathe new life into a place of deep darkness and destruction. (Pause) And now ask for Michael’s truth to move up from the core to the very roots and foundations of these organizations and attitudes. (Pause)

My children, I thank you for your participation this evening. Your Father and I desire that your efforts as planetary healers continue in the coming week. Should you not remember this exercise very well, return to the idea that we planted into you last week of finding your desire to be a planetary healer and allowing Michael’s truth to be firmly implanted in the core of this earth so that it may in time permeate all aspects of planetary life. You are all valiant workers in the field, and now your efforts are needed more than ever as new potentials of growth are being seeded all over the world. It is now time to water these seeds with your prayers and love so that these seeds ! can grow to healthy, prosperous fruits that will give the world new resources of ideas and materials to share with one another.

Stay strong in your focus and commitment as this planetary healer. There is nothing more important than you can be doing with your time than this, my children. Now is the time to reclaim this planet in the name of Michael and his truth. We have asked certain things of you. But I say to you, none is more important than this for you to do in your outward life. The time spent in stillness communion with the Father still underscores the growth in your spirit that you must achieve as this healthy developing child of the Father. But as you have sensed that your growth is well-underway, focus more now on your role as this healer, for this! exercises your faith and it stabilizes your mind as the spirit current running through it expands and gives more presence of us, more staying power in the present. Let these words I speak to you now settle into your mind. Ask for your Father’s truth-light to embellish them and go deep into your being. (Pause) When you are ready I will address your comments and questions regarding this evening’s exercise and instruction.

Student: Mother Nebadonia, I would first like to say thank you for your belief in us – that we can be part of this tremendous task of bringing this type of healing to the planet. It would seem to me that it would take legions upon legions of men and women of this intent to heal the planet, to have an effect on the backwardness that we have here now. So I am amazed that you have such belief in us that we can actually be effective in this type of healing, and I thank you for that.

Nebadonia: R, my son, I am very glad you have raised this idea with me this evening. First and foremost, this is not a belief we have in you. It is a fact of your connection with us that renders your mind a suitable vehicle for our healing to pour through this when it is properly aligned. It merely is. It is a conduit for our healing. But you have rightly ascertained that it would take a certain number of such highly spiritized minds that would shift the planet to what you might consider to be utopian ideals. But it is growing. There is more interest in praying on the planet. There is more interest in praying for the healing of the planet by your brothers and sisters. And regardless of their level of development, the spirit current within that is augmented when the sincere desire and motivation for healing is present.

And there are legions upon legions of angels who are now implementing those changes in the thought reformulation that underscores change. The more people who pray, the more people who are motivated to serve in this capacity will bring change about in a healthy and productive way. The overall growth of these ideas of prayerful healing is one that will geometrically grow as more people see the ideas shared out in the world through your various forms of communication. There are numerous groups sharing their prayerful intentions with one another to heal the planet. Through your Internet connections is this information shared. This is one tool that you can use in the physical realm to share these ideas and to stimulate the h! uman heart and desire to do this.

So it is important that you recognize the significance of what you are doing even though the overall prevailing energies are still, in your awareness, holding sway over Urantia. I say to you, my children, this is not so. This is a time of great change. Stay strong and stay focused. And know that any time you have the slightest intention to heal there will be numerous spiritual agencies there to augment your desires. So it is we who thank you for your awakening and your acquiescence to heal your world – this gem, this beautiful jewel which is so precious to Michael.

Student: Mother, I made a resolution for the New Year and this came about because I had done spiritual readings from this brochure from the SRF. I feel that during the past as far as I can remember I have suffered from over-sensitivity to criticism and quiet hurt feelings regarding that. I feel that I just held that in me for so long. It’s been so freeing that I do that and I want to stop doing that. I am asking for any advise you have in helping me to do that.

Nebadonia: C, my little one, can you sense my love around you now? (Yes) How does it make you feel?

Student: It makes me feel more whole and complete and peaceful.

Nebadonia: In your mind’s eye, can you imagine someone hurting your feelings when you are in this state? (No, I don’t.) Do you imagine that you could perceive me in the midst of what you might consider to be a personal attack? (Yes, I can.) Call on me. I will wrap my arms around you. I will keep you safe from the words that hurt and from intentions that may seem to be less than honorable to your divine dignity. And this, my daughter, is all you need to do.

Student: It sounds very simple and very powerful, Mother. Thank you, I will try that.

Nebadonia: It is my desire for you to grow in the awareness of my loving presence that surrounds you always. May I interject that if you make this your New Year’s resolution that your angels will be able to work within you to open new circuits within your mind for your more successful reception of my presence. Do you think you might be able to substitute this resolution with the one you just stated to me?

Student: Yes, it sounds like a wonderful, wonderful presence to be in.

Nebadonia: I am your Mother, and I love you. Feel my love and you will be safe from criticism that has hurt you in the past.

Student: I think it also has to do with fears connected with that criticism. I think that with your help it will be a better year for me in regards to this.

Nebadonia: As you sense my love growing within you, you will feel the fear receding in you. It will not longer carry the same level of presence within you that it has in the past.

Student: I will remember that when I feel it rising. And I appreciate all your instruction and love. I’m very happy and blessed to know you, Mother.

Nebadonia: And it is always yours to enjoy, my daughter. Be in my peace.

Student: Mother, I know of a young man, a boy, who I am close to who is quite intelligent, but he is having a very difficult time at school to the point where he does not want to go to school. Unfortunately he suffers from ADD and becomes so anxious that he makes himself unwell so he stays home. I talk to this boy quite infrequently in a non-judgmental way. What can be done for him, or what I can do through you and Michael for him to help him alleviate this anxiety in himself?

Nebadonia: Minister our love into him. Spend a few moments when you speaking with him in stillness. He does not need to be aware of what you are doing. Call on us, focalize our love in his heart. When you sense this love going into his heart, ask for those channels within his body that retain and contain this anxiety feeling be quieted and stabilized. Begin to use your healing powers and capacities to direct our love into him in this fashion. Your ministry is beyond words now as you are developing more of this awareness of the spiritual component of communication. At times in healing the mind can only hear what it is ready to understand and receive. But when you communicate in the spirit, you are laying the foundation for new ideas and new energetic openings to work within that individual’s system. You will find great enjoyment in your own inner development at being able to imbue this within him. Do you understanding this, my son?

Student: Yes, very much so. I have been attempting to do that at night when I go to bed. I lay in bed and think of all the people I know who are in need of healing or love and security. I think of their hearts and allow the Spirit of Truth and Love to enter into that.

Nebadonia: And when you do this with him when he is by your side, he will feel this love emanating from you. Do you not think this will draw him closer to you? Help him to trust you more? Help him to perhaps open more to your words in time? For he will sense that his welfare is in safe hands. Do you appreciate the significance of being with him in the spirit in this way? (Yes) I want you to think about this now and let these words I say to you settle deep within your being. This is what this young man needs now – is to feel that he is loved and that he is loved in a safe environment.

Student: The word that came up is “honor” – honor his soul, honor his being.

Nebadonia: This will be very healing for both of you.

Student: (Question too faint to hear but it had to do with physical challenges)

Nebadonia: The material life in a physical body has certain challenges of disease susceptibility at times. These inclinations towards physical debility are manifestations of emotional disturbances, and you well understand this idea now, do you not, R? (Yes)

As you have come to understand this idea, look beyond the physical debility and ask your Father Fragment the question of the emotional component to what is causing your body to break down. Do you understand my meaning?

Student: Yes (other comments too faint to hear)

Nebadonia: If you are intent upon learning to overcome these physical challenges, it is vital for you to address the emotional components to them. And there might be many dimensions to these emotional components. Are you willing to allow these to be shown to you? You have expressed a willingness to learn, are you willing to learn this now? (Absolutely) Are you willing to deal with some of the painful emotions you might uncover?

Student: Yes, I am. I know that it will be a valuable experience.

Nebadonia: You are not alone when you undergo the awareness of what has caused your problems. Call on your Father and call on me and we will help you to overcome them one by one. (Thank you) And be in my peace, my son.

Student: Mother, I just want to say thank you. My heart is very full and I’m very grateful for these years now, for dear beloved Welmek, you and Michael for showing the way to feel all of this loving healing that you do for us each week. Strangely, I would like to thank our Father for the sheer enormity of this adventure. Wow!

Nebadonia: My son, could you have imagined this when you first began attending these lessons?

Student: No, no! And that is how I know it is real!

Nebadonia: And yet, your journey is just beginning in an eternity sense. So if you can imagine how wondrous it has been thus far, it only gets better. And that is the joy that awaits you.

Student: One other thing, Mother. I begin to sense every now and then, especially as you answered R tonight, the enormity of your trust – your faith in us.

Nebadonia: When you come to fully recognize your divine status as our child, you will also comprehend that this is not so much an act of faith on our part as it is the awareness of a parent and the pride that a parent feels in watching his and her children reach their potential, and knowing that the parents have done everything possible in their power to assist the child in achieving this. It is a time of rejoicing every faith step the child takes.

Think back on those times when those of you who have had parental experience how joyful you have been when you see your child accomplish something. Even those first small steps – were they not a time that you will remember forever? And so it is how we view you. We celebrate each accomplishment you make, even though to you it might seem very small. You live in us and you develop in us. Your growth is underway and well-assured. It is not faith. It is fact. Let this fact now fully envelop each of you t! o share the joy that we feel of each faith step that you take toward us in being in our arms.

Student: Mother, I am not clear about accessing the emotional components of the various ailments and pains and fears that I have within me. I know they are there, but I don’t know how to access them to get rid of them. How would I go about doing it? I’m committed to transforming my life this year into something much more useful than it already is, but I’m not quite sure how to do it.

Nebadonia: C, my son, the first question to ask yourself is: do I have the courage to face painful feelings?

Student: Yes, I know I can face them now because I have your support and Michael’s support and the Father Fragment and guardian angel’s support. I don’t think I can handle it on my own just by myself.

Nebadonia: No, and you are not meant to handle this on your own. So when you feel you are ready through this courageous decision, and you sense our support around you, simply still your mind and ask to see what experience in you has caused the breakdown in your connection with us. Would you like to try this now, my son?

Student: I’m still concerned about stilling my mind. It does not seem to still at all. And I can start listening to what you’re saying but my mind starts wandering and pretty soon I’m off somewhere else and I have to bring myself back. This goes on constantly. What should I do about it?

Nebadonia: We have given you instructions in the past and I would ask you to revisit that, and to take off the judgment and simply still your mind for as long as you can, and ask for this particular emotional experience to become more known to you in your conscious waking moments. Then you might see a situation come forth in your life that triggers an emotional response where you feel this painful experience revisit yourself. This is the time to call on us and ask for Michael’s love to absorb the pain you feel within your heart and to lift you into that realm of understanding so you may allow the forgiveness of the Father to penetrate any pain and give you the relief you desire. This may be necessary to practice many, many, times over until you feel that the weight within your being is alleviated. Are you interested in trying this now, my son? (Yes, Mother)

Go within. Ask for us to surround you and when you feel ready; ask for this experience that created an emotional response in you to be made known. (Pause)

In time you will see in your life this emotional response. When you do, go into a prayerful state and ask for your Father and me to guide you into the realm of forgiveness.

Student: Thank you, Mother, I will do that. I love you.

Nebadonia: C, my son, I commend you for your courage and willingness to undertake this level of divesting yourself of these experiences. You have more help than you can possibly imagine by your side waiting to assist you through this. So, my son, be strong and know that all of the love you need is only a thought away through your prayers. Be in my peace.

Well, my children, we are off to a very vigorous start for this New Year. I hope you are all very willing to roll up your shirt sleeves and delve into the soil of the collective thoughts resident on the planet that are still polluted with the stigma of the Lucifer Rebellion. Your hands working this soil will carry our love into it; will reveal our forgiveness into it. You will be taking out all of the rocks and weeds and thorns. It is goo! d work. It is noble work. And you are all ready; you have been prepared. Let us till the soil of this planetary mindal consciousness as the great transformation continues to unfold on Urantia. You are our instruments. You are our hands. Feel us in your hands now, and know that you carry the light of healing within them. Open your hands and receive. I leave my imprint upon them as I depart from you. (Pause) Good evening, my children.